Pathfinder: Kingmaker The Brilliant Chance

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a GRPG, as close as possible to its original (desktop) form, according to Chris Avellon’s script.

According to developers (Owlcat Games) their game – the first isometric party rpg in the Pathfinder universe, and sources of inspiration were such well-known game franchises as Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights.

By available today in the steam demo is already noticeable, with some love for desktops, Owlcat Games created this game. For example, if your party makes some action that requires a parameter check and a roll of the cube, you can see with your own eyes what fell on the twenty-sided, and find out why the check was successful or not.

I as a lover of such problems, such in-depth things will have exactly the taste, but I stand the same confidence I can say that the game will not be pleasant to everyone, because now people are very unaccustomed to dive into the worlds of games and their mechanics to twenty hours (and this, if anything not in reproach but simply as an observation).


Desktop-centric approach can be traced in the combat system – it is very slow. The closest landmarks in terms of similar games are Tyranny and Pilars of Enernity.

Due to the colossal spread in damage, almost every hit can be lethal – for both the opponent and a member of your party. As a result, you sit and say: come on, come on! And in such situations, and on the side of the majority, rather than on the side of “old-school role-players” (I think that’s too random).

Pumping global-everything is as it should be: levels in the specialty, pumping characteristics, the choice of new abilities (again, reminded “Pilars…”and ” Tyranny”).

Уровень сложности связан с типами оригинальных правил настолькной игры.


Although, in some aspects of the game and managed to upset me (or rather a little upset) – for example, the game at the exit from the location offers to pick up all the things from the corpses of enemies — that’s just one click. Yes, it greatly simplifies the game and someone like it, but I’m still a supporter of what would search every inch of the game world and look for any unimportant trinket.


If role-playing system is specifically designed for connoisseurs, then the world itself and the interaction with him will appeal to all without exception. The plot, side quests, random quests on the global map and cute locations with their”secret rooms”.


Much and very pleasant work was carried out with halts. In Pathfinder: Kingmaker you will literally manually configure the duties of each of the characters (who will sleep, who will cook potions, and who will monitor the safety of your group) + the world really lives around you, even when you are on a halt.

This setting is very important. Hungry men will experience weakness, uncloaked camp is easy to find enemies, and the sleeping guard they missed the threat etc.

Карты (и глобальные и локационные) выполнены довольно здорово


This game is a great generator of stories, and that’s why we need GRPG, made with love and knowledge. It is for this and should learn the Pathfinder system, if you are not a fan. As soon as you stop noticing the mechanics, Kingmaker immediately throws up a portion of first-class adventures, and it does not matter whether you follow the story or just hang out.

To date the game shows a cheerful start, quite unexpected development, intriguing characters and good dialogue which is the place to win (hurray!a safety!). But despite all the above, today this game is difficult to compete with the same Pilars of Enernity or Tyranny, the similarity with which (in many mechanics and even appearance) is noticeable and visible to the naked eye. It has its advantages but on many points it loses (for example: boevka, graphics)

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a very good game. Excellent, if you take into account the domestic igrostroy and I think that it will appeal to many. And in particular, will appeal to those who are willing to turn a blind eye to the existence of more graphitic games and those


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