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Games of world war II, as a rule, cover the same events of the war. The most popular topics are unchanged for two decades: landing in Normandy, France, Sicily, North Africa. A little less often have to go to the Eastern front or the Pacific Islands. Finally, it is very rare to take part in the Dutch operation — except that the Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway addon Market Garden for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy entirely devoted to the fighting in the Netherlands in September 1944. But “Market garden” is still a rare guest in the games of the Second world: as a rule, in such projects it is given no more than one or two missions.

The developers of Post Scriptum: the Bloody Seventh decided to correct this injustice. Still, operation “Garden” to this day is an example of one of the most massive applications of air assault in history — it’s certainly worth it to make a network fighter about this week of fierce fighting in Western Europe.

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Bloody September

By the end of the summer 1944 on the Western front situation favorable for offensive allies. In any case, so considered the commander-in-chief of the land forces in Europe, Bernard Montgomery (Bernard Montgomery). The British commander has prepared a bold plan for a new operation, in the long term, promised to end the war by the end of the year.

Allied forces were offered to bypass the “Siegfried Line” through the territory of Holland, providing access to industrial areas of Germany. Corridor for the advancing troops had to lay paratroopers, capturing several bridges for nearly a hundred kilometers and holding them to the approach of the main forces.

The operation, which has received plain name Market Garden began on 17 September 1944, from the massive air assault in world war II: during the first two days in the rear of the enemy landed about 35 thousand soldiers and officers, two thousand cars, five hundred guns and mortars. For the brutal battles of the war is not such an impressive figure, but the unexpected appearance of such a group of troops far behind the front line was a surprise for the Germans.

Nevertheless, fortune this time was not on the side of the allies. Problems with communication, planning and management of troops began almost immediately. Trouble rained one after another: somewhere the command could not contact the subordinate units, in another case, the landing was forced to land too far from the intended purpose, losing the effect of surprise, and on the way to Arnhem ambushed British reconnaissance convoy.

Not better things were going and mechanized units that began the offensive from the West. All the same mistakes in command and planning were pursued by the 30th British army corps, which was the main strike force of the allies in this operation. Despite the overwhelming superiority of the enemy in armored vehicles and manpower, the Germans offered fierce resistance, slowing the advancing attackers. Time played: so far managed to contain the attacks of the allies on the front line, in rear of the gradually dwindling force of troops, who without adequate supplies could not long maintain combat readiness.

After a couple of days after the start of operation, the initiative was completely on the side of the Germans: the assault, which barely maintained its positions, almost lost control and resources — it did not help attempts to establish the air supply. Hope for help from the West became more and more ghostly every day. A couple of days later it became clear that the allies should not wait for success in this operation.

Finally, on 25 September it was ordered to retreat. By the morning of the next day, the last remnants of the landing crossed the Rhine, coming to the connection with the main forces of the allies. Operation vegetable Garden ended in defeat.


Post Scriptum обзор игры


Given such a sad outcome for the British and Americans Market Garden, it is not surprising that the Dutch operation is not so popular in popular culture, unlike the triumph in France a couple of months earlier. On the other hand, the dramatic story of paratroopers, forced to fight in the enemy rear, can be very interesting — which showed the example of the third part of the Brothers in Arms. However, the authors of Post Scriptum decided to focus on another.

The first impression before us is a Squad of WWII. The naked eye can see the similarities even in the interface, not to mention the rest. No wonder: these games have the same publisher, and some of the developers at the time engaged in the creation of modifications for Squad and its progenitor — fashion for Battlefield called Project Reality.

Two sides a maximum of four dozen people each, fighting on a fairly large-scale maps for control of key points. While in the game only two factions-the British and the Germans. In the near future they promise to add Americans-the famous 101st and 82nd US airborne division. Each side has a clear division into units, and within the units in the presence of the same rigid specialization. As usual, most of the usual shooters, but snipers or sappers a few units.

In addition to infantry and tankers there are special engineering departments. These guys are engaged in transportation of ammunition to the place of fighting, building fortifications and firing points, and it is their actions that determine the lion’s share of success in the battle. This whole Horde is led by the commander, who can give orders to the commanders of the departments, put notes on the map and call for artillery and air support. Those who spent a lot of time in Squad, in Post Scriptum will feel at home: the gameplay, of course, is not called a full copy, but the basics are the same. The differences are mainly due to authentic weapons and equipment. The vast majority of fighters are fighting not with machine guns, but with rifles with manual reloading-it is clear how this affects the pattern of the battle.

The machine gun, especially if it’s a German MG42, is a powerful argument against any attack if the position is correctly chosen. The armored personnel carrier, and especially the tank, is practically useless without infantry support, but if the crew has established interaction with allies, it is possible to walk a powerful skating rink on positions of the opponent. Affects the gameplay and the terrain in Holland is the Kingdom of bocagei. Fields, limited bands of bushes, small villages and dense forests, relatively flat surface as a whole — all this leads to the fact that the enemy can not be seen until the last moment.

As with Squad, the only key to victory is teamwork. A lot depends on both the squad leaders and the engineers. If these slots are occupied by single players-silent or fans of “randomness”, then you can forget about the victory. To storm positions on which the opponent managed to be fixed, without art support and the correct statement of points of revival (not too close, but also not too far) — it is extremely difficult. There are cases when the team lost without capturing any key points-and all because one side had experienced commanders, and the other came “just to shoot”.

If developers wanted to make that Squad about the Second world war, then at them it turned out. Not get another one.

Post Scriptum обзор игры

Hurry up

Don’t be surprised at the unsightly graphics in the screenshots — low graphic settings are the only way to keep both acceptable frame rate and the integrity of your nerves. The game has very big problems with optimization. And it is unclear what caused it — some unearthly technology here and does not smell. Graphics and maximum settings will not be much better, and the simulation of physics is very conditional-the first trip to the technique makes it clear quite clearly.

Yes, the Unreal Engine 4 does not cope very well with large locations (and they are really huge here), but the picture of the level of the first Red Orchestra in 2018 speaks for itself.


OK, let’s try to agree with those who like to insist that “graphics aren’t everything.” But why there is no destructibility of structures, nor “dismemberment” (in the same Red Orchestra it, I will remind, was)? Houses and buildings do not break either from shelling or bombing, and some flimsy fence has reinforced concrete resistance. What can I say-a multi-ton tank is not able to break a small tree. About terramorphing and say nothing — say thank you, it is possible to build small fortifications of sandbags.


Perhaps these are the limitations of the engine — but if something has to sacrifice, what does the player get in return? And nothing — in technical terms Post Scriptum is one big problem. Mistakes, like falling through the texture of the fighters or terribly annoying stuck in the trees, enough. And this, recall, release not early access! With the release of the game developers are clearly in a hurry. The only thing they should be praised for is the sound and models of equipment and weapons. Various tanks, cars and even artillery – almost fifty; personal weapons, including such exotic as a grenade launcher or hand mortar, are also in abundance. Here is a very good music, and the sounds of explosions and gunfire, the whistle of bullets and shrapnel — no worse than a good Hollywood Thriller. But here, without blots has not managed — for example some samples are often too abruptly cut off.


Technical shortcomings are not the only problem of Post Scriptum. In the end errors can be corrected physics simulation can be improved and optimization can be tightened.

Post Scriptum обзор игры

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