Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The final part of the restart Tomb Raider came out somehow casually, if the publisher Square Enix wanted to quickly get rid of the series and allow the authors to come to grips with the project based on the “Avengers”. The game turned out to be appropriate-despite the change of Studio developer (instead of Crystal Dynamics for the final trilogy is mainly responsible Eidos Montreal) and a new screenwriter, in the final part of the history of Lara revealed not all the potential, but missed opportunities — a great many.

Surprise me!

The storyline is initially intriguing and even exciting. Lara is still trying to stop Trinity the organization responsible for her father’s death, from acquiring valuable artifacts and changing the world. Because of her desire to get ahead of “competitors” begins the end of the world caused by the disappearance of the ancient Mayan dagger which Lara, without a second thought, takes himself. For a long time to hold the relic in her hands she can not — in “Trinity” glad that she did all the dirty work for them, and the enemies quickly take away her dagger after which the city is flooded.


But Lara does not care that people are in trouble and need help — she became much more selfish thinking only about herself and her problems. Her best friend Jonah tries to change her mind to explain that this is not how things are done. A couple of stands under heavy rain around’s a lot going on, the characters talk in a loud voice — surely this episode will be the turning point? Unfortunately not. After a few minutes Lara and Jonah talk to each other quite calmly, and the story goes in the wrong direction which the player wants. Ion and in addition do constantly disappears and makes contact only on the radio.

Instead of finally turning Lara into an obsessed egoist or somehow develop the character — in short to act decisively and firmly — the authors of Shadow of the Tomb Raider choose the safest way. Therefore, our heroine and remains faceless girl traveling to different countries. Eidos Montreal almost does not try to explore its inner world does not seek to show the strengths and weaknesses in an interesting light. Something like this only happens closer to the finale but it’s too little to consider the game an important part of the trilogy about becoming a tomb raider.

Lara gets to the lost Inca city of Paititi and meets the locals, listens carefully to everyone and helps them to solve some problems. It is nice communicating with children performs wacky side order, half of which consists of running around from one extra to another petting llamas studying the language — where’s the selfishness and the pursuit of their own goals which the adventurer showed just a few hours ago? All this is reminiscent of the final season of the Walking Dead from Telltale, where it seems to be a powerful ending, but instead of crescendo we again find ourselves in a camp with a dozen strangers.Here and there is nothing special but because the story quickly lose interest.

В каждой новой локации хочется поскорее сделать скриншот, очень уж они красивы

Quiet quiet.

But in terms of gameplay the game has changed a little. Past parts of the series were reproached in too many shootings-they say a fragile girl during the fighting resembles Rambo, and in the screensavers does not look like a serial killer. Here much more emphasis is placed on the secret passage. Lara can be smeared in the mud and literally merge with the wall climb a branch and a rope to catch the guard passing at the bottom. In most cases around enough greens to dive into it when it detects, and the materials for making arrows lying at every turn. It is a pity that some options open too late, like the ability to turn opponents against each other, and clashes with people very little.

Stealth is even under water to hide from the pack of piranhas, Lara floats in the direction of vegetation on the bottom of the lake or a small river. Hydrophobic passing game can be difficult especially if you do a detailed study of the underwater depths in search of valuable trophies. We have to move from one air pocket to another, to fend off the attackers from time to time eels and constantly worry about the fact that Lara walks on the edge. In this regard Shadow of the Tomb Raider was a success — the idea implemented in the last game well developed and all these underwater studies do not seem superfluous or added to stretch the timing.

Кто подойдет поближе, тому не поздоровится

Skirmishes faded into the background but the study of the tombs and mysterious caves players will spend a lot of time. Compared to the last two parts of this element worked out much better — interesting puzzles will make use of the entire available Arsenal of features. Cling to the ledges climb fragile walls, jump from platform to platform — if in the main campaign such episodes rarely cause difficulties, then during the study of secondary content will have to sweat. The third part is guaranteed to appeal to those who love Tomb Raider primarily for the study of the heritage of ancient civilizations, and not for running around with a gun at the ready.


One of the most interesting features of Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a flexible difficulty setting — you can make the whole game easy or difficult, or you can separately adjust the complexity of puzzles or shootings. Puzzles, for example, at the easiest level of the solution will be literally highlighted, and Lara will say what the next step is necessary to make. On average, it only gives hints, and the maximum will have to reach all on their own. There are also settings for those who do not want to see painted white ledges and platforms — suddenly you think that real adventurers do not need such tips.

В гробницах иногда встречаются очень занимательные головоломки

Another option connected with language settings — can be done so that the residents Paytiti to speak their dialect. This seems to be to promote immersion in the atmosphere, but in fact only destroys it, because Lara always responds exclusively in English. This dialogue looks and sounds terribly ridiculous-it is commendable that the developers have added such an opportunity, but it was worth implementing it in a “two-way”order.


I would also like to see more meaning in the notes, monoliths and artifacts with which Lara learns new languages. The player from this study neither cold nor hot — just to reach a certain level, you can go to the larger monoliths, press the button on the controller and collect another collector’s item. But if with this knowledge, Lara knew of residents who would give her minor tasks, or simply communicate on different topics! Alas, no.

Погладь животное!

And in its current form, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is almost no different from its predecessors. It has some new mechanics but almost everything else we’ve seen before. The game is sometimes very beautiful, to explore tombs and solve the puzzles interesting, and Lara has become even more like the voice actress Camilla Luddington. But from the final part of the series, many expected something more. There was hope for a new team of developers and some fresh look at the history and fate of the famous tomb raider but it turned out just a good adventure game. From the gameplay point of view it was almost the best in the series but in the storyline of Shadow of the Tomb Raider to say without equivocation no.

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