Strange Brigade

Developers who for many years release games of the same series, at some point it bothers. Doing Volition Saints Row, but then I took a chance and released the Agents of Mayhem. And Rebellion, known for cooperative sniper action Sniper Elite, suddenly decided to leave behind the Second world and Hitler and drew attention to adventure films like “Mummy” and “Indiana Jones”. Her Strange Brigade tells the story of a group of travelers seeking treasure in Egypt in 1930.

Синим подсвечены уязвимые точки боссов

Who are all these people?

It seems that everything here indicates that the game should be perky, fun and breathtaking-adventure after all! Heroes get into luxuriously drawn locations, explore every corner, meet on their way the walking dead, skeletons, mummies and other evil spirits, shooting their limbs and collecting gold. But at the same time the game never uses the full potential of the most beautiful detailed environment, and the plot fades into the background and instantly “blown away”.

It’s easy to take a few different characters and call them a “Strange team”. The brigade’s odd, what you still need to explain what is happening? Therefore, before each mission in the airship sitting a former military man, the engineer straight from the old American posters, studied at Oxford archaeologist and painted black. Videos between jobs for some reason are shown in black and white, and the subtitles are so tiny, if the developers do not really matter whether you read them at all.

In the story, the company goes to Egypt to calm the awakened evil. Queen Zeteki not just came back from the dead, but gathered an army of minions with which to gradually “become familiar” characters. At first it is not the most dangerous zombies, Scorpions and skeletons, but then they are added to the mummy, dressed in armor Minotaurs and huge animated statues of the gods. Some move slowly and cause damage up close, others throw grenades, others run at full speed and try to shoot down our fighters with foot — skills of a lot of enemies.

But even a variety of opponents do not save from boredom — from Strange Brigade quickly start to get tired, because it does not differ from hundreds of other cooperative action games. The same Sniper Elite had several special features: the emphasis on shooting from a distance, the ability to distract enemies and raise the alarm, finally, the famous “x-ray” bullet mechanics. This could get bored after a couple of hours, but at the same time noticeably isolated series on the General background.

Strange Brigade offers only two things: traps and absolute abilities. Traps work very simply – you can bring a group of enemies to the exploding barrels, fire plate or circular saw, and then shoot the lever and instantly destroy a dozen enemies. It’s funny, but until the final traps will remain the same, some new interesting ways to deal with the crowd of skeletons will not appear.

Absolute ability is almost useless. By eliminating the undead, you can collect souls that fill the scale at the bottom of the screen, and then bring down a powerful attack on the attackers: to start an electric charge, passing from one enemy to another, or to strike the ground and throw zombies. As a rescue from the surrounding crowd, these skills are sometimes useful, but in most cases they should be activated only for the sake of cute special effects. And in the “Horde” ability accumulates so slowly that it is and do not remember. However, about this below.

Why playing Strange Brigade alone, sad, — all her faults, appear very distinctly. Especially poorly implemented shooting, migrated here from Sniper Elite. But if there we rarely took in hand something other than a sniper rifle, then there is constantly running around with guns and shotguns. Not only that, you can not shoot from the hip, so also the opponents react sluggishly to your hits. Killing a mummy takes about ten shots with a shotgun, and even with a short streak of lives above her head, it’s impossible to tell if you hurt her or not.

Каким образом эти свечи до сих пор горят?! Впрочем, к Strange Brigade есть более серьезные вопросы

“Brigade” is a brigade

It is desirable to pass the game in co-op, and it is best to do it with friends. To your “Strange team” was more fun, each level (except the final) saturated with puzzles: it is necessary to stand on pedestals in a certain order, firing at the illuminated balls, you are asked to find the code from the door and activate the button.

It is a pity that absolutely all the tasks turned out to be as simple as possible, if not primitive. With codes usually there is no problem, and sometimes the treasures are hidden behind the locks — they are presented in the form of a field of 16 cells with fragments of pipes on each. You have to “lay” the pipe from the entrance to the exit, shooting at the cells and turning the pieces in the right direction. At least some difficult turned out except that the puzzle, in which such a field is divided into 9 parts, and hit one of them unfolds several others. But these puzzles will not delay you for a long time.

However, with friends, even in a game like this interesting. The passage of one level takes about an hour, if you do not run forward headlong. Numerous branches lead to treasure chests, secrets, riddles and ancient artifacts. It is not quite logical that the gold takes only the one who found it, and it is impossible to share the money, despite the fact that the currency is necessary for the purchase of additional weapons — starting “guns” will not do. But for the passage of the usual level of complexity is not critical.

Хотя действие всей игры происходит в Египте, уникальных локаций тут полно

Another thing is that all levels are built on the same scenario: shooting, respite from puzzles, repeat it five or six times, and at the end of the fight with the boss. In the first three missions to bother with the bosses did not — you reflect the three waves, simultaneously destroying a huge ball in the center of the location. Only then there are animated statues, which to win you have to shoot at vulnerable places. Thanks to a lot of opponents and compact arenas, these episodes are quite dynamic.

Outside the campaign, you are waiting for two additional modes. In the “Horde” you find yourself in a small area with only one gun and destroy the crowd of monsters, earn currency and buy new weapons. Alone, bored, with friends pretty funny. For solo players will be more interesting mode with stuffing points-the faster you kill zombies and skeletons, the better will be the final result. Here and traps have to be used, and bonus weapons to pick up. The mode offers additional tasks such as the elimination of several enemies in the head shots, and for their performance give an extra couple of thousand points.

К сожалению, решения многих загадок очень легко найти в паре шагов от них

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