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In March of this year we saw the final of Kazuma Kiryu’s Story in Yakuza 6 and said goodbye to him. But in late August Dojima’s Dragon returned in a remake of Yakuza 2. One of the best games in the series is now available not only on PlayStation 2 and its emulators, but also on PS4.  And it’s not just a port or remaster and a full remake on the engine of the sixth part, which takes into account some of the shortcomings of the latter.

Похвастаться передовыми технологиями «Якудза» не может, но порой Kiwami 2 выглядит прекрасно

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Kiwami events of Yakuza 2 takes place one year after the finale of its predecessor. The fifth Chairman of the Tojo clan was killed, and the fate of the clan, the main position which was once occupied Kiryu, hangs in the balance. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the Omi Alliance is going to start a war, because of what Tojo will not have any chance of recovery. So Kiryu will not have to sit around — he is going to travel in native Kamurocho, without which no cost, no part of the Yakuza, the region Sotobori, familiar to fans of Yakuza 0.

At the beginning of the passage, players will be offered to watch a fairly long video, completely retelling the events of the first Yakuza. To pass the last game is not necessary but desirable, as Yakuza 0. Now the new audience will be very easy to join the series-if the PS3 pass these games in order it was impossible, the actual console Sony available prologue and two of its continuation, and the third, fourth and fifth parts will soon be reissued. But if for some reason you begin acquaintance with Kiwami 2, you will not get confused in anything and will still join the plot.

The story is still gripping and doesn’t let go until the finale, unexpected twists and events are surprising, and the characters are some of the most memorable in the entire series. The main villain ryūji Years, respecting Kiryu for his ability and consider him the only worthy opponent, a hell of a charismatic scene of their acquaintance and put great. Years calls himself the Dragon of Kansai and asserts that the two dragons in the war to survive. Detective Sayama became one of the best female characters that Kiryu had to deal with. And the audience’s favorite Goro Majima, almost completely forgotten in the sixth part, was awarded a separate storyline here and more than once occurs in the course of the main story.

In Kiwami 2, as in all Yakuza, a serious dramatic story is accompanied by absurd side quests, which this time more than seventy. About one and a half dozen of them-very short and not too exciting events, because they are not important story, and the ability to make your character an assistant during battles with street bullies. In Sotenbori, for example, you meet an old woman who has lost a valuable thing, and find an object two steps from the place where they just talked. Give the find, exchange a couple of replicas, and this task ends. Now, when buying the appropriate skill grandmother will be able to throw you a weapon.

Many other “side effects” turned out to be much more interesting, and some of them hilariously funny, especially the mission with a double Kiryu. There are also sad stories, like the one that is dedicated to the musician who can not sing, forced to constantly endure the attacks of bullies because of an unpleasant voice. Kiryu, as always, helps all those in need, gives them valuable life advice, and sometimes he learns something. All this takes place under the constant lyrical music, which after so many parts Yakuza remember by heart.

Another story is related to the hostess club, where Kiryu becomes an employee a few hours after the start of the passage. The club is going through hard times and is on the verge of closing, and the owner of a competing institution decided to drive the last nail in the coffin — made it so that the tiny club became one of the participants of a large-scale competition, and in the case of a resounding failure of the shame will be impossible to wash away. However, instead of giving up, the staff decided to take the opportunity to turn their club into the best place to stay. Kiryu will have to hire staff to help the girls entertain customers, as well as shake out (not fists of course) money from the rich.

Платить за разбитые стекла, к счастью, не надо


In the club mini-game you can sit for more than a dozen hours, but this is not all the content that Kiwami 2 offers outside the campaign and side quests. There are Darts, Golf, Mahjong, machines with old games Sega – all not to list. A” plot ” about Mazzima, telling about his adventures in the interval between the first and second Yakuza, offers a simplified real-time strategy in the manner of the one that was in Yakuza 6. Having collected a small squad, the player will confront a clan Uematsu who is trying to destroy the objects at the construction site Majima. Watching the events from above, it is necessary to place the fighters so that both opponents were defeated, and all equipment remained untouched. The very same story was short and not the most intense, but as a bonus to get it nice — in the original Yakuza 2 was nothing like that.

The sequel could not at the time of its release boast and spectacular combat system. Fans of different styles to make money again there is nothing in the remake moved the pumping of the sixth part. Again, it is necessary to improve health, attack, defense, and rage, as well as to study the familiar techniques. This time, a great emphasis is placed on melee weapons — and opponents constantly go with him, and it is desirable to take Kiryu with him clubs, sticks, shockers and other useful things (for most of these items have been added to the unique animation). You can buy weapons in several underground shops, or pick up trophies thrown by defeated opponents. However, it is necessary to do it directly during fight — after it everything for some reason disappears.

Thanks to the new engine, the number of loading screens has significantly decreased compared to the original 2006. Fights with bullies take place in the same scenario as in Yakuza 6: started on the street fight can be moved to a nearby cafe, throwing opponents to the dining tables, waving chairs and throwing the poor fellows on glass Windows. It looks all very cool, but after such freaks frightened sellers do not immediately want to deal with you. But there is the likelihood, that you will attract attention special bosses, with large endowments of health, — for their removing give a long experience.

Kiwami looks like Yakuza 2 is also great. If the development of the sixth part of its authors did not have enough time, because of what had to close several regions in Kamurocho, in the remake of the sequel, nothing happened. And in the area of Kamurocho and Sotobori you can visit any area and go in any store. Affected only a small region, which remembers only those who were in Yakuza 2 in the days of the PS2. But the loss is small-in the original there was nothing interesting at all, and all the plot episodes connected with this place are simply transferred to other locations.

Оружия иногда валяется так много, что грех им не воспользоваться

Yakuza Kiwami 2-a delightful remake of one of the best parts of the series. And the plot is great, and the characters are wonderful, and a lot of entertainment. There is almost no change in the usual formula-many other games for it would certainly be criticized, but the creators of Yakuza manages to make every part of the series fresh, interesting and very cozy. When once again you find yourself in Kamurocho and find a store with food without a map, knowing all the streets almost by heart, it does not cause irritation, but only reminds how much I missed these places since the last game.

Хоть сотню человек позовите, Кирю все равно не победить

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