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Cats vs dogs


Action games series Yo-Kai Watch takes place in Japan, a country with its amazing traditions and views. So, in Japanese culture all supernatural beings are called succinctly and simply-youkai. This mystical animals (Hello, Kappa and Kitsune), and borrowed from the Western culture of creation, and even revived household utensils. If you believe the myths, the spirits literally surround the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun, which, in fact, is reflected in Yo-Kai Watch.


The essence of the series is that as you progress through we have to find and recruit to his team new youkai. Just like the game about collecting pocket monsters in red and white spheres, Yo-Kai Watch Blasters is released in two versions-Red Cat Corps and White Dog Squad. “Cats” and “Dogs” are slightly different missions, “bosses”, starting youkai (in the first case, you will get a frisky Jibanyan, the second — shy Komasan) and the side to which the team is adjacent.

Yo-Kai Watch Blasters обзор игры

Collect them all


If in the previous games of the series we saw the world through the eyes of a child who collects magical creatures, in Yo-Kai Watch Blasters the role of protagonists perform the spirits themselves. Another important innovation-the traditional turn-based battle turned into an isometric battle in real time. Now this is a real hack and slash.


Controlling one of the four youkai (this is the maximum size of the team), the player must complete the mission-to defeat a certain number of enemies, defeat the “boss”, collect or protect objects. If desired, you can switch between the members of the squad: each of them has its own role. Other party members are controlled by artificial intelligence, special claims to which I have no.


Fighters are ideal for close combat, “tanks” will take on the blow of opponents, and healers will cure. To create a balanced team is not difficult, and, to tell the truth, I do not really understand why you should change the starting game, if everything goes with a Bang.


But if you suddenly want variety, the game will offer a choice of four hundred youkai, which, of course, still need to meet. It is necessary to make friends with them using a mini-game or display them in a special menu. The evolution of the perfume also has not been canceled.


It may seem like Yo-Kai Watch Blasters is like Pokemon — collecting creatures alone is worth it! However far more ideas a series of borrows from Shin Megami Tensei and Dragon Quest. By the way, Level-5 — Studio responsible for Yo-Kai — developed Dragon Quest VIII and IX, so that some intersections, at least in terms of appearance, should not be surprised.

Yo-Kai Watch Blasters обзор игры

There is no cow level


It is desirable to collect not only youkai, but also orange balls. They fall out of enemies, are issued for the passage of missions and just lie … hand stretches to print” in secluded places”, but they, alas, never secluded and even marked on the map. Balls — the universal currency. It serves both to increase the level of youkai, and to purchase consumables and new weapons. It is rather strange to feel that they are actively fighting spirits are developing, but only if they spend sphere. Still, the scheme of “from each according to his ability, to each according to “experimental”” in these games works much better.


In addition to the passage of missions in the history mode, you can send youkai fight with already passed “bosses” and patrol areas. Subject tasks are limited in time, but not to have time to perform them, you need to try hard.


By the way, about the plot. Don’t expect depth from it. The story is presented in short chapters: in one, for example, we bring together two brothers who have lost each other, in the other we save the area from the next, speaking in serial language, monster of the week. The whole process is accompanied by jokes and puns. In General, a sort of Comedy farce in Japanese manners.


Pass the game can be either alone or in an online co-op four. Given that some youkai are exclusive to each of the two versions, sharing a passage with other people is the only way to gather a complete collection of spirits.

Yo-Kai Watch Blasters обзор игры

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