Feints and swings


Let’s start with the most important thing — football. Here, those who have seen the last three series of “FIFA”, it is not surprising, because the basics were about the same as laid in the fall of 2015 and then were moved to Frostbite, where they still work. We are waiting for a rather viscous in the middle of the field, but at the same time attacking football, where it is necessary to be able to defend well, so as not to miss three or four goals. This is a very nice balance, the game does not roll into a pure “arcade”, but does not become a simulator to the bone.


Still feints, false swings and similar tricks solve too much, so the dribblers in the attacking group are very necessary. Now the logic of the first touch is noticeably reworked, the right stick can be made various throws and treatments (even breast!), from this very much depends on the rebound of the ball. Simultaneously, the increased role of cutting passes, but the banal casts forward can be worse. Play head became a little nicer to score easier, even if you don’t have Peter Crouch on the edge, more important than was the choice of a position and fighting for it.


But kicks completely redesigned, but optional. If you press the “circle” (in the standard layout) for the second time, a special scale with a mark moving from the red to the green zone will appear. If your reaction is good enough, then pressing again in time will allow you to hit the corner so that the goalkeeper will not be able to pull out. The system requires training, it is not easy to master, so if you want you can not use it. But it is with the Timed Finishing system that you can score stunning “banks” from a distance, otherwise it will be difficult to hammer from 35 meters.

But in General, what way to beat or choose football in FIFA 19 leaves a pleasant, albeit not quite fresh, impression. Even a fan of PES with experience will feel quite normal, at least unexpected passes-cuts and rebounds, leading to goals, happen here quite often.


Картинки по запросу FIFA 19

For those who are used to PES


Another thing which will be accustomed to fuchsia Konami — more options for tactics. And this is a very cool feature, albeit completely copied from PES. Everything is adjusted – the breadth of the defense, the behavior when the ball is lost, the degree of pressure on the other half and even the number of players on the corners. Moreover, for each of the four types of attacking strategy, you can choose your tactics. Scored Barcelona two in the first half hour and want to ” dry ” the match? Please put for sirsasana strategy some 4-2-3-1 and cut in pressure. And if it is necessary to crush the opponent in the end — just before the match set for swiatkowska strategy 4-2-4 and the connected standards and a couple of defenders.


Not that it was all necessary to win over the computer, but in matches with a person will be very useful. Especially as options for competition with live opponents became more. The most important of the innovations is again familiar to fans of PES is the European cups. Champions League, Europa League, UEFA super Cup got their full incarnations, the main tournament even has a separate mode for maximum authenticity. Since Electronic Arts has no difficulties with licenses, the group stage of LH in FIFA 19 is exactly the same as in life. All three of our party — Lokomotiv, CSKA and “Spartak” — on the spot, their compositions replicate the real, although the rating of some players causing issues.

But with the appearance, especially the stars, no problems. Top football masters look and move exactly as they should, here is my personal favorite-the fastest player in the world Gareth bale with his corporate style of movement. Licensed stadiums became even more – added as many as 16 arenas from ” La Liga “arena” Borussia Dortmund “Cardiff” Millennium ” and a bunch of buildings. But with the Championships there is a significant problem for us — the Russian Premier League has become the exclusive of competitors, and the cards of Russian players will now be much less, especially since Zenit for the Europa League could not be licensed. As for me, this is a significant loss, but fully licensed “La Liga” or the English Premier League greatly brighten it.


Картинки по запросу FIFA 19

No news – also news


It is in these two tournaments will perform in the “History”. Does that mean Alex hunter will start changing clubs, just like Zlatan? Not at all. Just in the story mode of FIFA 19 we have three full-fledged heroes. And that’s the best thing that ever happened to the adventures of a dark-skinned superstar. It is logical that the partners of the top forward were his friend Danny Williams and sister Kim. They can be was manage and in the past year, but there this was optionally and quite a bit, and here — necessarily and time lavished on roughly on a par with Alex. The plot itself has not got rid of the tension and a few ridiculous attempts to show the underside of the life of football players-pros, but due to the shuffle of the heroes came out the most cheerful and adequately completed the trilogy.

In FIFA Ultimate Team mode, the most popular and in advertising does not need, these changes too little. There were cards of heroes of the Champions League, added the Division Rivals mode, where you “match” with opponents of about the same level and even the neighboring region. Simplified “League of the day off”, reducing the number of matches in it to 30. All this made the way to the top divisions a little easier, but the need to either “grind” or pay to the end did not save. However, to become an eSports player, you have to invest a lot of time.


Not enough changes in the”Career”. Here in General it seems that a fundamental improvement decided to score — apart from cosmetic changes, to make it easier to track the necessary players, in a mode for Manager difference from last season is not detected. Well, Yes, there are additional details “for immersion”, such as changing the interface in the days of the same Champions League, but fans have long wanted more variation — to start with the lower League clubs and make their way up, for example. Even a couple of commentators seemed tired and decided not to change anything special (except for phrases about you know what tournament) — although Cherdantsev and Genich voiced for the fourth series of the simulator, their replicas still sound out of context. Although anthem will understand what the tournament they read well even believe it’s the stream.


Картинки по запросу FIFA 19

FIFA confidently remains the leader among the futsim. Gameplay, presentation, variability, opportunities for joint entertainment with people, license base-all EA Sports at least at a very good level. But in the season 2018-19, this leadership is reminiscent of what happened to “Spartacus” at the turn of the century: there is almost no development, and in some moments begin borrowing and even narcissism. As you remember, the 2000s dramatically changed the balance of power in Russian football — fresh leaders were Lokomotiv, CSKA and Zenit. And if the main simulator “nogomyach” does not begin to make tangible steps forward, it can wait for a similar fate.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

In all Royal battles, the basic rules are the same: the last surviving participant of the match (or a group of comrades, if it is a question of deuces or squads) is declared the winner. It does not matter, you took the second place, the thirtieth or hundredth, — all this defeat. In this regard, the “Eclipse” in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is no different from similar modes in other games. Therefore, not every player will be able to win on a regular basis, and someone will get to the first line for the first time only after weeks or months. But there are a few rules and tips that will help you win sooner or later, and I will try to tell you about them in detail.

Where to land?

The map in “Eclipse” is not as big as in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, but still at first glance at her eyes run up. 14 locations with their own names and a lot of houses, sheds and other smaller objects outside. One trick is connected with landing: jumping out of the plane, you need to immediately tilt the camera and fly perpendicular to the ground until your speed is 69 or 70 m/s, and then return the camera to its previous position. After that, you can fly literally to any point on the map — the speed will decrease very slowly.


In this regard, in Black Ops 4 there are no popular zones in the manner of “Abandoned towers” in Fortnite. Sometimes a lot of players can be found on the “shooting Range”, but often you will land there alone. “Island Nuketown” is also not always bypassed, but there are matches in which there is found some loner. If you just want to explore the possibilities in a quiet environment, gadgets, weapons and body kits, you can go to the territory to the South of the “Windmills” — there are not so many trophies, but in most cases the place is very quiet.

To learn how to react quickly to danger, I recommend starting landing in named locations as soon as possible, memorizing the buildings with the most junk inside (and their layout) and trying to find weapons as soon as possible. Of course, nothing prevents each time to fall away from everyone and hide, but at some point this tactic will not work and have to fight. And without understanding how to behave in such situations, it will not be possible to achieve success. It is better to start with some “Rivertown” or “Cargo port”, kill a couple of competitors, warm up and then be careful.


Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

In search of prey

Before landing, it is advisable to look around and find out if there is someone near you, or you are all alone. In any case, the first thing you need to find three things: normal weapons, armor and a couple of first-aid kits. With something problems are sure to arise-there may be situations when two neighboring buildings have no weapons, but the enemy for half a minute and found the armor, and the machine. Omnipotent random, what to do, treat this philosophically.


What can be called a “normal” weapon? It’s all subjective, but loved by most minions in the game. Among the automatic rifles the best is the “Maddox,” she has little recoil, a large clip and good damage. Due to its good accuracy and ICR-7, but at long range it will be as worthless as “Swordfish” and ABR 233, which are difficult to praise, even in melee. For any shootings suitable VAPR-XKG, and the most apt players can carry a “Rampart-17” (just do not miss, slow rate of fire for it will punish). A little easier to cope with the KN-57, which is also rarely fails.

By the middle of the match is highly recommended to find a good machine, without it will be more difficult to play. Submachine guns and conventional machine guns are good at short and medium distances, and shotguns and do fit only close, but it is likely that most of the enemies you after ten minutes will not face nose to nose. These weapons can be taken in the second slot, the main thing — do not carry a rocket launcher when playing alone. They are appropriate only in the units, after all, there are people are much more likely to use helicopters and trucks.

In the Eclipse, it’s hard to find a better machine gun than the Titan, and a more reliable submachine gun than the GKS with its high rate of fire, minimum recoil, and enough damage. There are only two shotguns in the game, and they’re both so-so, but the SG12 is still better than the MOG 12. Guns should not be considered at all — they are not very good even in the first minute of the match, to say nothing about the rest of the time. Remain sniper rifles, and among them favorites found during the beta test – “Cat” and “paladin” will be your best friends in the middle and end of the match, if you learn how to use them.


Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Subtleties and details

Good weapons can be made even better with the help of body kits. Pick up and equip everything you see, paying special attention to the increased clips. Perhaps you hurt your opponent badly, and then he will hide and begin to be treated. It will take a couple of precious seconds to recharge, which the owner of the increased store can use for the decisive assault. Or, on the contrary, the stock of your health will drop to a critical point, and you will need a split second and first aid kit to use and recharge. With increased clips reasons for concern will be less – “Maddox”, for example, with an external store in the cage will be as much as 60 rounds instead of 40.

But the sights should be studied independently, choosing the most suitable and convenient for yourself. But do not put 2X and 4X on both weapons at once — it will be uncomfortable to shoot near. It is better to have guns in your inventory for all occasions, and do not forget to switch between them during the study area. In the open field, it is desirable to take a weapon with a sniper scope (or his likeness), and go into the house with this to anything.

An interesting feature of the “Eclipse” is that it has not only live players, but also zombies. They can appear in five places (look for the vertical rays directed to the sky), but at the same time get out of the “graves” only in two. Often they leave behind valuable trophies like first-aid kits or even unique weapons. Only with them, for example, will be able to “knock out” a ray gun, one shot destroying the enemy. But it’s extremely rare. But after killing all the zombies in the area (they are usually less than a dozen) will open a chest with prizes, and there are often valuable things. Among them-the armor of the third level, the only one protecting from getting into the head, so it is clearly worth fighting for it. You can immediately land next to the chest, if you like to take risks, and you can fall nearby, collect weapons and other equipment and be ready to meet both zombies and other players.

Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Almost all useful

Only one weapon is not limited to — “Eclipse” is full of other items, whose value initially is difficult to determine. Among them-all sorts of grenades and other disposable items for an additional slot. Molotov cocktails are not bad, but to escape from them is too easy, the same applies to conventional grenades. But cluster and blinding should be taken necessarily – if you throw a gift for a stone, where the enemy sits, it will make him completely defenseless for a few seconds.

Smoke screen can also be useful when you need to quickly retire, but at first it is better to confine more useful items. Hatchet can instantly kill your opponent, portable fence and barbed wire will protect the house where you hid, but in most cases to carry it all with you is not necessary. Situationally useful can be called a touch dart: it is especially useful in the final, when you can find out in a second, where exactly is the last opponent and how he moves.

Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Perks save lives (and take too)

Now about perks-green boxes that come across on every corner. Time to sit and read their descriptions, usually not, so it is better to remember the names of the most useful bonuses.

* “Dead quiet” – reduces the volume of your steps, allowing you to quietly get close to the enemy. Especially useful in the middle and end of the match.

* “Weasel” – when moving on his haunches and crawling speed will be almost the same as in normal running, and the volume of steps will decrease. A good thing for a discreet reduction of the distance or a sudden change of position.

* “Awareness” – the enemy’s steps become louder. If you are worried that there may be people around, the perk will be irreplaceable, but it is active only for two minutes.

* “Strong skin” – a great perk for the final laps, when it is likely that in your direction will throw a deafening or cluster grenade. This perk increases resistance to such explosions.

* “Paranoia” – makes a terrible sound when the enemy is aiming at you. Handy if you ride a transport or know near a sniper.

These five perks are the most useful in the middle and at the end of the game. There are many other suitcases, but it is better not to hammer their place in the inventory. “Iron lungs” will be useful only to snipers and increase the duration of breath holding when aiming, “Engineer” will quickly find equipment and show enemy equipment (including touch Darts), but it is not so often. Without the “Collector”, showing the location of all the nearby caches and trophies, too, can do.


Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Rule of conduct

If we talk about the” rules of conduct “during the match, the” Eclipse ” work the same laws as in other shooters and Royal battles. Always try to take a high position, whether it is a hill, rock or roof of the building. Black Ops 4-not Fortnite, here to build a ladder in five seconds is impossible, so the enemy will have to look for workarounds. Also, do not run on open fields, always move from shelter to shelter — it can give a few precious moments when you open fire. In the middle and at the end of the match it is difficult to deny yourself to open the falling from the sky supply box and get an item to unlock a new character — in most cases it is not worth it, because the load certainly moved a couple of players. The same can be said about the desire to collect trophies with the just-slain enemy — do not relax, your shootout with him, probably was heard by others, and now they will come to see what’s making that noise. Run to the sounds of shots, by the way, is also not necessary if you are not confident in their abilities. When you have a high position, and the opponent is clearly badly injured, you can try to hit him a couple of times, but usually to climb on the rampage is not recommended.

If the shooting still began, try to aim at the head. Armor of the 1st and 2nd level, which is the majority of members not to close this important part of the body. So you are not only likely to kill your opponent, but also “do not spoil the skin”, which then will be able to wear themselves. Vehicles are a great way to get to the right point, but they are too noisy and can attract the attention of brave (and well-aimed) shooters. It is better to stop near your destination and then walk. Just don’t jump out at full speed.


Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Here, in principle, and all the basic tips. In the end, you will become the main teacher yourself, if you practice as often as possible and try your hand at different situations. You can sit in the toilet the whole game, and you can constantly attract attention and finish the match with 15 murders. Although in the latter case, you definitely do not need this material…

Whatever it was, to win the “Eclipse” is not so difficult — practice, master the map and do not get hung up on one tactic, and then the cherished first line you submit. Good luck

Soulcalibur VI – Realistic. Nice. Respectful.

Perhaps, the sixth Soulcalibur could not appear at all if creators did not ask for resources for development from the management. On the other hand, Bandai Namco can also be understood — it has enough successful projects, why try to revive the series that has lost popularity, which is unlikely to pay off? Sounds like it will work — sale at the start (at least in retail) was worse than that of the fifth episode, and the situation is unlikely to improve. But since to say goodbye, it is technical and fun — and what turned Soulcalibur VI.

Can see you’re upset!

In this generation, many of the series, a decade of loyalty to the consoles, first appeared on the PC, and Soulcalibur continues a pleasant tradition. Anyone knows here the battles are fought not with his bare hands, and with the help of various weapons. It is, of course, varies in length, strength and speed, that allows to diversify the styles of the fighters. Someone deftly wielding blades at close range, someone good at medium and so on, and the like. Each of the characters will need to choose the appropriate tactics, otherwise it will be very difficult to win.

Another feature of the combat mechanics is the lack of long-lasting combinations. You can not, as in the same Tekken 7, send the poor man into the air and, popinyvaya it, with impunity cut half, or even more from the strip of life. However, throw an opponent in Soulcalibur is still possible, but the subsequent huge damage will not work. But throwing techniques can be used to push the opponent off a cliff-an instant defeat for the flight from the ring has not been canceled. Any careless movement at the edge can turn into disastrous consequences. In one of rating fights at me it turned out very ridiculously — was going to jump over the enemy, a little didn’t calculate and departed to an abyss with full health. Well, but someone on the other side of the Earth cheered

Незамысловатый сюжет подается через такие картинки. Ску-у-у-чно

A separate button for the block can also confuse those who are used to either just stand still or clamp “back”. I, as accustomed to this scheme, managed to rebuild immediately, but after a couple of hours of inconvenience did not arise. By the way, to act on defense, no one forbids, just need to always keep in mind that the character can reflect only a certain amount of damage. After a critical value of protection breaks and the hero is revealed. This adds excitement to the battles-did you see that the health bar started blinking yellow? Strengthen the onslaught, will soon be able to smoke this lover to clog in the corner!

Block can also parry attack, if you press the button at the last moment, but, for personal feelings, this works well only against AI and in local battles. In network battles from the input delay can not escape, so get into the right period is much more difficult, even if you constantly train. Most often it is possible to beat off blow purely incidentally.

But it’s nice to see that Soulcalibur in the sixth part has not changed itself, remaining, perhaps, the only three-dimensional fighting game where you need to constantly move to the sides for a tactical advantage. Not a step or two to avoid, and just circling around the opponent. Because of this, in battles against real people not so much trade blows, many try to take the most competent position, forcing the enemy to open their movement. It turns hard and is very fun.

Картинки по запросу Soulcalibur VI

What can not be said about the innovation, called Reversal Edge. The mechanics when hitting an enemy launches some semblance of the game “rock, scissors, paper”. The action slows down, and opponents need to press one of the buttons to attack, which will depend on the outcome of the cinematic duel. We guessed right – we got an advantage. No-say goodbye to some health. In fact, you can still not beat at all, and go to the side and even use the block, but to give the course of the battle in the hands of pure luck is not too desirable. This is probably why users rarely use Reversal Edge on the Web, preferring more practical and predictable strokes.

Of course, all this is just the basics of the combat system. Beginners game well explains everything, and you can only get lost in the many nuances. Although it is not necessary to remember everything at once, it will come with time. The main thing-to understand the basic points, they will suffice with the head. In General, Soulcalibur VI actively encourages to experiment with different fighters, try certain tactics and just have a good time due to the confident, stable online, and in the case of the PC version also surprises with a decent quality of the port.

For those who prefer single content, the team has prepared as much as two campaigns: one of them is held for the character created in the editor, and the second tells about the plot of the series in the framework of small stories for each fighter, including guest Geralt. Be present-they are present, but both campaigns have turned out boring and added, it seems purely for show.

Картинки по запросу Soulcalibur VI

In the first case it is necessary to Wade through a mournful text quest with the fastened monotonous battles, tasks and infinite dialogues. The second mode, fortunately, is shorter, but here is a simple alternate to fights-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Olgii rollers with static images. History, as in the vast majority of games of the genre, terribly banal, and therefore follow it is not too interesting. And to play fighting games for plot? Yeah, thanks, that’s why I came here.

There is a suspicion that the campaign for the created hero exists only to lure players into a wonderful character editor. In the series, he appeared not for the first time, but on the previous generation of consoles was neither streaming nor the ability to take screenshots. But now in Soulcalibur VI create and share SUCH that it will be difficult to fall asleep at night. Muscular Pikachu, people-pistachios, huge cubes and other evil appears in the vast Network every day, but the essence here is not even possible to create your own freak. The editor itself is very pleasant and convenient, and at the same time allows you to change to your taste even the standard characters. Detach from it is very difficult, it may well captivate even those who were not particularly interested in individualization. For the selection of a suitable outfit, you can spend more than one hour!

Картинки по запросу Soulcalibur VI

With the release of Soulcalibur VI filled the gap between the casual fist fight with no special meaning like Mortal Kombat and projects in the manner of Tekken 7 and Dragon ball FighterZ where the user beyond the primary level requires the rote learning of techniques and timings with a long testing all of this in training mode. Here, perhaps, many will disagree with me, but the Soulcalibur series on an Arsenal of receptions and opportunities always was a little behind the companions — in the sixth part nothing changed. It’s still a cool fighting game for those who do not want to worry too much. It is relatively easy to learn how to play well, but there are a lot of little things that do not allow him to roll down to the level of banal “push buttons”. A little disappointing story campaign, but it’s still not the most important thing in the genre.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

This review could start with an introduction to video games with toys included. Remember how disastrous was Disney Infinity, Activision has discontinued the annual part of the Skylanders because of the lack of interest from the audience. But in Russia and the CIS to talk about it makes no sense — Ubisoft does not plan to officially sell in our region toys for Starlink. Perhaps this is for the best — customers do not have to spend money on these dust collectors, with which the company is frankly late.

Small big world

Where it is more appropriate to compare Starlink with No Man’s Sky, which she recalls from the first minutes. Only instead of hundreds of thousands of millions of star systems here are only seven planets. Nothing seems procedurally generated, and all locations differ from each other in flora and fauna. So when you land on land you see cute and pretty creatures, not strange and creepy creatures that the system somehow sculpted from parts of the bodies of different animals.


Unlike No Man’s Sky, where you’re just thrown out on a random planet and offered to have fun on your own, Starlink has a full-fledged linear story. Originality and quality it is no different: when the star system is called “Atlas”, a team of good guys — “Alliance”, and a group of enemies — “Forgotten Legion”, there is a feeling that the imagination of the writers have serious problems. And then nothing changes, everything is as banal and clichéed as possible: the captain of the ship is kidnapped, we as one of his assistants go with the team to gather an army, and then comes the happy end. But the videos are beautiful-like watching an animated series.

The screen holds only the gameplay-something good, and in some ways leaving much to be desired. Once in the open space, you can fly freely in any direction, and then without any loading screens to land on any of the available planets. It should be noted at once that the pilot does not leave the ship under any circumstances: the study of planets, communication with other forms of life and the collection of resources occur exclusively during flights. And it’s convenient — there’s no need to run to your vehicle after a long flight.

Each planet is a large region with traditional Ubisoft content for many games. Then someone’s base needs to be protected, it is necessary to extract encrypted data, fighting off enemies in parallel. By and large, everywhere all the same, this problem is observed in the story missions. Fly there, defeat that, carry that, pay for it-orders are monotonous and routine. Soon after the start, the player will be allowed to build on the site of the destroyed hives “Legion” facilities: in the presence of the Observatory will disappear “fog of war” on the map of the planet, and the weapons warehouse will protect the place from attack enemies — they can try to recapture the territory until you are near.


But the game is still fun for several reasons. First, Starlink is very stylish-in some places it resembles No Man’s Sky, but you can see that all these bases, huge trees and outposts with scurrying robots are drawn and arranged with taste by hand, not randomly. When the player frees the area from the” Legion”, it is completely transformed, and the atmosphere becomes more cheerful. Creatures try to stay in groups and often stroll near the water. And what wonderful plants here sometimes come across!

Secondly, the combat system is done well, and even though it tried to tie the stupid toys. Your ship has two guns-it is assumed that you attach two pieces of plastic to the gamepad and, if necessary, change them to others, but you can play without it. The pause menu to change weapons, it can be done directly during the battle. By pressing L2 you activate the left gun, pressing R2 — right. After some time they overheat, but cool down quickly. The ship also has a supply of energy, which is spent either on acceleration or activation of the shield, not just to save my boat from the hail of enemy shells.


Очередной генератор симпатичных скриншотов

Special approach

The system with switching guns is interesting in that it can be used to combine different elements and achieve a variety of results in battles with opponents. There are ice-covered monsters that can’t hurt the ice the same gun, but the fiery projectiles inflict significant damage. If someone still manages to freeze, then you can throw missiles at him. There is a gun that creates a large purple field, sucked into himself and the player’s ship, and all the monsters standing nearby. And this field is allowed to “mix” with fire or cold to cause damage to several enemies.


Management is very convenient: the ship responds quickly to pressing, and shooting does not bother. Over time, you will earn experience for both the ship and for each individual gun, so you will be able to install modifications — without a small RPG-component here could not do. These mods fall out at every step, they are handed over for every minor action: whether you have cleaned up the base, whether you have completed a side task, even just opened a accidentally found box. Some modifications increase the rate of fire, some speed up the recovery of the shield or faster cool weapons. All of them are divided into several categories, and mods with the same degree of rarity can be combined to create more powerful variations.

Types of enemies are not so much, but the meeting with each new enemy becomes an event. After reading what your opponent’s weakness, you put the appropriate gun, choose the appropriate modifications, fight with the surrounding trifle, and then switch to the main goal: jump up, do “barrels”, hiding to restore the shield — it’s always fun. Particularly good battle with Primary — special creatures of large size, fighting which are generally divided into several stages.

And most importantly-the game has space battles! During the flight from one planet to another, you can not only crash into a couple of asteroids, but also stumble upon traps — walls with several holes. If you successfully fly through, nothing will happen, but caught in the network waiting for a meeting with space pirates, half a dozen of which instantly try to destroy a lonely ship. But with two guns to defeat these crooks easily. The same pirates, by the way, terrorize the inhabitants of the whole system: destroying their ships, you will know the location of the refuge of interplanetary filibusters, which is supposed to sweep the reward.

Чтобы занеси существо в базу, его надо просканировать со всех сторон

But at some point you have to go back to the story and do the dreary tasks. If you think that the last Assassin’s Creed forced to deal with “side effects” too often, here with it all the trouble. In Starlink secondary quests are generated randomly — you just click on one of the buttons on the controller and listen to how someone needs to bring something from somewhere. At some point, I was asked to find five materials that are used not only for the construction of buildings, but also to buy new skills. If it had been warned in advance, I wouldn’t have had to travel all over the planet looking for bases to be liberated.

In addition, the level of story missions does not always correspond to the level of the character. This is never stated, but it is advisable to explore and free from “Legion” and pirates everything that comes his way. Otherwise, you will arrive at the next job unprepared, and your ship will be instantly blown to pieces. A few hours later, when I was level 10, I came to the dreadnought (the so-called ships “Legion”, which become weaker after the murder of the Primes) and the plot had to destroy it, but I have met the enemy ships are level 15. Survive in such a situation is almost impossible, and after death, I was reborn so far that to return and try again was too lazy — it is better to go to train “on cats”.

У большинства крупных врагов есть слабые места — надо лишь подобрать «ключик» подходящего калибра

In many ways, your impressions of Starlink will depend on how you feel about games with a beautiful open world, where the process becomes monotonous quite quickly. Yes, to fight with the enemies and switch between different guns do not get bored even after a dozen hours, and fly over the surface of the planet, scan funny animals and look for quality modifications for your ship is very exciting, but the plot is sure to disappoint, the main task is also not impressive. Starlink can be considered a good “time killer” , where instead of listening to stupid dialogues is better to turn on the music and just travel through the star system, not caring about the collection of resources and acid rain, as in the other similar game

Непривычно говорить такое об игре Ubisoft, но здесь даже субтитры не переведены

Frozen Synapse 2

With sequels to hit games are almost always there is one significant problem. On the one hand, it is impossible to break something that already works fine. On the other – you need to come up with something new. Well, when it is purely a story thing – you can get off with a new story and cosmetic changes. Harder when it’s a tactical strategy like Frozen Synapse. Thank God, the British from Mode 7 Games, this problem is elegantly solved in the sequel avoided the “second album syndrome”.

Inner depth


According to external attributes and basic mechanics, the first Frozen Synapse, released in 2011, looked very simple. Visually, the game resembled some kind of schematic special forces simulator: the men on the screen shoot each other surrounded by lines, rectangles and other illuminated neon geometric shapes, indicating Windows, doors, corridors and shelters.


And at the same time, the authors deliberately avoided many “crutches”, familiar to the classics of the tactical genre, — calculating the percentage of hits, points of progress, fuss with inventory, eternal dilemmas, how to fit five first-aid kits, a heavy machine gun and seven boxes of ammunition, and so on and so forth.

But this minimalism was hiding as pure as possible, distilled tactic, which is impersonal, devoid of options, tools and emotions of the fighters showed something in the best moments of the game could be the envy of even the professional forces of some “alpha»

Frozen Synapse 2 обзор игры

Five seconds, five seconds… that’s a lot!


Although, of course, it all depended on the player. At his disposal were not points of action or move, and seconds. During the planning phase it was determined that each fighter will do in the next five seconds, for example, in three runs back and then, at the fourth sit down, take a bead on the passage to that door, and on the fifth check box to the right. You can still order to move quickly from one point to another, ignoring the enemies, so as not to waste time on aiming, or, conversely, to take focus on a particular enemy or a specific area. As the enemy will arrive, you thus don’t know — he at the same time with you also distributes orders to the subordinates. Plan can be first test, and then give lights out and in active phase with horror or glee look, which of you released tactician.


In such a situation, it is important to plan your actions correctly and predict the movements of opponents, based on the architecture of the level and location of allies and enemies. It is also important to aim the zone, work in pairs, so that one covered the other, to go from the flank and the rear. This scheme with simultaneous planning is ideal for multiplayer, and the whole genre gave a new impetus.


Yes, the authors clearly spied it in Laser Squad Nemesis, but made it more modern, easy, concise and focused on pure tactics. In any case, in the future, many projects, including the modern XCOM, also relied on the dynamics and minimized the manipulation of inventory, ammunition and first-aid kits.

Frozen Synapse 2 обзор игры

Out in the field with a knife


Why do I take so long to talk about the first part? Yes, because in the second in terms of tactical battles, little has changed. And here it is difficult to add something to what you have probably heard and seen in our video review. Yes, there are new classes of soldiers like a flame thrower, “shield”, winners miniguns, knives or gas grenades — they each have their roles, pros and cons, especially apparent in the case of those who only swings a melee weapon. The authors have improved the AI, added new multiplayer modes, including an extremely intriguing mode of “one move”.


From myself I can only add that the range of orders to fighters slightly expanded (now it is possible to ask “to wait”), there was an updated focus system allowing to find and entice enemies who persistently sit out behind shelters. Levels have become more and more diverse – shopping centers, cars in the Parking lot, the walls of different curvature and density, civil, flashing in front of the sight, trees, rocks…


All this, of course, makes the tactics even more diverse, flexible, makes it more interesting to use the shelter and the detection factor, increases the importance of stealth. And, accordingly, makes network battles even more addictive. Yes, in the vast spaces of the battles are slower, they take longer to move back to somewhere the enemy or, conversely, to wait for them, when do you plan to lure your under heavy fire. There was even such a function as”raise/throw the subject.” But all this does not negate the fact that the tactical battles here are extremely interesting and addictive.

Frozen Synapse 2 обзор игры

Tactics in the big city


But what the game is really seriously changed, so it’s in single-player mode, which is quite undeservedly called some kind of application to multiplayer. And the first part was not only about “skirmish” and network disassembly, but also about the story, painted in neon colors cyberpunk. And now even more so.


The new campaign is framed in the form of a global strategy in which you can see the features and “Civilization”, and Total War, and the strategic mode of XCOM, but which remains unique and interesting in its own way. Here we operate in the vast cyberpunk city as the leader of one of the many competing factions, groups and corporations.


The scheme is generally clear. We hire fighters, we form groups from them and we send on different buildings of the city to carry out contracts from these or those fractions, we earn money, watching not to leave in a minus, we buy new buildings, we build diplomatic relations with other groups, asking about the Union, declaring war or offering a truce. When you get stronger, you can no longer work on the errands, and themselves to attack the possession of other factions or their scurrying on the map units.

Frozen Synapse 2 обзор игры

Contract system


All this is more than familiar, but for Frozen Synapse, a minimalist tactic from 2011, it is a huge, serious and very bold step that significantly expands its ambitions, audience and range of opportunities. Because in this mode it is interesting to be engaged not only in tactics, but also in global strategy.


There are many nuances. For example, in areas belonging to other factions, local police will act on their side. And to reduce its activity, you need to sign a contract with a special organization that has influence among the cops.


Another structure under the symbolic name “Dark world” is ready to lobby our interests in other groups — without it we will not be able to fully use all diplomatic opportunities. There is still contracts, which will allow to set silencers on weapons, make our machines faster (Yes-Yes, here still and transport emerged!) and so on-in fact, these are analogues of upgrades and technologies. Only they are allowed to change on the go, signing contracts with other suppliers.


Tasks also need to be performed wisely. All of them are from different factions, which often ask to attack another group, thwart the plans of competitors or protect themselves from their attack. Accordingly, the principle of “Helping one, you hurt the relationship with the other” works here on all cylinders. Especially given the fact that groups and corporations just a lot. And they are all very different, and all constantly get in touch, ask for something, explain something, warn or even threaten.

Frozen Synapse 2 обзор игры

Hunt for relics


Finally, plot. It is in Frozen Synapse 2 is not a checkpoint, not the background and is not limited to training. You can, of course, turn off the story missions, getting a kind of “Free game”, but it is better not to. The plot here, though devoid of rollers, but all lovers of cyberpunk will like. In this case, we have to resist or try to build relations with the hostile group Sonata (but not Arctica), which regularly arranges the invasion in different parts of the city and attacks the buildings of different groups.


Do not have time to respond to the attack or were not ready, because the main strike team rests in the medical unit at your base, or just flunked the mission — the influence of the enemy is growing, and the affected faction accumulates resentment and cuts the budget. Most importantly, Sonata invasions are associated with some important and very valuable relics. And our task is to have time to collect 15 such relics, without giving any other group the first to accumulate seven. Therefore, when your team carries the relic to the base, it may well be attacked by units of other factions. And we’re gonna have to do that, too.


But it’s not just an artifact hunt. In the story mode, we constantly receive messages from different characters who reveal the background and the background of events, involve us in local political games, sometimes even ask for advice on how to act in certain situations. Well, a more predictable tactical AI in single-player mode is partially offset by the fact that in the story missions (or when we capture the possession of other factions) there are very unusual conditions and restrictions.

Frozen Synapse 2 really became a game more ambitious, diverse and multifaceted. One layer – it’s all the same dynamic tactical battles that came to a wider and open spaces and especially captivate in online matches. The second is a global tactical strategy about diplomacy, intrigues, political and corporate wars in a huge neon city of the future. And all this – under absolutely brilliant melodies, which together with the soundtrack from the first part today have already made the same classics of cyberpunk music as the composition of Vangelis(Vangelis) from ” blade Runner»

Картинки по запросу Frozen Synapse 2

My Brother Rabbit

When I was very young and I had an antediluvian computer, more than once on my hard drive there were games of the genre hidden object — quests with search of objects. The plot in them usually was not-developers were limited to simple tasks and asked to find the hidden figures in the room or to find all spiders in the house with ghosts. Such projects come out and are popular even today, the publication of many of them is engaged in the Studio Artifex Mundi. At some point, the team decided to develop something on their own-so there was My Brother Rabbit.

Family problem


The game is markedly different from what was offered in this genre before. The basic idea has not changed: you carefully study the location, click on the objects, collect them and thus get to the final. But the supply is quite different — in between levels demonstrated videos, with which the authors tell a heartwarming story. And all this is closely connected with the gameplay, characters and even mysteries, making sense of what is happening much more than in many “casual games”.


My Brother Rabbit tells the story of a small family going through hard times — one of the children is very sick and needs examination and surgery. The trouble happened to the little sister, which will support the older brother, constantly carrying a toy rabbit. Hospitals cause discomfort even in adults, to say nothing about children. So brother helps sister to experience the horror and using imagination, sent her to a fantasy world where the rabbit is trying to heal a pretty flower. And in reality, parents are looking for a cure and run from one doctor to another.


If you forget about the slightly blurred ending, the story for this kind of game was wonderful. Here, no one says a single word, but all the emotions and people, and animals are well enough transmitted in the videos and in the gameplay. And the levels are not blinded thoughtlessly, and correspond to the stages of treatment of the sister-for example, in the second Chapter, the characters are in a kind of hospital with a queue at the reception, sleepy staff and a doctor-bear, who does not want to do anything because of the broken equipment.

My Brother Rabbit обзор игры

I came, I saw, I pressed


Once on the new location, the player can move the cursor in different directions and interact with objects by clicking on them. Some large objects, such as doors or mechanisms, do not function correctly — they need to be corrected by finding smaller objects in neighboring zones. About what is required, the game will report only after clicking on the appropriate doors and mechanisms, and before that small items to take with them do not allow even if you have already found them. Not very convenient (you have to go back a few screens and remember where you saw these things), but tolerable — the location is not very large.


To the player is not engaged in “pixel-hunting” and did not click on everything in search of the last detail, the developers have added tips. The list of necessary items always hangs in the upper right corner of the screen indicating how many items have already been collected and how much is left. If the desired object is in the area where the camera is currently located, the icon will turn blue, otherwise it will be gray. This simplifies the passage, but not much — sometimes things can be hidden in not the most obvious places.


Once the full set of parts is assembled, you can return to the corresponding mechanism and click on it, and then one of the many puzzles will appear on the screen. They are also not very difficult and never repeated, although their various variations have already been encountered in other games. Here and the picture to be collected from pieces, and build icons in a row, turning the plate. Most often, the puzzle is solved on the spot, but in some cases, the solution will be sought in neighboring areas — to understand the logic is almost impossible.

My Brother Rabbit обзор игры

The last element of the gameplay were the episodes at the end of each Chapter, when the player is in a small room with a large mechanism or vehicle, next to which the scheme is shown. Finding in the same room of a pipe, wheels, jewelry and other stuff, it is necessary to construct the identical machine according to the scheme, installing on it the found objects. It is impossible to make a mistake-the game allows you to attach the object only to where it should be. Therefore, it makes no sense to look at the picture — just quickly press the button and drive with the mouse or stick.


Though the gameplay and uncomplicated, touching story and excellent visual design keep the screen until the very end, which, unfortunately, comes after a couple of hours. During this time, the rabbit will visit five unique locations, divided into several zones. All these worlds are similar to what children would dream up in such a situation: instead of people, animals work and live everywhere, buildings acquire strange shapes, and some inanimate objects have eyes and smile at the sight of a rabbit. And the music perfectly conveys the mood of the characters-the composer Layers of Fear and Observer worked on it, and for one of the songs Amy Evans (Emi Evans) was invited, familiar to fans of the soundtrack NieR: Automata.


My Brother Rabbit certainly will not be interesting to “hardcore” players — it’s simple, the puzzles in it are not the most difficult, and the gameplay is similar to what the genre of hidden object games offered for several decades. And the price she inflated, at least in the Russian segment of Steam — to pay more than 500 rubles here, to be honest, nothing. However, if you miss these games or want to look at how they can successfully combine a good story and traditional gameplay, it is unlikely to find something better.

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Deep Sky Derelicts

For Deep Sky Derelicts after the appearance of the game a year ago in the” Early access “Steam somehow immediately stuck nickname” Darkest Dungeon in space.” Not that it is offensive (Darkest Dungeon — one of the best “bagels” in recent years), but rather not quite true. In Deep Sky Derelicts there is no system of stress, because of which the heroes descending into the dungeons are returned paranoid and, in principle, the characters do not have any psychological and other personal features, because of which what is happening resembles a simulator of care for schizophrenics and alcoholics. But there are some features, thanks to which Deep Sky Derelicts is perceived as a completely independent game.

Картинки по запросу Deep Sky Derelicts

Hitchhiker’s guide to derelictum


The action, as you know, takes place in the distant future, in space, where a team of three brave mercenaries explores in search of data title derelicts — the remains of alien ships and stations. The squad wants to run the errand of the sector Governor and find the location of the legendary “Ark”, the flagship of the extinct alien race. And in return he promised to provide mercenaries full citizenship, which will allow to quit a thankless task space Stalker and settle in some comfortable planet.


But this is still far from heroes have to visit and explore not one, not two, and more than a dozen derelicts and even visit the “Ark”. And there we not only look for data, but also fight, collect resources, communicate with talking computer panels, meet traders, other collectors and various funny characters who, as usual, need our help.


You can, for example, stumble upon a taxi driver who flew to derelikt to pick up his researcher — taxi called her husband. Then we will meet this lady, but she will agree to fly away, only if we help her download some kind of database of audio data from the computer panel. And this panel turns out to be a very talkative robot, which, before sharing data, asks to answer a number of questions on the modal sequence and wave theory.

In another place you can meet a madman, eager to become a robot and merge with the machine. Or a strange girl by the name of the Leaf that is chopped into some kind of game on a console and very nervously react when distracted. And so on. Some banal things like “go, find a mushroom for me or something rare” coexist with such funny scenes that are related to Deep Sky Derelicts in something even with “Hitchhiking in the galaxy”. And what here you can read interesting, elegantly written stories in datapads! There just is not funny — they are usually in very dark colors describe this bleak futuristic world.

Картинки по запросу Deep Sky Derelicts

Energy security


However, to survive in Deep Sky Derelicts, reading and knowledge of “Laura” is not enough. It is necessary to choose the right party of mercenaries who represent different classes – here and doctors, and warriors, thugs, and collectors, and leaders, and technology. Each has its own role on the battlefield and its own branch of skills. And you decide how to pump them and who to take to the team. If someone was weak and fell in the battle, it is likely better not to treat it for a lot of money, and hire a new fighter of another specialization — so you can flexibly adjust the composition of the party and, accordingly, the style of passage.


Second, take off derelicte we from the base station, where the same Governor, a bar, medical Bay, and most importantly, shop. There before departure it is necessary to buy portable energy sources. The fact is that during the study of the remains of ancient ships, we are constantly wasting energy — the heroes are in special protective suits, fed by this “fuel”. While moving through the new compartments and scanning the area around, when solving some quests and directly in the battle energy is spent. And if it is over, you will have to get to the evacuation point without protection — so you risk losing your team ahead of time.

Therefore, we have to constantly think about our energy reserves, return and fly ahead of time to replenish the reserves on the basis, process the found items for energy, buy energy containers, life support modules, evacuation beacons (allow you to instantly teleport to the landing zone) and portable power generators. The latter, if installed in certain places, allow” free”, without energy costs, to move within a fairly large area around them.


And on our base, in the scientific laboratory, it is possible and necessary to study technologies that increase energy reserves and, conversely, reduce its consumption, improve scanning efficiency and so on. This is very useful, but will cost a tidy sum. And money in Deep Sky Derelicts is always needed for everything. Therefore, constantly scratching their heads about how more effectively to spend. And how to earn, of course.

Картинки по запросу Deep Sky Derelicts

Cards, money, two barrels.


Energy management-the first, but not the last, that distinguishes Deep Sky Derelicts from the same Darkest Dungeon. The most important thing — and we wrote about it in detail in our preview-that the typical “bagel” here is combined with the mechanics of collectible card games. All weapons and numerous modifications to them (up to 12 per mercenary, or rather, on his equipment) — it’s not easy, for example, a laser of the third level, giving a plus to the technology and a chance to stun the enemy. This is also two or three, or even more cards with different effects, which are placed in the deck of a particular fighter.

Accordingly, in the battles, which here are reminiscent of both JRPG and Disciples, we use the drop — down cards in our turn-they allow you to attack with different techniques, restore shields, impose useful auras and accelerations on allies, stun or frighten enemies, and so on.


Each class, of course, can have its own set of weapons, modifications and cards that work for its role, so in Deep Sky Derelicts you actually form three decks at once. And given that for some reason are no restrictions on the number of cards in the “deck” is not (which is strange for a full-fledged TCG), then you know what’s the scope for creativity. The main thing is to remember that the more cards in the deck, the less chance that the most necessary and cool will fall out.


During the stay of Deep Sky Derelicts in the early access stage, the game was most often criticized for its short duration and some balance issues. Well, with a full release here was brought to mind and to the logical conclusion of the plot, added endgame-content, made a lot of edits to the balance and a set of cards. Well, made in the style of comic picture and atmospheric electronic music were good initially. The result was not a masterpiece, but a very, very good and largely original, this game is addictive is not a joke. Yes, and with great lyrics and black humor. Although if you wish, you can, of course, sketch a wish list — to make a more non-linear and rich story, add side quests, come up with a more interesting base management, to impose restrictions on the size of the deck and any additional resources that are spent on the use of cards. The authors are constantly updating the game, so maybe they will hear me…

Space Hulk: Tactics

The Warhammer 40K universe is loved by many. There is for that-for worked and epic setting, as well as for the abundance of ways to plunge into this “dark world of the distant future.” Among them-books, gorgeous drawings and miniatures, finally, Board games of various genres, from which it all began. Space Hulk-one of such “nastolok”. It is for some reason loved by the developers of video games, and, born in his desktop hypostasis turn — based tactics on computers, it first appeared as a Thriller, and only then-as a strategy.


Space Hulk: Tactics — the eighth game of the confrontation between the space Marines and genestealers in the narrow corridors of the abandoned space ships. The developer is Cyanide Studio, for which cooperation with Games Workshop is not new: in addition to two parts of the Blood Bowl, the French worked on the previous version of Space Hulk — action movie Space Hulk: Deathwing.

Картинки по запросу Space Hulk: Tactics



In the center of the narrative Space Hulk: Tactics-squad Adeptus Astartes, performing a task to explore and clean up a huge dump of abandoned starships, drifting freely in space. Such conglomerates are called space Wanderers. Despite years of neglect, life has not left these fragments, except that the current owners of the Imperial, Orc, Eldar and even Tzeentch knows whose ships are not friendly towards visitors. The members of the race of the tyranids is the genestealers, some of the most ferocious and dangerous fighters among these xenos, waiting in the wings when someone dares to disturb their peace, getting in the Maverick. Often the narrow corridors of spaceships become an arena for the fight of terminators (the so-called special soldiers of the space Marines) and the genestealers.


In General, the plot for “wahi” turned out utterly standard — blood Angels, as honest warriors, cut the cabbage numerous enemies, overcoming not only the attack of hordes of xenos, but also intrigue on its side (here the main character, a lover to stir up trouble acts as the Inquisitor of the Ordo xenos). But there is something fresh — the ability to play as tyranids in single battles, and in multiplayer. There is even a full-fledged campaign for this side of the conflict.


This campaign is a chain of tasks that tell about the long battles on Board the same wanderer, where many years later the heroes of the campaign of Blood Angels will go. The narrator — a familiar, the Inquisitor, a great lover of history and of genestealers, strange as it may sound for a representative of the Ordo xenos. The purely scientific interest, don’t think that!


Both campaigns allow you to travel to the dump of spaceships on a separate screen, collecting resources and modifying with their help your squad. There is even a relative variability-the player has a choice, to move to the purpose of the head ahead or to collect utility that will help in the coming battle.

Картинки по запросу Space Hulk: Tactics

Roll the dice for the Emperor.


Rules of battle in General copy the Board, but there are some features. Each terminator has a certain number of action points that can be spent on movement or use of various skills, including shooting, opening and closing doors, interaction with terminals and other objects. The special soldier of the space Marines, the librarian, among other things, has a special ability — using the psi-forces it can increase the chances of attack in melee, make one cell of the playing field temporarily impassable, or with some chance to fry all the genestealers in a certain area.


About the chances is to tell more. As in “nastolke”, here all controlled dice rolls, and on the screen we show the results. A tribute to the fans of the original, no more: it is still more convenient to look at the probability of success or failure in the percentage that we demonstrate with each use of a skill.


In fact, the rules have enough nuances, but to learn about them, you have to get into the settings of weapons and equipment of each fighter in between missions. Take, for example, a fighter with an assault gun. Aha, the cube is thrown three times, if the resulting value is greater than five, then the shot is considered successful. But if the three dice will fall the same value, the weapon will explode, killing its owner.


Knowledge is interesting, but it was little benefit from them — so far they hid, making such subtleties are completely opaque during the battle. The lack of normal combat log (current remarkably uninformative) also affects the understanding of the mechanics.


The gameplay for the leader of the genestealers look a bit simplistic compared to the role of the commander of the terminators, but only at first glance. Tyranids are not limited in the number of fighters, they usually have more action points, but the applied skills and methods of interaction with the environment quite a bit. Starting in specially designated areas of the map, they can until the last moment not to disclose the type and number of “units” on the cell appearance — the opponent sees only the fact of the presence of the enemy in the cell, which can move before it hatches a couple of monsters with a toothy smile to the ears. Space Marines-a strong opponent, so you have to work hard to win.


For even more variety in the game introduced the mechanics of special cards that will be useful to both sides of the conflict. Terminators can play one of the cards during the turn, having received a certain bonus-a few points to roll the dice, a guaranteed success of the attack and the like buns — or exchange the card for additional action points available to all members of the squad. The genestealers use these cards to activate similar abilities and exchange they need to buy new fighters.

Картинки по запросу Space Hulk: Tactics

Fashionable color pleases the eye


Habitually good for games “Warhammer” in recent years graphics and sound. Terminators at Cyanide Studio turned out very well: clad in power armor and armed with a formidable weapon, from axes and hammers to bolters and flamethrowers, they leisurely pace through the narrow corridors of the ship, carrying the Emperor’s word on the sword tips. Did not disappoint and the genestealers in addition, in single battles and multiplayer, and space Marines, can be customized by adding certain additional elements and changing the coloring of the armor. Without the latter, perhaps, now it is difficult to imagine a game of “wah”.


With the design of locations is not so rosy. Yes, the atmosphere of Space Hulk, the authors managed to convey – with a first-person (there is also such) painful sensations from low ceilings and close abandoned compartments, where the bulky terminator hardly unfolds, you feel in full. But the isometric camera is not so beautiful.

What is worse, it is not very convenient to use it-you will have to get used to it for some time. The location is divided into separate tiles that look too colorful, and their boundaries can sometimes be considered only at the maximum approximation. Until you accustom yourself to constantly use the mini-map (or even expand it to the full screen), it is easy to get confused in determining the desired cell. In situations where even a turn on the spot expends action points — not the most pleasant nuance, especially since it is impossible to cancel the moves for some reason.


The scoring is also traditionally well — genestealers a nasty hiss and squeal, palomaki roar cut through flesh, bolter roar bursts, while the terminators are sometimes pleasing to the ear pompous phrases. However, one of them you very quickly get bored.

Картинки по запросу Space Hulk: Tactics

Went through Overwatch Overwatch


The Bane of all attempts to move the desktop Space Hulk video game on rails — the ability to Overwatch. This is one of the abilities of any terminator, armed with long-range weapons by spending two points of the action, watch the space in front of him, opening fire on every enemy that dares to approach within shooting distance. And it’s not that the genestealers begin to shove ahead on these “sentinel”, dying one after the other, and that the AI is very cowardly. He very rarely decides to open the door, behind which is space Marines in “patrol” stance, and reluctantly runs to adjust the terrain.

To “lock” the thus of genestealers in the right places, moving forward with a pair of Apothecary and librarian, who perform the main task, is not difficult. In missions where you have to hold a certain number of moves, it is still easier — enough to include every move of the Overwatch to each terminator. Even to walk is not necessary — know yourself look like space Marines utter this hackneyed exclamation.


While playing for the genestealers that problem for obvious reasons will not arise, although at first it seems that the AI in the role of the terminator loves to give. The same Overwatch is not as deadly, but instead of the passivity of the computer opponents is clearly visible their stupidity.


In multiplayer fight much more interesting, but the specifics of the genre and not the most successful implementation of turn-based battles (matches are very long and have a very low dynamics) have led to the fact that now wanting to face off is not so easy to find. Sorry, but there is no possible choice of tactics due to the customization of the soldiers and very good map editor, most likely, will remain unclaimed.

Space Hulk: Tactics leaves behind a dual sensation. The pros and cons inseparable followed each other: boring gameplay for the space Marines and something new when playing as genestealers; good design of locations and characters, but the awkward camera and bugs (one of which would not let me go blood Angels campaign); a good map editor and ranked multiplayer and too tedious implementation battles.


Not the last of these comparisons is the question of price and quality. For the strategy in Steam ask 2 000 – price tag at the level of AAA-studios. For the money we offer is not hack, but this project, like many creations Cyanide Studio is likely to appeal to a very narrow layer of players.

The World Ends With You: Final Remix

Those who were able to reach The World Ends with you on the unpopular in our country Nintendo DS, certainly left very fond memories of the game. She is so stylish, colorful and vividly portrayed the atmosphere of the famous Tokyo district of Shibuya that is instantly etched in my memory. Square Enix had all chances to make Final Remix a comprehensive version of the masterpiece of ten years ago, but the company again showed its disregard for the fans and once again ported the mobile version.

Нэку и Шики — прекрасная парочка

I don’t need anyone

At first, TWEWY may seem like an ordinary jRPG middle-class. As the main character-a vicious boy named Neku, suffering from amnesia, but at the same time believes that everything can cope on their own and no one he does not need. Truth, then it turns out, that hero a bit, um, is dead and is in parallel version of of our world, and for return to life him need hold out for seven days, performing different quests. These are the conditions of the game conducted by the mysterious Reapers. If they fail, they will be erased forever.


However, after a couple of hours the story begins to spin so that it becomes impossible to predict the further development of events, or to understand up to a certain point the motivation of individual characters. Interest adds to the emphasis of the narrative is not only the protagonist and his environment — a cunning and charismatic organizers-the Reapers also took plenty of time. Moreover, they are in no way inferior to the main actors, and sometimes cause even more sympathy.

In between story scenes, explore the virtual version of Shibuya, recreated with such love that the game can be used as a mini-guide. At a discount on the changed names, which, however, easily recognizable prototypes from real life. Even a simple walk will give a lot of discoveries-there are a huge number of shops with food and clothing of different brands, the local analogue of equipment. With sellers should be friends: if you buy from someone one, then eventually improve relations with him, which will open access to items “for their own.” In General, TWEWY is great at snatching the player out of reality and move to the though not real, but vibrant area of the metropolis, where you want to explore every corner.

Reinforces what is happening wonderful soundtrack by Takeharu Ishimoto, who boldly mixed in the playlist a variety of genres: hip-hop, pop, there was a place even for a couple of heavy songs. Thanks to this approach, the music in TWEWY is not inferior to the scene — it is the same fashionable, insanely bright, diverse and creates a powerful atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if the tracks stay in your player for a long time.

Забавно, но очки для прокачки способностей выдаются даже за то, что не заходишь в игру

Unlike other jRPG, here the contemplation of the surroundings do not interfere with the random battles. Moreover-you decide when to engage in battle. It is enough to activate the scanning mode, as monsters-Noises will appear on the location. Click on one icon or collect a chain to four consecutive fights-and forward, to be pumped. Those who wish to receive a more valuable reward can at any time lower the level of characters and increase the level of difficulty (as soon as it becomes available).

A distinctive feature of the DS-version were the battles that took place on two screens — and this was even explained by the mechanics of the game. To oppose the enemy can only players who have signed with each other Pact. Only in a pair you can use the ability icons and resist threats. The character on the top display was controlled by keys, and the second, on the bottom, by a stylus, but the scale of health at them was one on two.

And if during the study of the World Ends with you surprised a variety of shops and shops, in the battles she offered dozens of techniques for every taste. In one case for attack it was required to poke a stylus at the enemy, in another — to cross out it. Or circle the protagonist. Or grab lying around in the arena object and kick them on the head to all who are not lucky enough to Dodge. Experimenting with a set of skills could seem endless, not to mention the fact that such a scheme with a pair of controlled characters looked very unusual and original.

For obvious reasons, it is impossible to implement this in the smartphone version. TWEWY processed under one screen, and the workmate was called on the battlefield by certain movements of fingers on the screen. It turned out controversial and not as exciting as the original version. However, due to the specifics of the platform, simplification can be forgiven.

Tower Records от любителей японской музыки так просто не скроешь!

But here to forgive the same mobile port moved to Switch with a proud subtitle Final Remix, it is impossible at all desire. Moreover, in the process of transferring Square Enix managed to make the already stripped-down version for smartphones even worse! There really is no additional episode, leading to a possible sequel, will not help, because with this control there is every chance to throw the game much earlier than you see the final credits.

“Birdhouse” boasted that screwed the game support “cononov”, only did it in his manner. Waving pad in the air, it is proposed to simulate the movement of the stylus / finger on the screen. And the scheme works in the worst traditions of the Wii: the pointer constantly flies to the wrong place, is lost, it has to be centered forever, especially if the console is on the table and does not display the image on the TV. And the battle goes on, and the enemies move! Abilities require different movements, but just try something to do when Neku runs where the cursor shows. And the same cursor is necessary to poke the enemy to inflict damage. To pass the game in this mode is pure masochism, but it is possible to give the second controller partner to suffer along. And accidentally kick each other in the process. Hurray!

The second control scheme, in portable mode and with controllers connected to the device, is a little more viable, but at the same time… does not allow to use the keys. GENERALLY. At the console, hell a lot of them, let me at least run with the stick! But no, we’ve got the mobile port, if you please to poke at the screen. Of course, this is accompanied by incorrect definitions of clicks, and of the variety of techniques have to choose not like or unusual new, and those that are easiest to perform. Because there is a risk of dropping the gadget.


Square Enix has long spit in the face of fans, throwing on all platforms ports from smartphones. So it was with numerous Final Fantasy, where the company managed to fuck up its own pixel art and even the damn menu. So it was with Chrono Trigger, around which a scandal broke out that “starlings” six months apologized and patches led the game in a proper form. TWEWY, unfortunately, was no exception — this is another attempt to make a quick profit on the fans, waiting for the return of your favorite game with DS. Of course, over time, you can get used to touch control, but not to the idiotic swinging controller… Similarly, you can learn to play fighting games on the steering wheel or pass Dark Souls on the drums, hanging upside down. From what you get used to, the controls won’t get any less wild.

Вот так ждешь, словно Хатико, новую версию, а тебе дают вот ЭТО

And such an approach is insulting to tears. After all, The World Ends with you — the game that you need to carefully store and show everyone who is interested in jRPG. Enjoy the battles, be surprised by the plot twists and empathize with bright characters. Yes, just walk, listening to wonderful music and pumping abilities. Why doesn’t it deserve a good updated version? After all, the size of the display “Switch” and the presence of buttons allow to implement the scheme that was on DS. Look at Tearaway Unfolded, which when you transfer from PS Vita to PS4 was rebuilt almost from scratch, brilliantly fitting the features of the platform.

However Square Enix is not up to this point. Here is you mobile port, eat. Do not like, do not want to buy — well, say that the sale of the Switch-version did not meet expectations, so forget about the potential sequel. The World Ends with you-a game wonderful and falling in love at first sight, but, unfortunately, not in this embodiment. Bodanie with inadequate management spoils all the fun, but the battle and pumping abilities — a considerable and one of the most fun parts of TWEWY. Patches here are unlikely to save the situation. If they ever will.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – The Best Shooter?

In recent years, did not come any Call of Duty, which could praise absolutely all components. Black Ops 3 offered an absurd storyline and” lagging ” for the whole year servers in multiplayer. To the output of the Infinite Warfareигроки started to get tired of double jumping and running on the walls, but the single player campaign was a success. Well, WWII once again proved that the game of the Second world is better to leave in the past. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 breaks this unpleasant “tradition” — none of the three main elements turned out bad. But without a small fly in the ointment was not, and it is associated with a single regime.

Графика в сюжетных роликах отличная — только ради этого стоит терпеть пресное обучение

Different story

Although Treyarch honestly admitted that the traditional story campaign in the game will not be, some content of this kind is still in store. In the main menu you can find the so-called “Headquarters of specialists”, where Frank woods becomes your instructor and offers to test the ability of all multiplayer characters. After passing each of the stages of training unlocks a video telling about the events in the universe of Black Ops 4 or dedicated to the background of one of the characters. In General, the standard and boring training tried to make more fun.


Here is only occupy such “mission” too much time. To the first stage there are no claims-the player is taught what a hero is carrying with him, and also offer to use his superpower in different situations. Someone gets a powerful revolver, capable of one hit to destroy anyone, someone is armed with a huge shield. And in the second stage you are sent to multiplayer mode with bots – to yawn boring “entertainment”. You need to play a full match in some of the available modes, and with computer opponents it’s just sad.

But we will not stay long on the bad, because everything else in Black Ops 4 done great. Standard multiplayer that series for a long time — ordinary postrelushka no jet packs, exoskeletons, and other things like sticky stuff. Therefore, the emotions of the game get the same as in the first Black Ops many years ago. Such a network will not want to leave.

Without interesting innovations, too, has not done. For example, now all players do not have 100 health units, but 150, which is why the shooting lasts a little longer than usual. Perhaps this is due to the fact that for twenty hours in multiplayer, I have never noticed the presence of a system of compensation lags and only once “exchanged” with the opponent murders. If such a system exists, it does not manifest itself in any way, and this is good. Hits are registered correctly, the speed of matches is almost perfect compared to the slow WWII: play fun, and the technical component is not to find fault with all desire.

Без расчлененки в мультиплеере не обошлось

Apt and tenacious

Black Ops 4 returned the pick 10 system, are forced to take exclusively 10 items. Among the main weapons available assault, tactical and sniper rifles, as well as submachine guns and machine guns. In an additional slot, you can put not only pistols, grenade launchers and a combat knife, but also shotguns — for the first time since Modern Warfare 2. In addition to the usual slots with perks and “jokers” there is a section “Equipment”, for which it is very difficult to choose one of the items.

On the one hand, you can bring a stimulant that will allow you to be treated much faster and more often. As you know, in multiplayer Black Ops 4 there is no automatic regeneration of health — if the enemy left you with one “life”, you will run until you are cured manually. Without a stimulant, you can inject yourself with an injection of a healing wound of the drug, too, but regeneration will be much slower. On the other hand, instead of the stimulator, you can take other useful things: for example, a bulletproof vest allows you to survive a couple of extra hits, and the acoustic sensor improves the radar.


For multiplayer, there are several original modes. In” Control ” teams alternately attack or defend two targets — they can either perform the main task in the allotted time, or destroy the enemy team, having exhausted the stock of its “lives”. The other is called “Plaque” and like Counter-Strike, only instead of the bomb suitcase with the money. In the first round, players are severely limited in funds, armed only with a gun and replenish their Bank with murders and other actions. You have to choose between several types of armor, additional weapons, body kits for him and other expensive items of equipment. Both modes are terribly carried away, after the end of the next match, you want to immediately start the next, and in the familiar “Team battle” and “Find and destroy” sometimes you look.

Одна из карт расположена в Арктике, где находится затерянная атомная подлодка

But that’s not all

Fans of “Zombies” this time presented just three different cards (another one is available when buying a season pass) — when you look at the menu literally dazzled. The most important innovation, of course, was the appearance of bots. Now single players will be a little more fun — and they will hear all the dialogues, and facilitate their passage, at the same time not feeling a burden, trying to figure out what to do and where to go. Bots are not the smartest (to force someone to open the door-that’s another task), but well-aimed and shoot zombies at the first opportunity. With their help, you can easily get to the later waves, simultaneously trying to solve all the puzzles and evaluate the “Easter eggs”.

All cards are great and memorable. “Flight of despair” tells the story of the sinking “Titanic”, where part of the rooms filled with water, and move between locations can be using teleports. In “Episode IX” heroes go to the gladiatorial arena, four exits from which lead to the temples of different gods. Participants will face not only ordinary zombies, but also aggressive tigers and undead dressed in armor, which will be difficult to kill with conventional weapons. Well, “blood of the dead” is most similar to the classic zombie cards with hidden levers and creepy atmosphere. All these locations are also available in the “zombie Attack” mode, where it is important not to solve puzzles, but to score points. Well, if these cards do not understand anything at all, there is always easy learning, where a funny narrator will explain everything in detail.


The third component of Call of Duty this year was the sensational mode “Eclipse”, the first large-budget battle of the famous Royal publisher. About my impressions of this mode, I have already told in a recent preliminary review, and the opinion over the past month has not changed — it is still a chic “battle piano”, which works consistently, generates a lot of fun (and not very) moments and does not let go even after several hours spent in it. “Eclipse” – an atypical mode for the series with a huge by the standards of Call of Duty card and even equipment, and everything works like a clock, without” departures”, annoying bugs and other problems that are overflowing with other Royal battles.


Для одной из «ачивок» нужно продержаться до 20 волны, не выходя со стартовой арены. Весело!

Players land at the selected point, quickly collect everything they see, set sights and modules on weapons, and then try to survive by killing everyone they meet (or hiding in the toilets, there’s someone in that much). After beta testing greatly reduced the quantity and quality of the third level armor appearing on the map — the one that was much more difficult to break through than usual. It is still strong and able to withstand several hits, but the meeting with the enemy dressed in it does not mean instant defeat. It is a pity that in the console version did not improve the inventory, but now you can pick up items from the ground at the touch of a button, and not holding it.

In multiplayer, the progress system is based on the gradual unlocking of weapons and other items of equipment, the “Zombie” player earns flasks to create amulets and potions that give bonuses during the passage. But in the “Eclipse” is a little more complicated — there are standard levels, and points are issued for the murder, hit the top 15 and other achievements. But most of the characters are unlocked differently-you need to find related items that are most often in the supply crates, and perform a couple of tasks in a single match.


To open Ajax, for example, you need to pick up three pieces of armor from the corpses of defeated enemies, and Menendez is unlocked after finding the pendant and two murders: with a shotgun and a hand strike. With the heroes of the “Zombie” mode is still more fun: it is necessary to defeat several katana walking dead, then find a special weapon, which usually lies next to the places where they appear. According to rumors, in the near future Treyarch will add instead of the usual microtransactions and lootboxes analogue combat pass from Fortnite with looks, emotions and other cosmetic items — will be something to do when all the characters will be available.


Взять вертолет и отправиться к одному из лучей? Конечно!