ARMS — Simple and Fast for Humor

The idea of ARMS reminds of the beautiful Splatoon. Two years ago, Nintendo appeared in a new genre of competitive shooters and from the first attempt hit the mark, offering a fresh look at the team shootout. Apparently, “big N” liked it, so she decided to pull off the same trick with fighting games. I will say more-after several stages of beta testing, it seemed that the next prank of the Japanese was a success. Exactly until the release of the full version.

Игра выглядит отменно

Springy fun

Nintendo always comes up with some special “chip” for their projects-this time it became elongated hands of fighters. In most fighting games preference is given to the fight at a short distance, here everything is a little different. Since the limbs of the heroes can reach almost to the other side of the arena, the battles often take place at a distance — it’s easier to Dodge and strike.


Moreover, the trajectory of the attack can be changed directly during the flight of the hand with a stick or tilting Joy Con (depending on the selected control scheme). To write out intricate turns it is impossible, but to start a glove on a wide arc — quite. Especially good deceive the enemy about movement, he bounces off and gets in the nose the attack in advance.

Interest the first time add and different types of equipment: in addition to the already mentioned Boxing gloves, you can use whips, shooting energy dragon heads, boomerangs and other exotic devices. And on their unique features built style of play-fast, slow, protective or aggressive. Especially just to fasten the novelty and go waving it will not work. First you need to understand how this miracle of engineering works in General, what advantages and disadvantages it has.

In addition, the items do not have to wear strictly in pairs. In one hand you can take a gun, making three volleys in a row, in the other-a massive heavy sphere for the application of powerful, but slow strokes. The combination of speed and strength has not hurt anyone. However, in this scenario the explosion of the brain is ensured because of no symmetry, and each hand you need to track, and route individually — try it out at the same time and showering the opponent with fire, and trying to catch his attack from the side! The feeling is very unusual, but when you get used to it, you feel like a fish in the water.

Equipment, as I said, sets the basic style of combat, but each character has its own skills. One with a small amount of health gets a permanent bonus to the damage, the other is able to regenerate, exposing the block, the third generally levitates. Plus the fact that the characters are significantly different from each other, but the disadvantage is much more significant — the balance suffers. I especially “like” one fighter entering the arena with a robot dog. No fines for movement or damage, he does not, and the companion also knows how to attack. And let the dog cannot be controlled, but at the wrong time, he still barely make it to a live opponent.


About the features of management is also worth saying a few words. Play using gyroscopes, a lot of fun. In an hour of active waving of hands such feelings as if just finished sparring. Yes, and to work out the “twos” ARMS is perfect. Although seriously fight (not the muggers in the alleyway, and high complexity), using such a scheme is unlikely to succeed — controllers are sensitive to movement, and to keep the “Gascony” still in the heat of battle is almost impossible. Especially frustrating when instead of a block game decides to make a hit. In short, if you need a result, it is easier to use the usual buttons.


Кажется, я воюю не туда

One two-and all

ARMS is similar to Splatoon not only ideologically, but also content filling. More precisely, the almost complete lack of it. And “Hands” – not conditional Tekken or Guilty Gear, which, in addition to the arcade and training mode, do not need anything, because there is a thorough study of deep mechanics can spend hundreds of hours.

It’s easier. Fighters have one basic hit and capture, plus they are able to jump and bounce aside. Set of movements on this ends. It takes some time to memorize the features of equipment and unique features of the characters, but the more you play, the more often the battles take place in one scenario. More precisely, it just turns into an exchange of attacks from different ends of the arena. In my memory, this seems to be the first fighting game, where the fights basically end not with the defeat of one of the opponents, but after the time limit. Standard arcade of a dozen fights dilute modes with basketball (you need to throw the enemy in the ring), volleyball and not too good kind of competition, where you want to shoot down more goals than the opponent. This very little.


After a few hours you come to the idea that ARMS has nothing to offer. Campaigns for all characters are passed, and additional entertainments managed to become boring. It remains to go online and fight with live opponents, but it all comes down to exactly the same exchange of blows from afar, as with the computer. Although here the developers still managed to make some variety, because the players then throws in matches one on one, then they fight in pairs, then participate in kneading for four, where each for himself, then throw the ball. Captivating, but not for long.

Especially ARMS-not a shooter where you can roll out a new map, and users will study it for a month. Increase the number of arenas? Okay, but it doesn’t really matter where we clean each other’s faces. Add fighters? Also not bad, but all of one unique ability that you remember in the first battle. Expand your Arsenal? Yes, he’s the king! However, there is a big BUT.

Арены разнообразны, и у каждой есть своя особенность

Nintendo apparently, to the end and has not decided how to distribute it a new game. In fighting just disgusting system of obtaining equipment, reminiscent of mobile shareware projects. You can not just choose your favorite thing and buy it for your favorite fighter. No-e-e-e, you must first accumulate a certain number of virtual coins, then buy the opportunity (!) run a special mode where from time to time boxes with random (!!) the subject of for accidental (!!!) hero’s. It is worth it a lot, and to get the currency you need either over and over again to pass the bored arcade, or fight on the Network. To complete the picture is not enough except that the ability to replenish the wallet with real money. In General, the desire to experiment and go beyond the basic Arsenal beats instantly.

But for those who use Switch solely as a console for local multiplayer, ARMS, perhaps, it is necessary to add to the collection. Turned on, drank something intoxicating, spent a couple of matches, still drank, still waved his hands, turned off. As a session for a couple of hours for fun gatherings with friends or StreetPass-meetings fighting game is ideal. There is no need to bother with the balance, lack of modes or the scheme of acquisition of equipment — the pleasure of the process and vivid emotions of victory or defeat come to the fore. I would even say that this is the only correct way to play “Hands”, because the single content is enough for a day, and the simplest gameplay leaves little room for improvement of their skills.


Batman: The Telltale Series — Episode 5

Yes the hot end of the year gave himself to the team of Telltale Games. To put with a run of only a week the final of a season of one series and start of a new season another — the decision very courageous. Whether it was dictated by unwavering self-confidence or a desperate desire to somehow rehabilitate in the eyes of the players-if not quality, so much — we do not know. But this situation is more than eloquently made it clear which of its game series developers put in priority, and what seems to have themselves not happy that they took. This can be traced even by release dates. Previous episodes of the dark knight Gotham misadventures steadily out in the twenties of the month, but now it shamelessly shifted to the early, freeing a cozy place for a two-part pilot of the new “Walking dead”. And this despite the fact that we’ve got the season finale, and to him, on the contrary, should be approached more responsibly. But, apparently, I wanted to quickly pass and forget.

Картинки по запросу Batman: The Telltale Series — Episode 5

The final part of the story about Batman and the children of Arkham is clearly collected in a wild hurry, and it literally climbs into your eyes. And without that oak animation in some places has become quite too clumsy. Some of the backdrops are drawn so bad that I need to missed and wipe his eyes — suddenly it’s already the vision fails? But no, it’s just a game. The performance issues that we seemed to say goodbye to after a few patches came back vividly to remind us of ourselves. Even the translation, already pretty amused us in the past with their “video card drivers”, now finally went peddling and sometimes gives a game that even the pirates of the nineties did not allow themselves. Here I sit and think: “Episode-and it wasn’t sugar, but so low he sank. Although, maybe he’s always floundering somewhere at the bottom, but just somehow disguised? That’s possible. But if so, what then happened at the end that the shroud slept so abruptly?»

Картинки по запросу Batman: The Telltale Series — Episode 5

And it happened that the final game “Batman” finally lost its only bright line — more or less fascinating story in an interesting author’s vision. If three weeks ago we called the fourth episode “the most chaotic, crumpled, boring and disappointing” of the now released, now the palm of this antipermanence clearly goes to the fifth. From the final subconsciously waiting for something powerful, large-scale, inspiring. All cards – on the table, all the most decisive measures-in the course, all the most expensive-at stake. But instead we observe a short (fortunately!) an awkward show of the poor, in which all participants try to outdo each other in the number of pathetic sayings per unit of screen time.

Even the final plan of the main villain catches up only yawning. First, “somewhere” we have already seen, and more than once, and in an incomparably better performance. And secondly, it simply contradicts any logic and the basic laws of the scenario. Events should be developed incrementally, and the story of Lady Arcam, it turns out, reaches its peak somewhere in the middle, and then sharply, as if jumping off a cliff, rapidly flying somewhere into the abyss of foolish trivial. Many questions thus remain even without hint of answers, and to connect the imagination and to think out something for screenwriters there is no slightest desire.

Картинки по запросу Batman: The Telltale Series — Episode 5

But it becomes terribly sorry for the fucked, the potential of the series. The authors presented a peculiar and very cool look at many familiar characters in the world of Batman, but either could not, or too lazy to take advantage of this trump card and develop the initial success. But they managed to raise the futility of QTE-scenes to a new level. Usually, however, as did all right — well, here’s a beautiful scene, screwed up suffer the consequences. But have the Dark knight all not as have people. Do not have time, missed — it does not matter! “PF, inept” — obviously, I think Bruce and calmly does everything himself. Why then, it is asked, to do them at all? To be able to be called “interactive cinema”according to the passport? If so, then to hell with such interactive. It’s better to watch the regular series — so get and more honest and more enjoyable than endure this mockery.

Картинки по запросу Batman: The Telltale Series — Episode 5

Doom SnapMap – Gaming process

Map editor, called SnapMap, from the beginning positioned as one of the main chips of the new Doom. Just to clarify: the most important feature of Doom is still a single campaign, and the potential of the editor has yet to be revealed.

The capabilities of this Toolkit are not half as rich as, say, the Construction Set for the Elder Scrolls. The main beauty of this editor — it is very visual and is available on PC and consoles equally. Collect it anything can any fool. Here’s a set of room templates, here’s all the monsters and objects from the game, here’s a tool for drawing links between objects and basic scripting. Create creativity.

His story campaign in SnapMap form will not work (yet?). You are limited to one card and a strict budget for objects: at the same time can be active so many monsters, so many items and no more than four players. You can not design your rooms and add objects from the outside, but you can freely arrange ready-made things, prescribe the behavior of monsters and specific scripts.

And strength is precisely in the latter. SnapMap allows you to create a very fancy mechanisms, if you get used to working with the local logic editor. Instead of writing code, you draw logic modules in the air, write variables, connect them with lines and get all sorts of dependencies.

For experienced modders, a lot may be missing (and lacking), but id promises to release updates with new features. The developers obviously expect that SnapMap is here for a long time-it is primarily a platform for user modes and mini-games, a kind of LittleBigDoom. It runs in a separate client, it has its own pumping system (you buy jewelry for your soldier — the same as in multiplayer, but for a separate currency, though people have already solved the system and made several cards for the extraction of this currency — something will happen). At some point, SnapMap will probably allow you to use it separately from the game, like StarCraft Arcade. In any case, it is very similar.

Just in SnapMap appear things mostly Doom someone is missing. Full of cooperative modes of varying degrees of sanity, there are arena deathmatch for singles-quite similar to the classics, if you do not take into account that the authors of most cards are not yet fooling his head balance and can hide somewhere infinite BFG. Alas, no one has yet figured out how to bypass the restriction on the two guns in multiplayer, but it also seems a matter of time.

Although to do great things to snappers so far away, here are five curious cards that demonstrate how to SnapMap to do something besides missions “to get from point A to point B”.

Mancubus Meltdown

Even the simplest maps about survival in Doom can bring some (albeit specific) joy thanks to the good mechanics of the game and loud thumping guns. This one’s a little smarter than the others. The author has fiddled with the rules sketched a bit of the accompanying text and did the rest with a boss fight, which is not enough to shoot: you need to first run to one terminal, then catch up with the stolen the unit pulse, and then activate another to the unkillable Mancebo “melt armor” and he became vulnerable.

This map is more interesting as a basic example of using scripts. Even without getting into the editor (a way to dissect other people’s maps yet, alas, could not be found), you can see how the AI is controlled by monsters, how to structure additional conditions and get rid of their objects.

Картинки по запросу Doom SnapMap обзор

Harvest of DOOM

An attempt to creatively reinterpret the Harvest Moon (or Rune Factory). You “water” a round section of the floor, after fifteen seconds, harvest, spend it on a new site, water and it too — and so until you plant everything. The crop can be spent on improved weapons, increase health, and to feed mankulov, which in the end will give you the power unit required to complete the dungeon.

Dungeon-a long and quite complex map that you need to go without using first-aid kits (for that and need to buy upgrades). The pitfall is one: it happens that the card rests on the limit of monsters and stops creating new ones until you kill those who remained at the beginning of the path. I hope it will be corrected-because for the sake of the dungeon this map is worth taking. It’s good

Картинки по запросу Doom SnapMap обзор

Music Maker 9000

Just a room with a floor piano, a simple drum sequencer and a couple of sounds from which you can make music four. Interesting by the fact of existence. Yes you can.

Картинки по запросу Doom SnapMap обзор

Whack A Soul

Hell of a slot machine: pay a coin and shoot the lost souls jumping out of the holes. The pace is growing fast enough, so at some point you will definitely start to miss them until you eventually lose.

Why all this? For a place in the table of records, of course. With the recording of the results SnapMap copes normally.

Картинки по запросу Doom SnapMap обзор

Time Out

Another map about the pursuit of points. Here you kill monsters and collect what falls out of them until the timer runs out. Bring trophies to the base-get extra time. We need to hold out as long as possible.

The catch is that from the base you each time teleports to a random sector of the map, and a little to shoot enough monsters, you need to navigate and plan a route on the fly. The implementation is simple but works suspiciously well.

Картинки по запросу Doom SnapMap обзор

Let me draw your attention once again: don’t expect a new Defense of the Ancients from SnapMap. Don’t wait. Modders are slowly coming up with how to circumvent the restrictions and do cool things with the editor, but this is not enough: the editor is still damp, and that this platform turned around for real, you need id support.

For those who are interested in the mechanisms of SnapMap, next time I’ll tell you how I tried to build something myself. I told you the basics of the editor can handle and a fool, so I have problems should arise. Am I right?

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – don t breath or you break it

Times: tough lady in armor hiding behind a tower shield, inevitably comes to the Orc. Two: their views intersect. Three: the green-skinned giant raises his axe and lets out a furious cry. Four: his eyes full of anger, but the warrior stoically withstand the blazing eyes. Five: she does not intend to give the enemy the initiative, and brandishing a sword, on a perfectly polished surface which highlights the sun. Six: the round is over. The Orc drops his weapon and grins. The warrior sighs, recognizing defeat. Lays next to a huge shield, falls, throws a sword right above him and closes his eyes, submitting himself to the fate of the dice. No one is immune from a critical failure.

In power dice

About the role-playing game you can tell a lot by the character editor. Behind the protagonist’s creation in Pathfinder: Kingmaker, it’s easy to spend an hour, which hints at a long and thoughtful adventure. The Pathfinder role-playing system is based on D&D 3.5, so fans of Neverwinter Nights 2 will immediately feel at home, like Han Solo and Chewbacca in the “Awakening of power.” Eyes run up from the abundance of classes (there is even “prestige”!), many races and worldviews. The monk must be law-abiding, and the paladin-kind … Thank you, Owlcat Games, the warmth of nostalgia spreads through the body from these words.


The adventure begins not with another prophecy or accident that throws our hero into the center of events. The protagonist-only one of the mercenaries hired for cleaning of the Stolen Lands from gang of bandits. The award is tempting – these are the Lands where the winner will be called the Baron, giving the opportunity to rebuild their own Kingdom from scratch. If you expect that after a short prologue will be able to comfortably settle on the throne, it is very wrong. The first ten to fifteen hours of Pathfinder: Kingmaker arranges a harsh test for compliance with the coveted title.

An introductory hour teaching the basics can create a deceptive sense of simplicity. Maybe even a thought: “And if I increase the level of complexity?”. Think carefully. And then think again. As soon as the group is selected in the open world, the picture becomes quite different. Even a few rats can eat all the characters, if Mrs. fortune turns away from you. Complexity can not only choose from standard options, but also fine-tune for themselves. Use.

As in other adaptations of Board games for D & D and systems close to it, at the head of the corner are dice rolls. Fell great value — good luck, and a barbarian with a mighty swing severed the enemy ridge. The enemy, however, can do exactly the same with your guys. If in the real Board game the unsuccessful throw at least cheerfully interprets the leader, here it is necessary only to replay again and again until you are lucky with a deal.


An important role is played by all sorts of strengthening and weakening, allowing to maximize the chances of a successful outcome. It is a pity that the first few hours a set of tools for tactical maneuvers is extremely scarce. Low-level characters possess a very limited set of skills, and the adherents of melee and does virtually devoid of active abilities. Saving and loading for a long time will be the most useful skills.

We have to poke at locations on the global map, hoping to find the enemy on his shoulder and get hold of a little bit decent equipment. Movement around the world reminds of Pillars of Eternity — you can wander only on the roads between locations, of which there are hundreds. Some are small, like a small grove or meadow, while others can hang for a few hours and decide the fate of the two neighboring Nations.

Reminds of the old days and the time limit for the execution of some orders. However, in the back do not push — and the job will have time to complete, and the surrounding area to wander and relax properly. In Pathfinder: Kingmaker very cool implemented halt. You appoint responsible for the kitchen, hunting and guard, you can choose additional classes that give different characters their bonuses, and then watch as the characters are preparing to rest and poison the bikes, sitting by the fire.

Картинки по запросу Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Burden of responsibility

The game perfectly manages to create a sense of the journey and to fully justify the title of your own role-playing system. As if you get to the pages of “Lord of the rings”, where on the way to the goal of heroes enters a variety of lands. Adjusted for the fact that one day will have to shoulder the burden of government and lead the new Kingdom to prosperity. Or ruin. Here’s how it goes.

The mechanics of the administration of the Kingdom — a separate, and very important, layer of gameplay. You have to appoint people to positions, to listen to the complaints of local residents, to rebuild the city and to connect all new and new lands. A number of problems can be entrusted to responsible Ministers, while others are solved solely by hand. However, in the settings at any time is allowed to switch the Kingdom to “autopilot” and quietly go explore the world. In this case, the Kingdom will never come to a complete decline, but to make him the pearl of the world will not work.

Pathfinder tries to give the player freedom of action in everything. As with any self-respecting classic RPG, there are many ways to solve the problem — from open confrontation to the art of diplomacy. But some of the authors still made concessions. For example, if an action requires a skill test, the characteristics of the most appropriate team member are automatically used. Conveniently.

Картинки по запросу Pathfinder: Kingmaker

The story develops very slowly and allows you to choose what you are more interesting to do at this particular moment-to move through the story or to issue a couple of new decrees. Often you decide in what order to achieve key goals. A huge world, a lot of quests, an interesting system of government-entertainment in Pathfinder: Kingmaker abound, and they are well balanced with each other. Even interesting characters and well-written dialogues on the spot. This is really a great classic RPG with a deep role-playing system, thoughtful tactical battles, variability and consequences of choice. But you’re waiting for a “but”, a big, fat and ugly”but”? Not for nothing, it’s not one.

Each such ” but ” – a bug of varying degrees of criticality: from the little things like incorrectly triggered scripts that give the wrong options in the dialogues, to the main quests fail, making the game impassable. At the time of writing (more than two weeks after the release), judging by the achievements in Steam, no one has reached the final. The mechanics work perfectly, but the structure of the missions, including the storyline, is broken in many places.

No wonder, with so many ways of passing and parallel implementation of interrelated tasks! I can imagine how difficult it is to tie so many threads together, but from a player’s perspective I want to just enjoy the game without thinking about the kitchen. Some of the problems you can close your eyes — heck, if you broke one quest of ten. Unfortunately, the farther into the forest, the more problems arise, and now almost every second order breaks down. So write in numerous reviews. I personally still can’t go beyond the second act (after about 25 hours of play), because at one point the game refused to run, and we together with the developers still have not found a solution. Alas.

Картинки по запросу Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Pathfinder: Kingmaker-a real gift to all fans of D & D-classics like Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights. But Owlcat Games hastened with the release of the game, and now desperately riveting almost daily patches. In this state, a balanced assessment of the game just does not work. Therefore, the final verdict we will leave for later, when the bugs are destroyed and finally bloom that complex, multi-level RPG, which Pathfinder: Kingmaker and should be, judging by the first few dozen hours.

Phantom Doctrine- The Operations Starts

The KGB the CIA and the GRU were following operation.


As in “Operation Silent Storm”, Phantom Doctrine tells the alternative story of the confrontation between the two secret organizations. We play for operatives “Consent”, which tries to thwart plans “Project” Observer” “” unleash a Third world war.


The “Consent” includes agents of different intelligence agencies and countries, but the main character can be a representative of either the KGB or the CIA. Depending on the starting choice, alter-egos change and story campaigns, showing events from different points of view. And after their passage comes off and the third scenario, which is designed to answer all the remaining questions, what it was and why.


And I assure you, there will be many questions. The plot sometimes seems delusional, making the “KGB men” to fight with the Soviet police and representatives of the GRU, who is kidnapped submarines with secret weapons and talk in secret documents called “Space wars” on the construction of a base on the moon. On the other hand, the scenario is based on conspiracy theories and typical bestsellers about fantastic developments and plans of special services. So all this is forgivable for him-remember about the agent “M. Gorbachev”, disguised as an electrician, and with a smile perceive the story as a bright Polish fantasy.

Картинки по запросу Phantom Doctrine

Spy games


As in any XCOM-shaped game, in Phantom Doctrine everything is divided into strategic and tactical parts. On the global map, we develop our base, hire new agents, build and improve for them the infirmary, a workshop where you can make useful items like lock picks and smoke grenades, physical training centers, where operatives improve their performance, and so on.


The agents themselves need to be sent to different points on the map, so that they receive important information from our informants, engaged in surveillance and eventually revealed the activities of the operatives of the “Observer Project”, which, of course, do not sleep and act on the map at the same time with us. The enemy’s goal is to find out the location of our base and destroy it. All their successful actions and operations increase the level of threat to us. And when it reaches the max, or have to quickly move the shelter to another place that is worth a lot of money, or to take an unequal battle and defend.


When we find enemy spies and the place of their operation, we can try to interrupt it at an early stage — if enough of our operatives on the spot or they have time to get there in time. You can also conduct tactical reconnaissance to provide an advantage directly during the collision — for example, sniper support. If there are no other options, it remains only assault to destroy or capture the enemy spy.


All this is reminiscent of what we saw in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, where we likewise constantly unnerved Elected, where were the secret operations and the like ogoloshennya passion. Even the enemy agents in Phantom Doctrine are somewhat similar to the chosen Ones, having special, and very unpleasant, abilities like the disclosure of the disguise of our fighters.

Картинки по запросу Phantom Doctrine



However, in the creation of CreativeForge Games has its “chips” due to the spy theme. With the development of asylum does not need to dig any compartments is, in fact, the operational headquarters, which in the case of what you need to minimize and quickly moved from one city to another.


Our agents as the enemy, can reveal — in this case, you will have the money to change their appearance and biography. Or we ourselves will learn some unpleasant details about the past of someone from their operatives and begin to suspect him of working for the enemy-in this case, you will need to choose to establish him surveillance, talk face to face or fire. The consequences can be very different, including changing the level of threat in one direction or another.


Also in the shelter, you can produce counterfeit banknotes, replenishing the income of the organization, and instead of researching new technologies, we send some agents to engage in wiretapping and study the secret documents found. They also have to study and personally the player, finding keywords, nicknames and names to establish links between them — something similar was in the games Frogwares about Sherlock Holmes. As a reward, when the dossier is studied and disclosed, we get the names of enemy spies, information about new residents who can be hired, contacts of merchants who sell weapons, modules for it, silencers and other useful gadgets.


But the most interesting thing is the laboratory MK Ultra, which at some point is allowed to be installed in the shelter. Here we not only interrogate enemy agents (this can be done without a laboratory), but also turn over, erase their memory, implanted beacons and even try to take control of their consciousness to get “sleeping” in the ranks of the enemy or a walking bomb that explosion can destroy one of the cells of the enemy.

Картинки по запросу Phantom Doctrine

Tactics in detail


The tactical part also lacks interesting nuances, but not all of them are implemented and work as it should. The basis, of course, is the same as in XCOM — choose operatives and equipment for them and participate in turn-based battles, where we use action points, shelters and abilities. According to the results, the fighters gain experience, grow in level and unlock new skills.


But, first, our agents do not have a clear division into classes — some perks, such as a bonus to the search, they can get just doing operational activities. Other skills we choose them themselves and determine what will be trained to get a new level of operative — mastery of a weapon or tactics that allows the treatment of comrades and even to restore a part of health. And the fighter is allowed to retrain, replacing one ability with another. Thus, the player himself forms the specialization of his wards.


Secondly, our operatives have many unusual characteristics-sensory organs, blood circulation, attentiveness, motor skills, breathing. All this affects the efficiency of the battle, how many action points and health, armor units, the range of movement and so on. For example, care — a very important resource that is spent on evasion and special moves like a shot in the head.

The game has many such details and details. For example, you can cut down the enemy only if he has less health points. Not enough to take shelter — still need to learn perks that increase the effectiveness from full or partial shelters. In addition to the action points spent mainly on moving and reloading, there are also shooting points, which, of course, are spent directly on the attack and use of items.


In battle, you can use such useful features as breakthrough and watch. The first allows several agents to break into the room and destroy most of the enemies. The second-this is an analogue of the interception of the course, when you take under the sight of a certain zone and any opponent who is in it, gets shot.

Картинки по запросу Phantom Doctrine

The fuss about “randomness»


All this creates the feeling that we have a very sophisticated, detailed and realistic tactics. In many ways, it is — especially about the bells and whistles. But this does not mean that this tactic is really great and works well. Realism here coexists with very strange things. The fact that your ward or enemy, in principle, can evade a direct shot from 10 meters, even if standing in front of everyone, but has a sufficient amount of attention, is not so scary, because it is not often.


But the fact that the opponents, and your soldiers are able to hit the target shot across the map and all the Windows, ignoring the shelters and obstacles — this is wildness. The fact is that in Phantom Doctrine there is no such thing as a “random” in determining the probability (percentage) hit. Damage by default is applied in any case (if it doesn’t work evasion) is maximum or minimum. Different factors influence what it will be.


Given how many people don’t like the element of randomness in the same XCOM, this seems to be a great idea. But when we begin to dump endless enemy reinforcements — and if our agents are found, it happens in all missions-to survive and reach the point of evacuation becomes very problematic. Enemies famously shoot fighters, shooting through half a map, even if they are sitting in the shelter, and then another, and helicopters arrive to their aid — all this turns tactical battles in some kind of grinder and begins to wildly irritate.

Картинки по запросу Phantom Doctrine

Deaf without silencers


Thus, the authors, of course, push to use stealth, and it is logical in the game about espionage. Moreover, all possibilities seems to be in place — silencers, the ability to quietly knock out an enemy and hide the body, disable security cameras, distract the patrol. There are even blinding lasers — not to mention lockpicks, flash-bangs and smoke grenades.


Still, the stealth works perfectly. Pass without noise and dust at first hard enough. The agents tricked the secret organization somehow polls no mufflers — they have to earn personally, peeling cabinets and safes. But they caught on very big holidays, and put not on all weapons. And buy at first, somehow, nothing really is impossible. I have for the first two head of campaign only one fighter could use a pistol with a silencer. Besides, opponents are always much more, and even civil raise the alarm.


Then, of course, you learn to use local stealth, use a disguise in which your ward can safely walk around among enemies, endure, wait, distract, carefully cut down the surrounding patrols and loitering citizens. And it seems to become easier-especially when you realize that the enemies are often blind and deaf. You can in one move a couple of meters from the enemy to break the window, run in front of him to the secret documents, copy them and immediately jump over the wall. The guard can turn his back and leave without noticing anything. It is this tactic that most often has to be used, but you will agree that it is difficult to call it an ideal stealth.

In addition, stealth works best in the same missions to eliminate enemy agents. But when you have to withdraw from the attack of assassins their informants, storm enemy bases and defend their own, then work on stealth becomes very difficult — again begins annoying grinder instead of meaningful tactics.

Картинки по запросу Phantom Doctrine

As a result, Phantom Doctrine leaves a twofold impression. Play on the global map is really interesting, there are cool ideas, and the constant pressure from the enemy only invigorates, forcing to effectively manage the available agents, to study the secret dossier, to prevent enemy operations and so on. But each tactical mission begins to perceive as an inevitable evil-a special variety, to put it mildly, do not differ. And yet, in General, we have a fascinating and unusual variation on the theme of XCOM, which is also constantly updated by the authors. In the last patch, for example, promised to fix all these tricks with accurate shooting through the entire map.

LEGO The Incredibles

My family


LEGO the Incredibles retells the stories of both films — the first six missions are devoted to the events of the sequel, and after them the characters reminisce and participate in episodes from the old cartoon. The decision is logical — for so many years, everyone has already had the opportunity to see the “Superfamily”, but the continuation of the twist in theaters only now. Children and their parents will probably take a better look at the LEGO version of the sequel than they will spend the first few hours on the old stuff. But for a new audience, this idea does not work — part of the episodes from the first part will not cause any emotions, if you fully know the plot of the second.


The scenes from both films were beautifully recreated in LEGO style – with signature humor, good jokes and several spectacular scenes. In graphic terms, the game is not as beautiful as many other modern projects, and this is especially noticeable in the open world: the drawing range is lame on both legs, objects appear out of thin air, and the quality of textures leaves much to be desired. Despite these shortcomings, looks like “the Incredibles” good, and are animated characters, and altogether wonderful.


Passing of all campaign divided into two equal halves, will take less than six hours, but besides a plot in a game there are some additional entertainments. The open world is accessible from the start and offers side missions not related to movies but created in collaboration with Pixar screenwriters. The city of new Urbem and Grodberg, in which the action unfolds, is divided into several relatively large areas, and some of them are always hanging around the gang of criminals that Bomb Voyage from the first “the Incredibles” terrorizing the people, then some rascals steal the ice cream.

LEGO The Incredibles обзор игры

These tasks allowed the developers to devote more screen time to the villains who appeared in the cartoons for a short time and did not have time to show themselves. Cleaning the region consists of performing a couple of tasks, which sometimes ends with a battle with the leader. As in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, fights with “bosses” tried to make as interesting as possible, despite the primitive combat system. After all this, the map of the region is strewn with icons — you can go to collect collectibles without searching for them yourself.


Among these things, the most important are the Pixar blocks, which allow you to build a building in each region, referring to some famous cartoon Studio. Over time, you unlock woody from toy Story, Dory from finding Dory and other heroes. You can get them only after “buying” the corresponding buildings or objects for special blocks.


Why is the game based on the “Superfamily” so many extra characters? The answer is simple — this series can not boast of so many heroes as “Star wars”, “Lord of the rings” and “Harry Potter”. Doubts about the number of playable figures I had before the announcement of the game, when the Network began to appear the first rumors. As a result, fears were confirmed — the roster in LEGO the Incredibles is very small. In addition, the characters have “clones”, dressed in other costumes and devoid of additional skills.

LEGO The Incredibles обзор игры

Family tradition


But the available characters are endowed with unique abilities that are fully consistent with what they do in cartoons. The elastic turns out to be a master at all hands: it stretches from one building to another, creating a bridge for a friend, turns into a boat on the water, folds into a trampoline, climbs into ventilation — you can’t count everything. A girl named Emptiness opens portals to move from one place to another, Freon freezes enemies and allies and extinguishes fires. Sometimes one character requires the help of another-for example, a Violet creates a protective field around him, in which a partner can penetrate, and the only way Mr. Exceptional will cross the acid-filled road to access the valve or lever.

In addition, all the characters have an “Ulta”. The corresponding scale is filled as the destruction of opponents. At some point, you are asked to click on a special button several times, after which the character will make a powerful attack and will carry on small parts not only enemies, but also standing nearby scenery. The idea, frankly, so-so, still with the crowd here to fight is very rare. But look superpriemy ironically: Elastic reaching hands and with their feet to each enemy, and dash runs round as scalded from one villain to another. And the spacing of all objects in the room makes it easier to collect coins. On the other hand, to get the title of “real superhero” here and so too easy — in the final of each mission you are given a mountain of details.


The latter are used to buy new vehicles-story, like motorcycle Elastics, are issued free of charge, but for all sorts of helicopters will have to spend. Although manage them so uncomfortable that it is easier to take a flying character. More coins are needed to open bags with figures-the local analogue of the loot boxes, only real money for them no one asks. Buy multipliers detalek as it was in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, you can not-have to look for the red blocks in the open world.


Despite the cute city, a considerable number of secrets, references to other cartoons and the rest of the content, LEGO the Incredibles does not feel something new and original. Surprisingly, the first attempt TT Games to recreate the world invented by the writers Pixar was almost a complete copy of what the Studio did before. There is not a single interesting idea that has not been implemented before. And when you see the ” puzzle “in which it is necessary to connect the lines of squares of different colors, you realize that the target audience in this case — children who do not care much about innovation and do not know the meaning of the word”gameplay”. Therefore, those who play LEGO for a long time, to pay attention to the “Superfamily” is not necessary.

It can not be called a bad game — it is quite tolerable and great atmosphere conveys both cartoons, allowing you to take control of the heroes of our childhood. Yeah, probably based on “the Incredibles” have never been anything better will not. But because of the short campaign, ridiculously small number of characters, and other shortcomings, LEGO the Incredibles can only be recommended during the sale. And when the discount appears, LEGO DC Super-Villains will be released, which will certainly offer much more heroes and in General will be much better and bigger.

Картинки по запросу LEGO The Incredibles

EA Sports UFC 3

Among all the games under the EA Sports Union, Madden NFL stands out a bit because of its complexity and NBA Live because of its worthlessness. With UFCнемного another case — these games only come out every two years. Sometimes there is a wish to ask why, after all the list of changes in UFC 3 very modest. This is the main sore point among all the haters EA-publisher accused of laziness and craving for easy money. But in UFC 3, even a small number of innovations work well. With reservations, of course, but still.


It’s all about career mode. For the first time in UFC I really wanted to play. It’s just a serious, real career regime, as it should have been from the beginning. You start as a complete beginner not even in UFC, but in WFA. Need to gain recognition and attention from the head of UFC, Dana white. After that, the most interesting things will go — unexpected rivals, news releases, unique opportunities. It is felt that everything depends on the choice that is made by the player. There is at least the appearance of a real career.

All the way to the total championship is divided into months. At the end of each battle will be with the selected opponent, and before the fight you are free to do whatever you want. It is best, of course, to train. You can overdo it — if you spend too much time in sparring, there is a risk of serious injury. Even the most ordinary training, when abused, can lead to a decrease in baseline characteristics. Because of this, the coming battle will become even more difficult. There is a small counter — measure-an ice bath. Well, something!


That is, you naturally choose events that are not related to the weekly training, and spend some time on the bath. You can still put something in the local social networks, “to stream” or wash after training mats for discounts in the hall. All these are just options related to the number of points of the week. Content for posts is selected automatically, whether it’s a self-confident public message, a notification to fans about the beginning of the stream or a Coub from a recent sparring. All you will see in each case is a small notification. Working with the audience, though somewhat faded, is still important to simulate a career. The more fans, the more profitable contracts you offer. More money is better than training.They are now divided into three types. A conventional automatic — pressed a button and raised features. Training for certain techniques, perks and new strokes are held with a computer opponent. Often fails to perform, you have to go back and increase the respective characteristics in automatic training. And the points of the week have already been spent! The third type of training is sparring. It allows to increase the combat training before the match and find a vulnerability in a future opponent. For example, it is learned that it can not be protected from a certain pain reception. Sometimes given the secret of his tactics — onslaught in the first two minutes, hoping to quickly win the battle. Offer to win a power takedown. It gives the enemy some personality. Really want to try to follow the advice of coaches.

Sometimes there are really interesting game events. For example, you have chosen an opponent from the gym where you train yourself. You with this fighter spent sparring and even mastered because of him new techniques. But a challenge is a challenge. Immediately there is a small video sequences of the UFC Minute. The pretty leading begins to tell that there will be a fight between skilled workmates that it very unexpected. This is just one of the cases. It happens that you throw an ultimatum challenge old opponent who returned after the defeat much stronger. You begin to remember all his “dislikes” and his insults to him. Yes, in UFC 3 sometimes it is necessary to answer attacks of the won enemies or comments of journalists. I wish there were more such events. I wish the fan pop-up messages weren’t so artificial. But this is a great step towards a full story and one of the most interesting single-player modes among EA Sports games, so it’s a sin to complain.


Not on a career regimen, but we will! First, training. UFC 2 made a step forward in comparison with the first part, but the third took and again confused everything. There is a separate introduction with an explanation of simple strokes, there are separate video tutorials with tips on grabs and pain, there is a separate training mode, where the information is served differently and in General in a different way. Can I get into the Academy like in NHL 18? Here it was really useful tutorial, in contrast to the confusion and vacillation UFC 3. Second, bugs and errors. Constantly does not leave the feeling that even with a two-year cycle EA catastrophically did not have time. Couple of times the console tightly hung, trying to start a video tutorial. Not enough? In one of the sections only TWO of them, the other alleged promise to add later. And as much as EA bragged about its amazing new technologies in terms of animation, UFC 3 is still full of bugs related to this, including very funny ones.

But without bugs to the third part there are questions. Strange after all the words that the new part will be improved customization of fighters, look at it in reality. Continue to create characters that even the pain of tedious the interface settings. Another example is career mode. I, maybe, something don’t understand, but why I can make right before fight “plastic surgery”, but I can’t change “nickname in Twitter”? Because of this, the success had to go with a cool name Big Lee, but miserable nickname @YourNickname. Or here’s another trick — the “Settings” section called “Additions”. Maybe at least”Extra”? No? All right.


At first glance, you can find fault with the combat system. More precisely, the absence of any changes. Familiar with the series the first thing people will climb to the ground and you will not find anything interesting. A couple of new transitions, a new pair of pain, but that’s it. Apparently, EA has finally found a fairly simple to learn, but a deep system that will slowly saturate. In General, about the QCF from the first part, you can forget about how scary the dream. As it turned out that we need to look not even on the ground.


After the debts of the battles I understand that EA work hard for the entire allotted time. The battles become much more dynamic. Not fast, but dynamic. More are in motion due to the fact that the beat and Dodge is now possible on the move, continuously moving from one to another. The overall pace became slower. No, it’s not the animation to blame, but EA’s desire to hang on the players a little more responsibility for their actions. Missed overhad-prepare for the fact that the next blow of the enemy can quickly knock you down. But there is a side effect — from parrying refused at all. Controversial decision, but the final result is impressive!

Then look on the well-established online. On unique fighters who know only certain combinations and painful. But there is still the February event, “No love.” While it is not available and really do not understand what it is, but the fists itch in advance, do not want to throw the game. This is probably the main indicator.

Call of Cthulhu-Reality or not?

I must say that modern man has many advantages over his colleague of the early XX century. He is aware of better, and knows much more, and that is especially important for us, to scare him very difficult. He was frightened dead, pretty bloated from an overabundance of al-two-about girls, hundreds of zombies per square meter, scary monsters, waving numerous tentacles and claws, requiring a thorough manicure. There are all sorts of lewdness gave birth to fantasy writers, a very warm bundles of greenbacks?

And still, having sustained style and the atmosphere, modern Homo sapiens can be forced to be frightened of own shadow. Silent Hill, for example, convincingly proved this statement. But, friends, put the Silent Hill aside. On waiting lists Alone in the Dark? Tie a ribbon and take it to kindergarten – something kids will be happy. Let’s take a closer look-Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth – a project of a completely different grinding.


Works by G. Lovecraft downright designed to remove them atmospheric movie and create a cinematic, immersive, deep games. Alas, now I can’t think of any sensible adaptations of the books of sir Lovecraft, except, perhaps, Alone in the Dark. Don’t know whether bad luck played a role or not anything supernatural is somewhat of a coincidence, but things are, frankly, sad.

HP Lovecraft, a master at fear, would be entitled to resent such a careless attitude to his literary legacy, however, Headfirst Productions, it seems, managed to make amends for the unsuccessful attempts of his predecessors before us is a great game based on the novel “the Shadow over Isatom”.

The British worked on the game for more than six years. If you remember, the announcement of Call of Cthulhu occurred in the 1999th year, and since then about the project, little was heard. Undoubtedly, the Studio has faced difficulties, to overcome that alone was extremely difficult. But all is well that ends well. Bethesda Softworks, which has an enviable sense of smell on promising projects, took the game under the warm wing.

Camp pristavochnikov maliciously laughs at us, proud warriors PC-steppes, studying long released on the” black box ” release. Nothing, not all cat carnival. Since March 27, we have had the opportunity to feel the most promising horror of 2006.

Картинки по запросу call of cthulhu обзор

Shadow over Isatom.


Detective Jack Walters was assigned to break into a mansion occupied by a crowd of sectarians. After completing the task, our detective found something that simply knocked him off the rails. Psychological rehabilitation took a long time, but having recovered, Jack decides to return to the old craft. In the presence of amnesia, so nothing particularly informative since that tragic day, Jack does not remember.

Comes a curious customer, offering extraordinary assignment: in the port town INSAT the man had disappeared, a store clerk. Walters, respectively, are asked to find him.

“Never go to the port provincial towns!”- it should be written on the forehead of the main characters of all sorts of horrors, so that, washing in the morning, they saw the warning and finally took it into account. No one’s worried about Jack, so the detective’s going to town.

Arriving in insmouth, we from the first seconds, immersed in an amazing atmosphere of works of HP Lovecraft. The master was pumping up the tension not with non-stop action, but with details. Worked world, a lot of nuances,” skeletons in the closet ” – that’s the business card of the writer.

Before us is a dark, inhospitable city with crooked, dirty streets, brothels for bandits and the homeless. Passers-by, muttered something unpleasant, I hasten to escape from the eyes of a detective. Insmat so grim that right, if I were a resident, would be hanged at the first Telegraph pole. Without the monsters the city is scary. Afraid of the dark doorways, the moans of the wind, but most importantly, perhaps, oppressive feeling of hopelessness, anguish and doom. I am sure that for the whole game you will never smile, because it just will not be any reason. Gentlemen, the game mocks our mentality, as before nobody did.

Meanwhile, detective cheerfully runs on the rails of the plot. To rent a room in a small hotel – what could be more imprudent? Of course, the detective tried to kill. And from now on, Call of Cthulhu will not let you go for a second.

Monsters, as if descended from the pages of books, sectarians, crazy-everything merges into a continuous whirlpool of death, fear and madness.

The gameplay mixed with the absolute, merciless realism. Our detective is not so easy to destroy the monster. The hand holding the gun suddenly begins to tremble, and the shot goes to waste, and the monster, attracted by an extraneous sound, quickly sends Walters to the land of Eternal Hunting. You have to aim by eye – another argument against the use of force (although, admittedly, we could rather say, weakness). However, enemies rarely need to spend half the ammunition. Though, in Call of Cthulhu it is much more reasonable to use tactics Thief and Splinter Cell and to remember the darkness – the best friend of those who is weaker. More than half of the game you will need to wait out danger in the shelters, hearing only the beating of my heart Yes, the slow steps or the sound of claws. All this, together with the appropriate entourage, is able to bring a healthy person to a medical and health institution. What can we say about the detective who has already visited the “yellow house”. By the way, I’m not just saying that. Our detective, thank God, is not a hero in shining armor. To the General physical weakness (it will be limited to crawling and low jumps) the remarkable gameplay find – Sanity Loss (“madness”) is added. If you show for a long time Mr. Jack dismembered bodies, streams of blood, monsters – our detective will go crazy and predict his future behavior will be at least difficult. You are strongly against and believe that nothing should prevent indiscriminate extermination of populations of monsters? Then pay close attention to DOOM 3 and Painkiller, and our guest today is not a shooter. This is a good cocktail of horror action and stealth’a, the latter plays a very important role.

As a class there are no tactical and technical data. How many rounds are in the revolver drum? And remember who was fired, and count. Whether the machine to counter the enemy? Shoot and learn.

No health meter is not in sight. All damage is displayed directly on the character. By the way, the process of” treatment ” is organized in an unconventional way. Cuts and abrasions will have to wrap bandages, broken limbs to impose splints, lacerations – sew. Injuries strongly affect the gameplay. Wounded Jack Walters is only good for demonstrations to medical students.

Despite the rather biting approach is very interesting to play. It is possible that a full – format TTD would only spoil the unique atmosphere, and so-all contributes to a greater immersion in the world of the game.

I was pleased with the creative approach to creating situations “and now everyone fell off the chair!”. Remember how they were arranged surprises in the above-mentioned DOOM 3? In a dark, dark room waiting for us half-dead zombies, meekly sitting in some shelter, instead of walking around the base, looking for fresh carcasses. And, not to be the night that said, F. E. A. R.? No, I get it, little Dead Girls deserve all the approval, but the frequency of this girl’s appearance exceeded all reasonable limits. No one here is going to fall on our heads with a sad roar. Headfirst Productions has a lot of trumps up their sleeves, and Call of Cthulhu will make you shudder with fright more than once.

Картинки по запросу call of cthulhu обзор

The Call Of Cthulhu.


Graphics pumped up. Textures are nondescript, and models suffer from a lack of polygons. But we will not be too fussy and will take into account one important point. Absorbed by the plot and atmosphere, you are unlikely to pay attention to the flaws of the local graphics engine. After thinking, I decided not to take away because of this score from the final grade. Honestly, the value of this game is not in the graphic beauty.

Meet in the vast Insmute and bugs are missed by search teams of testers and developers, but they are few and they are not so critical to ruin the overall picture.

But the sound is in order, as it should be in the game, claiming the ability to scare the player. Music, noises, squeaks, moans of night Insmouth – the highest level of performance. It should be noted and the excellent voice acting of the characters: all these hoarse, angry voices of the inhabitants, excited, fast speech your “colleagues” unfortunately, the people in INSAT in view of the circumstances, remember.

Картинки по запросу call of cthulhu обзор



Call of Cthulhu – a serious contender for the title of the best horror action not only in 2006, but also the last few years. Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark and Shadow of the Comet, move over, please, and give way to the podium of a new chic game from Headfirst Productions. Piece, handmade. The game is certainly worthy of you to pay attention to it. And do not delay. A date with Isatom may be one of the most exciting gaming experiences. If you are not yet familiar with the works of Howard Lovecraft, Call of Cthulhu, I hope, will contribute to this acquaintance.

Картинки по запросу call of cthulhu обзор


What’s new in FIFA 19

Champions League and Europa League

The main holiday for football fans of the old world is, of course, the Champions League and the Europa League. The best European teams compete with each other for the title of the best on the continent, while, as you know, the winner of the Europa League gets the right next year to play in the most prestigious European tournament – the Champions League.


More recently, the right to the licensed Champions League and the Europa League exclusively was only the company Konami-the creators of the game Pro Evolution Soccer. But at the 2018 E3 game show, which took place in Los Angeles in the summer, EA pleased fans with the fact that two major European tournaments will appear exclusively in FIFA 19 — fans of the football simulator will finally be able to play a full tournament for their favorite club.

Лига чемпионов в FIFA 19

In FIFA 19 for the Champions League allocated even a separate menu. You can play as a full tournament, and start with a certain stage-the group stage or immediately proceed to the playoffs. Champions League entourage on the spot – as soon as the teams come out on the field from the podium and become in the center, plays the famous anthem of the Champions League, and during the match on the advertising boards is shown as advertising Sony (official sponsor of the League) and other sponsors of the UEFA Champions League. After the tournament, as expected, the winning team receives the Cup. And it’s great that now in the main football simulator you can feel all this amazing atmosphere on yourself.

Лига чемпионов в FIFA 19

The final part of the Journey mode

Mode Journey, which first appeared in FIFA 17, received the third and final part. In it the main character Alex hunter leaves his club Manchester United and signed a contract with the winner of the Champions League the last 3 years – real Madrid. It is said that EA had to hastily alter this mode – the main star of the Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo left the club and moved to Turin Juventus. And the story that Cristiano had become a mentor and mentor a talented newcomer. Now this role is assigned to other stars of real Madrid-Marcelo, Gareth bale, Karim Benzema and others. As usual, after completing the Journey you will receive an unsold Alex hunter card for FIFA Ultimate Team. And this is the Ultimate Team, by the way — one of the most popular modes of football simulator, which is played by a huge number of people: in it you can create your own football team and buy the players you want. The main idea of the regime is the players ‘ teamwork: you are encouraged to take players from the same League or nationality, so that they better interact on the football field. And now Alex hunter will get the best teamwork with the players of the championship of Spain, not England.

What is worth mentioning separately, is the marketing of EA. As soon as it became known that hunter goes to real Madrid, the Madrid club began the official sale of t-shirts with the name of a virtual team member in his club store. And they are in great demand. Wonders of monetization!

Главное меню FIFA 19

Updated gameplay

It would be strange if EA did not work on the gameplay too. The two main features of the updated FIFA 19 are Active Touch and Timed Finishing.


Active Touch-a system that is responsible for how deftly and quickly a player processes and takes the ball. More technical players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar are now able to make decisions on the pitch in just moments. FIFA 19 has become even more like a real football. Truth, simulates whether Neymar also, as and in reality, until not clear.

But Timed Finishing is a completely redesigned system of strikes. Now, in order to accurately hit the goal, there are two ways – the old one, where you clamped the strike button and released it at the right time, and the new one. And here you will need a good reaction-on top of the player will be a special band. To strike, as well as before, you need to click on the appropriate button, and then quickly release it. Then press again when the indicator moves to the green zone.

It looks simple only in words, at least in beta I have not learned how to use Timed Finishing correctly. We hope that in the aftermath of this abstruse system will Refine and improve, but now it is clear that players who are fluent in this element will have a huge advantage over those who use the old system of strikes. So, we’re not going anywhere-everyone will have to retrain.

There is good news for fans of tactics with different football schemes. In FIFA 19, you can save several commonly used circuits and switch between them right during a football match. It is unlikely that the innovation will be appreciated by ordinary players, but fans of tactics and strategy, and, in particular, eSports players, it is very useful.

EA has always sought to FIFA played as many people as possible. After all, every year this series brings Canadians millions of dollars-primarily thanks to the sales of “packs” — sets of players in FIFA Ultimate Team for your team. And if earlier the obstacle to immersion in FIFA was quite complex and confusing for inexperienced players management, now there is good news for them. In FIFA 19 added a special “one-button” control mode, primarily focused not on professionals, but on those who play the simulator for the first time in my life.

Режим Journey

The Battle Royal or Royal rumble

Haha, football, yeah! But wait to throw in developers sneakers and turn the nose with the words”another Battle Royal, and so many of them already.” In FIFA 19 special Royal battles

It is as follows: two teams go to the football field, and then you can customize the game as you like. For example, completely disable the judge (will not show yellow and red cards) or Vice versa, remove offsides. If you are interested in how modern football would look like without this rule, you will get a lot of pleasure from the mess on the field of unusual gameplay. Even in this mode, you can make sure that the player who scored a goal leaves the field – the opponent gets the advantage and tries to recoup. When the opponent scores his goal, the player of his team leaves the field. And so on until the players on the field will not remain. Isn’t that hilarious?

Игровой процесс FIFA 19

What happened to the Russian Premier League?

Unfortunately, the Russian Premier League in the FIFA series will no longer be — for this it is worth saying “thank you” to its leaders, who gave this exclusive to competitors from Konami. This fact is outraged and “Fifer” – professionals-the previous two years held a special cyber tournament, which was attended by representatives of football clubs of the RPL. What will happen this year is not clear. It is possible that the tournament will be held in PES. But for fans of CSKA, Spartak and Lokomotiv there is good news – these three clubs have received a license in FIFA 19, their fans will still be able to play for their favorites. There were negotiations with Zenith, but in St. Petersburg refused to give a license for free, so Zenith in FIFA 19 will not. As for the Russian team in the game “Open arena”.Alas

Увы и ах...

FIFA 19 or PES 2019: what’s cooler?

It depends on what you like best. If you like fast and dynamic football with a lot of goals and a lot of licensed clubs, then definitely FIFA. Football simulator EA is much faster game Konami-in PES 2019 goals scored very little, and so the score 0: 0 there in order of things. In FIFA, you can easily play with a score of 6: 4 and it’s much more fun than the dull, but more realistic 0:0.

Should I buy FIFA 19?

If you are a fan of football, you should definitely at least try. Whoever said anything, and computer football has advanced a lot over the years, has become more like a reality. A single-button control mode, which we talked about above, allows you to play without much difficulty, even those who have never held a joystick.

FIFA 19 VS PES 2019


Stepsons of the universe

Of course, about the similarities with the Fallout in this case it is necessary to speak only conditionally. Rather, this is the bar of quality, which sought the creators of the game. We were promised a choice, non-linearity of the narrative, the original role-playing system, a high complexity — and the post-Apocalypse, let alone without him.

With the latter in INSOMNIA everything is simple-the writers decided not to trifle and banged the whole planet at once. To be more precise, the global internecine war destroyed the native world of the people of nomah, and the remnants of the survivors were forced to go look for a new home inside a giant spaceship-ark called “Object 6”.

Of course, despite its huge size, everyone “Object 6” could not accommodate. During the departure of the ship, many managed to get on Board illegally, getting a chance to survive, albeit in very difficult conditions — in the tightness and darkness of the technical sectors, in the absence of normal food and water.

Four hundred years the ship keeps the way to the destination — a certain “Evacuation Point”. After the initial chaos caused by the hasty departure, the situation stabilized. In the center of the “Object 6” is the UrB — isolated from other areas of the sector, inhabited by the descendants of those who received the legal right to be on Board during the Exodus. Here reigns a military dictatorship, but the standard of living — the highest on the station.

Around the Urba lies the near Radius — there are important technical facilities necessary for the operation of the station and the well-being of the urbanites. The population of those “hares”, the illegal got on the ship, which are called getters. Their way of life is uncomplicated and represents a continuous service for the benefit of the UrB, but this is much better than surviving in a Landfill — territories beyond the Near Radius. There reigns the anarchy and lawlessness, but the bandits and vagrants can be seen except the kriom — a poisonous plant that serves as food source for the residents of the Dump.

The game begins when the main character wakes up after waking from A big Dream. So called the procedure of long-term suspended animation: three-quarters of the population are inside special capsules in a huge repository called Limbo. If there is a need for certain specialists, these people are removed from the capsules, which can significantly save on food.

At this time, the awakening is not planned — there was an explosion in the Limb, which claimed hundreds of lives. As you may have guessed, it is our hero to understand the causes of what happened, which, as usual, will be only the beginning of a long story.


INSOMNIA: The Ark обзор игры

Post-Apocalypse in art Deco style

The player, unlike the main character, it is unknown that all these years was going on behind the walls of the capsule for sleep. To study a very unusual world have independently, through conversations with the NPC and observe what is happening on the “Object”. However, idleness will not work: we are immediately sent to perform one task, then another, the third … Someone may not like this course of business — in the original setting is quite difficult to understand like this at once, without clues in the form of “Laura”, which the creators of INSOMNIA share in no hurry. Considering their love for unusual names – that still a task.

To create the right atmosphere works not only the plot, but also the visual style, which turned out to be extremely successful and memorable. Before us is a retro-futurism, retro-futurism early but, unlike spectromancer Alien: Isolation. This is not even the 50-60-ies of XX century, and its very beginning. Perhaps the most striking example of this style and one of the sources of inspiration for the artists of the game — the silent film “metropolis” already in 1927.


Fanciful metal and plastic constructions, massive doors and high ceilings, cars of streamlined shapes and the General inhospitability of the environment achieved through lighting — this is how “Object 6″appears before us. If we leave aside questions about the rationality of this design and the love of artists to high ceilings on a spaceship, where every square centimeter of space should be worth its weight in gold, the result looks really original and beautiful.

From the sound expect no less, but will have to quickly disappointed. The surrounding sounds, firstly, are very scarce and monotonous, and secondly, they are repeated too often. It is good that in the settings you can Unscrew the ambient volume to zero — otherwise it is not easy to withstand this monotonous cacophony.


Audio dialogues do not wait — with the exception of a few sentences, all the characters keep a deathly silence. But enough of the text — though he takes more of a quantity than quality. Before us like a typical Russian RPG “old school” – nailed to the floor NPC, the standard lines in the dialogues, where you immediately notice what phrases are needed to create the entourage, and which may mean getting a new quest.

However, the story, despite the primitive flow and static world, it is possible to follow with interest, good some no variability occurring there. And the story of the protagonist, by the way, is not as simple as it seems at first glance. But the execution is lame with a terrible crunch.

Картинки по запросу INSOMNIA: The Ark

On my word of honour and on one wing

This is true not only for the plot, but also for the whole project. Just think-eight years of development, three (!) campaigns on Kickstarter, and the output we get something only vaguely reminiscent of a modern game.

Ease of management? Forget — we have here the original implementation of the camera, which does not allow you to change the vertical angle of view. With a third-person view, this does not allow you to normally inspect really beautiful locations and very much hinders during the fight.


Battles and without it cause big questions-the intelligence of the enemies is extremely primitive. On attack they react sluggishly, preferring to stand still, instead of to act. In close combat, it is also easy to win if there is a shield: the main thing is to run to the enemy without getting shot. In General, the battle only at first look complicated-Yes, you can kill with one turn, but it is necessary to understand how the enemies behave, and it becomes too easy to win. If there’s a place to hide, of course.

The problems don’t end there. Control buttons can not be reassigned — fans of non-standard layouts in flight. “Lags” that arise out of nowhere during any fight, even with one or two opponents, constant errors, including those that lead to the inability to complete the task, textures of terrible quality, missing satellites and objects, problems with sound…


It may be worth overcoming all these shortcomings for the sake of an interesting story, but it will be very difficult. On one “visual”, no matter how beautiful it may be, the game does not do. And problems with it — if the environment still looks quite nice (except sometimes occurring textures are very low resolution), the character models though from the last century.


Well, forget about the mistakes and inconveniences-maybe INSOMNIA has a great role-playing component! The RPG system is quite simple and it is similar to the classic S. P. E. C. I. A. L. system, which has the same basic attributes as the Fallout and the main attributes and skills that affect the world, as well as the combat ones, not only the damage or the health reserve, but also the conversations with the NPC or the The character has the right amount of skill points — a new line may appear in the dialogue, which opens another version of the conversation. Similarly-when dealing with elements of the environment, such as doors or terminals.

On the map there is no magic pointers to the objectives of the current quest — it’s a conscious step in the direction of the same “old school” RPG, where the player does not stand on ceremony. You have to get a grasp of the dialogues and memorize keywords to know exactly where to go next. There are no records of conversations, but it does not matter — the job log will always tell you what to do. You can even accept the fact that in this journal there is no division into main and side tasks. But the absence of at least some “log” of the battle is much worse-the effectiveness of a weapon in a fight with different opponents have to be determined almost “by eye”. Periodically it is necessary to satisfy hunger and thirst, but neither to look at their current indicators, nor to learn how they influence the character, it won’t turn out — such information simply isn’t present.


At the moment, INSOMNIA looks like a typical “early access” (although formally it is not), which is equal to the death sentence — such good is now enough. There is a feeling that the developers of the last effort dragged the game to release, deciding to release at least something, instead of finishing the already protracted unfinished. Wait for patches? The project has already been in development indecently for a long time, hardly an extra six months or a year will make a candy out of it.

It seems that Mono Studio did not have enough experience: according to the authors, they are not professional developers and this is their first and only game. As if it did not become the last — a good design and story they managed to create, but to wrap it in a decent gameplay wrapper, the forces are not enough.

Картинки по запросу INSOMNIA: The Ark

Probably, I too often mentioned the similarity of INSOMNIA with old domestic projects of this genre, but there is no escape from such comparisons. If the Samaritans set a goal to create an “old-school” RPG, then they did it. After all, these were at that time, many games: often uncomfortable, full of errors, but created on pure enthusiasm and, as they say, “with the soul.” The only pity is that it is 2018, not 1998.