12 Magic Games Which is Brlliant To Play

Call of Duty:

Black Ops 4 will definitely be one of the most unusual games in the series. At least that the next “call of duty” will do without a single campaign. But it is crazy and explosive in the truest sense of the word linear history of the first part at the time and became famous. Creative Director from Beenox Rob Smith (Rob Smith) did not tell almost nothing new about the game, but rather summed up a kind of outcome, because the project will go on sale in a week.


His performance began with a story about the great heritage of the franchise, accompanied by pathos cutting highlights from previous issues. Let the series again went into the future, we, however, waiting for a very mundane gameplay, without jetpacks and jumping on the walls. Developers want to shift the focus to tactics. Although, it would seem, Call of Duty has always been about something else. In the classic multiplayer no scope – fighting between a team of five people. And it is not just faceless fighters, and full-fledged characters with unique abilities and a subject background (using the case, we give greetings to Overwatch). Each hero has special missions that tell their stories and allow them to understand

Black Ops 4 Aims to become a full service, with a huge amount of content for the network game. About the scope and elaboration of the “Royal” Blackout mode, we have already talked in detail in the impressions of the beta version. Zombie mode directly on the release will offer not one, but three cards and two teams of undead fighters. All this, as the creators say, is just the beginning of a long journey, where we are waiting for all sorts of additions, new characters, changes in the map for the Royal battle and much more. Apparently, we will not see Black Ops 5 for a long time.

Hitman 2

Agent 47 continues to do his job in good faith. Hitman 2 develops ideas of the first releases and the previous Hitman (in fact, ignore only Absolution). Each card is a huge sandbox with a lot of opportunities to influence indirectly the events and to entice the purpose there where it is easiest to get rid of it. The basis of mechanics has remained unchanged, only growing scale and added different little things, thanks to which the game becomes only more interesting. For example, the characters will be able to notice the protagonist even in the mirror.


The map with the race track, which I was able to try, contained about two thousand NPCs. The size is really surprising, and as soon as you get to the level, at first even lost and do not understand what to do. It remains only to go to the goals marked on the map, and already in the course of the case to notice the possibility: yeah, it would be nice to get the shape of the General, he looks like an important person; hmm, but this building is located exactly opposite the VIP-zone, where the goal rests — a great point for sniper work. The action plan is born on the fly, and from its execution you get genuine pleasure.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The main question about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: is it a variation on the theme of Dark Souls, or for From Software is it something really new? To answer unambiguously difficult. If you are familiar with the” soul ” series, then get used pretty quickly. But not because the mechanics copy the Studio’s previous projects, but rather, you yourself subconsciously understand the danger of each enemy and hold on carefully. But the fights have to get used again. I do not get to go on the defensive, but behind his back more or less serious opponent to come in. The main idea is to exhaust the opponent’s defense, and then spend a spectacular finishing. This focus makes Sekiro in a series of rapid, but intense duel, in which you alternate stealth sections and flying over the chasm using the grapple.


Devil May Cry 5

The press was given to try the same version as the last Gamescom. However, there was more time, and it turned out better to understand the combat system. Devil May Cry 5 has really few options for protection. No block there, as well as the classic Dodge. You can only roll back to the side (if you keep the focus of the enemy) or try to jump away from the blow. Only have to consider what impact the animation cannot be canceled — will have to wait for the attack before you go away. This makes you think before mindlessly press the hit button, and correctly select the window to attack.


Fans of slashers in any case will be happy, because the genre has not been so large releases. Devil May Cry 5-expensive game of the highest class, and it looks fantastic. Too bad it doesn’t sound so great. Still Devil Trigger — battle theme for Nero — not enough drive, especially after the adrenaline zapilov Combichrist.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is very easy to describe one simple formula: the plot of the 1998 sequel release, the gameplay basis of the fourth part and stunning graphics on the verge of the next generation. Capcom has done a fantastic job on the visual design. Incredible detail of both the characters and the whole environment, hundreds and thousands of little things on the screen, realistic lighting and physically felt darkness — a rare case when you want to admire the gloomy horror.


In the gameplay, the creators did not reinvent the wheel, and returned to the proven formula, carefully balancing between the action and horror survival interspersed with puzzles. We can not say that the ammunition was a strong deficit (at least in the beginning), but thoughtless shooting you can drive yourself into an uncomfortable situation. Accurate shooting of the undead with aimed hits to the head does not cause problems. At least, as long as you are against the unhurried zombies (it’s amazing how these bums were able to kill the entire police station). But bosses do not give relax. William Birkin-one of the main opponents in Resident Evil 2 — I did not overcome from the first call.

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones  

Imagine a world where the ancient gods caused the end of the world in the alternative 1920s, and you get a rough idea of Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones. The authors make a real RPG with a complex role-playing system in the world of Lovecraft. Not just inspired by the works, but use the writer’s invented Pantheon of mythical creatures, and even a number of specific characters. For example, one of the potential allies is the protagonist of the novel “Shadow over Insmut”.


Events unfold in the city, torn from reality. This is probably the only place in the universe where there are still living people. Only this lost settlement is in such a desperate situation that the survivors can hardly be called lucky. Darkness and madness take over the minds of the population, and the inevitable end for them closer. Yes, Stygian-a very dark game in which there is little room for hope and a happy ending (endings, by the way, eight). I strongly recommend to pay attention to it to all who care about role-playing games or creativity of Howard Lovecraft. And if you fit both criteria, the Stygian wait is strictly necessary.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Delivery, released at the beginning of the year, remembered as a harsh game about the hard and unfair life in the middle Ages. The first ten hours have to suffer, fight for survival, sleep in the mud and die of hunger. And only after going through the ordeal, slowly begin to feel like a Man. Against this background, the second addition to the project called The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon looks amazing — it’s a fun adventure about a typical friend-a dolt who does everything through one place and gets into the stupidest scrapes, from which we have to pull it out.


If you are familiar with the original, you probably remember the quest with a mad booze in the bath. “Love adventures” actually continue this story. Jan Ptacek is in love and is determined to achieve the object of sighing. But he’s a dolt, so you’ll have to help us would-be ladies ‘ man. Cheerful atmosphere and black humor included. In addition, there will be everything that Kingdom Come is loved by many: charismatic characters, a variety of quests and many ways to solve any problem, from mass murder to eloquent conversations. The passage will take about 5-10 hours.

Along with the addition will be released and free Supplement offering to participate in the jousting tournament and check in, how well you have mastered the martial art. On the battles will be focused and the next great addition called Band of Bastards, which we will see after the “love adventure”. It is, however, only at the beginning of development, and it is too early to talk about it in detail.

Metro Exodus

“Metro: Outcome” will be released only in four months, but about the game is known almost everything except the final. But I was able to find out a couple of new interesting details from a conversation with Executive producer of 4A Games John Bloch (Jon Bloch). In the previous games of the series, the final depended on certain decisions, but in the “Outcome” the consequences of your choice will be actively manifested in the course of passing. For example, a character you decide to save may appear in the future and help, or the murder of the squad will spoil relations with a certain faction.


The game has become more both wide and deep. Each location we visit has its own history. If you explore the area, be sure to find out what happened to the locals and how the same children’s camp turned into a shelter harsh warriors. Each place where Artem will have adventures will have its own unique mood and Central theme.

By a lucky chance, we managed to talk a little with Dmitry Glukhovsky. He is delighted with the work of 4A Games, although not quite so imagined the world when he wrote “Metro 2033” and continue. After all, the game anyway have to work out a lot of little things that are in the books given to the imagination of the reader. But there is no doubt in following the General vision — Dmitry works on the game adaptation of the story himself.


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

When you look at The Division 2 is very difficult to find differences from the first part. Game mechanics has not changed much, as well as the structure of the world. Only instead of new York, we have Washington, six months after the events of its predecessor. The structure of the missions also remained unchanged. If you want more of the same the Division, the continuation can be safely taken. Of the changes can be noted the emergence of settlements of local residents, which will develop similar to its own base of agents. And the world itself, they promise, will respond to your actions and will be transformed to the final story.


This time, the authors took care of those who quickly pass the story campaign and will look for other entertainment. Do not have to wait for individual additions, opening new levels of difficulty and raids — all this will be on release. “Dark zones” will return and there will be separate PvP-modes for fans of network battles. Which, of course, is great. But from the sequel still waiting for something more…



Biomutant I look for the fourth time, and I do not get bored. The version of the game was the same as at Gamescom 2018, but this time I was able to try it out in person. Immediately confirmed the words of developers-weather conditions in different regions of the world is randomly generated in each passage. If the Gamescom level was snow-covered, now the same location has turned into a toxic swamp, which affected the types of enemies we encountered.

The first thing you pay attention to is the incredible smoothness of movements of the protagonist-the animal. The game has a lot of contextual animation: depending on the type of enemies, the hero dodges attacks in different ways, jumps over enemies and finishes them. Action gently flow from one to another and look natural (well, as naturally may look bipedal ferret, which is a martial arts master).


Most Biomutant touches his violent imagination. The developers have created everything that comes to mind, without restrictions, and it is surprisingly developed into a coherent picture. Interesting abilities, rich crafting system, customizable manned robot that can use small enemies as ammunition-you see this splendor and want to play more in the full version. Unfortunately, wait for at least another six months.

Jagged Alliance: Rage! – the best game that deserves a chance to understand

Yes, I will now Express a really unpopular idea, but Jagged Alliance: Rage! not so bad. Here it is worth noting an important thing-everyone’s favorite Jagged Alliance 2 I missed at the time, but never made up. That’s probably why the Rage demo! left a good impression. Yeah, it’s not a super-duper hardcore tactic. Rather, it is a tactic for those who do not like, or simply do not know how to play correctly in projects of this genre. The authors wisely have withstood the balance between complexity and accessibility: “zaklikat” the enemy will not work, have well-positioned the fighters to come from the flank, not to shun secrecy. However, the game does not punish rigidly for any miscalculation and still allows you to emerge victorious from many unsuccessful situations.


What is difficult to argue with is not the most successful visual style. Still, the game about the harsh mercenaries is not very cartoon look. Despite the fact that one of the Central pieces of the game is the “fury” which is generated during the murders. It doesn’t seem to add up. However, the authors constantly emphasize that this is not a continuation of the series, but an offshoot. And only after the developers want to do a full Jagged Alliance 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3-the best children’s tale not for children

Despite the number in the title Kingdom Hearts 3, in the main series for almost a dozen games. They are all related to a single plot, to understand the intricacies of which hurriedly rather difficult (and not hurriedly, too). But in appearance and not say: Kingdom Hearts 3 looks like a bright fairy tale, where on one screen contains all the more or less famous Disney characters, as well as several guests from a couple of franchises Square Enix.


Gameplay looks unpretentious, but carries away in earnest. No zubodrobitelnyh combos, only a simple series of attacks and additional abilities like magic and joint techniques. But it looks very colorful, whether it’s a fight in a toy store on combat robots or climbing Olympus, followed by a battle with a giant stone Titan. The soul rejoices when the hero jumps into a toy train, flying around the giant, and shoots the boss with fireworks from a cannon.

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