Assassin’s Creed Odyssey- When ambition leads to success

Last year, Ubisoft proved to everyone that the series Assassin’s Creed is not just gone on a break after the release of Syndicate. Released in the fall of Origins impressed not only the scale, but also updated game mechanics, thanks to which the process is fed up with Assassin’s Creed literally transformed. Changed fighting system, filled up with side tasks, the card even for a week all not to study, – the word, disappointed was a little. And a year later we get Assassin’s Creed Odyssey — the same huge game, but in the scenery of Ancient Greece. At first glance, it seems to be an exact copy of its predecessor, but in fact offers much more.

Athens is waiting

Odyssey moves away from the usual formula for the series even further than Origins did. And this is noticeable from the very beginning, when the player is asked to make a choice — whether he wants to play for Alexios or Cassandra. Unlike Syndicate, where between Ivy and Jacob managed to switch freely, here you control only one hero, who took after the completion of a short introduction. According to Ubisoft, there is no difference between the two characters — they are both descendants of the famous king Leonid, and others treat them equally. In other words, you will not miss any content if you prefer one character to another.


The choice of the protagonist-one of the many decisions to be taken as it passes, because Odyssey has the opportunity to choose replicas in the dialogues. As in many RPG, you can immediately end the conversation by clicking on the painted in gold phrase, and you can continue to ask the interlocutor about the details of the job or some events. And it concerns not only the main subject missions, but also small side orders (even it is difficult to present the volume of the sounded remarks). Discuss everything and with all probably want — we’re talking about Assassin’s Creed, where the number of historical figures per square meter is usually off scale. Who would refuse from philosophical debates with Socrates or deprive themselves of the opportunity to get acquainted with the famous Comedy like Aristophanes?

Картинки по запросу Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Interestingly, the choice of some replicas affects the events taking place in the game. Some consequences can be called insignificant — for example, in one of the side missions I went in search of the poor fellow kidnapped by pirates, who eventually died in my arms. Returning to the person who issued the task, I decided not to upset him and lied to three boxes, just not to tell him about the death of a friend. But he immediately saw through me and after such a deception would not want me even to see — to take him on my team on the ship failed. But if you tell him everything honestly, he will treat the protagonist with great respect.

Some solutions will lead to a complete failure, others will unlock an additional side job. Sometimes it is not easy to make a choice — you have to decide which of the three people to give the medicine, you will be offered to kill or pardon an unpleasant, but valuable person. Some of the consequences will be obvious immediately, while others will be revealed only after a few chapters — some of them will even affect which of the nine endings you will see. Of course, the system needs to be further developed — romance novels, for example, seem to be screwed “for show”: if you want to sleep with everyone, and you can win the hearts of a couple of phrases. But the rest of the dialogue component was successful, largely due to the excellent acting, meticulously recreated era and competent localization. The storyline in the “Odyssey” and so presents a lot of surprises (and probably will appeal to those who were dissatisfied with the history of revenge in Origins), and with the active participation of the player becomes even more exciting.


The story is told not one – there are three. The first, the key is devoted to the search for the main character of his family, and unexpected twists here is enough to keep the game interesting until the end. In the third Chapter, you will learn about the existence of the cult of Space and open the hunt for its representatives. Cultists carefully hidden, but the approximate location of tips about their habitats are almost always known, it is only necessary to explore the map. After defeating the members of a group, you get to one of the eight powerful leaders, and after the death of each of them becomes known who is behind all this and calls himself the Ghost of Space. Finally, closer to the finale opens the third storyline — About the first Civilization — it also offers a lot of jobs and other content.

Картинки по запросу Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Endless journey

As a result, Odyssey becomes even more ambitious and immense than its predecessor, and there is nothing wrong — you can spend a hundred hours and not get bored. The player is overwhelmed with assignments, and to perform them (with rare exceptions) is exciting thanks to the ability to make decisions and solve problems in different ways. And if some tasks are a collection of stones or flowers or the usual running from one character to another, then often this routine is accompanied by some interesting story. Quest of horse thief will end with a long conversation with Socrates, who will draw conclusions about your person after answering his questions, and the mission with the girl, preparing gifts for his friends, will face a difficult choice because of the unexpected outcome.

Side quests are now much richer-some of them could well become part of the main story campaign. Of course, this is not true for all additional missions — in some will just have to clean outposts and rescue prisoners or burn supplies, but even these tasks are often pleased with great prescribed dialogues and original situations. Yes, and due to the fact that the quests are conveniently sorted in the appropriate menu, very dull instructions can simply be ignored. There are multi-stage “side effects”, like the one that is associated with the daughters of Artemis — you get this job very early, but will be able to complete it only after a couple of dozen hours, because you are required to defeat the seven legendary creatures in different parts of Ancient Greece.

With quests associated unusual innovation, available only in the “Explorer”. In it, the location of the next target in a particular task is often not shown on the map — you are only given hints, offering to search for everything yourself. These tips are always three: first they name the whole region, then the area, and the third line shows the attraction or something similar. For example, the goal you need to look at the Volcanic Islands, going to the island of tyre and explore the Minoan ruins — everything is clear and there are no questions. If you have already visited the region, it will be much easier to look for, and if everything is strewn with “questions” in this location, the situation will become a little more complicated. When you are near the right place, you can call the eagle, which quickly detects the target. But nothing prevents to continue the study on their own, if such simplification you do not like.

Картинки по запросу Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Fashion sentence

Often for the execution of tasks issued new equipment, and in this regard, Odyssey even closer stepped in the direction of a full RPG than to Origins. If there we chose only costumes and weapons, then there is a need to separately wear helmets, gloves, bibs, belts and shoes. There are so many of them that sometimes it is difficult to decide which design you like the most. Helmets, for example, are Spartan, Mycenaean, Persian — a lot of options, there are even hoods for those who are accustomed to seeing the assassins in them. Gloves can completely close the hand, but there are Bracers that cover them only to the elbow, and a simple bandage.

All legendary equipment promises bonuses for collecting the whole set. If you find a set of Athenian hero, the arrows released from the bows will break through enemy shields, and for a pirate outfit you get an impressive bonus to the damage from the abilities of the killer. Characteristics are increased and regardless of these sets, they have each wearing an object, and with the help of engraving can be achieved at the blacksmith additional performance improvement. If some thing you especially like, but the level of it is low, you can always pay in-game currency for improving its quality and not to part with it ever.


The same is true for weapons-for melee offers a huge range of swords, daggers, maces, axes, staves and spears. Some increase the damage from certain abilities, others allow you to hurt more Athenian soldiers, others make you much more dangerous in battles with animals. Legendary weapons also give useful bonuses — in one of the bows, for example, ordinary arrows are replaced by poisoned ones. The only related problem is that all the legendary things are afraid to destroy and eventually collect in the inventory a mountain of items that belong to different sets or give different bonuses. Some kind of locker on the ship clearly would not have prevented.

By the way, about the ships — in the “Odyssey” returned full-scale naval battles, and now you can participate in them not only in a couple of story missions. The vessel, which is issued almost at the beginning, is allowed to improve in every possible way: to strengthen the body, increase the endurance of rowers and damage from the RAM, install braziers for the use of burning arrows. But usual pumping business is not limited — it is also necessary to employ special members of team who join on a plot or after performance of some side tasks. In General, anyone can become your companion, even an ordinary soldier at the gates of the fortress-just stun him, not kill him. But the benefits of this squish will be a little-the armor of the ship and the power of fire will significantly increase only the strongest associates.

Картинки по запросу Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Well if you are not going to hire anyone, but only kill everyone, then with each new level the combat system will offer more sophisticated features. Almost immediately unlock the Spartan kick, with which I never parted during the whole passage, is to clean up located on the heights of the outposts “magic pendel” fun! Such skills are activated by holding down the L1 button on the gamepad (L2 for special abilities with a bow) — here and stunning all enemies around, and adding a poisonous or fiery effect to the weapon, and an attack of divine fury with an increase in damage from all attacks. Thanks to these tricks fights have become much more dynamic than in Origins.

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