Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – The Best Shooter?

In recent years, did not come any Call of Duty, which could praise absolutely all components. Black Ops 3 offered an absurd storyline and” lagging ” for the whole year servers in multiplayer. To the output of the Infinite Warfareигроки started to get tired of double jumping and running on the walls, but the single player campaign was a success. Well, WWII once again proved that the game of the Second world is better to leave in the past. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 breaks this unpleasant “tradition” — none of the three main elements turned out bad. But without a small fly in the ointment was not, and it is associated with a single regime.

Графика в сюжетных роликах отличная — только ради этого стоит терпеть пресное обучение

Different story

Although Treyarch honestly admitted that the traditional story campaign in the game will not be, some content of this kind is still in store. In the main menu you can find the so-called “Headquarters of specialists”, where Frank woods becomes your instructor and offers to test the ability of all multiplayer characters. After passing each of the stages of training unlocks a video telling about the events in the universe of Black Ops 4 or dedicated to the background of one of the characters. In General, the standard and boring training tried to make more fun.


Here is only occupy such “mission” too much time. To the first stage there are no claims-the player is taught what a hero is carrying with him, and also offer to use his superpower in different situations. Someone gets a powerful revolver, capable of one hit to destroy anyone, someone is armed with a huge shield. And in the second stage you are sent to multiplayer mode with bots – to yawn boring “entertainment”. You need to play a full match in some of the available modes, and with computer opponents it’s just sad.

But we will not stay long on the bad, because everything else in Black Ops 4 done great. Standard multiplayer that series for a long time — ordinary postrelushka no jet packs, exoskeletons, and other things like sticky stuff. Therefore, the emotions of the game get the same as in the first Black Ops many years ago. Such a network will not want to leave.

Without interesting innovations, too, has not done. For example, now all players do not have 100 health units, but 150, which is why the shooting lasts a little longer than usual. Perhaps this is due to the fact that for twenty hours in multiplayer, I have never noticed the presence of a system of compensation lags and only once “exchanged” with the opponent murders. If such a system exists, it does not manifest itself in any way, and this is good. Hits are registered correctly, the speed of matches is almost perfect compared to the slow WWII: play fun, and the technical component is not to find fault with all desire.

Без расчлененки в мультиплеере не обошлось

Apt and tenacious

Black Ops 4 returned the pick 10 system, are forced to take exclusively 10 items. Among the main weapons available assault, tactical and sniper rifles, as well as submachine guns and machine guns. In an additional slot, you can put not only pistols, grenade launchers and a combat knife, but also shotguns — for the first time since Modern Warfare 2. In addition to the usual slots with perks and “jokers” there is a section “Equipment”, for which it is very difficult to choose one of the items.

On the one hand, you can bring a stimulant that will allow you to be treated much faster and more often. As you know, in multiplayer Black Ops 4 there is no automatic regeneration of health — if the enemy left you with one “life”, you will run until you are cured manually. Without a stimulant, you can inject yourself with an injection of a healing wound of the drug, too, but regeneration will be much slower. On the other hand, instead of the stimulator, you can take other useful things: for example, a bulletproof vest allows you to survive a couple of extra hits, and the acoustic sensor improves the radar.


For multiplayer, there are several original modes. In” Control ” teams alternately attack or defend two targets — they can either perform the main task in the allotted time, or destroy the enemy team, having exhausted the stock of its “lives”. The other is called “Plaque” and like Counter-Strike, only instead of the bomb suitcase with the money. In the first round, players are severely limited in funds, armed only with a gun and replenish their Bank with murders and other actions. You have to choose between several types of armor, additional weapons, body kits for him and other expensive items of equipment. Both modes are terribly carried away, after the end of the next match, you want to immediately start the next, and in the familiar “Team battle” and “Find and destroy” sometimes you look.

Одна из карт расположена в Арктике, где находится затерянная атомная подлодка

But that’s not all

Fans of “Zombies” this time presented just three different cards (another one is available when buying a season pass) — when you look at the menu literally dazzled. The most important innovation, of course, was the appearance of bots. Now single players will be a little more fun — and they will hear all the dialogues, and facilitate their passage, at the same time not feeling a burden, trying to figure out what to do and where to go. Bots are not the smartest (to force someone to open the door-that’s another task), but well-aimed and shoot zombies at the first opportunity. With their help, you can easily get to the later waves, simultaneously trying to solve all the puzzles and evaluate the “Easter eggs”.

All cards are great and memorable. “Flight of despair” tells the story of the sinking “Titanic”, where part of the rooms filled with water, and move between locations can be using teleports. In “Episode IX” heroes go to the gladiatorial arena, four exits from which lead to the temples of different gods. Participants will face not only ordinary zombies, but also aggressive tigers and undead dressed in armor, which will be difficult to kill with conventional weapons. Well, “blood of the dead” is most similar to the classic zombie cards with hidden levers and creepy atmosphere. All these locations are also available in the “zombie Attack” mode, where it is important not to solve puzzles, but to score points. Well, if these cards do not understand anything at all, there is always easy learning, where a funny narrator will explain everything in detail.


The third component of Call of Duty this year was the sensational mode “Eclipse”, the first large-budget battle of the famous Royal publisher. About my impressions of this mode, I have already told in a recent preliminary review, and the opinion over the past month has not changed — it is still a chic “battle piano”, which works consistently, generates a lot of fun (and not very) moments and does not let go even after several hours spent in it. “Eclipse” – an atypical mode for the series with a huge by the standards of Call of Duty card and even equipment, and everything works like a clock, without” departures”, annoying bugs and other problems that are overflowing with other Royal battles.


Для одной из «ачивок» нужно продержаться до 20 волны, не выходя со стартовой арены. Весело!

Players land at the selected point, quickly collect everything they see, set sights and modules on weapons, and then try to survive by killing everyone they meet (or hiding in the toilets, there’s someone in that much). After beta testing greatly reduced the quantity and quality of the third level armor appearing on the map — the one that was much more difficult to break through than usual. It is still strong and able to withstand several hits, but the meeting with the enemy dressed in it does not mean instant defeat. It is a pity that in the console version did not improve the inventory, but now you can pick up items from the ground at the touch of a button, and not holding it.

In multiplayer, the progress system is based on the gradual unlocking of weapons and other items of equipment, the “Zombie” player earns flasks to create amulets and potions that give bonuses during the passage. But in the “Eclipse” is a little more complicated — there are standard levels, and points are issued for the murder, hit the top 15 and other achievements. But most of the characters are unlocked differently-you need to find related items that are most often in the supply crates, and perform a couple of tasks in a single match.


To open Ajax, for example, you need to pick up three pieces of armor from the corpses of defeated enemies, and Menendez is unlocked after finding the pendant and two murders: with a shotgun and a hand strike. With the heroes of the “Zombie” mode is still more fun: it is necessary to defeat several katana walking dead, then find a special weapon, which usually lies next to the places where they appear. According to rumors, in the near future Treyarch will add instead of the usual microtransactions and lootboxes analogue combat pass from Fortnite with looks, emotions and other cosmetic items — will be something to do when all the characters will be available.


Взять вертолет и отправиться к одному из лучей? Конечно!

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