EA Sports UFC 3

Among all the games under the EA Sports Union, Madden NFL stands out a bit because of its complexity and NBA Live because of its worthlessness. With UFCнемного another case — these games only come out every two years. Sometimes there is a wish to ask why, after all the list of changes in UFC 3 very modest. This is the main sore point among all the haters EA-publisher accused of laziness and craving for easy money. But in UFC 3, even a small number of innovations work well. With reservations, of course, but still.


It’s all about career mode. For the first time in UFC I really wanted to play. It’s just a serious, real career regime, as it should have been from the beginning. You start as a complete beginner not even in UFC, but in WFA. Need to gain recognition and attention from the head of UFC, Dana white. After that, the most interesting things will go — unexpected rivals, news releases, unique opportunities. It is felt that everything depends on the choice that is made by the player. There is at least the appearance of a real career.

All the way to the total championship is divided into months. At the end of each battle will be with the selected opponent, and before the fight you are free to do whatever you want. It is best, of course, to train. You can overdo it — if you spend too much time in sparring, there is a risk of serious injury. Even the most ordinary training, when abused, can lead to a decrease in baseline characteristics. Because of this, the coming battle will become even more difficult. There is a small counter — measure-an ice bath. Well, something!


That is, you naturally choose events that are not related to the weekly training, and spend some time on the bath. You can still put something in the local social networks, “to stream” or wash after training mats for discounts in the hall. All these are just options related to the number of points of the week. Content for posts is selected automatically, whether it’s a self-confident public message, a notification to fans about the beginning of the stream or a Coub from a recent sparring. All you will see in each case is a small notification. Working with the audience, though somewhat faded, is still important to simulate a career. The more fans, the more profitable contracts you offer. More money is better than training.They are now divided into three types. A conventional automatic — pressed a button and raised features. Training for certain techniques, perks and new strokes are held with a computer opponent. Often fails to perform, you have to go back and increase the respective characteristics in automatic training. And the points of the week have already been spent! The third type of training is sparring. It allows to increase the combat training before the match and find a vulnerability in a future opponent. For example, it is learned that it can not be protected from a certain pain reception. Sometimes given the secret of his tactics — onslaught in the first two minutes, hoping to quickly win the battle. Offer to win a power takedown. It gives the enemy some personality. Really want to try to follow the advice of coaches.

Sometimes there are really interesting game events. For example, you have chosen an opponent from the gym where you train yourself. You with this fighter spent sparring and even mastered because of him new techniques. But a challenge is a challenge. Immediately there is a small video sequences of the UFC Minute. The pretty leading begins to tell that there will be a fight between skilled workmates that it very unexpected. This is just one of the cases. It happens that you throw an ultimatum challenge old opponent who returned after the defeat much stronger. You begin to remember all his “dislikes” and his insults to him. Yes, in UFC 3 sometimes it is necessary to answer attacks of the won enemies or comments of journalists. I wish there were more such events. I wish the fan pop-up messages weren’t so artificial. But this is a great step towards a full story and one of the most interesting single-player modes among EA Sports games, so it’s a sin to complain.


Not on a career regimen, but we will! First, training. UFC 2 made a step forward in comparison with the first part, but the third took and again confused everything. There is a separate introduction with an explanation of simple strokes, there are separate video tutorials with tips on grabs and pain, there is a separate training mode, where the information is served differently and in General in a different way. Can I get into the Academy like in NHL 18? Here it was really useful tutorial, in contrast to the confusion and vacillation UFC 3. Second, bugs and errors. Constantly does not leave the feeling that even with a two-year cycle EA catastrophically did not have time. Couple of times the console tightly hung, trying to start a video tutorial. Not enough? In one of the sections only TWO of them, the other alleged promise to add later. And as much as EA bragged about its amazing new technologies in terms of animation, UFC 3 is still full of bugs related to this, including very funny ones.

But without bugs to the third part there are questions. Strange after all the words that the new part will be improved customization of fighters, look at it in reality. Continue to create characters that even the pain of tedious the interface settings. Another example is career mode. I, maybe, something don’t understand, but why I can make right before fight “plastic surgery”, but I can’t change “nickname in Twitter”? Because of this, the success had to go with a cool name Big Lee, but miserable nickname @YourNickname. Or here’s another trick — the “Settings” section called “Additions”. Maybe at least”Extra”? No? All right.


At first glance, you can find fault with the combat system. More precisely, the absence of any changes. Familiar with the series the first thing people will climb to the ground and you will not find anything interesting. A couple of new transitions, a new pair of pain, but that’s it. Apparently, EA has finally found a fairly simple to learn, but a deep system that will slowly saturate. In General, about the QCF from the first part, you can forget about how scary the dream. As it turned out that we need to look not even on the ground.


After the debts of the battles I understand that EA work hard for the entire allotted time. The battles become much more dynamic. Not fast, but dynamic. More are in motion due to the fact that the beat and Dodge is now possible on the move, continuously moving from one to another. The overall pace became slower. No, it’s not the animation to blame, but EA’s desire to hang on the players a little more responsibility for their actions. Missed overhad-prepare for the fact that the next blow of the enemy can quickly knock you down. But there is a side effect — from parrying refused at all. Controversial decision, but the final result is impressive!

Then look on the well-established online. On unique fighters who know only certain combinations and painful. But there is still the February event, “No love.” While it is not available and really do not understand what it is, but the fists itch in advance, do not want to throw the game. This is probably the main indicator.

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