Feints and swings


Let’s start with the most important thing — football. Here, those who have seen the last three series of “FIFA”, it is not surprising, because the basics were about the same as laid in the fall of 2015 and then were moved to Frostbite, where they still work. We are waiting for a rather viscous in the middle of the field, but at the same time attacking football, where it is necessary to be able to defend well, so as not to miss three or four goals. This is a very nice balance, the game does not roll into a pure “arcade”, but does not become a simulator to the bone.


Still feints, false swings and similar tricks solve too much, so the dribblers in the attacking group are very necessary. Now the logic of the first touch is noticeably reworked, the right stick can be made various throws and treatments (even breast!), from this very much depends on the rebound of the ball. Simultaneously, the increased role of cutting passes, but the banal casts forward can be worse. Play head became a little nicer to score easier, even if you don’t have Peter Crouch on the edge, more important than was the choice of a position and fighting for it.


But kicks completely redesigned, but optional. If you press the “circle” (in the standard layout) for the second time, a special scale with a mark moving from the red to the green zone will appear. If your reaction is good enough, then pressing again in time will allow you to hit the corner so that the goalkeeper will not be able to pull out. The system requires training, it is not easy to master, so if you want you can not use it. But it is with the Timed Finishing system that you can score stunning “banks” from a distance, otherwise it will be difficult to hammer from 35 meters.

But in General, what way to beat or choose football in FIFA 19 leaves a pleasant, albeit not quite fresh, impression. Even a fan of PES with experience will feel quite normal, at least unexpected passes-cuts and rebounds, leading to goals, happen here quite often.


Картинки по запросу FIFA 19

For those who are used to PES


Another thing which will be accustomed to fuchsia Konami — more options for tactics. And this is a very cool feature, albeit completely copied from PES. Everything is adjusted – the breadth of the defense, the behavior when the ball is lost, the degree of pressure on the other half and even the number of players on the corners. Moreover, for each of the four types of attacking strategy, you can choose your tactics. Scored Barcelona two in the first half hour and want to ” dry ” the match? Please put for sirsasana strategy some 4-2-3-1 and cut in pressure. And if it is necessary to crush the opponent in the end — just before the match set for swiatkowska strategy 4-2-4 and the connected standards and a couple of defenders.


Not that it was all necessary to win over the computer, but in matches with a person will be very useful. Especially as options for competition with live opponents became more. The most important of the innovations is again familiar to fans of PES is the European cups. Champions League, Europa League, UEFA super Cup got their full incarnations, the main tournament even has a separate mode for maximum authenticity. Since Electronic Arts has no difficulties with licenses, the group stage of LH in FIFA 19 is exactly the same as in life. All three of our party — Lokomotiv, CSKA and “Spartak” — on the spot, their compositions replicate the real, although the rating of some players causing issues.

But with the appearance, especially the stars, no problems. Top football masters look and move exactly as they should, here is my personal favorite-the fastest player in the world Gareth bale with his corporate style of movement. Licensed stadiums became even more – added as many as 16 arenas from ” La Liga “arena” Borussia Dortmund “Cardiff” Millennium ” and a bunch of buildings. But with the Championships there is a significant problem for us — the Russian Premier League has become the exclusive of competitors, and the cards of Russian players will now be much less, especially since Zenit for the Europa League could not be licensed. As for me, this is a significant loss, but fully licensed “La Liga” or the English Premier League greatly brighten it.


Картинки по запросу FIFA 19

No news – also news


It is in these two tournaments will perform in the “History”. Does that mean Alex hunter will start changing clubs, just like Zlatan? Not at all. Just in the story mode of FIFA 19 we have three full-fledged heroes. And that’s the best thing that ever happened to the adventures of a dark-skinned superstar. It is logical that the partners of the top forward were his friend Danny Williams and sister Kim. They can be was manage and in the past year, but there this was optionally and quite a bit, and here — necessarily and time lavished on roughly on a par with Alex. The plot itself has not got rid of the tension and a few ridiculous attempts to show the underside of the life of football players-pros, but due to the shuffle of the heroes came out the most cheerful and adequately completed the trilogy.

In FIFA Ultimate Team mode, the most popular and in advertising does not need, these changes too little. There were cards of heroes of the Champions League, added the Division Rivals mode, where you “match” with opponents of about the same level and even the neighboring region. Simplified “League of the day off”, reducing the number of matches in it to 30. All this made the way to the top divisions a little easier, but the need to either “grind” or pay to the end did not save. However, to become an eSports player, you have to invest a lot of time.


Not enough changes in the”Career”. Here in General it seems that a fundamental improvement decided to score — apart from cosmetic changes, to make it easier to track the necessary players, in a mode for Manager difference from last season is not detected. Well, Yes, there are additional details “for immersion”, such as changing the interface in the days of the same Champions League, but fans have long wanted more variation — to start with the lower League clubs and make their way up, for example. Even a couple of commentators seemed tired and decided not to change anything special (except for phrases about you know what tournament) — although Cherdantsev and Genich voiced for the fourth series of the simulator, their replicas still sound out of context. Although anthem will understand what the tournament they read well even believe it’s the stream.


Картинки по запросу FIFA 19

FIFA confidently remains the leader among the futsim. Gameplay, presentation, variability, opportunities for joint entertainment with people, license base-all EA Sports at least at a very good level. But in the season 2018-19, this leadership is reminiscent of what happened to “Spartacus” at the turn of the century: there is almost no development, and in some moments begin borrowing and even narcissism. As you remember, the 2000s dramatically changed the balance of power in Russian football — fresh leaders were Lokomotiv, CSKA and Zenit. And if the main simulator “nogomyach” does not begin to make tangible steps forward, it can wait for a similar fate.

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