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LEGO the Incredibles retells the stories of both films — the first six missions are devoted to the events of the sequel, and after them the characters reminisce and participate in episodes from the old cartoon. The decision is logical — for so many years, everyone has already had the opportunity to see the “Superfamily”, but the continuation of the twist in theaters only now. Children and their parents will probably take a better look at the LEGO version of the sequel than they will spend the first few hours on the old stuff. But for a new audience, this idea does not work — part of the episodes from the first part will not cause any emotions, if you fully know the plot of the second.


The scenes from both films were beautifully recreated in LEGO style – with signature humor, good jokes and several spectacular scenes. In graphic terms, the game is not as beautiful as many other modern projects, and this is especially noticeable in the open world: the drawing range is lame on both legs, objects appear out of thin air, and the quality of textures leaves much to be desired. Despite these shortcomings, looks like “the Incredibles” good, and are animated characters, and altogether wonderful.


Passing of all campaign divided into two equal halves, will take less than six hours, but besides a plot in a game there are some additional entertainments. The open world is accessible from the start and offers side missions not related to movies but created in collaboration with Pixar screenwriters. The city of new Urbem and Grodberg, in which the action unfolds, is divided into several relatively large areas, and some of them are always hanging around the gang of criminals that Bomb Voyage from the first “the Incredibles” terrorizing the people, then some rascals steal the ice cream.

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These tasks allowed the developers to devote more screen time to the villains who appeared in the cartoons for a short time and did not have time to show themselves. Cleaning the region consists of performing a couple of tasks, which sometimes ends with a battle with the leader. As in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, fights with “bosses” tried to make as interesting as possible, despite the primitive combat system. After all this, the map of the region is strewn with icons — you can go to collect collectibles without searching for them yourself.


Among these things, the most important are the Pixar blocks, which allow you to build a building in each region, referring to some famous cartoon Studio. Over time, you unlock woody from toy Story, Dory from finding Dory and other heroes. You can get them only after “buying” the corresponding buildings or objects for special blocks.


Why is the game based on the “Superfamily” so many extra characters? The answer is simple — this series can not boast of so many heroes as “Star wars”, “Lord of the rings” and “Harry Potter”. Doubts about the number of playable figures I had before the announcement of the game, when the Network began to appear the first rumors. As a result, fears were confirmed — the roster in LEGO the Incredibles is very small. In addition, the characters have “clones”, dressed in other costumes and devoid of additional skills.

LEGO The Incredibles обзор игры

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But the available characters are endowed with unique abilities that are fully consistent with what they do in cartoons. The elastic turns out to be a master at all hands: it stretches from one building to another, creating a bridge for a friend, turns into a boat on the water, folds into a trampoline, climbs into ventilation — you can’t count everything. A girl named Emptiness opens portals to move from one place to another, Freon freezes enemies and allies and extinguishes fires. Sometimes one character requires the help of another-for example, a Violet creates a protective field around him, in which a partner can penetrate, and the only way Mr. Exceptional will cross the acid-filled road to access the valve or lever.

In addition, all the characters have an “Ulta”. The corresponding scale is filled as the destruction of opponents. At some point, you are asked to click on a special button several times, after which the character will make a powerful attack and will carry on small parts not only enemies, but also standing nearby scenery. The idea, frankly, so-so, still with the crowd here to fight is very rare. But look superpriemy ironically: Elastic reaching hands and with their feet to each enemy, and dash runs round as scalded from one villain to another. And the spacing of all objects in the room makes it easier to collect coins. On the other hand, to get the title of “real superhero” here and so too easy — in the final of each mission you are given a mountain of details.


The latter are used to buy new vehicles-story, like motorcycle Elastics, are issued free of charge, but for all sorts of helicopters will have to spend. Although manage them so uncomfortable that it is easier to take a flying character. More coins are needed to open bags with figures-the local analogue of the loot boxes, only real money for them no one asks. Buy multipliers detalek as it was in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, you can not-have to look for the red blocks in the open world.


Despite the cute city, a considerable number of secrets, references to other cartoons and the rest of the content, LEGO the Incredibles does not feel something new and original. Surprisingly, the first attempt TT Games to recreate the world invented by the writers Pixar was almost a complete copy of what the Studio did before. There is not a single interesting idea that has not been implemented before. And when you see the ” puzzle “in which it is necessary to connect the lines of squares of different colors, you realize that the target audience in this case — children who do not care much about innovation and do not know the meaning of the word”gameplay”. Therefore, those who play LEGO for a long time, to pay attention to the “Superfamily” is not necessary.

It can not be called a bad game — it is quite tolerable and great atmosphere conveys both cartoons, allowing you to take control of the heroes of our childhood. Yeah, probably based on “the Incredibles” have never been anything better will not. But because of the short campaign, ridiculously small number of characters, and other shortcomings, LEGO the Incredibles can only be recommended during the sale. And when the discount appears, LEGO DC Super-Villains will be released, which will certainly offer much more heroes and in General will be much better and bigger.

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