Mega Man 11- Not Remake

How many times have I touched on the theme of the new and the old, the exploitation of nostalgia and lazy attempts to play on the longing for the past? Very much. Basically, in the context of indie, where it is logical to be inspired by the old for economic reasons. But today we look at a fairly large project Capcom, which caused considerable excitement among gamers who still remember the days of Nintendo Entertainment System.

Evaluating games made for one group of people is never easy. Obviously, the developers are well aware that they want a certain niche, and therefore does everything to please these people. And if you were out of this group of favorites, then nothing will be written. Yeah, you don’t understand, but you don’t have to. For this reason, some of my quibbles may seem inappropriate, but it just so happened that the number of fans of the famous Mega Man I do not enter.


In General,from the first minutes of the game in the eleventh part I immediately remembered another, something similar series-New Super Mario Bros. Starting in 2006, the series often became a victim of criticism: the gossips are always criticized Nintendo in the fact that it churns out is the same still from the eighties. Accordingly, each new piece received all the worst grades, and New Super Mario Bros. U, released in 2012, was the last, though sold perfectly. But what those games scolded for seems to be the best quality of Mega Man 11, which repeats the old formula so accurately that it seems to be a remake of the classic, not an entirely new part. But no, it’s not a remake – I checked!

Mega Man 11 completely repeats the formula that made it famous. This means that not only the plot is absolutely identical to the classics, but also the nonlinearity, which once seemed the height of innovation. That is, instead of going through level after level, in Mega Man 11, we choose the order of bosses. In 2018, this, of course, is not surprising.


That’s all – the traditional Mega man. What else do the fans want? Fortunately, it’s not a complete copy. For example, the game is made in a modern style with 2.5 d graphics-no pixels! It looks very cool: bright colors, smooth animation. It looks exactly as it should, and there are no complaints. Of course, to impress a clear picture will not work, but it did not need: Mega Man 11 has kept the charm of the originals, which is expressed primarily distinctive art style and ridiculous bug-eyed monsters.

Levels are also about the same, with familiar obstacles. The only thing is that they seem to be slightly tightened, and the lack of frequent save points only worsens the impression: if you get to a difficult segment, you will have to replay many times almost at first. And I don’t want to annoy the fans, but personally I found the overall level design less interesting than in the same New Super Mario Bros. U. Often it is impossible to react at once – such dishonest design at that time was norm, but now it would be desirable something more inventive. I would say that even modern independent developers give platformers more inventive-for example, remember the same Celeste or Hollow Knight.


Continuing the comparison, even next to the frankly economical” knight ” Mega Man 11 seems quite budget, if it is not one of the most recognizable platformer from a multi-million Corporation. Modest screensavers in the beginning, pretty faceless music-it seems that this project depended only on the talent of the developers who counted every penny. This game waited a long time, but the “wow factor” is not here.

Something, however, has been added: for example, the new system Double Gear. It allows for some time to increase the power of the Blaster or slow down time to perform particularly difficult jumps or time to hit the enemy. The effect is not only temporary, but also available to villains. A pleasant innovation, but it does not change anything significantly.


And Mega Man 11 is very difficult. However, what right do I have to scold the game for what has highlighted all the previous parts? Yes, the high level of difficulty has always been associated with the franchise, and Mega Man 11 just does not know how and does not want to be a platformer for everyone. Fans of hassle will be happy, but if you are a beginner, then get ready for numerous attempts. Yes, here you can choose the level of difficulty – the easiest even removes the counter lives and does not fall into the abyss, but is it interesting to play? When in games about “Mario” you die (and it happens quite often), then simply you come back either to the beginning of level, or to the middle. Here, thanks to the long worlds, you have to spend ten minutes to get to the place of death. This kills the dynamics and discourages the desire to immediately rush into battle.


Continuing the tradition, the main stars of the title are bosses. Each of the robots is remembered for its design and does not disappoint. Each endows our hero with interesting abilities. Never think that level has been passed in vain, though some of the enemies seemed too dishonest.


Mega Man 11 is a game without surprises. Despite the impressive age of the franchise, it refuses to change, still offering chips and elements that appeared in the eight-bit era. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but in the end a little spoils the impression. It turns out that this is a good game – but that’s all. Capcom did not take risks, did not try to bring something really original and just made a remaster from memory. But to blame her for it or not – to solve to everyone. But with the choice of buying difficulties will not be any: if you want as much as possible the classic gameplay, then buy without a doubt. If something is bothering you … take your time.

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