My Brother Rabbit

When I was very young and I had an antediluvian computer, more than once on my hard drive there were games of the genre hidden object — quests with search of objects. The plot in them usually was not-developers were limited to simple tasks and asked to find the hidden figures in the room or to find all spiders in the house with ghosts. Such projects come out and are popular even today, the publication of many of them is engaged in the Studio Artifex Mundi. At some point, the team decided to develop something on their own-so there was My Brother Rabbit.

Family problem


The game is markedly different from what was offered in this genre before. The basic idea has not changed: you carefully study the location, click on the objects, collect them and thus get to the final. But the supply is quite different — in between levels demonstrated videos, with which the authors tell a heartwarming story. And all this is closely connected with the gameplay, characters and even mysteries, making sense of what is happening much more than in many “casual games”.


My Brother Rabbit tells the story of a small family going through hard times — one of the children is very sick and needs examination and surgery. The trouble happened to the little sister, which will support the older brother, constantly carrying a toy rabbit. Hospitals cause discomfort even in adults, to say nothing about children. So brother helps sister to experience the horror and using imagination, sent her to a fantasy world where the rabbit is trying to heal a pretty flower. And in reality, parents are looking for a cure and run from one doctor to another.


If you forget about the slightly blurred ending, the story for this kind of game was wonderful. Here, no one says a single word, but all the emotions and people, and animals are well enough transmitted in the videos and in the gameplay. And the levels are not blinded thoughtlessly, and correspond to the stages of treatment of the sister-for example, in the second Chapter, the characters are in a kind of hospital with a queue at the reception, sleepy staff and a doctor-bear, who does not want to do anything because of the broken equipment.

My Brother Rabbit обзор игры

I came, I saw, I pressed


Once on the new location, the player can move the cursor in different directions and interact with objects by clicking on them. Some large objects, such as doors or mechanisms, do not function correctly — they need to be corrected by finding smaller objects in neighboring zones. About what is required, the game will report only after clicking on the appropriate doors and mechanisms, and before that small items to take with them do not allow even if you have already found them. Not very convenient (you have to go back a few screens and remember where you saw these things), but tolerable — the location is not very large.


To the player is not engaged in “pixel-hunting” and did not click on everything in search of the last detail, the developers have added tips. The list of necessary items always hangs in the upper right corner of the screen indicating how many items have already been collected and how much is left. If the desired object is in the area where the camera is currently located, the icon will turn blue, otherwise it will be gray. This simplifies the passage, but not much — sometimes things can be hidden in not the most obvious places.


Once the full set of parts is assembled, you can return to the corresponding mechanism and click on it, and then one of the many puzzles will appear on the screen. They are also not very difficult and never repeated, although their various variations have already been encountered in other games. Here and the picture to be collected from pieces, and build icons in a row, turning the plate. Most often, the puzzle is solved on the spot, but in some cases, the solution will be sought in neighboring areas — to understand the logic is almost impossible.

My Brother Rabbit обзор игры

The last element of the gameplay were the episodes at the end of each Chapter, when the player is in a small room with a large mechanism or vehicle, next to which the scheme is shown. Finding in the same room of a pipe, wheels, jewelry and other stuff, it is necessary to construct the identical machine according to the scheme, installing on it the found objects. It is impossible to make a mistake-the game allows you to attach the object only to where it should be. Therefore, it makes no sense to look at the picture — just quickly press the button and drive with the mouse or stick.


Though the gameplay and uncomplicated, touching story and excellent visual design keep the screen until the very end, which, unfortunately, comes after a couple of hours. During this time, the rabbit will visit five unique locations, divided into several zones. All these worlds are similar to what children would dream up in such a situation: instead of people, animals work and live everywhere, buildings acquire strange shapes, and some inanimate objects have eyes and smile at the sight of a rabbit. And the music perfectly conveys the mood of the characters-the composer Layers of Fear and Observer worked on it, and for one of the songs Amy Evans (Emi Evans) was invited, familiar to fans of the soundtrack NieR: Automata.


My Brother Rabbit certainly will not be interesting to “hardcore” players — it’s simple, the puzzles in it are not the most difficult, and the gameplay is similar to what the genre of hidden object games offered for several decades. And the price she inflated, at least in the Russian segment of Steam — to pay more than 500 rubles here, to be honest, nothing. However, if you miss these games or want to look at how they can successfully combine a good story and traditional gameplay, it is unlikely to find something better.

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