Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics

The authors step-by-step tactics Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics from the British Studio Auroch Digital promised to bring some “innovative gameplay features” in the usual genre mechanics. And innovations do you expect from the game in the “nastolki” that mixes Nazis and Cthulhu mythology. But enough if this Lovecraftian of the highlights that we got really serious and cool turn-based tactics?

Boring. Only happens in games


In Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics we really fight with the Nazis, who use magic and periodically run literally with the face of an octopus instead of the head (well, or call it a mini-Cthulhu-face). And all because in this extremely alternative version of the Second world war, representatives of the Third Reich (namely the order of the Black Sun) received a significant advantage, somehow sniffing with monsters and older Gods from the mythology of Howard Lovecraft.


They are opposed by four resistance fighters from the detachment “Charlie”. Some of them are also available magic-for example, Colonel Akhi Singh (Akhee Singh) mastered witchcraft after an abandoned temple found a statue of the gods. A member of the French Resistance, Ariane Dubois, the whole game runs with some kind of small winged demon on the shoulder and periodically shoots a fat Shoggoths coming at you from all four sides in bold. In General, a cheerful company.


What can not be said about the plot and its presentation. More precisely, the supply is in principle no: no commercials on the engine, nor drawn backdrops — just short text instructions. And the latter are reduced to the fact that we then need to defeat a squad of Nazis or destroy some elite officer of the order, then grab their resources or artifact, then find the lair of the fascist occultists, then clean up and clean it and so on.


In principle, from step-by-step tactics nobody expected the Hollywood scenario, but on a game where there are myths of Cthulhu, it would be possible to think up something more interesting. More or less jog the whole routine is that mission with the mythical monsters — for example, the one where we are whether in dreams, or in visions, either when awake fight with the same Chaghatai.

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics обзор игры

And the only good XCOM in XCOM


The battles themselves also often look routine and monotonous — especially at first. All locations are built exclusively on the corridor principle, there are only small and the same corridor branches that allow you to bypass enemies or find and read something by doing a side job. But this, of course, is not the biggest problem.


All fights take place on approximately the same scenario. Using action points (AP), occupied shelter, the burning of primary or secondary weapon, use special abilities or turn on the intercept course (Overwatch) and waiting on the next move down behind the tree the enemy will run right under our sight of all. However, sighting is not always obtained.


Sound familiar? Yes, the basic mechanics is taken from XCOM with some of its advantages and even with sores. But the main trouble is that in Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics doesn’t have the same tactical expanse, saturation, and tension as the latest releases of XCOM. No, for example, destructibility, the ability to use the height, climb on the roof, few weapons and enemies, the levels themselves are small and linear.


Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics обзор игры

Cthulhu won’t help them.


There are, of course, good things. Fighters here can also be pumped-each in addition to the General for all parameters have unique skills and even branches of development, allowing to specialize in some weapons (and, for example, firing a shotgun directly on the area) or use magic. Before each mission, we choose soldiers weapons and additional items such as first aid kits, grenades or a syringe with adrenaline. “Trunks” even allow to equip with additional modules like sights, butts and improved shops.

But still in most missions everything is somehow too simple — the normal level of complexity here is felt as very easy, which by definition is wrong. Enemies constantly smear and behave like idiots, for some reason running back and forth between shelters and substituting thus under our Overwatch.


Eases the situation and the ability to use a system similar to what we saw in The Banner Saga — killing enemies and dealing them critical damage, fighters in Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics, accumulate the particular energy, which can be spent on additional steps to continue to run, use skill, or without the cost of AP to shoot a gun. And it is a free pistol that becomes the most formidable weapon, which no Cthulhu is not afraid of…


Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics обзор игры

System “Stress»


In this situation, especially at work, and the psychological impact on our soldiers. When your charges in front of wounded or killed comrades, almost all begin to experience stress. When the fighter gets badly injured, he might panic and start shooting all in a row or just in the air. Enemies are also trying to adversely affect the brains of our wards — put on them “death marks”, “cast” harmful auras that reduce the number of AP, and so on.

But, I repeat, the game was quite monotonous in mechanics, the rules of survival here are forgotten how to time, so all these panic attacks and moral humiliation happen rarely, and if they happen, then only bite the group, but do not tear it straight to shreds. Among the enemies there are melee fighters, as well as opponents with a unique pulse weapon that just does not hurt, but badly affects the brains of our heroes. So, at a normal level of complexity for eight story missions, I have never received damage from either of those or from others-they stupidly rod ahead and quickly shot from all the guns before the establishment, so to speak, close contact. Well, or miss…


All the harmful effects last for a course or two, and the fallen colleagues of any comrade can pick up and return to duty. If you do not do this in a few moves, the fighter is captured. And before you start the next story mission, you first have to release it. It would seem, here it-an intrigue, complexity, a challenge… But at the same time to you in the help allocate very strong temporary fighter.


Of course, at the level of Hard, there are more tense situations, but both there and on the “normal” really will have to work hard only in later and final missions. And I would like to see the game threw you a glove tactical challenge from the beginning.

Картинки по запросу Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics-not the worst turn-based tactics. She’s pretty, quite competent in her mechanics. And in another situation, I would be happy to put it “Laudable”. But today, against the background, for example, Frozen Synapse 2, everything looks like a simple, routine, without the light and horror that you expect to see in the game, where you are against the Nazi sectarians with the support of monsters from the myths of Cthulhu.

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