Call of Cthulhu

The new version of Call of Cthulhu is not only based on the world of mythology and invented by Howard, but is also an adaptation of the official desktop RPG from Chaosium. The game even at first was called Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game, but apparently the creators felt that for convenience it is better to cut the name. Although the project on the way to release, it seems, lost much more than the subtitle: he managed to change the developer, and, repeatedly, the release date. The last postponement pushed the release almost a year — and from what we have, it seems as if everything was altered in a hurry.


Defenseless detective

Despite the name, directly to the literary “Call of Cthulhu” the new project has an indirect relation, and the elements coinciding with the book seem rather pleasant references. Boston, 1924. Just died down a terrible war, and Edward pierce is trying to hide at the bottom of a bottle of Scotch from all the horrors seen. He makes a living working as a private detective, but things have been scarce lately. Interesting and does not fall.

But to the hangover Edward looks known tycoon with a request to investigate the death of his daughter-Sarah Hawkins. The man is sure that business is much more serious, than the fire which has arisen from-for tragic accident as the police assures. All because of a mysterious painting and a note Sarah sent to her father just before she died. The main character is intrigued, and this is enough to go to the island of Darkwater. The place, frankly, depressing: dirty streets stagger drunken sailors, over the roofs of the low hanging murky clouds, and, wherever you look, completely gloomy landscapes.

Call of Cthulhu begins as a classic Noir detective. Edward communicates with unfriendly residents, trying to get an idea of the local people and the victim of the fire. In a modest fishing village, the illusion of a living place is maintained.

Картинки по запросу Call of Cthulhu


Immediately reveals a role based game. One of the first goals of the detective-to get to an abandoned warehouse. However, this is not easy, because it is in the territory controlled by the local bootlegger gang, which actually runs the city. But it is necessary to carefully examine the surroundings, there are at least five options to slip unnoticed in a guarded building. Each approach tests the level of certain skills, so your way inside depends on the initial distribution of characteristics.

Such a variable approach to problems is a pleasant surprise. It seems that many little things really matter. Evidence, which you accidentally noticed, an hour later can open a new option in the dialogue and another step closer to the disclosure of the mystery. After all, much of the island of Darkwater is not what it seems. It is a pity that the Call of Cthulhu — not the game, which so wants to seem in the first hours.

The episode with the warehouse is the only one where the RPG-component is revealed in all its glory — in the following you can count at best a couple of possible solutions. By the second half of the Call of Cthulhu finally turns into a classic walking simulator with mediocre hide and seek, and the only thing that remains of the RPG — role-playing. The character of Edward you form your actions: from your answers and actions depends, whether there will be a pier considered a detective or turn into a nervous drunk.

Картинки по запросу Call of Cthulhu

It is almost impossible to maintain sanity in the face of otherworldly horror — on this leitmotif of most of Lovecraft’s works built gameplay mechanics Call of Cthulhu. Reason is a valuable resource that is spent every time you witness spooky scenes or learn more about the Ancients. It is no longer possible to replenish stocks. Anyway, in the story you will not just face the horrors of another world. But a grain of common sense can still be preserved,including the final of the whole story.

It is strange that the idea of madness is well played in the gameplay, but directly in the story unthinkable horror place was not found. Call of Cthulhu sample 2018 really wants to be a mass product, and so much committed to this that now and then rolls into the banality. She sorely lacks the oppressive atmosphere-the creation of the Studio Cyanide does not get put on a par with either Amnesia or even Layers of Fear. But give a look in R’lyeh (probably) and a quick look at the silhouette of Cthulhu (so blurred that I honestly also doubt that showed it).

Unfortunately, Call of Cthulhu does not manage to become an integral work both in terms of mechanics and in terms of narration. After a promising introduction, the game gradually disintegrates. Thanks to the dynamic plot, you are likely to get to the final, but it is worth considering for a moment how many holes are found in the script. Why, it is asked, was to hide from bandits if the hero all this time had a gun?

Картинки по запросу Call of Cthulhu

There is a feeling that Call of Cthulhu had to be much more and more detailed than it turned out in the end. But at some point the game just did not work in the originally conceived form, and the last year it was collected again, throwing out whole pieces. In the second half it is especially noticeable: locations turn into short corridors, and the whole Chapter can turn into one dialogue and a couple of rollers. It’s a shame, because the potential of the game was huge.

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