Fallout 76 – Shame on us

The longer you play Fallout 76, the more it reminds terrible domestic shooters like “Nevsky titbit”. It is the same dull, ugly and outdated, unworthy of attention and it is unclear why the existing one. Spending time in it, you want to quickly turn it off and do something more useful and exciting. Even lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling will be more fun than fighting with brainless super mutants with constantly falling frame rate, because of which it is sometimes impossible to shoot or swing melee weapons. At some point, the game is sure to “fly” with an error. Don’t miss this chance to leave and never come back.

Fun but not here

The very idea of multiplayer Fallout isn’t so bad, and for sure on paper it looked great. A large open world where you become one of the first to get out of the vault-Tec vault. Two dozen other poor fellows running around and building a new life. A lot of useless at first glance rubbish, which contains a lot of resources for building houses and creating equipment. But in all this there is not the slightest sense without at least some stories and characters. Fallout 76 literally fills up with quests, but there is no return — no praise and no scolding. Even the legendary button [SARCASM] no.


Heroes with whom it would be possible to talk, here really not to meet. All who were outside the shelter, has died. But on their corpses stumble constantly: searching in search of important items, listening to audio recordings, finish started during the life of the case. Quests are given with the help of computers or robots, although often they appear just like that — passed by some house, suddenly in the corner there is a new line with the task, and the compass at the bottom shows the place where you need to go. Because of this, Fallout 76 turns into the dumbest running from one marker to another. It’s like playing an RPG, skipping all the conversations and commercials.

When you understand — what happens very quickly-the interest is completely lost. The list of quests is constantly inflated, the compass is strewn with icons, but wherever you go, everywhere is waiting for the same thing: boring errands, the need to run back and forth and ubiquitous markers. “Find an object in the room,” says the game, but why search for it? Here it is, on the table, marked with a huge yellow diamond. Then it’s better to “lift”, not”find”. Funny quests are found, but they are very few, but really powerful and not at all.

It is sometimes fascinating to read notes and documents preserved in terminals — this way you will learn details about the world around you. Many story characters have a rich biography, which you study with the help of cassettes. That’s just such things are usually attached as a bonus to the main story. I remember how in Horizon Zero Dawn at the end of the game Eloy ran through several rooms and on her way there were tons of holograms, notes, audio diaries and other items that at some point just became boring to listen to, though they explained in detail what happened to the outside world. But the game is not put it in reproach, because it was a full storyline. In Fallout 76 it is not-all died, not a soul.


The passage of quests does not promise any changes in the world, nor the reaction of the characters, nor any useful rewards-this is a sandbox for aimless development. Surely many of these quests would not seem so miserable, if accompanied by at least some dialogue with real people. In the last two Assassin’s Creed, for example, also come across tasks in the spirit of “go, bring.” But it’s one thing when you help Socrates or Cleopatra, discussing with them a plan of action or talking heart to heart, and quite another — when this “asks” the computer.

As absurd seem random event, such an attempt to add open events in the spirit of Destiny. In one of them it is necessary to protect freight from several waves of the opponents, all the time running on the one hand. In the other you need to accompany the robot to a couple of buildings, protecting it from attacking enemies. This is not as easy as it seems — the ghouls in Fallout 4 had the ability to run to the target at the speed of light, no matter how far away from it they are, and here the same story repeats. However, instead of ghouls on the map roam burning — they are half reasonable, but attack every creature encountered, which is not caught the infection.

Картинки по запросу Fallout 76

One problem

And how painful it is to fight these mutants! All because of their unpredictability, accuracy and nightmarish shooting mechanics. For some unknown reason to shoot a weapon in Fallout 76 at times more uncomfortable than in Fallout 4, although it would seem, why change what worked perfectly? In the fourth part, which I passed with all the achievements and additions, if desired, it was possible not to use the system VATS, here everything is different. Most likely, this is somehow connected with the need to constantly connect to Bethesda servers-because of the falling frame rate, the registration of hits occurs with a delay, even the opponents sometimes die only a second later. Be that as it may, the shooting is implemented just disgusting, and no weapon improvements do not help.


Fortunately, atrophied artificial intelligence sometimes makes gunfights less annoying. Mutants can stand still in place, arms outstretched, or stretched out to his full height for a small shelter. The way opponents move, causes only unhealthy laughter – after so many excellent large-budget games Fallout 76 seems not even a guest from the past, but a guest from a parallel universe where technology has ceased to develop, and ambitions continued to grow. Developers do not seem to understand that this engine is already in Fallout 4 seemed a little outdated, and then the world increased, and added multiplayer. And all this is kept on the word of honor, such a mother and blue duct tape.

Ultimately, the game consists of moving from one marker to another and constant skirmishes. Of course, you can explore the surrounding area, bumping into all sorts of caves, abandoned houses and atmospheric tunnels, but in most cases at the end of this location you will not find anything. Perhaps the armor abruptly will be able to find weapons or some kind of unusual. But why? To make it easier to defeat larger, but still stupid enemies? Or to monotonous quests fun passed? All this was interesting to do in Fallout 4, when you realized that you can briefly distract, and then continue to help the Minutemen, or will investigate with Nick Valentine, or find a hundred other cases. There has never please yourself.


it’s true for many survival simulators that Fallout 76 is trying to be like, but Bethesda’s been late with it for a few years. Hero but all he wants to eat and drink, what you need to fry the meat radharamanan and other game, with this boiled water. These elements are not very annoying and remind yourself not as often as you might think, but because of the lack of a normal pause you have to leave the game if you have to leave for half an hour. The character also carries with him a portable camp, allowing you to build any of the buildings, including storage boxes and workbenches, and then to transport them to any place. That’s just to set a camp far from anywhere near the registered locations, and a lot of them, it is forbidden to do.

Картинки по запросу Fallout 76

Like a dog’s fifth leg

The multiplayer component is also made of something like- you can join a team, share items, and even the emotions the game has… that’s all. The armor doesn’t appear on the character, but the usual clothing is visible — your adorable firefighter or nurse costume will catch your eye at the first meeting. That’s just to find someone on such a huge map is almost impossible, 99% of the time you will spend alone, only occasionally bumping into someone. There are 24 people on the server at the same time, which, of course, is extremely small for an area that is much larger than Boston and its environs from Fallout 4.

But because of the need to be constantly connected to the Network there are many problems. Progress is not saved instantly, as in any Destiny, and when the game wants. If you are disconnected from the server (not your fault, of course), it is likely that all the progress earned in the last few minutes will be lost. Or even items will disappear from the inventory — and in fact some of them are required to complete quests. As a result, all these online elements do not bring anything to the game at all, but only insert sticks into the already square wheels.

Картинки по запросу Fallout 76

And if only it was a problem — Fallout 76 generally barely breathing. One of quests I tried to to complete three times, constantly “departing” with a mistake roughly on one and same place. Every time I booted back up, I had to crawl for a few seconds to the ill-fated cave at 1 fps while all the objects around were loading up. Textures are often smeared or stretched, water turns into a black mess, opponents suddenly get out from under the ground and start shooting. When you leave a building – after a minute of loading! – the character stands still and can not even turn his head, and during this time he will be killed or at least badly wounded. Not to mention the map, which opens immediately, then after 10 seconds.***


In General, Fallout 76 doesn’t work — neither as an idea nor as a game. It’s just a piece of code that Bethesda probably tested, was not quite happy with it, but it was a pity to throw out — that put a price and sell. I really want to put Todd Howard with Pete Hines for the version for the usual PS4 (although the game works equally bad on any platform) and see their reaction after a couple of hours. They probably won’t last half an hour. Shame and shame, a disgrace from which it will be difficult to wash. Capcom, too, as something issued similar nonsense in the universe Resident Evil, but it conscience (or common sense) not allowed use these words in the title, so that over Umbrella Corps all simply giggled and safely forgotten. And here from the Shelter 76 crawled disgusting monster, against which even Metal Gear Survive seems unheard of achievement.

Картинки по запросу Fallout 76

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