GRIP: Combat Racing – The Fighting Combat

It seems that it’s time to add the category of “spiritual heir” to the usual genres, because in this console cycle there are too many projects created as a tribute to the games of the past. Although GRIP is hardly a follower of Rollcage as such — Caged Element just dragged the old game to a new technological base, without adding new ideas. How well do the mechanics of the first PlayStation era feel these days?

Grass is greener trees are taller

In 1999-2000 the British of Attention to Detail has produced a film series like no other futuristic racing. While other representatives of the genre offered to ride on a boring roadway, Rollcage blew the brain of cars that can cling to any surface – during the races participants at great speeds were not only on the ground, but also on the walls, and even on the ceiling! Freedom of movement freed the hands of designers runs the routes was difficult and full used the features of the machines. Well, where else can you drive on the floor, abruptly jump to a steep wall, from it to another, try to Dodge the launched rocket, get lost in space, slow down and eventually fly into the abyss due to the loss of downforce, because, it turns out, riding up the wheels?


GRIP fully conveys the madness of its predecessor. Sometimes it is unclear what is happening on the track: the right opponent scribbles a machine gun, the left flying warhead, launched in the leader of the race, and the head suddenly falls down a shot loser. It remains only to rush forward in the hope that the pursuers do not decide to knock you out of something.

However, even without opponents to get to the finish line is not easy. Tracks in the best traditions of Rollcage are confusing, they have several routes. In addition, the space is not fenced. If you like speed Wipeout at the wrong entrance to the turn could only poke his nose in the fence (and explode, hehe), the GRIP is constantly somewhere fly away, instantly losing the position.

На боевых аренах тоже можно забраться на потолок, а потом радостно оттуда сорваться

Therefore, to get acquainted with each new track takes a dozen races. You fall, you try to understand where it is better to brake and where — not to slow down, you get used to constant rotation of a floor and a ceiling and eternal somersaults of the camera. Arcade ruthless to anyone who decides to immediately plunge into unfamiliar routes. Not just because the tracks are divided according to the level of difficulty-it is better not to try to climb the tracks of a higher class until you fully get used to driving your car. And both in a normal situation, and at use of acceleration.


Vehicles missing: the ones overclock the best, the others maximum speed is higher, third control better. Here’s who you like more. You can risk flying on a barely controlled car, or go a little slower, but without the probability of falling into a skid due to the slightest deviation of the stick. The bonus is the ability to repaint the vehicle and fasten stickers on it, but there is no special sense to bother with individualization — in the frenzied dynamics of artistic delights still no one will have time to see.

How well the GRIP corresponds to the spirit of Rollcage, so literally it retells all the shortcomings of its predecessor, both in terms of balance and in terms of gameplay. For example, most often after a single departure from the track to win back the position to the prizes is almost impossible, even if you make a mistake at the beginning of arrival — corny not enough laps. Is that twist their number in the settings to the maximum, but who needs hour races?

Machines let and cling to any surface, but very much wayward — one roughness or an unsuccessful landing after the jump can lead to a 180-degree turn. Quite often there are situations that are easiest to describe the phrase” did not work ” — only taxied back to the track, as you threw down, and after the revival of further ironed rocket. All that remains obedient to the end of the trail. Similar situations are present in all races with weapons, but the same Wipeout or Mario Kart balance the drop-down bonuses so that the Laggards, though not always, but there is a chance to win the lost place. Here, the feelings, everything depends on chance: the leader of the race often goes to the acceleration, and braiding the tail — useless shields.

Трубы — прекрасный участок трассы, где ориентация в пространстве полностью теряется

Yes, and with the very points of revival on some routes going strange — fell, and you threw away the distance, which is barely enough to set the desired speed. Any unforeseen obstacle — break, going right back. This leads to unpleasant situations when the car is slowed down by other riders, which is why you can not catch on the wall until you miss all forward.

I’m not sure that GRIP will be able to captivate those who missed Rollcage for a long time. It may well give a couple of fun evenings, some time will be spent on a boring campaign, where just mixed different types of races, but that’s all. GRIP simply nothing to tighten for a long time, except that you have a desire to entertain yourself in a customized single races. Partly rectify the situation split-screen mode (it is even on the PC, which is now rare) and multiplayer — races with other users are obtained damn unpredictable and fun, but at the time of writing reviews to find a room in the lobby was hard. Network mode is empty.


Developers, however, promise to continue to support the game with new tracks, cars and probably modes — with the last point is not yet fully defined. Now GRIP is a greeting from the past and a great gift for fans of unusual races from Attention to Detail. Time the rights holders of the series don’t want to revive the classics, then for them (with the help of Kickstarter, and two and a half years early access) do the fans. For exactly the same fans. Although the desire to keep the same spirit Studio moved into the game not only advantages but also disadvantages of the original. May be Caged Element more courageous, they would make a more interesting and original. On the other hand, getting Rollcage Stage 3 after so many years is also nice. Let under other name and with gray hair in hair.

На сложных трассах такие ситуации происходят постоянно. Уи-и-и-и-и-и!

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