Jurassic world Evolution-dead end for life!

Thematic reference to the famous franchise, which grew out of the novels of Michael Crichton, is a key, and say, looking ahead, the only truly significant advantage of the new tycoon from Frontier Developments. Still, sculpt abstract “Disneyland” — this is one thing, and quite another thing-to touch the legacy of John Hammond, the legendary Park of the Jurassic period, the abode of marvelous creatures from the distant past. And not to one-the game covers a whole archipelago of five Islands, including the memorable Isla Sorna, where the events of the “Lost world” unfolded, as well as a separately located Isla Nublar, designed for the free sandbox mode. On each, based on the specified conditions (frequent storms, lack of space, financial difficulties) you have to equip a successful enterprise, and access to the next opens as the current development. Progress goes on three branches-science, entertainment, security, and representatives of the relevant departments will from time to time throw you a job for which rely new Pets, buildings, research and, of course, money.

Dinosaurs, because of which all started, do not breed — they need to be displayed in the laboratory, after deciphering at least 50% of the genetic code. DNA samples are extracted from the findings of paleontological expeditions, and the more disclosed structure, the more tenacious and hardy individuals will be obtained. However, even in the most complete genome still remain gaps that you can try to fill fragments of other species-they serve as modifiers with their pros and cons.

Ordinary spectacle visitors enough on the mainland-here they came for the sake of prehistoric lizards and are willing to pay generously. As well as filling you with lawsuits for any problems. Dinosaurs-being very thin, with a set of needs, and if something in their habitat is not satisfied (for example, few trees or many neighbors), they will not tolerate. At best, get off with a broken fence and a slight fright, and at worst… well, everybody watched movies.

Fans of the same Planet Coaster can disappoint the scarcity of options for the design of the Park. There’s really no weight benches, lanterns, urns, flower beds, ornate paths, statues, fireworks and other decorations, the restaurants and shops it is impossible to give light weight flags and figurines… However, this medal has a downside. First, the strict utilitarian design of the island Park to the face, and not every Manager has the talent of a landscape designer. And secondly, alas, this game has enough problems more serious.

The repeated disease of games from the British team-the lack of sane macro-management-in Jurassic world Evolution suddenly hits under the breath with special force. Everything, absolutely everything, down to outright routine, you have to do yourself. To each deserted distributor it is necessary to drive manually teams of Rangers who are capable to serve only several feeders at a time. If there is a breakdown, power failure or an outbreak of the disease — the picture is the same; no areas of responsibility for emergency services to ask will not work. Without your pointer to the Rangers on the helicopters won’t even move to catch the escaped dinosaur, and scientists will continue to sit in their backs, not knowing about such banalities as the sequence of instructions. Shelters are not equipped with an automatic opening system in the event of a storm warning, laboratory technicians do not know how to reject the results of unsuccessful breeding, traders will never change unprofitable goods until they are not come with a check… Too many obvious things require close attention of the head of the Park, it is not deserving. Let us focus on more General and larger tasks!

Situation aggravated by the strange attitude of the game at the time. Jurassic world Evolution can not boast of an easy intuitive interface, why many actions are associated with unnecessary clicks and “mouse fuss”. Events unfold quickly: new individuals are born in a matter of minutes, research and expeditions take only a little more, feeders are rapidly emptied, diseases spread like fire. At the same time, it is impossible to slow down the flow of time or put it on pause — even when you read the encyclopedia, the world of the Park continues to live. In the later stages, this often leads to the fact that, getting stuck in the menu and boiling from sluggishness of subordinates, just do not have time to react to all signals in time.

Special mention should be made of the antics of the heads of departments. They don’t just stick to their line, no, amazing personality, exchanging cute jokes, severely conflict with each other, terribly jealous when the authorities helps foreign office. And if you allow the critical sagging loyalty of one of the departments, wait for trouble-offended do not hesitate to arrange a diversion, and, believe me, opened at the most inopportune moment corrals can bring victims and losses more than any natural cataclysm. Such would saboteurs t-Rex fed, the right word. In itself, the purpose of the developers is clear-corporate tensions challenge the managerial talents of the head. But when a lady from the research Department offers to take care of the safety of visitors to the Park and thus drives you into disgrace at the head of the security service, it looks naturally weird!

But to tell the truth, and these, and other controversial points could close my eyes, make the authors on the conscience of the flesh and blood of the game — themselves reborn prehistoric lizards. After all, according to the idea, what is a Jurassic Park? A colossal open reserve, supervised, but self-regulating giant ecosystem, where a variety of dinosaurs coexist with each other according to the laws of nature. Would you like to arrange something similar in the game? Forget it, it doesn’t work that way. The artificial intelligence of lizards is primitive to ugliness; the behavioral characteristics of different types do not exist as such. Most lizards, regardless of size and schooling behave exactly the same way. The saddest thing happened to the predators, who bare rush to all life that they see — it is not hunting for food, but some blind extermination of those who can not fight back. As a result, attempts to create a complex multi-species community fail, animals have to be settled and delimited, and the institution rolls down to the level of an ordinary island zoo with a bunch of small enclosures. The picture is far from dreams, don’t you think?

Jurassic world Evolution is trying his best to please the fans of the films-here you and the familiar music, and a return to their roles (albeit as voiced portraits) of some actors led by the incomparable Jeff Goldblum, and lizards as the screen. But if you dig deeper, it quickly becomes obvious that the creation of Frontier Developments itself looks like a dinosaur with a half genome-like looks good, growls and runs, but inside flawed and long life is not ready. The nostalgic joy and attractiveness of the droop under the weight of the total monotonicity, the congestion and creative stiffness. In such situations, salvation often comes from the fan community, but the developers had to give up support for modifications: obviously, the owners of the brand Jurassic Park do not want to see in the game franchise, say, mammoths (or Thomas the train). Perhaps they have a plan and in the foreseeable future, the strategy will bloom as it deserves — only we evaluate the game here and now, and the verdict is not the most comforting.


* many dinosaurs, beautiful and different.


* ugly AI lizards;

  • any superfluous concerns;

* astringent monotony.

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