NBA 2K19 create “the holiday spirit “

What is a basketball game for a real admires  and a fan? The holiday of course! The developers of NBA 2K19 perfectly understood this and therefore did everything to set the right — “the holiday spirit” — mood. The bleachers explode if a favorite team breaks forward, and disapprovingly buzz if one of the players misses. Basketball players constantly shout something to each other, demand to give them a pass, commentators don’t stop for a second, girls from support group jump somewhere in the background, the mascot gets the audience-everything as it is necessary, is shorter. Bright screams, the sound of the ball on the cover, screams and a ringing siren, marking the end of the match-all this stuns so much that you forget about the gameplay changes. Them,if compared with the last game of the series, not so much, but NBA 2K has never been rapid in development.

Рецензия на NBA 2K19 | Канобу - Изображение 6

In NBA 2K19 decreased the overall pace of matches and there are more techniques to deal with the enemy. It got to the point that it is now easier to score the ball with a three-point than to go through the defenders to the ring. They immediately react to what is happening and rarely leave open areas on the site.

In this gameplay viscosity there is nothing bad, especially since it became… more convenient to play. In 2K19, for example, we returned the display of the timing of the shots from under the ring, which was sorely lacking in the last game. It was impossible to determine the strength of the throw and understand why the player missed. With the timer, these problems do not exist, because you know exactly when to release the throw button.

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However, more convenient does not mean easier. And in the new game is ready not only to the fact that you decide to break through to the ring, but in general to all your maneuvers — do not even hope to deceive him. In addition, the computer successfully conducts almost all free throws, rarely fails in defense and well plays the ball in the attack. Previously, it was possible to accelerate and push any defender, but now try to get to the penalty is useless. The opponent will do everything possible to make you lose the ball-will push you away from the penalty area, block throws and grab the wrist.

The game teaches teamwork and punishes  for selfishness. “Watch your teammates and pass more often,” she says. It is better to give the ball than to lose it in an attempt to break through the defense — passes are now much easier. You can also take the lost ball back, but you have to learn how to do it first. 2K19 in General began to rely more on your skills, which will undoubtedly please long-time fans and a little upset those who wanted to join the series of the best basketball simulators this year.

 If you want a good athlete threw a three-pointer, choose a archetype Point Guard and 3PT shooting skill. And for outstanding ball control is responsible Ball Control-and so on.

Рецензия на NBA 2K19 | Канобу - Изображение 7

To collect a universal basketball player will not work: someone one will play well under the ring, the other-to throw three-point, the third to put blockshots. And do not forget about the indicator of endurance, because to spend ten feints in a short period of time and save strength will not work.

All this is a matter of balance, which became especially important when the authors of the series began to pay great attention to online.


MyTeam mode grows with each game and becomes more important-there are new ways to get a team of famous players. To add James Harden or, say, Kyrie Irving with a rating of 90 and above, you can win matches against bots or players, and perform certain tasks like “score five three-point per match” or “make five blockshots.”

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Although to maintain a competitive composition without the infusion of real money is almost impossible. The composition of the NBA star players quickly depreciates, which makes buying packs for real money or endlessly farm in-game points. I spent about twenty matches and managed to open only two packs, in which I got players with ratings 76 and 79. No one forbids to sit on the base cards, but do not be surprised that players with a rating of 70+ will get into the basket only on major holidays.

We also have to look for opponents for ten minutes, and on the court to play with a three-second delay. In General, it is normal to play NBA 2K19 right now is very difficult, although the game itself does not make it worse — the question is in remote servers.

Рецензия на NBA 2K19 | Канобу - Изображение 8

The main character falls on the draft of the National Basketball Association and gets into the Chinese championship, and then — in the unknown club Mad Ants from the NBA development League. That is, this is a typical story of an athlete who came to success from the bottom, but there are moments. Episode at a County fair, where the future basketball star wins for girl’s plush elephant, or yard match with the village boys, on the background of sheds and pieces of wheat — here are the highlights. On a setup with arson as a result of poorly running of the firecracker, the flight of the team’s new success and the contract with the NBA club.

Activities and after a career in NBA 2k19 enough. Take at least the Neighborhood Park — a local social platform. It’s a real Park, no kidding. Dynamic change of day and night, boxes in the yard, shops, hairdressers and even a gym — a suitable space for those who want to spend more time in your favorite game and chat with the same as he himself. There you can play dodgeball, score a beautiful ball with a jump on the trampoline, pull dumbbells and run on the treadmill, pumping skills.

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Yes, there is still enough content for entertainment. The story and online is one thing, but there are individual regular season matches and the playoffs. Still a workout where you can practice throws and feints in different game situations. Or here is the General Manager mode, in which you have to follow the expectations of the club owner, communicate a lot with the players and the press, keep within the budget, turn transfers and monitor the status of the team. In General, 2K19 hardly limits you in anything.

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