Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is very different from other action games in the open world. And it’s not about the prohibitively high quality graphics and video, beautiful landscapes, traditionally excellent scenarios and memorable characters. The thing in the gameplay, the pacing, how the game unfolds with each passing hour and as proposed to explore virtually every corner of your world. She does it sometimes in very unusual ways-no other Studio could not afford to take such a risk and create something like that.



Is not the same as all

Red Dead Redemption 2 (which is actually the first prequel) does not fill up entertainment and does not fall asleep world map millions of icons, even at the end of the passage. And all because it-not another fighter in the open sandbox, and a kind of cowboy simulator in the Wild West. Cowboy, who should wash from time to time, otherwise passers-by can spoil the mood with their sarcastic comments, and the animals smell the ambergris for a kilometer. Cowboy, which is desirable to monitor health and endurance, although the food in his inventory is by and large useless, because all the characteristics are restored after sleep. Cowboy who needs not just to get on a new horse if the old one is tired, but to move the saddle and then build trust with the horse.


In almost everything Red Dead Redemption 2 tries to be realistic to the player felt like a real inhabitant of the Wild West — Arthur Morgan, a member of the gang damn charismatic Dutch van der Linde. Used to perform crazy stunts in GTA V? Here such frills can bring the horse to the grave, and will help her to stand on her feet only a special drug. Want to climb on any house or cling to a stone, as in any Assassin’s Creed? We’ll have to look for workarounds: Arthur is not as clever as the guys with hidden blades. Even the usual rapid movement is not here — you can only go from the gang camp to the city and travel by train and stagecoach between stations. If the mission or a long walk will throw you hell-those where, get ready for a long return. In the yard in 1899, people have not yet learned the crazy rhythm of modern times.

But sometimes this realistic slowness goes sideways. The main character seems to carry heavy weights in his pockets, because of which he hardly bypasses obstacles and turns around for a long time. Yes, he for some reason selects cartridges automatically, and here a trifle from pockets of dead men gets hands, spending for it from three to seven seconds. If other games simplify the process of collecting trash, then Rockstar goes the other way and offers to collect items one by one, opening numerous cabinets, boxes and drawers. Such a system is more appropriate in linear adventures like The Last of Us, and here by the middle of the story campaign it does not want to waste time — it is easier to buy canned food in the store than time after time trying to put clumsy Arthur in front of the table so that in the corner there was a corresponding button.

But still there is a feeling that without these inconveniences Red Dead Redemption 2 would be completely different and lost a considerable share of its charm. Arthur is leisurely and imposing, like a bear, it is part of his character. At the same time, inconvenient management often creates unpleasant situations, especially in tandem with the archaic system of shelters. The hero does not know how to move normally from one wall to another, and even the tree sometimes bypasses with difficulty, pressing his back to him. Instead of “sticking” to the stone, he begins to climb on it — probably because of a small delay between pressing the button and the action of the character. To the final to all this already get used, but at first have to fight not only with opponents, but also with management.


The main thing is that in the end it’s all worth it! After a long introduction, where you watch videos on the engine for a long time or hold the “X” button and jump after someone on a horse, the red Dead Redemption 2 locomotive is gaining full speed in terms of content and history. The player meets with a gang of Dutch-so different from each other, but United people, forced to wander through America, on the run and with hopes for a better life. But in the Wild West, the plan is not all and not always, so Arthur and his comrades fall into a variety of scrapes: chase, shooting, robbing trains and banks, threats and beating innocent people. These people-bandits, and behave accordingly (even if some of them and then tormented by the pangs of conscience).

Nowhere to hurry

However, between these episodes takes a very long time because of the slowness of the gameplay. This is not Saints Row, not modern Assassin’s Creed, and not even GTA V — if in other games from a variety of entertainment is literally not to hide, the Red Dead Redemption 2 diligently immerses in the atmosphere and does everything that you do not inadvertently missed anything. It is noticeable when you first enter the camp of the gang, even while you hold down the acceleration button Arthur is moving slower than in the field. All in order for you to meet on the way of your colleagues, heard “Good morning” or “Good evening” depending on the time of day, witnessed a scandal or a drunken heart — to-heart conversation around the campfire, received an offer to go hunting or fishing with one of the friends, could all greet-in General, to leave this place did not want.

Therefore, with the rapid sequential passage of one story mission after another, it seems that you play somehow wrong. Open worlds of recent years work on a very different principle, their creators are trying to make the gameplay as rich and fast as possible. The pumping will be added, then new techniques will be awarded, then dozens of side tasks will be thrown out on the map. It’s different. Tasks are always few, icons on the map-too. The path from one point to another is often long-the horse is not a sports car. Brightens the road the ability to include “autopilot”: Arthur takes the reins, the camera snatches beautiful angles, and the background shimmers great music in the spirit of old westerns.


And there is something to see: swamps, where you wander knee — deep in mud, snow-capped peaks piercing the sky mountains, Heath-stunning scenery instantly “sucked” into the screen. Through the crowns of the trees, the rays of the sun break through, the cart running along the path raises dust, storm passes strike with a riot of elements — everything from the smallest detail to the most ambitious scene even after dozens of hours produces a consistently powerful impression. Deer, alligators and bears butt each other, cause genuine fear, wild horses graze in the prairies, and for the whole holiday of life from the height of the flock of birds (which can be shot, if you have enough marks). Hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2-the whole art with separate animations for each of one and a half hundred species of animals, with folding their skins on the croup of a horse and a further trip to the merchant, ready to purchase prey. The beast must learn to hunt (or to lure), skinned, and then to learn that using a certain weapon will be able to get perfect skin, and something with it to make.

During trips there are casual passers-by with the problems-that the horse was lost, the cart turned over. Someone asks for alms and is ready to talk heart to heart, and someone-just the charlatan loudly shouting on the street and selling useless goods at high prices. Atmospheric, but next time in the same places you will meet them again and hear the same cues that slightly destroys the atmosphere of the living world. Maybe, in fact, he is not so alive and comes to life only around you? What does it matter, because even these mini-stories are interesting, to say nothing of the full side quests in which Arthur will meet and funny madmen and grieving sorrows.

Against the background of all this a little strange look story missions with a completely linear structure. If you move a little away from the paved Rockstar corridor, the mission will be failed. If because of stupid management to move out not there and then to try to develop the carriage, characters will begin to drip on brains and to be indignant. If you stay for a few seconds, searching the corpses, the game will first punish annoying remarks comrades, and then one of them did catch a bullet-without you they can not cope with opponents. However, all this stuff-staging, voice, facial animation, and more are made at a level that is not dreamed of the absolute majority of other developers. Even if a half-dozen missions end in exactly the same way — a long shootout and run away behind the curtain enemies-the game is forgiven, because in front of waiting for so many interesting things.


Туман на болотах Сен-Дени такой густой, что хоть ножом режь

In the first Chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2 admires the visual component and intriguing tie, but for a few hours to deal with the management. To the second problem does not disappear, but about the open world and its device you begin to learn more. And only in the third Chapter Western captures so much that turn off the console and do other things do not want to. This desire does not disappear until the credits, but personally it took me about two days to get involved and start having fun, turning a blind eye to bugs, management, the idiotic reaction of people and the police to your actions. Someone attacked with fists, and you fought back? Only you will be wanted, not the offender. And if the yard dog ran out under the hooves of your horse, then run without looking back or pay a fine

Red Dead Redemption 2-one of those games that can not be rated and limited only to it. Someone may fall asleep in the first Chapter and have a hard time getting to the next, then turn off the game because of the slow pace and never come back to it. Someone will be amazed by the difference between RDR 2 and other representatives of the genre. Someone will spend a few days in the open world, then postponed the story missions and just doing hunting, fishing and virtual tourism. It can be given any rating from 6 to 10, and for each position there is an adequate explanation: either the “heaviness” of the character will tire, or the duration of trips, or other problems will be found. But how is the game shocking, if you allow yourself to get involved and stop finding fault with the little things!

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