Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

As you know, in all Soulslike – games the main thing – it’s hot and very difficult battle with the “bosses”. It is these fat five-story “monsters” – the essence of what is happening, it is to them that we are preparing all the way, and it is the battle with them that determines how strong your nerves and a high level of skill. “But before that why you need something to fight with the usual enemies, explore the world, read any notes, to find gear, to swing and to sit around the campfire. And let’s skip all unnecessary and immediately move on to the main?”- so, apparently, reasoned in the Studio Dark Star and came up with Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, Soulslike-a game in which there is only a battle with the ” bosses»

Little Adam and big sin


The protagonist Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption — emphasized small, something like even a toy warrior with a huge sword. But it’s the only weak hints on frivolous anime, and it’s all serious and dark and Gothic. And the plot (more precisely, the plot as such is not) is built on direct biblical associations.


The main character, of course, is called Adam, and he must atone for some sins-his and his country, which dies and languishes in blasphemy. And for this you need to fight seven “bosses”, each of which represents one of the seven deadly sins. But in the final, naturally, will have to fight with yourself… However, you’ll know if you can pull it off. I will only say that this fight will be very symbolic and correct from the point of view of any narrative-it logically puts an end to this long biblical metaphor and gives somewhere even a metaphysical meaning to what is happening

Картинки по запросу Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

This scheme is simple


Description Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption that can be found online and even in store the shell, apparently, was done on the basis of earlier views of developers about what will be their game — or, on the contrary, it is a retelling of the plans for the future. Unlockable equipment? Different modes? Different endings?


I don’t know, my store-bought version of it was pretty much none of it. Everything is quite simple and static throughout the passage. There is one mode — in fact, the battle with the “bosses”. Adam is on top of some dark, lost among the clouds of the mountain, where the stones with runes. Each of them leads to a rendezvous with one of the seven “bosses”. After here we come back to activate another stone and fight with another “boss”. And leave here in the menu to start, for example, a new game, you can not — only on the desktop. What are the new modes?

With any of the “bosses”, and in what order to fight, we pick ourselves up. But the equipment can not be chosen: Adam is always available the same Arsenal-a heavy two-handed sword, a light sword with a shield, incendiary bombs, javelins, “healers”, gain, giving the weapon fire damage. And consumables are automatically restored after each battle.


Картинки по запросу Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

Downgrade play


The chief feature of the Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption — is sacrifice. Activate the stone a little-you still need to sacrifice their characteristics to get a pass to fight with the “boss”. Before the fight, we make a sacrifice, because of what Adam, for example, becomes less stock of health and endurance. Or take away his armor, releasing with bare torso to fight against a huge monster. Or they say that a hero will die if drained, that is completely the end of his endurance.


After the defeat of the weaker Adam not becoming — you just give a new try. But after the long-awaited victory increases the overall health of Adam. After that, you can, of course, return the donation, restoring the characteristics and items, but in this case, the “boss” will be reborn. And to complete the game and see the ending, it is necessary that all seven deadly sins were defeated. That is, in the final battle, Adam in any case will perform with a bare torso — and even with a bunch of fines. It turns out an interesting and unique situation in its own way — with each battle fines from sacrifices accumulate, but the overall level of health increases.

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Sin is not to kill such a reptile!


All this makes the already tricky battle with the “bosses” even more interesting. Each of them in Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, as usual, has its pros and cons, tactics and history. For example, Envy represents the Countess, jealous of his more fortunate rival, Pride — once the strongest warrior, whose pride was hurt after the humiliating defeat of a stranger. And Laziness represents the king who because of the unwillingness to work absolutely started own state-even he reluctantly fights, hiding behind backs of numerous security guards.


All battles, of course, complex, interesting and unique in their own way-they require an individual approach to each enemy and necessarily take several stages with the call of creatures. Someone huge and high inflicts crushing blows with a sword or hands in close combat, and then destroys part of the surface, immersing it in lava, someone prefers to shoot you from a distance and pour some poisonous muck (or flying eyes), someone pours the floor with water and then conducts waves of invigorating electricity through it.


The recipe for success in these grueling fights known to all fans of the genre: to calculate timings, to learn and remember the animations of the attacks in time to Dodge, to put the unit to alternate a light and heavy attack all the time to monitor the level of endurance. Win the first time is almost impossible — you have not once or twice to die and try again and again, studying the enemy, calculating tactics, figuring out where and at what point to hide from his poisonous storm, and remembering the main principle of all Soulslike-games — every defeat brings you closer to victory!



It’s a sort of concentrated Dark Souls in a nutshell, where between the player, his constant death as the surest means of progress and maturation and the “bosses” there is nothing superfluous. Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption from this point of view can be seen as a combat simulator, a simulator that is ideal for learning the game in all the “soul-likes” (although hardened veterans of the genre there will not be easy).

Картинки по запросу Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption


Ideal-because there are no impurities branched pumping and selection of equipment. Arsenal is always the same, and the characteristics are even reduced. Everything concentrates on pure fights, forcing to rely only on skill, reaction, observation, patience and endurance. Therefore, defeating the last of the “bosses”, you will feel as if just passed several” soul-likes ” together. And after that you will be ready for any test in any game of this genre.

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