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After the deafening failure of Wii U, major publishers seem to have lost faith in Nintendo, and therefore not only did not prepare for switch exclusives, but also did not hurry to drag there multiplatform. Electronic Arts is limited to a series of FIFA, Activision is in no hurry to port there Call of Duty, but at least the trilogy Crash Bandicoot moved. But Ubisoft does not forget about the console — and the wonderful Mario + Rabbids released, and for Starlink exclusive content prepared. And then comes the kind of mediocrity is Sports Party…

Good little by little


Time for the release of this game, the company has chosen the most inappropriate, because recently appeared on Switch Super Mario Party. It is also designed for a group of friends and offers a lot of modes, although the content of these games is still different — one is a set of hundreds of mini-games that can be played individually or in the “tabletop” mode, and the other consists of six sports disciplines. Naborchik Ubisoft quite scarce, but these activities take more time than any of the mini-games in Super Mario Party, and the quality is always more important than the number. However, Sports Party has a quality problem.


As a big tennis fan, still occasionally running Mario Tennis Aces, the first thing I went to play was beach tennis. First, you are asked to select the mode (1 to 1 or 2 to 2), and then decide whether you want to control the buttons or strokes. In any case, tennis will look very strange due to the fact that the character moves around the court on their own, you only need to respond to the ball flying in your direction. If the control is buttons, you just need from time to time to lazily press a single button that becomes boring after a couple of strokes.


Control strokes implemented even worse — as soon as I tried to swing his hands, the game still read the movement once out of five. When the ball was very close to the character, I tried to swing as I would in real life, but nothing worked. If I straightened my hand completely and kept it parallel to the floor, sometimes the game understood my actions and still allowed me to hit the ill-fated ball. And the character is moving by itself, which is not always obvious which side will have to swing. After five lost games, I decided to give up trying to cope with this management and spent about an hour on Golf.

With it all a little better: and using the buttons to manage conveniently, and the waves of the game perfectly understands. The rules are standard: there are several holes (the number is set before the start) and the player must drive the balls into them, making as few strokes as possible. Full Golf simulator is not called, but the basic components are present here. You can make a test hit before the present, change the stick (by selecting between the driver, wood, pitching-wedge and iron), the top of the screen indicates the direction of the wind, and the mini-map helps to understand which way to beat and with what force.


Unfortunately, the number of unique Golf courses is catastrophically small, and the existing ones are too similar to each other. It is clear that Ubisoft created a game not about Golf, but about different sports, so too much attention to individual entertainment is not paid. But it’s still a shame — if the fields were at least a little more diverse, fans to hit the balls with a stick probably would want to spend more than one evening in this mode. And so all this will quickly get bored, and the potential will not remain fully disclosed.


Sports Party обзор игры

It gets worse


Although against the background of the rest of the content offered in Sports Party, Golf still looks advantageous. There is a competition on a skateboard, where participants just go on the road and accelerate with the help of decomposed accelerators, but it’s really idiotic fun — you need to quickly press the same button and periodically turn that bored before the end of the first round. Racing on water motorcycles is not much different from this, only in them to control the movements is almost impossible-even if you follow the instructions and correctly tilt the “joycon”, the character will not respond.


The fifth discipline was throwing Frisbees, where participants throw discs in the field with bonus points. Here, as in tennis, the game does almost everything for you — no matter with what force you wave your hand, the disk will still reach the goal, even though it is close, though far away. Sense in this zero, friends such offer even ashamed.

But basketball turned tolerable, although the animation of the characters and leaves much to be desired. For a few matches in which you will fiercely beat the balls from rivals and desperately try to throw a three-point, you probably have enough. If the process is very entice, normal basketball arcade on the Switch is already there.


That’s all — no more entertainment on the menu. You can run these fun separately, but you can organize a tournament in which participants will fight for points, and the leader after the first game will wear a crown on his head and will be in this form to play tennis and ride a skateboard. Interestingly, the menu offers tournaments of three, six and nine rounds, while only six disciplines. Whether Ubisoft wanted to offer more content, or developers are not particularly worried about the repetition of mini-games within the same championship.

Sports Party обзор игры

To maintain the interest of longer bought this misunderstanding, the authors came up with dozens of simple tests: it is necessary to win every mini-game, to be a leader throughout the race on a skateboard, throw a Frisbee in a few multipliers of points and so on. For this, the character editor unlocks bonus clothing, including t-shirts, jackets, shorts, sneakers and even glasses with caps. Some things open up when you reach certain levels, which are earned victories in any discipline. There are eight characters, the appearance of which without restrictions allow you to customize at any time, but their wardrobe depends only on your success.


That’s just entertainment in Sports Party criminally small, and they will have time to get bored long before you unlock everything. By and large, in addition to Golf and basketball, there is nothing to play here — the rest is so primitive that even a “casual” player will lose interest. And in the same Golf, in my opinion, it is more comfortable to spend time alone-not the most fun for the company. In General, it is better to take Super Mario Party, if there is a need for something like that.

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