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As soon as we did not save the world in video games: and powerful corporations destroyed from within, and armed with a sword to kill terrible monsters. But the main character Wandersong solves all the problems with the help of the song. This 10-hour adventure, created almost single-handedly a canadian named Greg Lobanov (Greg Lobanov), liked and remembered due to his originality. It touches on unusual topics, using non-standard mechanics and everything is so cool with each other that after passing just want to recommend the game to everyone.

Rise and Shine


In the role of an eccentric bard, the player tries to prevent the end of the world. To do this, he needs to meet with several, shall we say, deities and learn a special song. Otherwise, all the inhabitants of the planet will die and a new life will be born, which none of the living do not want. What kind of song is able to prevent a catastrophe, almost no one believes, but the bard (whose name you come up with yourself, choosing from several letters) insists on his own — since he can sing, it is necessary to use this ability, even if the chance of rescue is negligible.


Singing is carried out by the movement of the right stick — if you touch it, a wheel with different colors will appear on the screen, indicating intonation. At first Wandersong seems a simple platformer, in which the main character chases ghosts from a small settlement — it is on them that the player “trains” in the first Chapter. To defeat the Ghost, you need to repeat after him a melody consisting of three notes. That is, three times to move the stick in different directions, singing a song – this mechanics is used here all the time.


But after that it turns out that the game is much larger and is divided into several major episodes, and the story of saving the world is constantly pleasing unexpected twists and funny situations. At the same time, the main idea remains unchanged until the final — though ridiculously dancing bard, whose face is always a smile, and does not look like a real Hero, with the help of other people he will be able to succeed — they all just need to unite for a common goal.


When visiting a new location, the bard can not immediately learn a fragment of the song — he needs to communicate with others, listen to them and help, and in return they will definitely thank him. And this explains a lot of touching episodes: you will meet notorious accordionist, never speaking on stage with their mother on the street in a town bard will meet a crying, useless guy, even a dog to cuddle is not possible.

Sooner or later, all these people will need to access a fragment of the song. At some point you will gather a team of the most unhappy with life and go with them to the factory polluting the air to put an end to it. In another episode you will help the band to compose a composition. And you really will write it — for a few seconds to move the stick in different directions, creating a melody, which then will be able to change and listen to a live performance.

Wandersong обзор игры

Unforgettable adventure


And these are not the only moments when singing will be useful to the bard. Often he will have to jump on the platforms and solve easy puzzles, and surprises Wandersong presents so much that never ceases to amaze for a minute. Even spoiler and spoil the impression do not want to call only the most banal examples, like growing in different directions stems and the ability to change the direction of the wind with the help of music. At the same time, the hero does not acquire any new skills — everything happens with the help of the same wheel.


But beyond the moments with puzzles developers have tried to make sure that each new episode of the life of the bard was different from the previous one. Therefore, in one of the chapters you travel on the high seas on a ship, singing pirate songs with his new team, and in the other you find yourself in the town of witches, where in one corner there is a shop with brooms, and in the other there is a library with mountains of books about magic. There are even new mechanics, but it is better to see them yourself — some of them do not expect.


Wandersong обзор игры

In many ways, Wandersong turned out so wonderful due to how much attention was paid to each character. They are all completely different and sometimes hilariously funny. The main star, of course, was the bard — silly, naive, surprised at every little thing, but so funny, kind and always optimistic. The company he is Miriam — considered and very grouchy witch, who never irritates his grumbling, but, on the contrary, evokes sympathy as the bard and the player. For the secondary characters, of which there are more than a hundred, written tons of dialogues – they can be ignored, but among these people are often interesting personalities. Alas, without a minimum knowledge of English, many jokes are unlikely to be understood.

The music also failed, and it is possible to say not only about melodies, but about the texts. Sometimes the bard sings without words, and in such cases it is necessary to move the stick in the right direction in time — the game gives a few tips, so it is difficult to make a mistake. And in some cases, when the hero must pass information to another character or he just sits around the fire with other people, you just choose the intonation, but without time limits. Every word bard sings in a different key, and the music is always adjusted to the lines, so the dissonance never occurs.


You can reproach Wandersong only in the absence of any complexity. Always correctly tilt the stick is not required-even for a couple of errors will not be punished. In an extreme case, the player will have to start singing again, but it will take just a few seconds. The same with puzzles and jumps from platform to platform — save points are placed at every step, and even if the bard falls into the abyss, he immediately revives right next to it. In other words, to Celesteigre in terms of hardcore infinitely far, it is not about that.


Some may find fault with the visual style: when you look at the screenshots, the game resembles a highly simplified two — dimensional version of Tearaway-here, too, everything seems to be cut out of colored cardboard. But when you see this funny world on your screen, you realize that neither pixel art nor modern 3D would come here. On the face of bard and his grimace to look without laughter and affection is impossible, as well as many other characters. In addition, for each of the hundreds of characters were drawn unique animations that can be seen singing next to them some song. It is a pity that the Switch models are sometimes surrounded by” ladders ” and other artifacts, especially if they are on a dark background — there are no such problems on the computer.

Картинки по запросу Wandersong

This Autumn  many players are passionate about blockbusters that have been waiting for years, and there is no time or money left for small indie games. But spending a couple of evenings on wandersong is Definitely worth it — it’s a unique and calming adventure that most probably would never have heard of and would not have known without a clue. A beautiful, kind and devilishly sweet story about friendship, mutual assistance, striving for the impossible and what the word “hero”means.

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