WarioWare Gold

Mario is boring. To eat a mushroom, to crush a turtle, to throw a hat in a frog, to jump on a flag and to receive from the Princess a modest kiss in a cheek — unless such there has to be a scale of superhero life? Another thing — Vario. He literally sits on a bag of money, he has a cool convertible and a whole team of strange creatures, which is literally at the click of your fingers ready to make a huge pack of micro games, hundreds of them.

In search of new coins


A series of collections WarioWare not released for a long time, although it was she, not the musical Rhythm Heaven was once the main of the wildest franchises Nintendo. But at the end of the life cycle of 3DS fans get an ultimate collection of entertainment for five seconds each. In this release, Intelligent Systems has collected the most popular and crazy of their (and not only their) previous works, adding literally a dozen or two fresh releases. Therefore, fans can be both happy that they were given a huge choice, and upset — most of the content they have already seen.


But what gamers still have not seen in the series, so it’s through the story. It is clear that the project of this genre it is not particularly necessary. But here it is quite funny and very accurately corresponds to the General crazy atmosphere. Wario organizes a micro-game tournament to get more coins into his safe, and makes old friends “code” and “release” in the maximum amount. The prize in the tournament is a strange artifact, the true meaning of which will be revealed at the very end.


To get the trophy, we have to go through almost 20 leagues, for each of them is responsible for one of the unusual improvised Vario — the other the Italian simply does not. And the League is divided by control method: buttons, console, tilt, or stylus. Give and blow into the microphone.


Each League is also the story of one of the heroes. Here at hair Jimmy T, fan disco, gets a kitten, and then with the hapless guy starts Dating girls. Here’s Ashley the witch accidentally summons a very hungry demon and must now find at least something is able to shut his mouth. But the stranger Orbular learns that Burger over the meat, and begins hurriedly to gather the pigs around the neighborhood. Half a dozen sketches in the same spirit to retell it makes no sense.

WarioWare Gold обзор игры

300-in-1 cartridge


It makes no sense to retell what is happening in each of the micro games. The gameplay here usually lasts five seconds, the style can be very different, and the theme — completely Japanese. Pull the hair out of the nose with two sharp movements of the stylus. Tilt the console so that the horse standing on the airship is not hit by its rotating parts. Confident judo technique to throw a gorilla on the tatami. Clearly and boldly press the a button 15 times to keep the door from breaking into her clerk. Or just do not press anything and do not move the device, so as not to break the egg.


Although all the entertainment is combined in one campaign, the feeling of the cartridge — as from the collections of the era of “Dandy”: it seems that the content is much more than it really is. At the same time, almost all the games were interesting, although the humor is sometimes a bit specific. The problem I have happens only when drawing characters to repeat them well is very difficult. Yes, it is not so easy to control the gyroscope in public transport. Another small mistake — from a one-word explanation on the top screen is not always clear what needs to be done. From the second or third time, of course, you understand, but a couple of “lives” is worth it.


After the passage of the “Suzette” opens in test mode. In them, the games are mixed or additional rules are introduced. Weak to pass 30-40 stages in a row with a single “heart”? Or to constantly switch between the upper and lower screens of the 3DS? Or to cope with the noise, which throws on the screen Vario? These innovations are great to extend the duration, because the campaign can be completed in three hours, open all the fun-for six. And then there’s 10-15 hours is enough

WarioWare Gold обзор игры

When the add-on cooler basics

If the micro games are not satisfied to the end, WarioWare Gold will please more advanced mini-games. They should be opened for all the same coins, and it will have to do for a long time. But among these additions is waiting for almost the rich content.


First, as much as two a great part of Pyoro. There in the main role a small bird with a long tongue, which catches explosive seeds. Pyoro was even sold in the digital store Nintendo DSi as a separate release-so it is good! Secondly, several “shooters”, including Ashley in the lead role, and the session in any of the militants can easily last 10 minutes. And finally, there will also be very well made mini-Golf and bowling, reminiscent of the glorious times of Java and push-button mobile phones.


In addition to the active entertainment we will be given every song of the local soundtrack, he, by the way, is great and consists not only of j-pop, but also of rap, disco, rock, Blues and just good music. Will allow personally redubbed half cutscenes and set yourself an alarm to off after performing a few tasks. Still will give a pack of cards with heroes of WarioWare. All this looks like a real gift for the fans. The trouble with additional content in one — it should be long (and a little tedious) to open, and among the additions a lot of “filler” type gallery figures with Nintendo consoles and obscure phone codes.

WarioWare Gold обзор игры

If cinema is the life from which the spots of boredom were brought, then WarioWare Gold is a video game without the same spots. However, it is sometimes devoid of common sense, advanced graphics and for the most part more and new content, but the pure fun that is going on here, just perfect for uncomplicated entertainment on trips, queues and other situations when you need to kill a little time. The collection will delight dozens of hours, because it contains three hundred of these masterpieces of game design, albeit lasting for a few seconds, as well as the long-awaited new part of the “Meatroid”.

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