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In the Crew 2, the authors finally abandoned everything that they did not like — from the plot, for example, which in the race about everything-everything-really does not matter. No more fuss with the riders and the FBI from the last game — only vast America, the sports capital of the world. Apparently, in the literal sense: in the U.S. version of the Ivory Tower has long been no police and pedestrians, though sometimes on the street, but it is in vain do it because there are constantly racing. And every athlete is fighting furiously for followers, because the more of them, the higher the level of the rider, the steeper the race in which he can participate, and the more expensive the car.

There are no barriers in this world — all America is in front of you, bigger and more detailed than in the first part. There is not even logic, and if the Crew 2 snow falls, it applies to the whole country — and California, and Miami, and sanded deserts. Yeah, it snows over the sand. In this sense, Ivory Tower seems to have created its own universe, working according to its own rules, so it makes no sense to be surprised by all these conventions like snow or trampolines placed everywhere. Yes this and not conventions at all, and especially.

In General, in the Crew 2 there are only impressive distances, competitions and, according to the authors, the sea of fan. At the same time we are talking not only about cars, but also boats and airplanes/helicopters. So the competition is not limited to the usual street racing and off-road races in the forests and fields. In addition, there is motocross, and rally, and a long race on “Harleys”, drift, and drag, and racing on supercars on special tracks, and flying on planes over all the major cities, and endless stunts in monster trucks, and competitions on high-speed boats on the rivers and in the sea.

Play the Crew 2 for a long time does not get bored — this is its main advantage. At least this moment Ivory Tower managed to work on the full, so the sequel for a dozen hours — or even more-throws something new. Tired of street racing through the streets of new York? Here’s a swim along the coast of Miami. Enrage flying in the face spray? Please, fly under the Golden gate bridge in San Francisco. No? Then here’s the drift in the port, the arena with jumps for Bigfoot, drag on the night of Los Angeles and another billion total.

And these competitions are served gradually, so somewhere at the fifth hour it seems that new types of races in the Crew 2 do not stop appearing. They really do not stop for a long time, and often you can not turn off the game, because here’s something new, and here are five unfamiliar icons, but the next level and even more races, cars, boats and planes.Рецензия на The Crew 2, игру от авторов Test Drive Unlimited  | Канобу - Изображение 1

In the Crew 2 really feel freedom-and not only in the movement of the States or the choice of races. The developers do not limit the change of vehicles: you can accelerate on the highway to the Ford Mustang, immediately switch to the “corn”, fly over new York and happily flop on the Hudson, in the air, changing the plane to the boat. Even the speed will not lose-so the Crew 2 arcade.

However, we all understand that you can not just go and make a race with so much content, and that everything else in it, too, was great. And I’m not talking about physics – in the first part it really was very so-so, but in the sequel does not cause problems. Seriously: ride, swim and fly in The Crew 2 is nice. Maybe not all cars, boats and planes will be comfortable for you, but among the variety of equipment you will be able to find something for yourself without any problems.

Рецензия на The Crew 2, игру от авторов Test Drive Unlimited  | Канобу - Изображение 3

Sports cars, as in the last game, it is quite difficult to put into a skid (if we do not talk about drift, where drifts are obtained by themselves), but the more expensive cars enter the turns easily. I have a serious problem and hatred caused only racing monster trucks — those huge things absolutely impossible to deploy, and when they jump through jump, after landing, often throws anywhere, but not on the track.

But the coolest thing is to fly and swim. The physics of aircraft in General is as far as possible from real life — they instantly take off and do not lose speed, even when the wing is collected several pillars of lighting. With boats things harder-say, there is a difference between racing in the sea, where the boat rides briskly on the waves, and on the rivers. But in General, Yes, The Crew 2 is not even trying to claim credibility, although the game does not get worse.

In the Crew 2 some inhuman number of cars, boats and planes. At the same time, money is rarely lacking — for the victory give a lot of credit. In the end, you can always buy something for real (but better not).

The problem is different: because of the amount of content and the scale of the world, the authors had to cut the schedule — as in Test Drive Unlimited and the first the Crew. I genuinely don’t understand why Ivory Tower does this over and over again, but as a result, potentially good arcade racing at it turns into some sort of visual nightmare.


In the Crew 2 cities are studded with boxes, covered with muddy textures, forests and swamps consist of the same blocks, and pedestrians, traffic and scenery sometimes appear a couple of meters from your car. And okay, when it does not particularly affect anything, but on a normal PS4, say, often there are situations when you do not see until the last moment a springboard in the race on boats — it occurs unexpectedly. And in rally races it is not always clear that there in the distance — a flimsy fence or a bunch of logs, which is sure to slow down the buggy.

You can break the car, but the gameplay is generally not affected.

Рецензия на The Crew 2, игру от авторов Test Drive Unlimited  | Канобу - Изображение 5

Although the technique is clearly spent much more effort: the car looks much better than those that were in the last game, and boats, motorcycles and airplanes… well, fine.

Still some trouble at the Crew 2 with AI. With computer opponents to compete or incredibly boring, or unbearably difficult — here as lucky. In the first case, they immediately lag behind and weave the whole race behind, and in the second, several opponents immediately go to the point, and you will never catch up with them. It happens that the AI will go far ahead, and then obviously slow down and wait for you to create the illusion of struggle. This problem is somehow able to solve except that the cooperative – together with friends to play much more fun.


Racing dreams from the Ivory Tower once again failed, but The Crew just 2 of the closest games Studio has selected for this formulation. As for me, this team now has only two options — or continue to create such huge games in the hope that the level of technology will be appropriate (and the money at the same time enough for everything), or stop it all and make an amazing, but compact race. And then, and another Ivory Tower under force.

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