Just Cause 4-we can only dream about peace

We  can only  dream about peace.First impressions of Just Cause 4: the farther into the forest, the more explosions.Just Cause 4 invites players to the huge island of Solis, located somewhere in South America. There are constant conflicts and natural disasters, and that’s where agent Rico Rodriguez is trying to find out the truth about his past. Do not forget wingsuit and hook, going on a trip to exotic lands.

The new game engine, used in Just Cause 4, allowed not only to show the beauty of the most dangerous natural disasters, but also gave the player the opportunity to use the element against enemies. A huge open world area of more than 100 square kilometers overflowing mercenaries high-tech army “Black Hand”, against which Rico must lead the soldiers of the uprising.

As usual, the hero is available to an extensive Arsenal and a wide range of equipment – cars, helicopters, jets and even construction equipment – all can be used to wreak havoc in the ranks of the enemy.

“We hope you will have fun,” Omar Shakir, the narrative Director of Just Cause 4, broadcasts with a smarmy baritone.

The announcement of Just Cause 4 this year caught many by surprise: after cool met the third series of return of Rico very few people waited. Especially as on a plot he, having finished at last with the murderer of the father, could retire. But no: it turns out that the point of this story is not yet delivered. So the hero pulls the wing-suit, grabs the cat-hook and heads for Solis island off the coast of Latin America.

It is ruled by an organization with the saying name “Black hand” — they have already appeared in the first and third parts of the series. In the fourth, Rodriguez will pay a visit to them personally: find out the details of the death of parents and learn about the mysterious project “IAPA”. With the help of the latter, enemies control the weather, controlling and creating natural disasters on their own whim.

It is impossible to take the plot seriously-too many fantastic assumptions that appeared as if straight from the fighters of the 80’s and early 90’s.the Fictional banana Republic, mandatory and obvious antagonists with a ruthless leader at the head, dialogues, clearly designed to cause a stingy tear-all this here in abundance.

Perhaps in any other game such stamps would not cause anything but irritation. But not in Just Cause.

When the hero is soaring above, then jumps on the walls, like Batman, serious drama can not wait. However, the whole Solis exists solely to become a sandbox in which the gamer will experiment with extreme weather conditions, crazy stunts and explosions. And just this part really works.

The beauty of destruction.

From the announcement Avalanche Studios promised that the main element of the game will be a modified hook-cat. No doubt, the promise was kept: now you can not only cling to the walls and cliffs or connect different objects with a rope. Rick is able to attract them to each other and even adjust the force with which the two colliding object fly apart.

Innovation number two-the gadget allows you to attach to the right things bundles of balloons that will lift it into the air. If you want-remove obstacles from the road, if you want-hang the car with balls and fly forward, towards destiny. If desired, nothing prevents even to adjust the takeoff height and response time (automatic or on command).

Finally, the third change-miniature jet engines. They are convenient to use to send some beautiful scenery closer to heaven. Or, by disabling the options in the explosion after fuel generation, to fasten on the Ferris wheel in the coastal town and make it rotate at space speed.

Add to all this a huge map with four main zones, each with its own characteristics. In the desert waiting for sandstorms in the mountains – severe blizzards and so on. And wingsuit, who migrated from triquel. And the main thing in Just Cause 4-the ability to combine elements with each other, coming up with exotic variations and finding unusual applications familiar mechanics.

As developers assure, there are already 4 million combinations of all elements. From such figures a little dizzy — potentially in search of new sensations you can spend, like, forever. Question one-is it worth it?

All inclusive

Первые впечатления от Just Cause 4


The main problem of many titles with the open world — they quickly become boring. Huge cards baffled: where to go now? Try something new or” finish ” the current location? And an incredible amount of mechanics quickly tiring: often, opening a couple of successful techniques, no longer want to experiment, because everything works like this. Have the authors of Just Cause 4 managed to avoid this trap?

Yes and no. This is clearly not a game that you want to explore for days and hours, as, say, beautiful in its laconic Shadow of the Colossus. The adventures of Rodriguez too superficial for such a thoughtful analysis. Here everything explodes, turns and loudly bangs, and sometimes it turns out really funny-but nothing more.

However, the staff of Avalanche Studios do not pretend to be something deep and say at once: it is necessary to start their fighter for several hours after you return from work after a hard day. So you can just have fun, finding new combinations of balloons, jet engines and cats. Raise a tank, motorcycle or truck. Catch the cat for the enemy and demolish it with a kick. Or just fly on a wingsuit over the picturesque jungle.

As such an easy entertainment Just Cause 4 works perfectly. She is like a Hollywood blockbuster: if you do not look too closely at the colorful scenery, a good time is guaranteed.

If you just want to relax-here it is, the island of Solis, where you will always be welcome and welcome. Pack your wingsuit and you will not regret.

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