PES! Pro Evolution soccer-success or fail???

The last parts of Pro Evolution Soccer were built around fast-paced football. It was fun, but the depth of the gameplay was not enough: the picture of the game from match to match was similar and soon bored. In Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 the opposite is true: the new release has added a lot of flexibility in building your team’s game. Tactical geeks will fall in love with PES 19. The pace of matches has slightly decreased, and the foreground in PES 19 goes combinational style in the spirit of the Spanish team. Total control of the ball, a lot of transfers forward and across, one-touch game, walls, triangles on the flanks, the active use of extreme defenders in the attack and the search for players between the lines. But this is only the Foundation. On the whole this basis, the PES 19 is screwed an extensive tactical tools better customize the game making it less predictable.

Tactical settings in PES have always been, but now they make sense: the gameplay haРецензия на Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 | Канобу - Изображение 1s become deeper and, therefore, opened space for tactical maneuvers.

Options for the organization of the game your team a lot: setting the distance between the players; raise, lower the defensive line; set the compactness of the location. All this directly affects the course of the match: somewhere rose too high-the opponent will punish long balls, throwing the ball behind the defenders. Failed to comply with the desired compactness, and the slope has gone control of the ball. Played in aggressive pressure-bared a lot of free zones for the enemy. In PES 19 you naturally feel your team and see what adjustments will help it to become better.

You can improve your team in PES 19 almost indefinitely.

For example, you play against rival with a tight midfield — you do not have enough extra football player in the center of the field to draw the ball. In this case, you can assign a false nine, and your Central striker will fall below, helping the team to control the ball. In another match, you can break the opponent’s width, giving the installation of fullbacks constantly includedРецензия на Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 | Канобу - Изображение 4 in the attack on the flags.


By the way, the active use of extreme defenders goes well with the installation to play the ball on the flank. You can play your favorite technique Manchester city: pas on one side, pulling the opponent’s players in this area, and a sharp transfer of the ball to the next flank, where your connected fullback is already eager to burn the vacant space. In short, all these tricks in PES 19 really work and you need to use them.

Among the legendary players in PES 19 there are new players, including David Beckham

Рецензия на Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 | Канобу - Изображение 2

The Eclipse can cover your players in any game situation. Sometimes, players stupidly refuse to react to the ball, passing it by themselves, and someone takes a vacation directly on the field and does not connect to the attack. Sometimes players just bump into each other, especially in narrow spaces.
Sometimes the simplest situations turn into a complete nightmare just because the defender turns off the game and does not react to anything. In General, after such antics you just have to burn in the fire.

Sometimes brings and management: the pass will not go exactly where you sent it, the game will switch to the wrong player. In General, these two problems will follow PES for a long time! The rest of the office feels good. Take at least the feeling of the ball-I have already talked about it in the first impressions. In short: in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 it is very nice to roll the ball-you can feel its weight and the way it rolls on the lawn. Tactile all this is perceived very cool.

Рецензия на Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 | Канобу - Изображение 3

Still want to pay attention to the individualization of players. In PES, unlike FIFA, the difference in class between players was insignificant. Yes, someone faster, someone-slower, but each about the same pass, took and handled the ball.

However, you expect more from the modes of PES 19. Alas, everything is poor and almost unchanged. Talk about tiny innovations do not even make sense.

In career mode, all the same. The main change is the new options in the contract when you sign newbies. While in FIFA you meet with these coaches in his office talking with the dialog wheel, the PES 19 you throw in the inconvenient menu, with horrible fonts.

Game-service is not about PES 19. Scale is not enough. New PES-only about the gameplay: – good and addictive. The latest issue of Japanese game definitely pass by players, for whom play role things like surroundings, these emblems and forms of clubs. Well, for those who came football-welcome to Pro Evolution Soccer 2019!

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