Spyro Reignited Trilogy- back to childhood.

Spyro the Dragon is very different from the rest of the collection of games content: the plot is absent in it almost completely, no extra characters there, very little dialogue. The idea is simple: the villain was offended by the whole world and turned almost a hundred dragons into statues, and Spyro need to help relatives and defeat the enemy.

Magicians, artists, scientists, and bodybuilders — anything you want!

To do this, our scaly hero will visit several major regions, each of which has a gate to the neighboring zone. You save dragons, collect the precious stones scattered here and there or lying in chests, and also from time to time you chase the thieves who are strong holding dragon eggs in hands. Up until the finale, no videos will be made, no new character will appear. This is just a “gathering”, where Spyro does not even acquire new skills — visiting for the first time any region, you are guaranteed to be able to find everything in it immediately and save everyone. Sometimes fairies enhance fire-breathing dragon or increase the damage from hitting his head, but this “blessing” is valid only for a few seconds.

Маги, художники, ученые, бодибилдеры — каких только драконов тут нет

To do all this is quite exciting, but about the middle of the process begins to get a little bored. No puzzles, no, no special episodes. The only thing that stands out from the standard levels is the moments with the flights, when Spyro in the allotted time to slip through the rings hanging in the air, destroy the boats and trains or light the lamp. It is a pity, management in them inconvenient-not only that movements of the camera are inverted (and it cannot be changed), so also in case of a miss it is possible to restart level at once because differently the remained time won’t suffice. The same boats destroy fire sometimes difficult: it is necessary not only to get into them, but not to drown in the water, because it will lead to failure.

In the first part of the Spyro generally difficult relationship with the water element — he swims about the same as Tommy Vercetti or John Marston. In the sequel, subtitled Ripto’s Rage, he suddenly learned to swim, and absurdly die in the river or lake was impossible. That’s just a dragon dive at the beginning of the passage does not know how — unlike Spyro the Dragon, the sequel appeared pumping for gems. Special trader and with platforms ready to help you get to the next zone, and will teach you how to swim. Therefore, some locations can not be cleaned at the first visit — climb the stairs, for example, Spyro will start closer to the middle of the game, and they will appear at an early level.


Spyro is such a capable student that he doesn’t even need masks and scuba gear.

This is just one of the many changes that make Spyro 2 feel much more diverse and interesting predecessor with the same duration. In all areas there are various tests, decorated in the form of mini-games. It is necessary to take part in a hockey duel and score a few goals in the opponent’s goal, then prevent the turtles from becoming turtle soup. Videos and dialogues became much more — on locations it is possible to meet not only opponents, but also the friendly heroes giving small orders or explaining opportunities of Spyro.

Спайро настолько способный ученик, что даже не нуждается в масках и аквалангах

Of the opponents more stones do not get enough sleep — they need to win to activate the special gates or amplifiers. At repeated passing of levels it sometimes disturbs-there is a wish to reach at once to the necessary place, but it is necessary to destroy 15 monsters on the way. However, Toys for Bob has paid so much attention to the animation that it is impossible without laughter to watch how funny fly away in the direction of the Buffalo and what faces react to the blows of space cows. In all three games, the grass on the ground lights up when Spyro exhales fire, and the metal surfaces begin to blush and cool down after a moment — it’s really high-quality modern versions of the old games, after which the originals look very simple.

The third part, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon, would have won the love of the public, even if it debuted this year. This is almost an exemplary adventure in which Insomniac Games finally realized what elements in the first two games were winning, and from which it is desirable to get rid of. The final part of the trilogy offers a variety of locations in the history of the series with a very fun mini-games — in one of them Spyro need to stand on a Board for skateboarding and perform tricks, catching some flying freaks. Such episodes are unlikely to be remembered for a long time, but they are so fascinating that there is simply no time to be bored. It is a pity that this game will take ten hours (with all the achievements).

Without Spyro inhabitants of the worlds can not deal  with the problems.

The plot component paid even more attention-Spyro again need to save the dragons, but not large, as in the first part, and the cubs that hatch from stolen eggs enemies. Charismatic characters, videos in the style of disney cartoons, funny dialogues and comic situations — all this is enough. Time flies by, so wonderful and bright game turned out, and the remake has not lost this charm. Despite the, that the final part of trilogy by many is considered better, start familiarity with a series of better not with it — after the third the rest seem not such interesting, although they, too, in its own way are good.

Another innovation in the Year of the Dragon was the ability to control other characters. For example, at the very beginning of Spyro free kangaroo, which can not fly, but very high jumping and flopping to the ground, destroying the iron boxes with jewelry. The ability to ride on different vehicles also plays out in the gameplay — which is at least a fight with a submarine in the form of a shark. The game throws surprises one after another-if in the first part you know about what to expect from the next zone, then anything can happen in the trikvele.

Без Спайро обитателям миров никак не справиться с проблемами

In General, all three Spyro fly before your eyes like bright patterns in a kaleidoscope: after completing the first part, immediately go to the second, and after it can not wait to start the third. To make it easier for the new audience to complete the locations by 100 %, a menu was added to the remake, through which you can quickly start any level. From the last location you can teleport to the first, not doing a long search for the right gate. This is especially useful in the last two games — once you have learned a new technique or released a character, nothing prevents immediately return to the old zone and finish all their business there.

In the first part there was no one to communicate with, but then the heroes became much more.

В первой части общаться было не с кем, зато потом героев стало намного больше

However, it is still difficult to get rid of the feeling that sometimes the game should be a little better. To control under water is very difficult to get used to-Spyro accelerates only when you click on the” square”, and the rotation of the camera is the left stick, not the right, as on land. Plus, the character continues to move after a stop, which is why it is sometimes difficult to break vases with jewelry. Such minor flaws do not spoil the impression, but the trilogy would have done fine without them.

But this is a delicate matter, and there is always the possibility that the changes will cause discontent among longtime Spyro fans. In the Crash Bandicoot trilogy, meticulous fans have even discovered the altered physics of jumping!

And so-and veterans happy that they no longer have to imagine in my head all these beauties, and the new generation will be able to enjoy these wonderful adventures. The first part is still weaker than the others, so it is worth starting with it, and after that it will be difficult to break away — until you earn all the achievements, you will not calm down. It is hoped that Activision will give the nod to new games about Crash and Spyro, because the reissue turned out fine.



-beautiful graphics, during the first PlayStation of this could only dream of;

-nice gameplay with a comfortable (in most situations) is running;

-great soundtrack-music speeds up when Spyro accelerates;

-the second and third parts are not outdated in terms of gameplay.


-the first Spyro is a bit archaic and can get bored towards the end;

-lacks some improvements like more convenient flights and simple movement under water.


Wonderful remakes, which are definitely worth paying attention to and fans of Spyro, and beginners who have long wanted to know why this dragon is so popular.

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