Unravel 2- sweet game

Unravel Two can hardly be called a continuation, it is more like an offshoot or a major addition — so little new in it. And from it and the old somewhere disappeared: what made the first part of the unique game, no more, but there is a cooperative mode, which is either annoying or does not work. At the same time, it is still a very good story on the adventures of knitted creatures — the story sweeter is difficult to imagine. It all looks like Electronic Arts a couple of months before E3 demanded that Coldwood Interactive finish the sequel as soon as possible to release it right during the conference. And in such a short period of time the creators did a great job in order to create a cozy atmosphere, but did not have time to deal with the gameplay.Рецензия на Unravel Two, Unravel 2, Electronic Arts, E3 | Канобу - Изображение 1

However, Unravel Two does not immediately give their problems. The first level looks as amazing as any location from the last part — bright, colorful and with a lot of small details. Except that now two of Yarni — true, at the touch of a button two braided men can be linked to one that was easier to play alone.

Fun characters jumping, clinging thread for the special hooks, set developers, swinging with the help of the wisps to fly up to somewhere high, in the same way draw the items — that is, everything in the first game. Only now Yarni all make together, constantly helping each other.


When in the first hour you see what puzzles came up with the authors under the joint passage, rightly expect that the next level will always be new mechanics, and the main characters eventually learn other tricks. However, neither in an hour, nor in two, nor in ten Unravel offers anything new: it uses the same mechanics of swinging on a thread EVERY five minutes to the final.

I’m not kidding: 90% of all mysteries in Unravel Two can be solved by swinging on a string. The best is when you get to some complex designs, a mechanism with many gears, or plot in a dense forest with dozens of platforms — and it turns out that thinking is also not necessary, just shake and jump.Рецензия на Unravel Two, Unravel 2, Electronic Arts, E3 | Канобу - Изображение 2

Yes, there is still 10% of puzzles-they do not need to swing. There using the same thread or should be attracted to any branch, or build a bridge, and yet — and this is the coolest Unravel Two — do not hammer on the threads and hop part of the level without touching the ground. Yeah, like Super Meat Boy and Celeste. Only one problem — such episodes occur only in the fifth Chapter, which is almost entirely one pass, that is related of the two heroes character. Why the hell then it was necessary to build a cooperative, if you are best at it is a single platformer?

Cooperative  is generally a separate conversation. After the cooperative A Way Out, where each player is constantly involved in what is happening, and the responsibilities were divided so that the play was interesting to all, on Unravel Two painful to watch. There are always situations when one character does everything, and the other-nothing. More often the fate of the first Yarni — just stand there and keep a thread on which to swing the second knitted man. The desire to take seriously the local cooperative finally disappears when you realize that in some places one of the characters can solve the puzzle alone and climb up, and then just pull up a friend with a piece of yarn.

However, the cooperative only completes this parade of sadness, but not becoming a major problem. It’s a shame that Unravel Two works worse than the last game. From the second part for some reason removed the chip with the skeins scattered on the level, that is, the heroes now do not need to collect additional threads — the yarn from which their bodies are composed, will not end, even if they stretch a million knitted bridges. The need to constantly monitor the number of threads not only made the original gameplay more interesting, but also gave the story Yarni additional depth.

In addition, in the sequel, the heroes somehow forgot how to climb up, clinging to the ledge. Well, that is now impossible to jump to cling to the edge of the stump and climb on it. How then? Swinging on a string, of course!

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And the sentence for any platformer is almost the complete absence of flow. This word denotes a feeling that occurs in perfectly fine-tuned mechanics-when the character jumps on the platforms, as if rushing along the river, without stopping. If he stumbles, the level can usually be started again.

So work, for example, the same Super Meat Boy and Celeste or Ori and the Blind Forest and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. This is NOT how Unravel Two works, because the characters in it do not constantly fly, miss the right ledge, fall down in the middle of a multi — storey platforming-and this is most annoying. Sometimes even that Yarni fall into the abyss, but can not get out of it until they die. Outstanding game design.

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From all that is written above, we can conclude that Unravel Two — disgusting game. In moments Yes, but not in everything. As I noticed in the beginning, Coldwood coped with the creation of an attractive fairy-tale atmosphere perfectly. It’s still a very cute game, telling a good story about love and how important it is to help each other. In addition, the sequel to Unravel looks amazing: I’m sure that most of the effort was spent to draw live scenery and fill them with a billion small details.

At the same time the second part of Unravel has become much darker, it is no longer found Sunny snow-covered locations. Most often, the characters will travel through the dark forests, dirty factories and abandoned villages, in heavy rain or during a thunderstorm.

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And in Unravel Two is full of really difficult tests, which can be reached from the lighthouse — it plays the role of a hub, where the main characters move through the levels. These tests — perhaps the only reason why you decide to go through the game again.

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