World of Warcraft: addition Battle for Azeroth

There always  was tension between the Alliance and the Horde — even in times of peace, when everyone United against some ultimate enemy. Old wars are hard to forget, so as soon as The burning Legion was defeated, the conflict broke out again.


Many fans took the addition of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth with skepticism. After all, what could be bigger and steeper than the war with the army of Sargeras, a war with a monstrous threat to all life? Legion addition raised the bar to some absolutely impossible height, returning bored in Warlords of Draenor players back.

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And in the new addon, the authors again push their foreheads two familiar factions … No, sometimes it’s nice to go back to where it all began, but now it is not up to the level of past conflicts. In addition, almost all the innovations of the “Battle of Azeroth” look like recycled mechanics from previous Addons. But even this would not cause questions if the developers did everything carefully.



The events of Battle for Azeroth begin immediately after the end of Legion. Sargeras thrust a giant sword into a planet that turned out to be an ancient Titan. Not that it’s a surprise, especially for someone who knows about Laura, but the idea that your world is alive is fascinating.

In General, this world was injured started to die, bleeding mineral blood, solidifying in the form of azerit — specific resource that endows living beings unprecedented power. And two factions, the Alliance and the Horde, clung to each other’s throats for a valuable mineral.

The azerite itself is a kind of energy carrier that can be placed in a special necklace that feeds the armor. Armor, however, also need special, azerite. In Battle for Azeroth, they replaced the boring artifacts, from which the armor, however, is not fundamentally different. Accumulating azerit, you can unlock new abilities — whether it is a periodic inclusion of a shield or extra feature in the skill. Frankly useless among these skills a little, and if you make a mistake with the build, you will not feel much.

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Variations with armor much less than with artifacts, but more armor — and now you do not have to run with one gun the whole game. But to be like without a beautiful weapon that will not prevent you to transmogrify any sharpening in the same legendary Incinerator. There is good news: azerit really a lot, give it for completing quests, killing legendary creatures and completing dungeons.

In General, in the current state of the Battle for Azeroth, you do not have to spend a lot of time.

The main task — to find the lost fleet, along the way, having dealt with the petty squabbles of local residents. Agree, after the fight against the threat of planetary scale sounds like something quite modest. At the same time, a significant amount of time the factions will be divorced on their Islands, only occasionally colliding.

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At some point, you will be sent to create advanced bases on the enemy island, and here finally begin interesting. Perform quests enemy faction, alas, will not work, but you will have your own — with reconnaissance, sabotage, preparation of a springboard for the future grinder. In addition, it is on the enemy island will be available world quests, as in Legion.

But there is one big “but”. To complete the chain of the military campaign have pretty farm some creeps reputation. There would be nothing wrong with that if you didn’t have to do just that at some point, and pretty soon. The story campaign can be slowly passed for a week and a half and then either have fun, stuffing reputation, or not to get out of the dungeons.

It seems that the creation of everything related to the Alliance in Battle for Azeroth, just sabotaged, otherwise how to explain that even the location of the Horde look cooler? Necropolis, jungle with giant dinosaurs, desert with a hundred-meter lightning rod in the form of a snake. In Kul’tiras, too, there are several intriguing places, but mostly mountains and plains, where there is nothing but grass and rare trees. Perhaps it is a matter of taste, but the campaign really look unequal in quality.

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The Alliance is that the capital was more fortunate. Boralus the main town Kultiras much more comfortable than the pyramids Zandalar. But designers with the convenience of movement is not particularly bother, apparently, so you have to cheat.

Well at least that on each island three different locations. They can be visited in any order and if you get tired of one, you can move to another place.

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Pumped up and quests. They’re still beautifully written, but they’re usually tied to mundane errands like “kill ten boars.”

Full-scale war will begin with the advent of Warfronts. While the fronts are not available, and it leaves a mark on the perception of the game right now. In fact, the prologue of the future battle-the only thing you can do in the game today.

Despite all the above, still be able to fight now — thanks to War Mode.  So you subscribe to the fact that you can kill absolutely anywhere, but in return get access to several individual talents and +10% to the experience during pumping. Of course, you can also kill anyone who walks under the wrong flag. And if your island is relatively safe, here on the enemy’s life will turn into a real spy game. We’ll have to run very carefully, so as not to catch the eye of thРецензия на World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth | Канобу - Изображение 6e enemy.


It feels a lot like WoW , where you could have been killed anywhere outside of Shattrath. A sense of danger and the need to turn around ten times more often and constantly monitor the situation — probably the best thing that was and is in the game. The important thing is that you can enable and disable PvP at will, but only in the capitals.

There is also a regime of island expeditions. In it you are sent to the lost island in the ocean, where you need to compete with other players in the collection of azerite. Played about as boring as it sounds. All mode seems hastily done, procedurally generated Islands seem monotonous, the local opponents too. It came to a funny: the ship on which you return to the port after the expedition, just no ladder. Maybe it’s only the Alliance And only in one case, but still says a lot.

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Battle for Azeroth looks like a logical addition, but it turned out to be ambiguous. It turned out that sometimes it is not enough just to cram in the addon “all the best” that was in the game before.

Now I can estimate Battle for Azeroth only on seven points, but the Warfronts mode isn’t started yet — to speak about a final assessment early.

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