Escape from Tarkov

The best city on earth

Tarkov is a fictional town located in fictional same Darvinskoj region in the North-West of our country. In Soviet times, it was a “closed administrative territorial entity” (BUT) because of the presence of a number of important defense enterprises. The status of “closed city” was removed in 1994, and after a while, thanks to the creation of a special economic zone in the region, Tarkov became the largest industrial and economic center of the European part of Russia. It is clear that not without foreign investors, one of which was the international Corporation Terra Group, invested in the production of the city a lot of money.

And everything would be good-the region is developing, foreign partners make a profit, the government the latest developments and solid tax deductions — but this very Terra Group turned out to be unclean. And it was not about small machinations, but rather serious violations of the law, besides the management of the concern did not shun to use to solve the problems and brute force in the form of a private military company USEC. At some point, the situation got out of control, and in the city turned real fighting, where Western mercenaries opposed already Russian PMCs called BEAR.

Tarkov has left most of the civilians, and the few remaining are trying to survive among the complete chaos and anarchy. Lack and those who decide to use the situation for their own enrichment, the benefit of the rights of now the one who shoots first.

The player in the role of one of the mercenaries — BEAR or USEC — must find a way out of the city, which has become a territory of lawlessness. The command has not been in touch for a long time, there is no news from the outside world — the city is blocked by the UN military and Russian troops. Enemy as a friend can be anyone — and the other staff members of the two PMCs and the local people or criminals (often one and the same). How to behave in such a situation and how to survive? Everyone is free to decide on their own.

Oddly enough, the information about the story in the alpha-version of the minimum — except that small notes that show in the tips during the loading level. Outside the game, the story is much better-in official groups in social networks, you can find even a stylized article from the local press. So those who wish to learn about the plot of the game is to look for the information outside the “alpha” — here it is necessary to extract bit by bit.

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Until the last screw

More or less having understood the simple history of Tarkov, finally go to explore the city. Of course, it will take awhile, to visit the caches and choose the right equipment for your fighter. However, as soon as you go into the window of the character, you find that the exit to the city is postponed for at least half an hour — the culprit is a special system of modification of weapons and equipment, allowing you to disassemble each “trunk” and change it literally anything, from the trunk and butt to the sight and store.

Dig among the variety of all this “gunshot”, as well as many modules to it is very interesting. Even if you do not take into account the fact that the effectiveness of weapons affects its configuration, Assembly and disassembly of each “trunk” delivers a purely aesthetic pleasure.

There is such a thing as Gun Porn, which denotes a variety of quality photos and videos dedicated to weapons and their use or creation (and not what you think). So, in Escape from Tarkov such love for weapons brought to the highest level. Models – very high quality and correspond to the present, almost every detail can be considered in great detail, replaced by a similar or completely removed. Is not enough except that the ability to fill the shops on their own, one cartridge.

It is possible to fight “Kalash” without the cover of the receiver or without the butt, so it does not matter if there are not enough parts — would be critically needed for the modules. The authors of the models deserve the most flattering words. But the developers of the GUI is not to praise: the interface is good in appearance, but very inconvenient to use.

In addition to working with equipment, you can also study the statistics of your character, his skills and health. Let the role-playing system in the” alpha “is not yet available, the General idea of it can be: the basic skills and their descriptions from the player is not hidden, but” pump ” everyone is not yet possible — only the overall level is growing.

In General, the weapon modification system is impressive, especially when you have enough different models and parts for “customization”. Apparently, the” fault ” of such abundance was a press account, so in the cache and full of weapons and equipment. Mere mortals will have to extract such wealth from scratch: either during raids or from traders.

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Out in people

I go to my first RAID and I, having gathered with myself equipment to the maximum. In the hands of the VSS, SV-98 and the volume of the backpack, the holster pistol with PBS, ample unloading, stuffed with shops and grenades on the night vision device.

The rules are simple — you need to get to the exit from the location, without dying from the bullet of other players or bots, and if possible to find (or remove from the dead) something useful for use or sale. Other participants engaged in the same, and they can cooperate, but this is rather from the fantasy: while everyone prefers to shoot to kill at every meeting.

Bots in the role of local bandits (they are called “Wild”) are not particularly dangerous. Yes, they are well treated with weapons, but their actions are easy to predict — it is too simple and predictable they behave.

In the future, players will also be able to act as a “Wild”: in this case, to choose the equipment will not work, but left alive, you can replenish the main character’s cache, if you can find something valuable.

So far, three cards are available in EFT: “Customs”, “Forest” and “Plant”. If the latter is a relatively small level, which is almost nowhere to turn with long-range weapons, the first two will have to study for a long time. There is no open world, at least not yet. Later, the developers promise to add a separate mode in which you can move around the Tarkov relatively freely, albeit with the loading of levels at the transition points.

The gameplay at each location is unique. “Plant “is a Paradise for” campers ” and those who know how to keep themselves in hand. You are guided more by the sound, all movements-short dashes, from shelter to shelter. Here in honor of shotguns and pistols — the most thing to shoot in a quick, without spending a lot of time to find the enemy. As a rule, then survival of the patient.

At the “customs” everything is different. A vast area under the open sky, built-up garages and warehouses, with rail and river. We’ll have to try to find other players or valuable prey. Skirmishes at medium distances, the active use of shelters and detours from the flanks — with the “short shot” here it is better not to go.

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Without ceremony

The fights in EFT are really hardcore: just a couple of hits to send the enemy to the light, and the recoil when fired and the simulation of ballistics forces you to shoot short bursts of either single, better from a sitting or lying position. It is at the level of a series of Operation Flashpoint / Arma, and something and harder — in “Tarkov”, for example, almost no “zoom”, through which all in the same Arma III can easily hit the target at a distance of 500 — 600 meters even without the optical sight. Here, too, sometimes you have to shoot not at the enemy, but at the shelter, behind which he hid, hoping that the bullet will still catch him. Quite realistic, as promised.

Special mention deserves the sound design. It’s not just good — it’s great. The juicy sound of gunfire, the sound of shell casings on the floor, a loud clatter when running, swearing “wounded” — everything was done very efficiently and “in life”. Bandits yell mate, did not hesitate, and the weapon shoots really loud, without any pity for the ears. Again, the sound works great for both the atmosphere and the gameplay. Take the same “Plant” – in the vast majority of cases, the enemy can first be heard, not seen.

“Casual” game just can not be called. In addition to a fairly complex implementation of the shooting, one can give an example of raids in the dark. At night, there is actually nothing to see, not even saves the night vision device, which, as in real life, provides not the best visibility.

Equipment at death is lost completely, except for the contents of a special container (and that very small — a lot of it will not put). All the most fashionable “equipment” I lost in the very first RAID. However, on a note to the delighted fans of hardcore — then fault of the unsuccessful end of an attack there was not an enemy bullet at all, and a banal departure in the main menu without explanation of the reasons of an event. Such errors are still missing – “alpha” is “alpha”, sometimes the game can be very unpleasant surprise. Optimization also suffers-we had to get used to the constant howling of the graphics card cooler, working at the limit of possibilities.


Escape from Tarkov at the moment is a pretty rough blank, on which to work and work. Nevertheless, it is noticeable that the authors know what they want to achieve, and from the planned path, judging by the implementation of some of their promises in the alpha version, they do not intend to turn off. If they succeed, then we really get the same ” hardcore action for serious people.”

Dead Cells: For dead shame no shame

To die to return

In Dead Cells is surprising how harmoniously it combines all the elements. Let’s take procedural generation of levels-if in any Chasm it is felt that the rooms are molded to each other by the computer, but not by the person, then here you do not even suspect the existence of such a feature at first. Huge (by the standards of the “roguelike”) zones include the points of teleportation, and secret passages, and treasure chests with useful items, and so much more. And everything is so well placed and connected, as if the generation is not random, and it was conceived. The structure and many rooms still remain more or less similar, but do not get bored of the monotony.

At the beginning of the passage of the character in the hands of an ordinary sword, and two steps away from it are the bow and shield. You can take only two types of weapons with you, and you will win in any case. Just a bow will shoot at enemies from afar, and the shield absorbs some of the damage, but can be used for counterattacks. Over time, the player will find whips that ignore enemy shields, as well as Spartan sandals (allow you to kick) and more. If at the early stages of development there were problems with the balance, now you can succeed with almost any equipment.

There are two slots for additional weapons — these are special items with “cooldowns” after their use. They also begin to stumble quite early, unlocking as you progress through more and more options. This can be traps that force the enemy to stand still for a few seconds, or a path of circular saws. There are also different kinds of grenades – one explodes and covers the ground with oil and enemies, the other freezes enemies, the third calls for small biting worms. You can throw daggers in different directions, causing your opponents to bleed.

There are a lot of options, and later you will thoroughly test everything and decide what to run most comfortably. Although not the fact that all the right weapons will be able to find during the trip — still after the death of the entire inventory selected. And at first unlocked not so many things — to get access to new items, you need to collect drawings, which are either well hidden, or fall out of the opponents and “bosses”.

These drawings you carry in a quiet place, where you get after each level, and then pay for each individual item cells — this is one of the local currencies, periodically falling out of the defeated enemies. If the hero dies, all the remaining cells are destroyed in the stock, so the game does not let in the next zone until all the “money” will not give the corresponding character.

This is one of the disadvantages of Dead Cells. Each” paid ” drawing allows you to further find a specific weapon in the world of the game or buy it from a merchant. But get rid of a particular thing and permanently delete it from the list of unlocked items can not. So if you do not like some grenades, which you have spent earned honest work cells, then run into them will have until the final.

On the other hand, even the most useful things sometimes have excellent additional properties. The sword, which you prefer daggers, can fall with a special bonus – it will cause bleeding, or with each stroke you will throw bombs. If you like shields, and you fall out Luke, and it’s not a problem: suddenly destroyed with the help of arrows of the enemies will leave behind poison clouds? After the victory over the first “boss” the forge where it will be possible to change such parameters will be unblocked, and the imperceptible element of equipment will Shine with new paints.

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Not for nothing went

The same cells that are spent on turning drawings into real things are used to simplify the gameplay. In this regard, Dead Cells resembles Rogue Legacy, where players improved the castle for the earned gold, increasing the character’s attack power, increasing abilities and unlocking new classes. There are no locks here, but there is a special trader who offers some interesting bonuses. For example, in your inventory will be a healing potion, and no longer need to hope for the loss of very rare food from enemies. Then enough cells accumulate to pass at the beginning of a random weapon, and did not have to choose from the same options.

Therefore, even the failed attempts to defeat the “boss” move the player forward — he could not defeat a major enemy, but gathered at the previous locations about fifty cells and slightly simplified his future races. But the power of attack and the stock of health thus does not change — it needs to look for scrolls, often surrounded by a couple of monsters.

And here the player is also faced with a choice. Scrolls increase the indicators of brutality, tactics and survivability, increasing the damage from the corresponding weapons, and at the same time extending the strip of “lives”. But each time, the surcharges get worse, and at some point you’ll have to choose between a sword boost with 15% bonus health and an “upgrade” of unnecessary weapons with 60% extra survivability. This is all important in a particular race, after the death you lose and these improvements, becoming a normal squish.

Dead Cells awards both for thoughtful research of each corridor, and for fast running from one location to another. You can methodically destroy each enemy, admiring the great animation, which varies depending on the weapon. Elegantly Dodge attacks, reacting in time to exclamation marks over the heads of opponents and using the roll. Learn the features of opponents, understanding their weaknesses, and use the environment for the sake of victory over them — to lure the whole crowd to one point, throwing bombs, or to strike the ground when falling from the top platform. Or you can use the same roll quickly move to the exit — then in the next area will be able to open the door with the treasure, which slams shut a couple of minutes after the start.

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Much of this game seems to be thought out to the smallest detail and brought almost to perfection. The controls are very responsive, and the combat system is amazingly beautiful — enemies react to blows and spectacularly fall apart on “pixels”, while the main character skillfully dodges attacks, actively uses additional weapons and swings a sword or daggers. Runes, gradually obtained by the character, give him access to new rooms and corridors — first you learn to grow in certain places the vine, using it as a ladder, and then begin to teleport from one tomb to another and bounce off the walls. And the procedural generation does not spoil anything — you can always reduce the path or get to the secret with the help of these features.

By and large, some special innovations in the game there, almost everything has been done before. From Rogue Legacy partially taken system of progress, about the Binding of Isaac recalls the need to cope with the difficulties with the help of weapons found, opponents can carry a huge amount of health, as in many hardcore projects. But Dead Cells does not seem like a copy, its authors are not just somehow linked these components, and reached a balance and made the gameplay so enjoyable that you can spend dozens of hours here and still want more.

Although at some point Dead Cells will start to seem a bit monotonous, it will each time try to make a new passage different from the previous one. The rooms are arranged differently, the weapons will have to use unusual, instead of the ordinary enemy will be his elite version with a large supply of health and excellent trophies for his murder. And that’s the beauty of the game — it offers a lot of different content and mixes it so that it always enjoyed, even in case of failure. Coupled with a beautiful and dynamic combat system, fascinating study of locations and many other advantages, it makes Dead Cells one of the best games of the year.

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Wreckfest: Crash in the trash

A new game about cars, made in the walls of the Finnish Studio Bugbear, has gained its official name only in the autumn. Now it is called Wreckfest, which best characterizes what is happening on the screen and reflects the sources of inspiration of developers.

In English, the word “wreckfest” is a situation where drivers underestimate the dangerous proximity to the car of the opponent, which inevitably leads to an accident. And it means crazy extravaganza of collisions and the splendor of tearing metal parts, according to Bugbear.

If you can imagine the whole picture and if you like the game series Burnout or FlatOut, then you’ve come to the right place.

Crazy Motorsport

The developers of all modern races for survival to some extent inspired by the series Destruction Derby, based, in turn, on the popular Motorsport in America with a similar name. Its essence is that drivers, farmers and lovers of extreme sports put to the old, sometimes even rusty mukkaram turbostroitel, exhaust and frame security and send the result to the last fight. More precisely — to the slaughter. Americans like to put on a show.

In Bugbear games, the Destruction Derby effect is noticeable to the naked eye. And although life is Derby — quite a boring sight, Finns still in FlatOut was able to show how butting each other eaten by corrosion of muscle, very exciting, adding to the process dynamics and diversity of his races through the countryside and the interactive game “kill the driver as possible brutal way and earn points.” That’s where the real show is!

In Wreckfest they go even further and make breaking up cars even more believable.

In racing games (even if you exclude projects with licensed cars), the model of damage to the car usually allows only small cosmetic and technical problems: scratches, dents on the body, chassis damage. But, to plausibly display the accident, it is not enough to furnish it with cinematic entertainment, as it is loved to do in Need for Speed.

Bugbear prepared for the game not only a new engine, but also a special damage system — soft-body. Its physics allows you to break the car in every way: the body is crumpled in all planes, as a result of collisions break off the door, hood and trunk, flies off many small parts. By the end of the race, the car often looks like it was run over by BelAZ. In comparison with what is happening in Wreckfest, fade even crumpled into the accordion machine of the last Burnout Paradise.

The survival show races, with Derby and intersecting tracks, have already tried to revive in DiRT: Showdown. But the game Codemasters lacked credibility of what is happening, and the state of the car reflected in her simple “strip of health.”

Wreckfest also thanks to a detailed (though a little hyperbolized) system of damage gives an incomparable pleasure from accidents. Here you feel almost savage satisfaction from how you hit the enemy on the turn of the road-eight, and a gambling desire to pay back for the broken in Derby car.

And all this becomes even more fun in multiplayer, when you type in the bump best friend and friend.

Hardships of development

As you know, you get used to good things easily, so due to the small amount of content the current version quickly gets bored. You begin to find fault with the details, notice the slightest roughness of early access…

In Derby smash cars are fun. Arena for the regime developers have carefully thought out, some of them have provided ramps and jumps, so that not even always sane behavior AI adds to what is happening sharpness.

In ordinary races as everything is different. On any tracks, from oval and overlapping stadium to dirt, opponents behave equally cheeky: cut and use other people’s cars instead of brakes, turning the race into a slaughterhouse, and the track — in the dump of broken cars, torn parts, pieces of metal, fragments of the bump and scattered tires. Often the aggression of opponents directly contradicts the task set before them: to come first.

However, the Finns still have time to acquaint AI with fair play or turn the audacity into a competition — for example, to earn points not only for a place at the finish, but also for opponents knocked off the track, as in Burnout or Carmageddon.

And yet the main problem of the game-prolonged early access. The former publisher of the Finns went bankrupt, and others do not share their ideas. Bugbear were forced to apply for funding to fans: began collecting pre-orders on the game site, went to Kickstarter (unsuccessful) and Steam.

The game has been in early access for over a year. After that, and as a result of several updates, the developers only slightly expanded the fleet and added tracks, slightly polished balance, physics and stability. The final version was promised to be released last fall, but not released, and now a new build of early access has been postponed for several months.

Given that the game has been in development since 2012, the speed of progress is depressing. If Finns do not have enough content for the final version, they risk is remaining.

Bugbear see the end result of their efforts as a cross between autocross and Derby, between FlatOut and Destruction Derby. Will they be able, with the overall impressive concept, to make the whole project on the same level and keep the right balance of madness and arcade in the final version? It is not yet clear. However, once dissolved Criterion Games, Wreckfest is the only game where the fun and cheerful way to destroy the car in the trash and where the developers are creating a cult around accidents.

So I want to believe that they will succeed.

We have to wait?

With all its appearance, Wreckfest resembles the right remake of Destruction Derby with a touch of FlatOut, the ability to creatively shatter the car into trash and a shred of Finnish madness. There’s only one question left. When?

Waiting rating: 85%


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Two weeks before the first show of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at E3 2018, we played the new Ubisoft project in Paris for several hours in the strictest secrecy. So below is a bunch of exclusive details about the continuation of the series, which finally will translate it in the role-playing genre.

Origins of origins

So, welcome to Ancient Greece, in 431 BC, that is, almost four centuries before the events of “Assassin’s Creed: Origins”. Here the story of the new part begins, and here we are presented with the main characters, Alexios and Cassandra. But, unlike Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, here we will not constantly switch between them — apparently, they do not exist in this world at the same time: just alternative versions of the same character. The new part of the series about the killers went to the territory of pure role-playing, so now if you have chosen a young lady as a hero, please keep yourself in line.

Regardless of your decision, the main character will be a descendant (apparently, grandson) of the famous king Leonid. The same on behalf of Gerard Butler with the crazy cries overthrown people in the pits and for several days kept a quarter of a million Persians forces detachment of three hundred thugs. From the famous grandfather you got a family heirloom, “spear of Leonid”: the stump of a magical spear that will save your life more than once. Of course, cloudless childhood of the hero will not be — some cult hunts for his family, in every way spoils life, and in General a year later in Athens plague breaks (Yes, there is still a place to historical facts).

Первые впечатления от Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Game of thrones: Assassin’s Edition

Fast forward seventeen years. Our hero grew up and chose as a career path of a mercenary. Such as he, in this world many, competition a significant. On the other hand, there is enough work for everyone: the situation in the region is restless, Athens and Sparta regularly sort out relations both in diplomatic circles and on the battlefields, and who but you to weaken a potential enemy and crush him in battle.

The very concept of political intrigue is new to the world of Assassin’s Creed. Each region, of which there are twenty, has a ruler with his own motives. The Peloponnesian war is going on, and Ancient Greece is divided into two opposing alliances — the Delian, led by Athens, and the Peloponnese, led by Sparta. The ruler of each region supports one of the parties to the conflict, but does not forget about his own selfish interests. If he feels that the neighboring state has weakened, then he goes to war with you or other mercenaries to protect his interests. If the enemy is still too strong, the power-hungry ruler will hire you to weaken it before the battle.

For the first time in the history of the series we are waiting for a full role-playing. To do this, the developers have created an expanded system of dialogues, working on the principles of the role-playing system, for example, “the Witcher 3: wild Hunt.” You have a list of basic and secondary replicas, sometimes (quite often, judging by the demo) come across dialogues-elections, which affect the attitude of the world to you. Here, special icons will be marked with additional options: for example, the ability to have a novel with the character or quickly move to the next cutscene.

To create this system, the developers have attracted the largest in the history of the series of team writers, as well as stuck in the area, which did not do before: in particular, in the study of non-linear dialogues. You will be able to choose how to conduct a conversation and achieve the goal — lies, threats or persuasion. There will be an opportunity to exchange a word with Hippocrates and conduct a philosophical debate with Socrates. And here, unlike the same Syndicate, it does not come down to the issuance of the task — the player will be allowed to chat with a historical figure. A nice bonus, whatever you say.

Complex story

In addition, the game will give new ways of social interaction. Your actions will not go unpunished. Stealing from everyone in sight-for your head will appoint a reward. Cut the victim’s throat in front of the crowd — the reward will be greater. The more often you break the law, the more persistent the other mercenaries will be hunting for you. You can restrain their fervor, ending the most zealous, but it only slightly weaken the interest in your person, and will not give you indulgence. If you don’t want to tie your hands, you’ll have to be quiet.

Turning into a full-fledged RPG, Odyssey decided to take an example from the “Witcher” and Dragon Age, providing the hero an active personal life. Whoever you play, Alexios or Cassandra, you can enter into a romantic relationship with the characters of any gender. Yes, the game does not limit you, do what you want and with whom you want. You can even intervene in the relationship of the existing couple-to take a girl from a guy or a guy from a girl. A rich field for the playing of the Heartbreakers. Along with the departure into the world of role-playing games had to change, and narrative. Since the narrative is nonlinear, several lines have appeared in it. The main plot unfolds on the mainland, and it is quite an independent story. The action of the sub-plots takes place in the regions and on the Islands. Once you go there, consider that open the built-in game addition to it. So you can not only find out in detail about the relationship between the characters — the events of these “side” jobs cleverly intertwine with the main branch.

In the demo we arrive at two Islands, where we are offered to overthrow the local tyrant. This bad man is interesting to us in itself: he is in the cult that hunts for our family. So a side mission isn’t really a side mission, and how you handle it can affect the main storyline, albeit to a lesser extent than our actions on the main missions. As an option, you can generally approach the issue from the other side and help him to suppress the uprising, and family problems to solve somehow else. This was not possible in the demo, but I asked the developers: you can.

The final of each sub-plot depends on your decisions. In the demo after the death of the tyrant and the successful capture of the region my Cassandra was waiting for a party on the occasion of sailing to the mainland: there came all with whom we met during the assignment. If I had chosen a different way of passing, did something differently, did not fulfill this or that side quest on the island-the list would have been different. With each character, you can finally talk, ask what will happen next, and push a powerful motivational speech before you go to meet new adventures (or not push). By the way, the tone and message of this speech can also be chosen — perhaps this will depend on what will happen to the region, if we return there after a while.

The question is how interesting this farewell will seem …umpteenth time and how quickly there is a desire to spit on the podsyuzhetov in favor of the entrance. But the idea in any case worthy.

Who won the and are a good

Another advantage of Odyssey: for the first time in the history of the series of events are not fixed, despite the historical context. You can choose any side of the conflict. Kill anyone. Steal anything. Talk to anyone and in any way. You are no longer bound by events written in history textbooks. Apparently, this is due to the settings of the Animus in today’s day — the developers have so far mentioned only in passing. The only thing that is known for sure — the main character of “Origins”, Leila Hassan, will still be the protagonist in our time. She’s looking for the truth about what happened in Ancient Greece, and we, as players, will shape that truth through our own wagering. The principle of “history is written by the winners” in its pure form.

Of course, many of the battles in which the hero will happen to participate, will be real, historical. Still, the action takes place against the background of the Peloponnesian war. But most of the battles are generated without reference to the realities of life, and whether there will be another skirmish depends solely on you. Regions in the game live their lives. If at some point someone decides to attack a neighbor, he will attack regardless of how it corresponds to the historical truth.

The battles themselves are now held with your direct participation in the overall meat grinder. We get on the battlefield and perform various tasks there. Kill the commanders. Cut the conditional number of enemies. Destroy a specific target. The loyalty of the region to Athens or Sparta is at stake: if you win, it will join your side, and the result of the confrontation between the two colossi directly depends on this.

As for customization, there are three branches of pumping skills: stealth, hunting and battle. From a brand new Odyssey adds to the system of” tree ” active abilities-for example, a kick. Yes, the hero will be able to repeat the legendary act of grandfather Leonid: kick the enemy or throw it off the cliff (if you want, you can shout at the monitor: “This is Sparta!”). Another interesting option-to take away the enemy’s shield, depriving him of the opportunity to reflect the blow. All these techniques energy from the special scale, which is slowly filled over the fight.

The rest of the combat system is very similar to that in Assassin’s Creed Origins… with one important exception: now the level of enemies grows with yours. In Origins, you could be in a region with a delay and discover there are opponents to the fifth level, although a long time ago has grown to the thirties. Now you are everywhere and always meet equal opponents. Pumped from the twenty-fifth to twenty — sixth-enemies will grow accordingly. So do not be bored.

Pathologic 2

Got it? Practically, YES!

Have you always wanted complete freedom of action in the games, so you can go to any house that there is to take someone to kill, but at the same time to pump the player and perform some tricky task in the dark corners of the city? Is that it? So in ” MORE. UTOPIA” is all there in full. Someone needs an interesting story, someone craves horror movies, so that the blood runs cold. Someone like RPG. And many just like the picture and mountains of corpses. And here all this is, and in huge volumes and in an excellent ratio. There were no such games, and will not be for a very long time, I assure you.

Картинки по запросу Pathologic 2 обзор

What do you call it, and when will it all end?

The game was developed almost three years in a row, and this hellish work is worth it. The team of authors from Ice-Pick Lodge has designed a completely new game mechanics in such a way that not only your every action, but also inaction will immediately affect the entire gameplay. Therefore, no event, in principle, will not be able to repeat when you restart the game, because both the quantity and quality of freedom provided by the game character, it is difficult to determine the traditional framework. Every new day in this place will naturally follow the actions and actions of the player. More than that, ” more. Utopia ” will simply force players to make at least one meaningful step, because over time, during the gameplay the character with certain characteristics, and from inaction of their values will decrease. Their great number, such as fatigue, hunger, and even the degree of communication. A huge number of ideas of the Moscow developers was very difficult to realize, but they did it, for which they three cheers. And this, you see, is worth a lot.

A bit about the substance which is called the PLOT.

Long ago, somewhere in the depths of the ancient steppe is a small town. Animals, children, rulers, ghosts of the past and a whole bunch of other characters for several generations inexplicably coexist in this pot. It seems to be a hell of a mix, but no, the children are happy, the animals are happy, the city is thriving. But one day to the previous concerns of residents suddenly added a new one and it seems that it will be the last. The town falls incomprehensible, awesome power, plague – plague. This disease is deadly. It can be recognized by external features, but the origin remains a mystery to all. To fight the epidemic, the authorities are sending a bachelor of medical science. Then the Inquisitor investigator. Finally-army commander. The first is charged to eradicate the infection. The second is to find out the nature of the mysterious epidemic. The third-to make the decision on expediency of total destruction of the infected city.

Also with a bachelor, there are two more adventurers in the city. A touched girl who imagined herself a Saint, and a successful self-taught doctor, passionately passionate about anatomical experiments. Depending on the choice of character (Bachelor, Garuspik or Imposter), the player will have to pursue different goals. The main task – to survive in a dying city and not to succumb to the General madness and try to save at least a few of those people who have not yet been infected and with whom you have to meet. Depending on Your actions, the inhabitants of the strange city will die or remain to exist. Many characters can be saved, many-doom to a painful death. No one will remain in debt, everyone pursues his goal. The resulting alignment as a result of Your actions will determine the final of this interesting story. All together, it creates an action never seen before in the world and a desire to live in this dying city.


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Atmosphere and picture.

What struck me from the first minutes of the game, so it’s incredible beauty of the interiors of local houses, the splendor of the landscape. Immediately visible hand of a professional artist-decorator, because each of the different styles of the house exactly follows a single line, not particularly striking. The most excellent shadows, especially during the red-blood sunset, glare of glass in the Windows, and the animation of the characters – competent and clear. And from this splendor there is an unexpected effect, in which the characters are not known to mind perfectly fit into this spectacle of light and shadow. Gothic atmosphere even more immerses you in the game. There is also a lot of strange creatures. Dark corners, realistic blood and reliable textures of the world give the game even more atmosphere, and entering the SEA, you are unlikely to soon leave it.

As for the physical engine, and here the developers have not given up the slack, they came out of the situation with dignity, adding an action ‘ a element to the game. Models of damage to characters, objects and much more, of course not at the level of the second Half, but high enough.

Among other things, in the game with every passer-by on the street, whether a beggar or a local intellectual, you can tighten quite a considerable length of the conversation, literally nothing. The dialogue tree looks at least exotic for such a “genre”. But I was most pleased that instead of faces on the game engine, you will see real photos of living people – this is another brilliant idea of the authors.

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Voice from outside.

All the same tension and even deeper immersion in the game world contributes to a well-chosen music. The rhythm of the soundtrack is constantly changing, causing your nerve cells to die irretrievably. Somewhere slips and mournful Opera singing, which for some reason makes me think, tied to God. Very well voiced and the characters themselves. The voices turned out to be emotional and memorable, both in the English version, and from the company “BUKA”, thanks to which the game has not lost the atmosphere, and maybe even a little acquired. In dramatic and tense moments, the music starts up, sad and at the same time depressing, and in moments of battles – dynamic and militant.

Execute  not pardon?

Totally disagree! Execute such an intellectual child can not in any case, because this game can give you many weeks of unforgettable adventures in a dying city, which is so lacking in our boring daily life. But not so good, as I personally am very tired of endless dialogues, and a little repels the lack of transparency of the characters. But all this is compensated by a completely unique, hitherto unprecedented gameplay; endless replayability; good music; naiklassneyshim and intricate plot, which would be enough for a whole book and a whole heap of pluses.

This game can be played without stopping, but do not forget the real world, just full of adventures that await you!

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Harebrained Schemes was not lying when he said that BATTLETECH is their most ambitious brainchild. Chamber stories and close streets of megacities of the Shadowrun trilogy are in the past: BATTLETECH is a grandiose space Opera. And, despite the inherent genre of pathos, shooting multi-ton robots and overloaded plot, it is surprisingly elegant.

Yes! The adaptation of the monstrous, slow-moving, entirely math-bound table wargame from the eighties is elegant. Even more: BATTLETECH’s combat system is the purest ruthless tactic without bows, ruffles and crutches. Only you, the enemy, the task and the battlefield.

A rare visitor in our area


In Mechwarrior to manage even one fur — not an easy task and full of nuances, and to take command of a small platoon is equivalent to the logistic nightmare (look it up, the rules of the Board game). But BATTLETECH expertly got rid of math boring wargame. In whatever situation, on whatever planet you find yourself, the project asks the same simple questions. What fur should be activated now? Where to move it? What’s the purpose of opening fire? Any of the weapons?

In response to these questions, without exaggeration, is the whole game.

After seven hours of story campaign, I felt that Harebrained Schemes was starving my inner tactics. If you’re spoiled for the variety of options in the XCOM series, battles in BATTLETECH will seem too simple, not enough crisis and brainstorming. “Here are your robots, here are others. Shoot at others, protect your own.” Either you dozen active skills or set of hammers that you need to drive the same nail. It’s primitive!

So I thought. Exactly until he made his first mistake.

The beauty of the BATTLETECH combat system lies in the ratio of risk and reward: it is a constant threat that can not be estimated one hundred percent, breathes life into the battle of roaring iron.

Fighting mechs only at first glance seem indestructible. In fact, even the heaviest robot is a glass gun. Yes, the mechs have a scale of armor and strength, but attacks do not damage the entire armor, but a separate part of the body, which has its own defense indicators. The doublet of lasers hit to the body, a swarm of missiles in the right shoulder, machine gun — legs. At the same time the player has no (with rare exceptions) control over aiming: so the developers simulated specific clumsiness of the furs.

In other words, you never know for sure from what attack your or the enemy machine will be smashed to pieces: no matter how thick the armor of the avant-garde, it does not guarantee invulnerability. Even a pilot sitting in a safe cockpit, can shell hit, and prolonged rocket fire sooner or later will deprive the balance, and… Spread on the ground fur — a pitiful sight and easy target.

And what if not only the armor, but also the internal mechanism is destroyed? If the opponent, for example, has come on lazybones, crushing him with a forearm? Things happen. If you do not think and fixed on the forearm something explosive (for example, cartridges for artillery guns), it certainly will jerk, and the pilot will have, to put it mildly, hard. What if your forearm was your most expensive, rarest, and most powerful railgun? Well … I Hope you have a spare.

One miscalculation, like a Domino, causes an avalanche of consequences, and even a victory in battle does not always pay for the loss. Injured pilot after the mission will go to the hospital — it is possible that a couple of painfully long months. The destroyed equipment for fur not to return, torn off by a shot of a hand, feet and armor sheets — too. Repair of strongly shabby fur flies in such kopeechka that sometimes it is more expedient to sell the broken-down car on scrap metal.

And all would be nothing if your group of mercenaries to the ears in debt. Each month, the creditors demand money, the pilots are supposed to pay, equipment to maintain. On all this it is necessary to get from somewhere Finance, and not just to be engaged in it when your best pilot at death, and the coolest fur is not subject to repair. To briefly hire a new pilot unprofitable to go for a lucrative job without as too dangerous. We’ve arrived.

Eat or become food

Unlike many tactical strategies, BATTLETECH does not forgive the player’s delay and rash moves. The longer the fight, the more holes in your armor and the less ammo in the zagashnike, and patch yourself up in the middle of a shootout magic kit will not work. Gradually, the space for maneuvers is reduced so much that one minor mistake at the wrong time can destroy your entire squad.

Your wards are ordinary people sitting inside rare, fabulously expensive cars. Opponents are often in no way inferior: they have access to the same equipment, mechs and even the skills of the characters that you have. You’re equally vulnerable. Weapons are never superfluous, but the winner is not always the one who is better armed. Fortune smiles effective, not brave.

Once you understand this, BATTLETECH will turn from a simple tactic into a ruthless pursuit of optimization. You position the mechs so that all the guns worked at full capacity and with maximum accuracy, and the turns of the body and the field of view are calculated to the last degree. In the hangar, you also spend a long time poring over the fur, wondering whether another gun, cooling element or jet engine will fit into the body. And if not, why not sacrifice a couple tons of armor?

Even in the middle of a fight, knowing that one stray bullet can smash the core of your best fur into atoms, you compromise. It’s too early to eject: if this fur goes now, the others will fall. Maybe turn it so that the body was not visible? Or cowardly hide behind an ally? Or do not care about everything and stand to the last, hoping that the pilot will survive the likely explosion? At such moments, you forget about the slowness of the action, about how long and clumsily the battles take place. When the enemy artillery is attacking the very valuable and almost finished off the fur, glance, firmly adheres to the reservation counter. How much longer will it last? Will it hold?! Miss, miss, Yes miss you already!

By passion BATTLETECH sometimes easily overtakes even XCOM, and games Mechwarrior series and even more so: any critical hit or just a successful volley over and over again causes a storm of emotions. Successes and failures are felt almost physically, because you never know what exactly will happen, how to play you bet. Yes, a lot depends on luck and random numbers, and in tactical strategies the excessive importance of randomness is to be denied — but not this time. Wayward BATTLETECH — generator intense and unforgettable emotional situations. From the surprisingly successful attack the enemy’s heart immediately goes to the heel, and after their own success, lips stretched themselves into a grin. All this BATTLETECH achieves a minimum of funds, sometimes literally quoting the rules of the original wargame. Harebrained Schemes were able not only to competently transfer them to the game, but also to add to the gameplay adrenaline, dynamics and rage, which from him did not expect. When Battletech works, I want to ask only one question: who should throw money at the target, so that in the future Shadowrun will get an adaptation with the same depth of mechanics?

But this effect only lasts as long as the game really works — that is, the first fifteen to twenty hours. Then play becomes bored.


The first couple of days of playing BATTLETECH I was optimistic. On the third and the fourth got tired. And in the fifth, sixth and seventh already caught myself thinking that I run the game through the force to finally pass it, write this text and become a free man again.

The problem with BATTLETECH is that IT tries to be everything at once: a Cosmo, a harsh tactic, and a simulator of a mercenary with a pseudo-living open world. Unhurried, not rich in events very old-fashioned mechanics vargeyma placed on the plot progression of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and narrative Shadowrun. Trying to sit on all the chairs at once, Harebrained Schemes relish plopped in a puddle. Even to describe uncomfortably. First of all, the plot. It is so bad that every turn and” surprise ” is visible for several light years. Yes, this is so: in the game from the creators of the trilogy Shadowrun one of the most depressing, Packed full of clichés stories in recent years. The screenwriters dump on the player the decaliters of the exposition, dozens of meaningless terms, names, dates and events, and until recently pretend that it is important and necessary. While in fact no effort, if they were at all, can not hide the fact that the plot in BATTLETECH — only lazy appendage to the giant robots. Made simply because the Studio is expected to.

Database management, which was copied from XCOM, does not work either. Harebrained Schemes saw good mechanics, but did not figure out how to implement it. During periods of calm you can dig around in furs, chat with your ship’s crew (a waste of time), and… everything. Click on the button and see how your ship flies to the place of the next task. No decisions on engineering issues, selection of upgrades, no-th-th. The cold void of space.

Sometimes, of course, in the way can happen any random events: the crew decides to play poker, will run into a pirate ambush or detect a distress signal. But these events are sadly not enough, and they are ridiculously often repeated — sometimes several times per game. For fifty hours I saw only five unique events and ten repetitions.

Flights are annoyingly boring and time consuming, and to speed up this painful process, it is necessary to invest in pumping the engine — just like in any mobile F2P.

The promised “open galaxy” is empty, there is nothing to look for. Yes, star bodies have characteristics: some planets are allegedly densely populated and technologically developed, others are poor, abandoned and covered with snow. But this is a bludgeon and does not affect the gameplay.

The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga 3 passed, the decision concerning the fate of the world, made, on the screen running titles, beautiful music sounds with a Scandinavian hue. But my heart is fighting two feelings. On the one hand, the game was great, to match the Grand finale of this Saga. And to its heroes (and even villains) for these four years that passed from the moment of an exit of the first part, so I have become attached soul that there is no wish to leave them at all. On the other — does not leave the feeling that the third part could get even better. I’ll explain why.

Картинки по запросу the banner saga 3 обзор

Through fog and Darkness

Compared with the early version of the release is almost no different. And everything that I wrote in my recent preview is also true with regard to the review. Briefly recall the essence. All the way, we’re fighting a new kind of enemy — the distorted Darkness that’s coming to the world. Enemies are strong, dangerous and attack in waves. After enduring one, we decide to escape or fight to the bitter end, replacing the crossing several wounded or retired fighters new.

In turn, the players became available legendary rolls and weavers (that’s mages), as well as one witch and even the singer of the stone from among the drags — our main enemies, which they were considered for the first two parts. Using wisely their unique abilities (and even in one case immortality), it is possible to avoid big problems in many key battles.

Also wisely need to pump the characters, choosing for them new perks-those open after the desired characteristics developed to the limit. In addition, all characters who have reached the highest levels are now available so-called titles. This is also a kind of perks with their bonuses. For example, the title “Mountain” on each of the five levels gives an increase in armor and power, “Thrown” increases the characteristics in battle, if there are no allies next to the warrior, and the title holder “giving hope”, on the contrary, gives bonuses to neighboring comrades.

Картинки по запросу the banner saga 3 обзор

The habit of the best

At the same time The Banner Saga 3, as I wrote, was the darkest and heaviest of all three games. The speed with which the main characters die here and not very much, George Martin(George Martin) could also be envied.

However, in some cases, they may not die — much here still depends on the actions of the player. At the crucial moment, when one group of characters held the defense in the city, which became the ultimate goal of their journey, the game even remembered how many people, warls and fighters we kept in the caravan — their number is counted in the hours and days left before the fall of the city. That’s how many days will remain in stock at the other group, wandering through the Darkness to the White tower, to have time to save the world and their comrades.

However, contrary to expectations, not all our decisions are taken into account in the outcome of this story. Yes, the shadow of some of them is seen in the final dialogue and even in a static picture in the video, where you can clearly see which of the characters survived and who did not. But globally, whatever you decide before in the three editions of the Saga, it all comes down to one dialogue and three answers that determine the fate of the world — it’s like what we saw, for example, in Mass Effect 3. In addition, it is missing the final, in the spirit of the Fallout series, the story of what happened to those or other heroes and cities — from such a game this is especially expected.

And personally, I in the final battles again, as in the second part, not enough complexity and challenge — they are easier than the very first in which we participate in the beginning of the game.

And yet The Banner Saga 3 definitely deserves a round of applause. This is the quintessence, the embodiment of all the best, for which we loved this trilogy. Difficult, with its own twist, turn-based battles, thoughtful and unusual role-playing system here cemented elements of visual novels-with well-designed characters, non-trivial world and emotional story, in which not all, but many decisions really matter. And all this is framed by a gorgeous hand-drawn picture and atmospheric music.

I want to believe that in the near future we will see other similar games — the good example of Ash of Gods: Redemption is already before my eyes. In the meantime, in response to the many words of gratitude, which do not skimp authors in the final credits, I want to say a big thank you to them — it was an unforgettable adventure.

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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War

“Warhammer” and fantasy, and “sorokiniana” — almost every week so many games that it seems they had already covered all genres, but quests, visual novels and pornokorea. And if the absence of the latter can only regret such perverts as I found recently the fact that Warhammer 40,000 was not yet full of 4X-strategies, upset many — including employees of Proxy Studios, which decided to fill this unfortunate gap. And to help them took slitherine software publishing, behind which already has two good strategies on the topic — Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon and Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach.

Картинки по запросу warhammer 40,000: gladius – relics of war обзор

To each his own!

As the name implies, the action of Warhammer 40,000: Gladius-Relics of War takes place on the planet colonized by the Empire Gladius Prime in, to put it mildly, not the most pleasant moment of its history — from the sky falling space stations and orcs, begins a powerful warp storm, from the ground get out awakened from a long, well, very long sleep Necrons.

The space Mariner fought courageously with the hordes of green-skinned, but then he was forced to pacify his pride and ask for help from Astra Militarum, that is, to the Imperial guard. As soon as the guards arrived, began a warp storm, which had the most devastating effects — the majority of the civilian population is destroyed, and now roam the surface of the monstrous creatures of Xenos.

If you think that in Gladius — Relics of War will have to play only for the power of the Empire, you are wrong. I described only the plot of the two stories that the authors came up for the space Mariner and Astra Militarum. And so, separately-in this game they are presented by separate fractions. But there are also orcs and Necrons, for which also invented their stories.

Картинки по запросу warhammer 40,000: gladius – relics of war обзор

Who’s to fight and who’s to Wake up!

The Necrons awaken after 60 million years of hibernation, which they fell into after the war with the Ancients had exhausted them, and see that there is a real chaos on the surface. They open the tombs, awaken their patriarchs and crypts, fight against the crazed relatives of the cultists and look for artifacts with which to study the technology built into The ancient planet itself, and scatter the warp storm. Well, orcs … orcs, of course, constantly yelling Waaagh! and if you want to fight the first task to this decline. All these disparate stories of the four factions are formed into a single picture, but are not served as some big campaign with pathos rollers: the budget at Gladius-Relics of War still not as big as the Dawn of War III, for example. When you start playing for the selected faction, you are given the corresponding quests to this group-explore so many ancient artifacts, defeat the army of cultists, visit the Bibliarium three marked on the map points and so on. But no one at the same time does not prevent you just soak the rest of the participants of the competition and win early victory without performing any tasks.

Картинки по запросу warhammer 40,000: gladius – relics of war обзор

Not Civilization, but very similar

In any case, each faction has to deal with about the same thing: to build cities, expanding and cutting off more and more tiles (they are the same cells) for construction, to save resources, to conduct research, opening new buildings and types of “units”, to build useful buildings that increase the flow of resources, allow you to hire different types of troops, infantry, equipment and so on. Hired troops move through the cells, destroy enemies, capture new cities and cells with useful bonuses or new resources. In General, “Civilization meets Warhammer 40,000” – this is just about Gladius!

However, this Civilization is very simplified. There is no diplomatic or scientific way to win — war, war and only war (well, or quests), which, however, is more than logical for the universe of “forty thousandth”. The tree of technologies is implemented simply: they are designed exclusively for the opening of new buildings, soldiers, heroes and edicts. Opened two on the first level-you can go to the study of the second, and so on. Resources are not so much (though a lot) – food to supply troops, ore for the construction and creation of “units”, points of research and influence, which are spent on various useful actions such as calling especially powerful heroes or scanning the selected area. You also need to monitor the level of production and loyalty in the cities — the latter affects the efficiency of everything that is studied and created in the settlement. But, of course, we are not talking about any caravans, road construction, provision and protection of supply lines.


Картинки по запросу warhammer 40,000: gladius – relics of war обзор

The approaches are different, and Warp one!

There are differences between the factions. For example, for the mechanical, who exchanged the soul for the immortal bodies of Necrons, the ore replaces both food and materials for construction. Also, their soldiers can instantly teleport to the selected city — it helps to save the squad, even when he was surrounded and lost almost all the fighters. Orcs accumulate influence, just when fighting (the other factions are forced to build buildings and study technology), but it is also spent on the maintenance of the army.

Orcs strategy, of course, is based on the accumulation of Waaagh level! The hardest thing, perhaps, to play for the Astra Military-their troops are weak and highly dependent on morality (space Marines, on the contrary, never lose heart). And the Imperials, known for their bureaucratic traditions, are able to publish useful edicts, which by one order to the glory of the Emperor increase the efficiency of the barracks, raise the rate of production of food or ore.

Differences between factions quite a lot, but too much fundamental difference in tactics and strategy of passage, I still did not notice-it’s not Terran, Zerg and Protoss. And many seemingly disadvantages compared to other kompensiruet or unique abilities, or nearly duplicated similar counterparts edicts, for example, have Necron.

Картинки по запросу warhammer 40,000: gladius – relics of war обзор

Tactical war

And yet, despite all the reservations, Warhammer 40,000: Gladius-Relics of War draws in earnest — and for a day, two, three or more. It is very interesting to explore the map, and some of the economic and construction of the simplicity of the game compensates for the military, that is a fascinating confrontation “units”. In fact, here on the global map unfold full-fledged battles, as in any turn-based tactics.

Units must cover each other, retreat when it gets hot, always keep the surveillance function on to intercept the moves and attacks of enemies in time, and if possible to capture the outposts — taking such a point, “units” will not only collect something useful, but also receive bonuses to protect and attack. As a result, such a point can be turned into a local Prokhorovka, for a long time holding back the enemy troops, for example, on the outskirts of his city. In addition, the map is scattered special artifacts that are activated give a bonus to the damage of your entire army — for them, too, are constantly fighting, including with the participation of neutral monsters, which in Gladius — Relics of War as something especially annoying.

At the same time, all the fighters have their own characteristics, penalties and bonuses, which depend on the type of terrain in which the units are located. Some cells with some stuff like bushes or barbed wire and is constantly causing damage to anyone they should — have them pre-cleared. On the other hand, there are troops who ignore the fines for cross-country traffic.

Картинки по запросу warhammer 40,000: gladius – relics of war обзор

Heroes and generals

Finally, in Gladius-Relics of War, great importance is attached to the heroes of different specializations that have their own set of abilities — like the characters of any RPG, they can be pumped, trade and try on the found equipment. Heroes can “buffet” allies “debuffing” enemies, heal himself or his comrades, to encourage elite support (after reaching a certain level) to be particularly powerful blows, but alone to scatter crowds of enemies can’t balance there is sustained properly.

As a result, to survive and win in Gladius — Relics of War is really not easy. When playing for the Necrons at the same time I was pressed by the cultists, which need to be destroyed on the quest from above, the space Marines, in the rear constantly annoyed the neutrals, and then the attackers on the city. And then I foolishly wandered where you shouldn’t (from time to time) and found the troops of the Astra Militarium, and then for dismantling and joined them, competent exploration and careful movement area there matter!

In the end I had to change the strategy, to retreat, to shape the shock fists, to organize the defense. And you can imagine the feeling of deep satisfaction that I experienced when I fought back and went into a massive offensive on all fronts, destroying at the same time the base of the space Marines. However, then came the huge Lord xenos Skulls, who attacked all in a row, and had quite tight…

If in battles with bots you can choose the complexity of the game and the enemies, when in online battles against you are only live opponents, you have to rely only on their own skills — but so only interesting. Alternatively, you can join other players and friends in alliances and fight, helping each other. Warhammer 40,000: Gladius — Relics of War can claim up to Civilization, they say, not enough races not enough, no Eldar and haositov. Well modicum, beloved and long expected by many in as a primary faction (slightly whether not since the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War — Dark Crusade and Soulstorm) Necrons finally awakened and crawled out from their tombs. But all these little things (easily fixable additions with new races) against the background of the fact that we actually got a full 4X (well, almost) in the 40K universe for the first time. Surely you could do better, but from Gladius — Relics of War you are guaranteed to get your dose of strategic and tactical pleasure.

Conan Exiles-The Massive attack of the power.

Online sandbox” Conan Exiles was released in “Early access” in early 2017, and in order to go to a full release, it took another year and a half. All this time the company Funcom polished simulator survival in the wild lands of the exiles and finally brought to a state in which it is not ashamed to show people: the bugs in Early Access complained almost all players. It is also important to note that Conan Exiles — this is not the first game of the Norwegians in the setting of Hyboria: they already did Age of Conan MMO in the harsh world of Conan the barbarian.

Картинки по запросу conan exiles обзор

The valley of the missing women

The plot of the game is very simple. The protagonist-sentenced to death haiboriytsa tied to the cross and left to die in the desert. He sagged for a short time: the criminal was suddenly saved by Conan himself (apparently, it was necessary to somehow justify the name of the game, because more in it the legendary barbarian will never appear). But before we can see the miraculous liberation, we need to create a hero by choosing his gender, race, appearance and religion.

Religion is an important game mechanic. Belonging to a denomination provides unique recipes of the rig, sacrifices used to summon a huge destructional avatar favourites of God. At first, the game allows you to worship only one deity, but then you can increase their number. I’m not a bore, but where in Hyboria has ever heard of minions of Seth at the same time praising sun Mithras, although their teachings completely contradict each other!

Well, it should be noted the uncensored editor of the protagonist — he was not talking about only lazy-in which you can play with the size of the intimate places of the characters. Is this only done to draw attention to the game? I can’t think of any other explanation.

Картинки по запросу conan exiles обзор

Treasures Galore

After the creation of the hero, we are released into an open seamless world. In Conan Exiles there is no training and all have to comprehend himself. There are no quests in the game and in the literal sense of the word, but there are goals that are written in the upper right corner of the screen. They help to get acquainted with the basic features of the game.

At first (and, to be honest, later too), the player will have to spend a lot of time collecting ingredients for “crafting” things. First it will be simple stones and branches, then — more rare resources: star metal ore, for example, or demon blood. To search for a truly beautiful explore locations-deserts, jungles, snow-covered valleys, swamps and even a volcano. Unfortunately, the collection of resources is somewhat tiring. Useful objects on the road do not roll, and instead of admiring the landscapes of Hyboria you will be generally chop down trees, breaking rocks and hunt animals.

What happens at the output depends on what tool the resources are extracted with. If you hit a tree with an axe, then it will remain wood, and if you chop with a pick — bark.

And the character must eat and drink to not die of hunger and thirst. Hunting animals provides the hero with food. And for complete comfort you can (and even need) to build a house or at least a whole fortress of your dreams.

A comparison comes to mind with last year’s the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In Conan Exilesтоже you can climb on steep rocks, and cook in a pot. We can say that we are given to play a kind of harsh “Zelda” – brutal and with naked bodies.

Картинки по запросу conan exiles обзор

People of the black circle

If at first I had a question, why tie this survival simulator to the setting of “Conan”, then over time it disappeared by itself. Yeah, at first I thought that the Hyborian world of Conan in the Exiles is the name of several races and gods. It seemed to me that the game has almost no “Laura” (compared to the same Age of Conan, where there were even quotes from the books!), but in fact it is not. There is even a hidden storyline, and carefully examining the location, you can find a lot of texts about the world. After a dozen hours I can safely say that fans of Hyboria here will surely enjoy!

Another unusual mechanics of the game is slavery. In order to get a slave, you need to dissuade the enemy to the loss of consciousness, then tie it and make it rotate the wheel of pain. About the same as Conan did in the movie about himself. The system of slavery is necessary for the organization of the economy. Slave warrior can get to guard the house, a slave blacksmith produces superior weapons, and the dancers take off the filth, which you can pick up in the ancient ruins

Картинки по запросу conan exiles обзор

All the villains in the house

In Conan Exiles there are several modes-PvP (each player was removed from the cross personally Conan!), online PvE and single player campaign. One to play, but difficult to quickly kill. The limit of players on the server — 40. Although the potential of the game and revealed in multiplayer, single player campaign is also good — you can play only for her.

After the death experience and skills will not disappear, but the character is literally bare-ass. Not lost only those items that remained in the chests. If you, of course, do not play in a single campaign on an easy level of difficulty. In addition, in multiplayer, when you change the server every time you have to start with the creation of a character — it’s annoying.

The list of changes that appeared after the release of Conan Exiles, impressive: increased resources, recipes, monsters. New ones have been added-great! – animations, deities, biomes: volcano and swamp. The game really did a good job.

I’m not a fan of the genre, but Conan Exiles loved with all my heart, because it is literally everyone will find something to taste. You can, for example, explore the ancient ruins, and you can team up with other players and build a whole city. The game perfectly conveys the beauty of the Hyborian world and its harsh spirit (I only need to sacrifice!). It should also be stressed that, while some survival-games do not come out of the “Early access” for four years (DayZ, I’m looking at you), Conan Exiles was finalized to a decent state in just 15 months, let the remaining bugs and slightly lubricate the impression.

Ancestors Legacy: Ages without Embellishment

Who would have thought that after the hooligan, provocative, loud and stupid Hatred, embodied in the game form of everyday life of an armed maniac, the Polish Studio Destructive Creationst and release a serious and deep strategy? Following Kingdom Come: Deliverance appeared another medieval game from Eastern Europe! Realism and historical plausibility are again at the forefront.

No time for dragons

Ancesters Legacy tells about the wars and troubles of the middle ages. The General atmosphere and details are sustained in style of unwashed realism of those times — spirit of chivalrous novels and fantasy elements look for in other projects. Vikings-Dan under the control of the player erase from the face of the land of the village one after another and cut into vermicelli unarmed monks, and the British, in turn, burn captured Danes alive. Counts and barons of Western Europe enthusiastically biting for the land, and the Slavs-pagans, not knowing what awaits them ahead, already execute the first Christians.

Verbose campaign scripts Ancestors Legacy quite vividly recreate the spirit of those times, but the developers have invested a lot of effort and other historical aspects. The appearance of units, weapons and clothing, architecture, scenery — everywhere you can see the hard work and care.

Once on the coast of Britain of the IX century, you, for example, will not meet handsome knights in full plate armor. Instead, the soldiers wore chain mail with a hood and a lot of animal skins — in full compliance with the military fashion of those days. Dozens of small but significant elements work on the realism of what is happening, and in front of us in all reliability the mores of that era appear: in one of the plot scenes, a nobleman without hesitation kills a commoner who has gone too far.

On chain mail meet 

When you first start the game welcomes atmospheric animated screensavers in the menu and impressive folk music. And starting the first mission of the campaign of the Vikings, I’m just a couple of minutes stuck in the script video about the landing with Drakkar game engine gives the quality of AAA-shooters era PS3. The operator fearlessly goes into the thick of things — the quality of the action is reminiscent of Call of Duty.

Here the control passes to the player, and we are the troops on the shore, fought their way into the interior of the island. Spectacular flashes of lightning, an abundance of details on each meter of scenery, accurate models of fighters — ancesters Legacy looks great. Stentorian cries of the soldiers in their native languages at once, not annoying every time you click on a unit: sounds of the game also very much.

The variable scale allows you to consider the elements of armor, intricate patterns on the shields and even multiple tattoos of soldiers. The cards are drawn no worse than in the recent Spellforce 3; the wind is played by branches, the birds are circling over the blooming fields, the full moon is reflected in the rippling water — Unreal Engine 4 got into skillful hands.

Even at the development stage, the poles promised to surprise the combat animation — and also did not deceive. For each warrior recorded an impressive number of movements, so that the first time you hang on literally any brawl. The maximum approach of the game camera includes a conditional “cinematic mode”: interface elements are hidden, added the effect of” shaking the lens ” — blood splashes fly under the nose. Also I will note good work with night lighting and enchanting, to the delight of all pyromaniac, fires.

A long time ago, in the near Europe

All this beauty is laid in several campaigns on four fractions among which it is especially pleasant to see Slavs who are usually not spoiled by attention of game designers. Time period-from VIII to XII century, and the strings differ depending on the faction and time of action: the Swedes and Dan fun burning monasteries in the early middle ages, and the owner of the German lands cleans the local forests of the raubritter — barons-robbers.

No plot revelations in the spirit of Warcraft 3, you can not wait: the mentioned historicity is largely tied scriptwriters Destructive Creations hands. But watch out for the feudal lords and tribal leaders do not get bored — the passions on the screen boil at full strength.

The missions make a favorable impression due to the constant change of goals and conditions: we are sneaking around on a spacious map with instructions from local princes, then besieging monumental fortresses, then using real — and well — implemented-elements of stealth in the scenario about a couple of scouts-saboteurs.

Tactics many not case

The development of settlements in many ways repeats the usual RTS scheme: for a large army, we build a house in the temples praise the gods, receiving bonuses to combat capability, and from the barracks regularly produce recruits. One of the new genre of pieces in the regeneration of the town well: he helps to put out a terrible fire, which in real history the lives of many medieval cities. But, unlike Age of Empires or Rise of Nations, in ancesters Legacy it is not necessary to mess with the plan of building: all buildings appear in the places provided by game. This great accelerates the growth of the settlement, but, alas, completely deprives the joy of creation is his unique, military town.

However, urban mechanics is still optional. After a couple of hours it becomes clear that the main thing in the ancesters Legacy — it is war. All questions external and internal policy here can only be solved with fire and sword, and captured neither the Saxons nor the clearing did not take in battle can be seen as wanting to give finish right on the battlefield (finally get to know the creators of Hatred!).

There are not so many kinds of troops, but the vigilantes of different types are very different. German infantry with monstrous cleavers is strong, but clumsy and slow; British archers are able to temporarily increase the accuracy of shooting, which is very useful in mass clashes (friendly fire puts into the ground a lot of allies), and half-naked Berserkers Scandinavians expectedly fall into combat madness. One or two special tactical techniques have any unit or hero, and almost all of them are useful and well balanced — the obvious “universals” is not found.

It’s a shame that big fights regularly turn into a chaotic pile of enemies and allies (which, however, also certainly refers to historical realism), and divide them in the absence of a tactical pause can not. But in General, for the tactical part of the game developers just want to praise, especially since successfully using the classic elements of the genre of RTS, the poles offered a few fresh ideas.

For example, here is an interesting mechanics of arson: throwing torches on the roof of the enemy barracks or forge, we fill a special scale; as soon as it is filled, the fire will continue to devour the building, but the aggressors can already be switched to the next target.

Some warriors are able to dig deadly pit traps on the roads, and special soldiers with torches in their hands even at night will consider an ambush in the bushes. And most importantly, all without exception, the soldiers can perform the most important maneuver, under which even a separate button is assigned: a quick retreat, it is also an escape with bulging eyes.

Tar wholesale and by weight

With all the pros I have something to scold the project: while Ancestors Legacy seems somewhat unfinished.  At times, the sounds of battle disappear completely, leaving the player alone with the music. The peasants in the burning village so panic that on the run pass through the bodies of the attackers. These same attackers sometimes stop for a break, leaning their heads in the texture of the house or barn. Unique animation fights often fails, and the warriors cut the air blades.

Bugs are most likely to be” cured ” first of all. But the balance of complexity is also limping: two powerful Viking chiefs easily break the ranks of the Anglo-Saxons and do not receive any significant damage. And mentioned pause (even if inactive) still does not hurt: when your farm storm from two or three sides of the crowd of raiders, from trying to hold the micro head is spinning.