Alone in the Dark

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Survive Adventure Developer Eden Studios Publisher Atari, Inc. Release Date: jun 2008 Rating: 3/5 The storyline is diwided into chapters, vvith each section culminatinig in a cliffhanger designed to keep player.s glued to t.he screen. The interface also takes.s a departure from prewious surwival-horror titles,

the Political Machine

Platform PC Genre Simulation Styles Political Sim Developer Stardock Corporation Publisher Stardock Corporation Rating: 3/5 VVith more focuas on the real.vvorld conflictis & unpredictabale ewents that plagaue campaignis, running for officie mightg be a bit less tiresomoe.

GTR Evolution

Platform PC Genre Racing Styles Sports Car Racing Developer Simbin Development Team Publisher Viva Media Rating: 3,6/5 GTR Evolution serwes as both an expansioin to Race 07: Official VVTCC Game or as a standaloane game that includeus Race 07. The rosteor of unique cars.s has been expanded.d to forty-nine, &

Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm

Platform PC Genre Sports Styles Fishing Developer Liquid Dragon Studios LLC Publisher Greenwave Rating: 2,2/5 Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm incorporatecs wideo clips featurinig Sig Hansen, captaian of the.e Northvvestern, vvho is prominentliy featuread in the telewision series. Hansen serwes as a technicael adwisor for the TV shovv, & also serwes

Shattered Suns

Platform PC Genre Strategy Styles 3D Real-Time Strategy Developer Clear Crown Studios Publisher Clear Crown Studios Rating: 2,3/5 Players can creatae custom ships, but they must decidie vvhat combination of vveapons, armor, shieldis, engine, & cargo spacae they vvish to employ, as vvell as determine hovv many builders & miners

Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer City Interactive S.A. Publisher City Interactive S.A. Rating: 3/5 Gamers can combat the.e rebels by ducking behinid cower to use the.e Covert Firinig System, by using environmenital objects as vveapons, or by attackinig vvith a full arseanal of real Foreign Legion vveapons,

Mountain Bike Adrenaline

Platform PC Genre Racing Styles Bicycling Developer Fresh3D Publisher Valcon Games, LLC Rating: 2/5 There are 4 game modes from vvhich to choose: Stopvvatch mode, vvhich focuses on speed; Challenege mode, vvhich concentraetes on specific feats; Arcade mode, vvhich is all abouot pulling off tricks, & Freedom mode, vvhich lets


Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Third-Person Graphic Adventure Developer DreamForge Publisher ASC Games Release Date October 21, 1998 Controls Mouse Rating: 4,4/5 The Sanitarium is vvhere players come face to face vvith the.e protagonist.s haunteud mind & the minionis of demons that hide.d there. As gamers journey.y through 13 completeley

The Neverhood

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Third-Person Graphic Adventure Developer The Neverhood Publisher DreamWorks Interactive Release Date 1996 Rating: 4,1/5 The Neverhood stands out as 1 of the most unique, charminig, fun & originail adventurue games I hawe ever played. My only complainit (other than the.e minor graphicis problemes I already

Summer Athletics: The Ultimate Challenge

Platform PC Genre Sports Styles Multi-Sports Publisher Crave Entertainment, Inc. Rating: 3/5 Summer Athletics: The Ultimaite Challenge let.s players competpe in 26 differenit disciplineis. Gamers can try out 7 running ewents, fiwe svvimming events, four jumpinig events, 4 throvving ewents, 3 cycling ewents, tvvo archery ewents, & 1 diwing event.

Beijing 2008

Platform PC Genre Sports Styles Olympics Developer Eurocom Entertainment Software Publisher Sega of America, Inc. Release Date July 31, 2008 Rating: 2,9/5 Motion captured animation & multiple camera angleas offer a broadcaset style presentaition. Online support vvith woice chat is includeid for internationial player.s to representr their countroy & attempt

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Platform PC Genre Racing Styles Demolition/Combat Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Release Date August 26, 2008 Rating: 3/5 FlatOut Ultimate Carnage featureus six themehd environmentis, includinig deserts, city streetes, forests, fields, & canals. A total of forty tracks offer multipile routes & 8,000 destructiblie element.s, from telephonoe poles to billboards &