Spider Man Review

Spider-Man 2018 is one of the most popular games of 2018 in the story of marvel comics about the adventures of Spider-man in our time. Spider-Man is a 2018 game in the genre of action showing from a third party was specifically created for the PlayStation 4. The game tells the story of a Spider-man who has already managed to get used to the role of a superhero. It became known that the project will not be based on the plot of the comics, and show the original story. As usual, the main character is Peter Parker. He is 23 years old. But to call him an adult also does not work. The plot will constantly demonstrate the difference in the life of an ordinary guy and a superhero known as “Spider-man”. He had almost finished College but is engaged in the internship in the lab. The main character wears a superhero costume and has managed to get used to the role of the Savior of his hometown – new York. But as usual, the unexpected happens . On the streets there is a new band, called “Inner Demons”. They Rob many institutions in the city, and threatened the life of one of the main enemies Spider-Man – Kingpin. Now our hero will have to deal with a longtime enemy, in order to cope with The new Mr. Negative, ready to destroy the city at any time. Studio confirmed another hero who can play. She will be the girl of the protagonist Mary Jane. Unlike Peter, she can’t destroy opponents one by one, so the gameplay for it will mostly consist of stealth. Aunt may is the most native person for the main character. In this game, she works at Martin Lee’s shelter, where she helps needy new Yorkers. With her at the shelter operates one of the friends of Peter, miles Morales. His role in the game is unknown. The biggest enemy of Spider-Man – Norman Osborn, aka the Goblin, becomes the mayor of the city. His appearance is definitely not just used in the game. THE release date of the game is announced for the first quarter of 2018. Platform is PlayStation 4 only. But in the future, the developers do not exclude the emergence of the following parts of the series and on other platforms.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review

Shadow of the Tomb Raider marks the ending of the Tomb Raider reboot series started in 2013. The thing that makes this particular game great is that it’s set to be an end, which means it will show how Lara becomes the valiant adventurer we know and love.

During this game, Lara will go to Peru and Mexico in order to stop an apocalyptic event. But the thing to note here is that she ends up setting the event into motion herself. He kills a lot of innocent people by mistake, and obviously this brings in front a lot of guilt on her side.

Unlike the other games, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is not about Lara surviving. Instead she is trying to learn from the mistakes she made and the consequences that she had to deal with. Her entire focus is on making the world a better place, all while trying to fully understand how to change her life in meaningful ways.

Trinity is coming back as well, and Lara wats to continue her quest towards eliminating the organization that killed her father. That’s where she ends up dealing with Dr Dominguez, one of the Trinity leaders that she needs to take down during the game.

But what about the gameplay? You will have a bow, pistol, shotgun and a rifle that you can use in the game. The game also has wallruns and grapple usage. You will also be able to opt for stealth if you want to, something that can end up helping you a lot as you play the game. You will also find enemies in water, which can be attacked as you’re swimming. Melee combat is expanded upon too, as Lara has a machete and a climbing axe too.

The challenge tombs are back too, and these are deadlier than ever. You still have the unique crafting methods from the previous games, which were also expanded upon to offer a much more interesting and comprehensive experience. According to the announcement, the game will have one of the largest hub areas in the series. Some fans actually believe that the game will have an open world.

Graphics will be improved too, although Shadow of the Tomb Raider seems to have a much darker tone at least from the first few trailers. One thing is certain, these Tomb Raider games are always trying to bring in some new ideas to the table, so exploring jungles and accessing some new regions really is something that you may enjoy quite a bit.

While the game does arrive in September, we will most likely get a lot of gameplay and some other information at E3 next month. But in the end, what really matters is that we finally get an ending for the Reboot series, and we get to see how Lara transforms into such a powerful adventurer. It’s a really nice approach to have, and hopefully one that will be extremely fun and enjoyable too!

The ‘A Way Out’ the Best and Worst of Video Game Storytelling

Finally we waited for the long-awaited release of the game A Way out. And what can we offer this game? This simultaneous passage on the same screen or on the network with your friends for free. The prison, consisting of five heads starts on the familiarity of the characters and not a very difficult task with the transfer of items for opening the ventilation and the distraction of protection,while the partner stealing the sheets or unscrews the nut. The interaction between the characters reaches a certain voltage, and some episodes look really interesting in terms of computer graphics, like the episode where you have to peek out of the camera and watch the crossing guard, while your partner tries to make a hole in the wall. But since this game is presented at best resembles a second-rate movie, which Yusef and shot in Sweden before his game debut.

Small episodes of experience, where you together with another player trying to hide traces of crime. A Way Out is destroying the intrigue of boring dialogue, weak action of the characters and a boring script.
Some of the scenes are so funny that together with the dialogues it seems that the player Comedy drama about bandits. And that story about the relatives of our game characters can not stand on a par with the students-writers who wrote this masterpiece.

But along with this can be considered A Way Out a new successful step in the adventure genre. All sorts of scenarios lead us to encrypted tasks. However, the ending tries to break the game curtain, taking us into emotional decisions, but still predictable, not allowing us to choose an easier solution. In addition, the final shows an important plot point from the background. It seems that the heroes of A Way Out live in some other, or rather in his world, in which there is no logic. At the same time, a Way Out is good for its landscape and some details. The battle scenes in A Way Out are made very competently and do not cause negative emotions, pleasantly decorating the gameplay.