Destiny 2: Forsaken from all

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Destiny 2: Forsaken resembles the final breakthrough, as if all the employees of Bungie gathered at the round table and agreed to give everything in full as the last time. Something similar happened in 2015 with the release of the Taken King, which turned the first game of a good shooter with a lot of problems in a great game with a good story and a mountain of entertainment. Something addition Forsakenполучилось even better at least with Bungie clear plans for the future. Now is the best time to return to Destiny 2 if the game managed to disappoint. Without some flaws of course has not done, but the ideal no one expected.

The story campaign, for example, raises a number of questions. The most charismatic character in the entire series, hunter Cade-6, dies at the very beginning of the passage. And the developers to release all the forces tried to convey this information to the players: the debut trailer was dedicated to the death, in an interview talked about it in detail, also released on YouTube the coolest video in the whole addition, where Cade-6 fights off the Despicable. So in the game itself it does not cause any emotions — when you read spoilers in the Network, it is difficult to empathize with characters. And then suddenly the Guard decided to single-handedly fly to the Reef and to take revenge for Cade-6? When did they become such close friends?

But the rest of the campaign here turned out better than in the usual Destiny 2. To reach Oldrina Owl, which still survived in The Taken King and responsible for the deaths of Cade-6, you must defeat ministered to him of all the Barons. They belong to a new race of Despicable, which only at first glance seem to be a copy of the bored Fallen. To fight this little thing is fun — I especially liked the spoilers with the fire bowls in their hands. You can shoot the old-fashioned way on the heads, and you can shoot at these bowls and cause explosions, touching the monsters running near the target. Kamikaze spiders, named scribes, also succeeded and look creepy in dark rooms.

Initially, the “plot” is linear: you meet again with Petra Wenge, which was first seen more than three years ago in the House of Wolves, then fly to the reef located on the Tangled shores and get acquainted there with a Spider. It is a Fallen one, ready to cooperate with the Guardian to eradicate evil in his land. He knows where the Barons are hiding, and offers to hunt them in any order. If in Destiny 2 you have not played for a long time, it is desirable to look at the recommended strength indicator for each goal — some will suit low-level players, others it is desirable to leave for later. But otherwise, no you in no way limits.

Each battle with the Baron is unique. One does not get off his bike and turns circles on the arena, filled with acid — you can either just run from corner to corner and shoot, and you can take the same bike and arrange a chase. I remember also a sniper who creates his own copies, which are destroyed after a couple of shots. All these fights are fascinating, but one similarity between them is still there — almost all Barons strip “lives” is divided into three parts, and after one-third is empty, the enemy will be invulnerable and briefly disappear or gain new strength. And it is terribly annoying, especially if you play with friends. You get the rocket launcher, use all the superpowers, but in the end, after one second it’s all no longer necessary. Hopefully, in the next addition Bungie will come up with mechanics more interesting.


Картинки по запросу Destiny 2: Forsaken

Only the beginning

The campaign was not very short, but after the victory over Oldroom story is not completed. In addition to the Tangled shores, which are a large area with patrols and open events, the Guards after performing some actions will open another large area — the city of dreams. Beautiful location with breathtaking architecture offers additional entertainment, including the arena “Blind well”, where the owners of found or purchased “tickets” can participate in battles with waves of enemies. How many years have passed, and Bungie still can not implement a human system of selection of players in such modes — we must hope that you will not come there alone, and constantly fly into orbit and return for the sake of finding random comrades.

In the City of dreams is also a RAID “Last wish”, which was very, very good. Unlike the past, it does not consist almost entirely of puzzles — now it is necessary to solve puzzles, and excessively strong “bosses” to cause damage. Mechanics-interesting and unusual for the series, opponents — dangerous and unworn, and communicate with each other team members have to constantly. Certainly undergo this RAID with a group of strangers will be extremely difficult, especially if you do not know the solution to the puzzles. But with partners you will find a really exciting adventure.

However, run it “casual” players are not recommended until they gain at least 550 strength. Yes, in Destiny 2 returned “grind” -someone was glad his absence a year ago, someone because of this quickly lost interest. Here, “pumping” will take a few weeks — to RAID for 10 days, not even prepared many streamers who sat in the game for days. As you progress through the normal modes, you will reach 500 units of force, and then up to 600 to be reached by performing weekly and daily tests: and in the “Furnace” will have to participate, and in the raids look, and for the benefit of the clan to work. In a sense, this is an artificial stretching of content, but for fans to sit for a long time in Destiny 2 it does not matter.

Картинки по запросу Destiny 2: Forsaken

Bored once

The main thing is that the game has become much more fun, because the shooter finally returned weapons with random bonuses. If earlier machine “avant-Garde”, for example, had the same characteristics even if it got you the tenth time, now” perks ” will always be different. And therefore it is much more interesting to “farm” the same monsters or to pass the same raids or missions for the sake of obtaining the ideal weapon which to your companion dropped out from the first attempt.

With the addition also came new subclasses, with which the gameplay has become much more dynamic. Most of all I liked the Titan-the sun — instead of hitting his hand he throws a fire hammer, which you can pick up and throw again, doing it infinitely many times. As soon as you pick it up, the health of the character is quickly restored, so even in the crowd of monsters to jump is not afraid.

Another innovation was appreciated not only by buyers of the add-on, but also by all players in Destiny 2. From now on, sniper rifles and shotguns can be installed not only in the third slot, but also in all the others. Nothing prevents to arm three shotguns and run from one enemy to another or equip a sniper rifle with a rocket launcher or grenade launcher. It is still unclear why the game originally had an idiotic system with two main weapons, which did not bring anything new to the series and severely limited the possibilities in combat. But now everything is fine — and you get pleasure from PvE, and from PvP.

Speaking of PvP, not to mention the hybrid mode “Gambit”. Battles with other players never really attracted me, unless it was about the “Tests of Osiris” (in Destiny 2 mode is called “Test of Nine”) — that’s where I was ready to sit with friends every weekend because of the constant stress and danger to bring the team. In the “Gambit” something similar happens. You need to kill monsters, take the collected particles from them to the Bank, call on the enemy’s side even larger monsters, and sometimes jump into the portal and destroy opponents or stay in place and catch the invading enemies. Mode for Destiny is very unusual, but I would like to see it in a separate rating system or even something in the manner of “Test Nine” with special awards.

In General, from Destiny 2 in its current form is difficult to break away, and list its advantages can be long. Bows (a new type of weapon) great fit into the game, and with his first bow you are unlikely to quickly part. New raids, as before, not really needed outside the tests in the playlist, but still entertaining — one of them is full of references to the first part, the other allows a little better understanding of the history of the city of dreams. This location, by the way, has changed after the RAID of one of the teams — I want to believe that Bungie plans to continue to work with the community and somehow modify the environment, offering bonus content. And there is a hope that the authors will change back the process of” infusion ” of things into each other — previously, it was possible to wear whatever you want, and not to reduce the rate of force, and now requires too much material.

Картинки по запросу Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny and additions to it is always dangerous to praise-at first everything is great, but after a week you start to notice more and more shortcomings, and a month later in the game there is absolutely nothing to do. In Vipdieeto understand, so the new content is planned to be introduced every week-the “Iron banner” will start, the new mode in PvP, and during the year will be a lot of free patches and three paid updates with RAID logs, tasks, tests and equipment. If Destiny 2 developers have made a lot of mistakes, in Forsaken many flaws have been fixed, even for this and had to borrow something from the first game. So let under this review flaunts “Amazing” – I want to once again give the game a chance, though you understand that Bungie at any time can spoil everything and disappoint.

Immortal: Unchained

Surprisingly “Dark Souls with guns” had to wait so long. Many followers and clones of the hardcore series from From From Software blindly took the combat system, in which the hero fizzles out after three swings and one roll, but did not really think about what the creation of Hidetki Miyazaki so hooked players around the world. Toadman Interactive, to her credit, tried to understand what is the magic of Souls. But I don’t think that makes any game good.

Space gray

That Lords of the Fallen that The Surge — more followers okay-what-game — stepped on the same rake: random borrowed for themselves, many elements of the work From Software not understanding that they are suitable or not. First of all, I’m talking about the stingy and lengthy supply quite a conventional plot. Immortal: Unchained on the other hand, such mystique is very much to the face.

In the distant future, the race of primes seized power in nine known worlds. They ruled with an iron hand did not shun slavery but lifted up mankind to unprecedented heights — the Golden age came. Although history teaches that no Empire can exist forever: that primes fell under the onslaught of the mysterious Darkness that gave rise to terrible monsters.

Чтобы вы понимали, перед нами один из самых красивых пейзажей в игре

Now only ancient immortal warriors immured in tombs can prevent the extinction of all things. As you know, for one of them and we have to play. Immortal: Unchained good job gloomy atmosphere of the end times. All the worlds connected by a mysterious Monolith are in decline and inhabited only by monsters and rare madmen. At the same time in different parts of the world and in the descriptions of objects laid enough pieces of mythology to make the big picture.

Immortal: Unchained draws a really interesting fantastic entourage, but can not present it to the player. The first impression-this is an extremely important point of any game, and here with this all bad. We spend the first hour in dull gray-green rooms. Empty, boring rooms without a single remarkable detail. Even containers with things merge with the background, these interiors are so monotonous.

Okay, this is an abandoned tomb, and it’s supposed to be. Here we get to the Monolith and go on an epic journey through the promised nine worlds! That’s where we’ll turn around! Yes? No. Only three of them are available for research: snow — covered Arden, tropical Verdun and the abandoned capital of the primates-Apexion. The rest, apparently laid up for additions or a full sequel — there are portals but they will remain closed.

And caught in the game is now the worlds eyes are not encouraging. Everywhere dominates the monotony and boredom of different shades, whether green forests or purple glow futuristic fortress. There is not a single landscape, which would take your breath away and technical performance leaves much to be desired. At the same time, in some locations the performance is noticeably sagging (especially the rainy Apexion suffers) regardless of the graphics settings

Портал навстречу приключениям!

Private can’t be saved.

On the other hand, the architecture of the levels is well thought out. Different areas are well connected to each other, the cuts are woven neatly and to the place, and sometimes you can find cleverly hidden loopholes that will circumvent the danger. Obelisks playing the role of safe Islands, where you can improve the character and change equipment, placed exactly so that at the sight of each of them exhausted player was relieved.

In Immortal: Unchained danger lurks on every corner — the whole environment is set against you. Stumbled and fell-go back to the obelisk. Gape and got a gun fire in the face-go back to the obelisk. Of course, all defeated enemies are reborn, and the accumulated experience remains in place of inglorious death and you have only one attempt to return it.

There are melee weapons, but the emphasis is on shooting. Swords and axes — rather, extreme measure, Ah or way to finish off enemy and save several patrons. Basically in the course are pistols, shotguns, rifles and the like. However shootings work according to strange rules. It would seem that the classic third-person shooter with rifts. But there are many “but”.

Система прокачки знакома всем поклонникам жанра

First, that life did not seem honey, the enemies are incredibly tough, and simple a zombie can handle a few bursts of machine head. Even some rockets. Secondly, you are perplexed by the shooting distance. Ten, twenty meters really? This parameter cannot be increased by character characteristics, it is fixed for each type of weapon. And it looks very strange — you see how the bullets hit the enemy, but if it is at least a millimeter further than the position the projectile just bounces off the enemy carcass causing no damage.

One of the interesting features of the authors implemented half-heartedly. Each enemy has a weak point, hit which causes critical damage. What would you think? Absolutely all of it is on the back. And after all such potential for search of weak places at each new opponent… And if to capture the enemy in a sight and to come for a back, the hero will always shoot at it. How well here would fit the system of the latest license Grand Theft Auto, when the default character shoots at the body of the enemy but a slight deviation of the stick can be aimed to hit the limbs…

Подлый расстрел недругов в спину — основной способ выживания

Finally in the balance there is a clear bias to shotguns and sniper rifles. When it is possible to carry two main weapons at the same time the character turns into a real killing machine. Of course, the hero dies still very quickly and from any mistake but the machine guns and submachine guns outright lose to the above pair.

Dark Souls combat system is good because it does not have a single winning tactics. In Immortal: Unchained, the obvious option is always before your eyes: take the best automatic shotgun go behind the enemy’s back and thrust the clip. Repeat until victory effective against any monster and boss. Bosses by the way – another missed opportunity. After all what is the interest to fight with them if all the battles flow exactly the same?


Toadman Interactive surprisingly accurately captured the essence of Dark Souls: a mystical atmosphere constant tension and a sense of the discoverer. However the game was controversial. From Immortal: Unchained it is possible to have fun but you have to close your eyes to a lot of problems.

Тут я, пожалуй, воздержусь от комментариев…

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The final part of the restart Tomb Raider came out somehow casually, if the publisher Square Enix wanted to quickly get rid of the series and allow the authors to come to grips with the project based on the “Avengers”. The game turned out to be appropriate-despite the change of Studio developer (instead of Crystal Dynamics for the final trilogy is mainly responsible Eidos Montreal) and a new screenwriter, in the final part of the history of Lara revealed not all the potential, but missed opportunities — a great many.

Surprise me!

The storyline is initially intriguing and even exciting. Lara is still trying to stop Trinity the organization responsible for her father’s death, from acquiring valuable artifacts and changing the world. Because of her desire to get ahead of “competitors” begins the end of the world caused by the disappearance of the ancient Mayan dagger which Lara, without a second thought, takes himself. For a long time to hold the relic in her hands she can not — in “Trinity” glad that she did all the dirty work for them, and the enemies quickly take away her dagger after which the city is flooded.


But Lara does not care that people are in trouble and need help — she became much more selfish thinking only about herself and her problems. Her best friend Jonah tries to change her mind to explain that this is not how things are done. A couple of stands under heavy rain around’s a lot going on, the characters talk in a loud voice — surely this episode will be the turning point? Unfortunately not. After a few minutes Lara and Jonah talk to each other quite calmly, and the story goes in the wrong direction which the player wants. Ion and in addition do constantly disappears and makes contact only on the radio.

Instead of finally turning Lara into an obsessed egoist or somehow develop the character — in short to act decisively and firmly — the authors of Shadow of the Tomb Raider choose the safest way. Therefore, our heroine and remains faceless girl traveling to different countries. Eidos Montreal almost does not try to explore its inner world does not seek to show the strengths and weaknesses in an interesting light. Something like this only happens closer to the finale but it’s too little to consider the game an important part of the trilogy about becoming a tomb raider.

Lara gets to the lost Inca city of Paititi and meets the locals, listens carefully to everyone and helps them to solve some problems. It is nice communicating with children performs wacky side order, half of which consists of running around from one extra to another petting llamas studying the language — where’s the selfishness and the pursuit of their own goals which the adventurer showed just a few hours ago? All this is reminiscent of the final season of the Walking Dead from Telltale, where it seems to be a powerful ending, but instead of crescendo we again find ourselves in a camp with a dozen strangers.Here and there is nothing special but because the story quickly lose interest.

В каждой новой локации хочется поскорее сделать скриншот, очень уж они красивы

Quiet quiet.

But in terms of gameplay the game has changed a little. Past parts of the series were reproached in too many shootings-they say a fragile girl during the fighting resembles Rambo, and in the screensavers does not look like a serial killer. Here much more emphasis is placed on the secret passage. Lara can be smeared in the mud and literally merge with the wall climb a branch and a rope to catch the guard passing at the bottom. In most cases around enough greens to dive into it when it detects, and the materials for making arrows lying at every turn. It is a pity that some options open too late, like the ability to turn opponents against each other, and clashes with people very little.

Stealth is even under water to hide from the pack of piranhas, Lara floats in the direction of vegetation on the bottom of the lake or a small river. Hydrophobic passing game can be difficult especially if you do a detailed study of the underwater depths in search of valuable trophies. We have to move from one air pocket to another, to fend off the attackers from time to time eels and constantly worry about the fact that Lara walks on the edge. In this regard Shadow of the Tomb Raider was a success — the idea implemented in the last game well developed and all these underwater studies do not seem superfluous or added to stretch the timing.

Кто подойдет поближе, тому не поздоровится

Skirmishes faded into the background but the study of the tombs and mysterious caves players will spend a lot of time. Compared to the last two parts of this element worked out much better — interesting puzzles will make use of the entire available Arsenal of features. Cling to the ledges climb fragile walls, jump from platform to platform — if in the main campaign such episodes rarely cause difficulties, then during the study of secondary content will have to sweat. The third part is guaranteed to appeal to those who love Tomb Raider primarily for the study of the heritage of ancient civilizations, and not for running around with a gun at the ready.


One of the most interesting features of Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a flexible difficulty setting — you can make the whole game easy or difficult, or you can separately adjust the complexity of puzzles or shootings. Puzzles, for example, at the easiest level of the solution will be literally highlighted, and Lara will say what the next step is necessary to make. On average, it only gives hints, and the maximum will have to reach all on their own. There are also settings for those who do not want to see painted white ledges and platforms — suddenly you think that real adventurers do not need such tips.

В гробницах иногда встречаются очень занимательные головоломки

Another option connected with language settings — can be done so that the residents Paytiti to speak their dialect. This seems to be to promote immersion in the atmosphere, but in fact only destroys it, because Lara always responds exclusively in English. This dialogue looks and sounds terribly ridiculous-it is commendable that the developers have added such an opportunity, but it was worth implementing it in a “two-way”order.


I would also like to see more meaning in the notes, monoliths and artifacts with which Lara learns new languages. The player from this study neither cold nor hot — just to reach a certain level, you can go to the larger monoliths, press the button on the controller and collect another collector’s item. But if with this knowledge, Lara knew of residents who would give her minor tasks, or simply communicate on different topics! Alas, no.

Погладь животное!

And in its current form, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is almost no different from its predecessors. It has some new mechanics but almost everything else we’ve seen before. The game is sometimes very beautiful, to explore tombs and solve the puzzles interesting, and Lara has become even more like the voice actress Camilla Luddington. But from the final part of the series, many expected something more. There was hope for a new team of developers and some fresh look at the history and fate of the famous tomb raider but it turned out just a good adventure game. From the gameplay point of view it was almost the best in the series but in the storyline of Shadow of the Tomb Raider to say without equivocation no.

Two Point Hospital

Those who at one time managed to get acquainted with the original Theme Hospital (which today is not a problem — wishing a direct road to or Origin), in The two Peaks from the first seconds will feel at home. No words of developers about “spiritual successor” and no stylization under plasticine animation will deceive — before us direct, almost literal remake of a game of 1997. Yes, now it looks cleaner and neater, even more sterile, Yes, as a tribute to modernity, there are several new features like the personal characteristics of the characters and filters to view the hospital, but the mechanics remains the same, even many design elements have survived, and most importantly — Hospital still captivates with its eccentric, light atmosphere. From any description lips invariably stretch into a smile, the characters pose, the girl on the loudspeaker gives sparkling ads… And what here disease! It is useless to talk about them, it is better to see and feel the subtle irony, but I note that for all its banality my favorite was “spleen” — the syndrome of Freddie mercury fan.

If for you the chief physician’s gown in a novelty, too it does not matter — to understand big work will not make. The path to the conditional “sandbox” with a full range of functions, features and, accordingly, problems is divided into a dozen stages. Each episode is a separate building in a new area with its own characteristics. So, in Northern regions it is cold, in southern it is hot — it is necessary to take care of batteries and conditioners respectively. In a rich quarter, customers literally overspend money, and beckoning to cash in on them, while in the poor will have to play in the “affordable medicine” and serve people for free, knocking out government grants. At the University you can hire only unskilled staff, but the administration is ready to pay for each employee you trained. Somewhere frequent earthquakes and eruptions, which at times flying equipment, somewhere will have to clear mountains of debris, fight epidemics or raise from the knees of someone else’s unprofitable hospital. With finances, truth, goes strange. Nominally, you are in charge of the whole Fund, so that the progress of research and the stock of krutoks (additional currency for which the interior items are opened) are common for all hospitals under your command, unlike for some reason from money-if you get into debt at the level, you will not be able to withdraw funds from other institutions, you will have to borrow from local banks.

Картинки по запросу Two Point Hospital

The criterion for the success of the hospital business is a three-star rating. To move to a new place is enough one star; the second and third are not mandatory, but give their bonuses and, of course, put forward more serious conditions. Most often, the Manager is required to cure a certain number of people, to maintain at the proper level of some of the parameters (contentment, effectiveness, etc.), as well as to do something specific for a particular level. So gradually new layers are stratified on each other, and you dig deeper into the wilds of health cute County Two Tops.

In most cases, you start with an empty building and early customers looming on the horizon. With the planned gestures you arrange a gentleman’s set of offices (registry, General practice, General diagnostics, pharmacy, toilet), seat the first administrators and medical staff, buy a couple of machines with food and drinks and then act on the situation. Although each stage has its own theme, patients can come with anything, but because in the course is the entire Arsenal of healing and pumping money. Did the trick — I moved and started a new one. Naturally, multiple repetition of the same actions quickly turns into a routine, but in itself it would not be a problem, work the mechanism as a clock — because this is the meaning of the genre. And Two Point Hospital here unexpectedly fails.

Картинки по запросу Two Point Hospital

From small — not very clear fixation of the authors on the decoration of the hospital. In the game there are a lot of items for registration of medical institutions: some are purely decorative function, others also give bonuses — accelerated diagnosis, for example. It is clear that any patient will be more pleasant to wait for the reception, sitting on a bench with a magazine in his hands, and the doctor during the break wants to fall apart on the couch in the break room and sleep in the TV. And most want to see their own clinic competently organized place with all the amenities. But the developers for some reason give the abstract “attractiveness” of such importance, which she clearly does not deserve. And this leads to the fact that for the sake of three stars for the level or the whim of some VIP-visitor spit on everything and mindlessly make cabinets and chairs, plant plants in the corridors, and the walls are completely covered with paintings. It turns ugly, but who cares if expensive-rich? Customers like – customers are drawn.

The worst thing begins with about the tenth level of the clinic, when the influx of patients increases sharply. Suddenly it turns out that the whole well-built system with the influx can not cope, and not because you foolishly placed diagnosticians in three buildings from therapists, but simply because. At one point, artificial intelligence seems to break. The thirsty nurse can persistently wander past the drinking fountains, threatening to resign from the unbearable conditions, and the patient before the doctor’s door suddenly decides to read a newspaper or run to the buffet through the hospital, although there is a number of the same. Plants wither, machines break, people get stuck in queues for years (there is a very strange countdown) and die like flies… And the most amazing thing is not losing. No matter how messed up, doctors will also go to work, and people — to give hundreds and thousands of dollars, so that, perhaps, never leave the clinic. It may, of course, all so soon and thought to once again emphasize the absurdity of Mirka Two Vertices, but if so — I admit, humor is not appreciated.

Картинки по запросу Two Point Hospital

In General, it is surprising that from the games of the last couple of years (not even limited to the taikuns — games in General), it was Two Point Hospital that gave me the coolest jump in sensations. How beautiful and funny it seemed at the fifth hour, so she managed to get sick of the thirty-fifth — and in fact for economic strategy is not God knows how long. After placing several successful hospitals, plenty mocked the hilarious lyrics and antics posabilitys pseudoplasticity men, understand that more will not be. The joke was over, the headphones have been playing their own music, and some new diseases with absurd methods of treatment are not worth the headache trying to keep up with the human chaos and twitchy at the sight of the inscription “Promote the attractiveness of the hospital.”Those who at one time managed to get acquainted with the original Theme Hospital (which today is not a problem — wishing a direct road to or Origin), in The two Peaks from the first seconds will feel at home. No words of developers about “spiritual successor” and no stylization under plasticine animation will deceive — before us direct, almost literal remake of a game of 1997. Yes, now it looks cleaner and neater, even more sterile, Yes, as a tribute to modernity, there are several new features like the personal characteristics of the characters and filters to view the hospital, but the mechanics remains the same, even many design elements have survived, and most importantly — Hospital still captivates with its eccentric, light atmosphere. From any description lips invariably stretch into a smile, the characters pose, the girl on the loudspeaker gives sparkling ads… And what here disease! It is useless to talk about them, it is better to see and feel the subtle irony, but I note that for all its banality my favorite was “spleen” — the syndrome of Freddie mercury fan.

Картинки по запросу Two Point Hospital

If for you the chief physician’s gown in a novelty, too it does not matter — to understand big work will not make. The path to the conditional “sandbox” with a full range of functions, features and, accordingly, problems is divided into a dozen stages. Each episode is a separate building in a new area with its own characteristics. So, in Northern regions it is cold, in southern it is hot — it is necessary to take care of batteries and conditioners respectively. In a rich quarter, customers literally overspend money, and beckoning to cash in on them, while in the poor will have to play in the “affordable medicine” and serve people for free, knocking out government grants. At the University you can hire only unskilled staff, but the administration is ready to pay for each employee you trained. Somewhere frequent earthquakes and eruptions, which at times flying equipment, somewhere will have to clear mountains of debris, fight epidemics or raise from the knees of someone else’s unprofitable hospital. With finances, truth, goes strange. Nominally, you are in charge of the whole Fund, so that the progress of research and the stock of krutoks (additional currency for which the interior items are opened) are common for all hospitals under your command, unlike for some reason from money-if you get into debt at the level, you will not be able to withdraw funds from other institutions, you will have to borrow from local banks.

The criterion for the success of the hospital business is a three-star rating. To move to a new place is enough one star; the second and third are not mandatory, but give their bonuses and, of course, put forward more serious conditions. Most often, the Manager is required to cure a certain number of people, to maintain at the proper level of some of the parameters (contentment, effectiveness, etc.), as well as to do something specific for a particular level. So gradually new layers are stratified on each other, and you dig deeper into the wilds of health cute County Two Tops.

Картинки по запросу Two Point Hospital

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Paradox: Royal battles look at us from all monitors, but good games on the subject can be counted on the fingers. Fortnite Battle Royale attracts the lack of price and cartoon visual style, but repels the ability to build walls in seconds. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds like for realism and earthiness, but mired in bugs, flaws and cheaters. And more to remember something and nothing-all sorts of Realm Royale, Fear the Wolves and the like were doomed to oblivion almost to release. And then came to the aid of Activision with Treyarch, to show everyone what should be a Royal battle from a major publisher with a huge budget.

They succeeded

The result was impressive – when you expect hastily blinded nonsense, and get almost perfectly working shooter, it is both surprising and joy. The surprise of how much effort has been invested in all this and how strikingly the game is different from what Call of Duty has offered over the years. But joy — because of the appearance of the battle Royal, which is a serious fault and there is nothing. Already at the beta stage, it works great even on a standard PS4, and Treyarch actively communicates with the community and makes changes based on feedback.


You can grumble and reproach the developers in the use of old maps — as you know, in Blackout (this is the name of this mode in Black Ops 4) huge by the standards of the series location is a monster Frankenstein, sewn from several maps. There is a Raid, Turbine and Hydro from Black Ops 2, there is Asylum from World at War, and without the famous Nuketown has not done. Oddly enough, in practice it well — between zones are large enough distance, dotted with small houses, and the use of different locations has made some parts of the map are completely different from each other.

Gameplay the game is not much different from other representatives of the genre. 80 people (their number during the “beta” has grown to 88 and will probably continue to increase) fly over the map, jump out at the right time and land at the selected point. This happens much faster than in Fortnite and PUBG — before you know it, you are already beginning to frantically search the next building in search of weapons. So far, the local equivalent of “Abandoned towers”, where in the first five minutes killed 2/3 of the server was not found, but probably many will fall in some specific, most “rich” to the extraction point.

With a allowed to carry two of any type of weapon: submachine gun and sniper rifle, automatic and shotgun, powerful revolver and rocket launcher-a lot of options. In the starting bag fit only five items, among which may be first-aid kits, temporary amplifiers and parts for weapons such as silencers, butts and sights (the number of cells can be increased to ten, if you find a new backpack). The armor of one of three types is placed in a separate slot. First and second similar to each other — they completely cover the body and save the time of the shots, but the head remains vulnerable. But with the armor of the third level character wears a helmet, and then there is a problem with the balance — very much this helmet is difficult to break. Fortunately, Treyarch is already aware of the problem and plans to solve it.


Aces up your sleeve

It all sounds like an almost complete copy of PUBG, but Blackout offers some interesting features. For example, there are many more vehicles — a Quad bike, a truck, a boat and even a helicopter. From Call of Duty least expect adequately working equipment, but in the “beta” it looks like helicopters and ATVs have been in the series all my life — all this is conveniently controlled and allows you to quickly get to the next round, if you gape and do not want to lose most of the health in the local “storm”. Of course, such madness, which was shown in the trailer Blackout, the game is not — all too much value the only “life”. But flying a helicopter with a squad that shoots running around the bottom of the poor fellows, damn fun. At the same time, destroy the transport is not a problem, so on getting the helicopter game does not end.

Another innovation is associated with amplifiers that give special abilities for a couple of minutes. They take up space in your inventory even after using them, and among them are very useful passive skills that are not exactly worth mindlessly spend. Why take the steps of opponents louder if you are unlikely to see someone in the near future? Why highlight all the objects in the area if you are in the field and to the nearest house too long to run? Not all amplifiers are equally useful (it is unlikely in the final round will be useful more powerful punch, which will heal you), but when the player decides what and in what situation it is better to activate, it will be harder to defeat him.

Finally, Blackout differs from other games by the presence of AI zombies. Often they guard the crates with the best gear like sturdy armor, or cool weapons. Fighting them is dangerous not only because they can encircle while exploring the boxes, but also because of the noise inevitably attracting other players. It is too much to get carried away with the battle with the walking dead, as someone quietly come back and take you out of action. Killed zombies drop ammo, first aid kits and even unique weapons, including a ray gun.

Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

In the preview it is hard to cover all that offers Blackout. Here dislike “campers” – in the bushes do not allow to hide the invisible walls, but you can pass through them on a Quad bike. Here is a very quickly up the allies, in just a few seconds. Here almost instantly is the next match. Finally, here is a wonderful pace-the game does not swing for a long time, but does not end too quickly. And to part with this mode is very difficult, time flies by and you want to run one match after another. So far, Blackout seems like a fantastic thing with a huge potential that will allow Black Ops 4 to become the best Call of Duty in recent years.

Grand Theft Auto V

Tell me, in your dreams ever flashed game called “life Simulator”? No, we are not talking about glamorous Sims or some epic RPG like Skyrim with cardboard citizens. No, do you dream of a game that would be a copy of real life with all its features and freedoms? Where you can Wake up, watch a couple of minutes of TV, then put on a suit and go to work, then go to the bar, skip one and finish the day in the company of some beauty. And tomorrow everything will turn completely different.


Probably Yes. Only all dreams immediately broke about the realities and possibilities of modern technology. What does GTA have to do with it? The fact that Rockstar, leaving the concept of the series throughout its history unchanged, developed the project in the direction of which we are now talking, expanding the list of available actions to the player. GTA5 is much more than a car thief simulator in an open city.

Grand Theft Auto V review

On the other side of the screen


“But all this was already in the previous parts of the series! What’s new here?”you will exclaim. We analyzed the question left hemisphere of the brain, will surely zabivaem: really, nothing. But then, the right half of the animal, object. Paradoxically, but the fact: remaining as a whole copy of the previous part, GTA5 is passed and perceived in a completely new way. The point here is not even that the number of the main characters has tripled, and they turned into super-active guys who can play tennis, meditate, drink whiskey and stroke the Breasts of strippers. Details — it’s secondary. But their connection is the same magic that gives the game a unique flavor and distinguishes the usual entertainment from the project with a capital letter.


GTA5 is a fundamental continuation of THE series, which is a perfect example of joint creative work of designers, writers and programmers. It is obvious that the task of the authors was to transfer the user to the other side of the screen, where the player so gets used to the role of the character that does not distinguish itself from him. And if we look closely, we will see that the changes at all levels of gameplay, which appeared in the new part, work for this purpose.

Grand Theft Auto V review

Two in the boat not counting Trevor.

Story feed in GTA5 is radically different from all that was before. We have not one hero with a murky past, the knowledge or ignorance of which will not prevent to freely understand what was happening. This time, a performance of three actors whose destinies are closely intertwined is played on the stage. We are told a deeply personal story for each character, whose content goes far beyond the action unfolding on the screen. During the passage, we not only strive to see what will happen next, but also learn the facts from the biographies of the characters.

So, Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Young black guy; a retired burglar and a loser-family-oriented; quick-tempered lunatic with delusions of grandeur. Before our heroes meet and take on what they can do best, a small introduction will smoothly introduce us to each of the characters, allowing deeper get used to the role. Immediately notice the stunning cinematography and realism of even the most ordinary conversations. The acting, dialogues, Pestryaev jokes, true personalities — all this carries its natural effects. Heroes do not seek to solve the problems of humanity; each of them is concerned about small difficulties. Franklin is trying to get out of the ghetto, Michael has problems with his family, Trevor dreams of the laurels of a businessman and smuggler. All this personal problems are very captivating.

The plot swings slowly, allowing prosmakovat every moment finding in Los Santos. At first, the tasks surprise with their innocence and diversity: ride bikes with Michael’s son, sit in a difficult pose during a yoga session. Some quests show a very unexpected scene. So, once Franklin, laboring in the role of a paparazzi catches a Grande Dame, engaged in the nasty with some guy. Before the distraught girl rushes for dirt, we will show in detail the entire sexual act and the idyllic dialogue that accompanies it…

In General, Rockstar remains true to its own traditions and brazenly spits on censorship and ratings: the ubiquitous profanity, genitals (including men), cruelty in all its manifestations. We not moralists and look at any socially not welcomed in games phenomena as on the need, dictated by demands of setting. However, sometimes it seems that the developers are still a little overreacted. This is especially true of the episode in which we are forced to torture as Trevor innocent man. We will not once again reproach the authors — in any case, there will certainly be painful comrades with a keen perception of reality, which will offer the world community to arrange an extraordinary Lynch trial.


Grand Theft Auto V review

Together even at a distance

The Trinity of the main characters sets the backbone of the game mechanics. Each of the characters lives his own life, has his own house, his list of friends and quests that are available only to him. At any time, we can switch from one character to another. The camera soars into the sky, is transferred to another section of the map and lands on the head of the hero, catching him by surprise: Franklin, pulling up on the bars, Trevor, lying drunk on the street, or Michael, dozing behind the wheel.

Somewhat different procedure looks during the execution of plot tasks. Free switching is maintained in them, but sometimes to maintain the cinematic and entertainment game itself will “throw” us behind the heroes who are in the most “spicy” position. The missions are just amazing, the level of dynamics and diversity here at the height. What are at least large-scale robbery! Before you go on a mission, we have to do a thorough preparation, picking up a team and choosing a method of work.

For example, you can Rob a jewelry store in two ways — quiet and loud. In the first case, we have to put visitors and staff to sleep by letting the gas through the ventilation. In the second act in the old way: boldly burst inside with a shotgun and ask the public to tolerate our presence in the position of ” face to the floor.” In addition, before the main task will have to perform several preparatory missions, getting sleeping gas, transport for waste, masks for conspiracy and so on.

Characters have their own skills and parameters such as endurance, accuracy, ability to control the aircraft. There is a stealth mode in which the hero can silently slip behind enemies. In addition, each protagonist has his talents: Michael slows down time in gunfights, Trevor flies into a rage, becoming almost immortal, and Franklin includes “slow-mo” while driving. They, like other parameters of the characters can be improved. This is done with the help of frequent repetitions of one action (the more you run, the more hardy you will become), as well as the active use of material and spiritual and entertainment benefits in the vastness of Los Santos.

Big city lights

Los Santos is definitely the biggest city in the GTA series and perhaps one of the most thoughtful, rich and beautiful in the history of video games. Like its real prototype, Los Angeles, the town is divided into several large areas, completely different landscape and design. Wild areas covered with rivers and mountains, suburban villages, downtown, looking at the world from the tops of skyscrapers… After the first walk down the street you fall in love with this world blindly and selflessly, like a child.

Never during the whole passage, you will not have a sense of “copypastas” in the form of areas. You can spend hours aimlessly walk around him slowly, examining architecture unique billboards, graffiti on the walls… Los Santos lives, he breathes in deeply, not trying to entertain the player. Nevertheless, random events that occur at every step, contain a considerable share of the charm of the city.

Passers-by talking among themselves, somewhere is building, somewhere an accident happened and the scene is moving in an ambulance and the police. At random counter steal a Bicycle, you rush to the aid and return to the guy his property. And after a couple of days, when the incident has already left the memory, the phone comes SMS: “Hello! Remember me? I’m the guy whose bike was stolen. I’m actually a millionaire and I want to thank you for your help.”

The city reacts to the player’s behavior-something on the local Internet will say something about a Bank robbery, then some unexpected letter will fall into the e-mail box. In the world of GTA5 hidden innumerable Easter eggs, secrets and references to cinema, politics, sports, religion and culture. You need to spend more than a dozen hours in order to find them all.

Grand Theft Auto V review

What to do?

And after the next mission you think, where to relax before continuing on? To go to play tennis? To do yoga? Or go to a strip bar, get drunk and touch a girl dancing for you in a private room? Or maybe a ride through the streets of the city at night, listening to one of several dozen radio stations, or wear scuba gear and go to the study of underwater kingdoms? In the end, just to make a row, scoring a fiver of stars “popularity” of law enforcement? Police, by the way, have become much smarter than before, and each chase looks like a full adventure.

Services and entertainment are waiting for us not only in the vast “real” streets — the developers have built into the project gaming analogue of the Internet with a huge amount of content! In the local Network, you can sit for hours, watching news feeds, as well as” tweets ” of friends and relatives of our heroes. Sites, advertising of all that is possible, social networks, the whole exchange on which it is possible to earn very good money. Here, the creators have mocked all the prejudices of the information society and new-fangled social movements.

Grand Theft Auto V review

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Two weeks before the first Assassin’s Creed Odyssey show at E3 2018, we played a new Ubisoft project in Paris for several hours in the strictest secrecy. So below is a bunch of exclusive details about the continuation of the series, which finally will translate it in the role-playing genre.

Origins of origins

So, welcome to Ancient Greece, in 431 BC, that is almost four centuries before the events of “Assassin’s Creed: Origins”. Here begins the story of a new part, and here we are the main characters, Alexios and Cassandra. But, unlike Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, here we will not constantly switch between them — apparently, they do not exist in this world at the same time: just alternative versions of the same character. A new part of the series about the killers went to the territory of pure role-playing, so now, if you have chosen a young lady as a hero, please behave accordingly.

Regardless of your decision, the main character will be a descendant (apparently, grandson) of the famous king Leonid. The same on behalf of Gerard Butler with the crazy cries overthrown people in the pits and for several days kept a quarter of a million Persians forces detachment of three hundred thugs. From the famous grandfather you got a family heirloom, “spear of Leonid”: the stump of a magical spear that will save your life more than once. Of course, cloudless childhood of the hero will not be — some cult hunts for his family, in every way spoils life, and in General a year in Athens plague breaks (Yes, there is still a place for historical facts).

Game of thrones: Assassin’s Edition

Fast forward seventeen years. Our hero grew up and chose as a career path of a mercenary. Such as he, in this world a lot of competition is significant. On the other hand, there is enough work for everyone: the situation in the region is restless, Athens and Sparta regularly sort out relations both in diplomatic circles and on the battlefields, and to whom it is not for you to weaken a potential enemy and crush him in battle.

The very concept of political intrigue is new to the world of Assassin’s Creed. Each region, of which there are twenty, there is a ruler with his own motives. There is a Peloponnesian war, and Ancient Greece is divided into two opposing Alliance — Delian, led by Athens, and Peloponnesian, led by Sparta. The ruler of each region supports one of the parties to the conflict, but does not forget about his own selfish interests. If he feels that the neighboring state has weakened, then he goes to war on him, paying you or other mercenaries to protect his interests. If the enemy is still too strong, the power-hungry ruler will hire you to weaken it before the battle.

For the first time in the history of the series we are waiting for a full-fledged role-playing character. To do this, the developers have created an expanded system of dialogues, working on the principles of the role-playing system, for example, “the Witcher 3: wild Hunt”. You have a list of basic and secondary replicas, sometimes (quite often, judging by the demo) come across dialogues-elections, which affect the attitude of the world to you. Here, special icons will be marked with additional options: for example, the ability to have a novel with the character or quickly move on to the next cutscene.

To create this system, the developers drew the biggest in the history of the series the team of writers and snooping in the field, which in General have not done before: in particular, in the study of nonlinear dialogues. You will be able to choose how to conduct a conversation and achieve the goal — lies, threats or persuasion. There will be an opportunity to have a word with Hippocrates and hold a philosophical debate with Socrates. And here, in contrast to the same Syndicate, it does not come down to the issuance of tasks — the player will be allowed to chat with a historical figure. A nice bonus whatever you say.

Complex story

In addition, the game will give new ways of social interaction. Your actions will not go unpunished. Stealing from all in sight-for your head will appoint a reward. If you cut the victim’s throat in front of the crowd, the reward will be greater. The more often you break the law, the more persistent other mercenaries will hunt you. You can restrain their fervor, finishing the most zealous, but it will only slightly weaken the interest in your person, and will not give you indulgence. If you don’t want to tie your hands, you’ll have to be quiet.

Becoming a full-fledged RPG, Odyssey decided to take a cue from the Witcher and Dragon Age, providing the hero an active personal life. Whoever you play, Alexios or Cassandra, you will be able to enter into a romantic relationship with the characters of any gender. Yes, the game does not limit you, do what you want and with whom you want. You can even intervene in the relationship of an existing couple — to take a girl from a guy or a guy from a girl. A rich field for the playing of the Heartbreakers.

Along with the departure into the world of role-playing games had to change, and narrative. Since the narrative is non-linear, several lines have appeared in it. The main plot unfolds on the mainland, and it is quite an independent story. The action of the sub-plots takes place in the regions and on the Islands. Once you go there, consider that open the built-in game addition to it. So you can not only find out in detail about the relationship between the characters — the events of these “side” jobs cleverly intertwined with the main branch.

In the demo we arrive on two Islands, where we offer to overthrow the local tyrant. This bad person is interesting to us in itself: it consists in a cult which hunts for our family. So the side mission is not really a side mission, and how you handle it can affect the main storyline, albeit to a lesser extent than our actions within the main tasks. Alternatively, you can generally approach the issue from the other side and help him to suppress the uprising, and family problems to solve somehow else. This was not possible in the demo, but I checked with the developers: you can.

You can decide and finals of each podsweat. In the demo after the death of the tyrant and the successful capture of the region, my Cassandra was waiting for a party on the occasion of sailing to the mainland: there came everyone we met during the assignment. If I chose a different way of passing, did something differently, did not fulfill this or that side quest on the island — the list would be different. With each character, you can finally talk, ask what will happen next, and push a powerful motivational speech before you go to meet new adventures (or not push). By the way, the tone and message of this speech can also be chosen — perhaps this will depend on what will happen to the region, if we go back there after a while.

The question is how interesting this farewell will seem …umpteenth time and how quickly there is a desire to spit on the podsyuzhetov in favor of the entrance. But the idea in any case worthy.

Who won, the and are a good

Another advantage of Odyssey: for the first time in the history of the series of events are not fixed, despite the historical context. You can choose any side of the conflict. To kill anyone. To steal anything. Talk to anyone and in any way. You are no longer bound by events spelled out in history textbooks. Apparently, this is due to the settings of the Animus in the day today — the developers have so far mentioned only in passing. The only thing that is known for sure — the main character of “Sources”, Leila Hassan, will still be the protagonist in our time. She’s looking for the truth about what happened in Ancient Greece, and we, as players, will shape that truth through our own wagering. The principle of “winners write history” in its purest form.

Of course, many of the battles in which the hero happen to participate, will be real, historical. Still, the action takes place against the backdrop of the Peloponnesian war. But most of the battles are generated without reference to the realities of life, and whether there will be another skirmish depends solely on you. Regions in the game live their own lives. If at some point someone decides to attack a neighbor, he will attack regardless of how it corresponds to the historical truth.

The battles themselves are now held with your direct participation in the General meat grinder. We get on the battlefield and perform various tasks there. Kill the commanders. Cut out the conditional number of enemies. Destroy a specific target. At stake is the loyalty of the region of Athens or Sparta: if you win, he will join your side, and this directly depends on the outcome of the confrontation between the two colossi.

As for customization, there are three branches of pumping skills: stealth, hunting and battle. From a brand new Odyssey adds to the system” tree ” active abilities-for example, a kick. Yes, the hero will be able to repeat the legendary act of his grandfather Leonid: kick throw the enemy or throw him off the cliff (if desired, you can shout at the monitor: “This is Sparta!”). Another interesting option-to take away the enemy’s shield, depriving him of the opportunity to repel the blow. All these techniques energy from the special scale which is slowly filled over the fight.

The rest of the combat system is very similar to that in Assassin’s Creed Origins… with one important exception: now the level of enemies grows with yours. In Origins, you could be in a region with a delay and discover there are opponents to the fifth level, although a long time ago has grown to the thirties. Now you are everywhere and always meet equal opponents. Pump with the twenty-fifth to twenty-sixth — the enemies will increase accordingly. So you will not be bored

Dragon’s Crown Pro

Dragon’s Crown only at first seems another beat ‘ em up in which the character going from left to right every ten seconds fighting with opponents. Over time, when you open more opportunities and immersed in the subtleties the game begins to resemble a kind of role — playing action where the hunt for more and more quality trophies-no less important element than the battle itself.

Персонажи здорово нарисованы, но безжизненны

Searching for the king

The story tells of an ancient artifact called “dragon Crown”. Once for him went to king, but not returned from his travel. Search for the autocrat (and relics at the same time) will be engaged in a hired warrior receiving assignments from other residents of the Kingdom of Heidland. This character is controlled by the player free to choose one of the six characters at the beginning of the passage. They are all different: one is dressed in strong armor and brandishing a sword the other uses magic the third is armed with a bow. Initial training helps to quickly get used to the skills of each.

Unfortunately the plot remained one of the weakest elements. By itself, it seems to be not so bad, it even has unexpected turns, but the story as a whole does not cause any emotions and to worry about the Kingdom which from all sides is in danger there is no desire. Perhaps the point in the flow of conversations as there are none occurring in all the details described by the narrator. That is during a conversation with the Prime Minister or the Princess you do not see either their remarks or your own. The absence of even the slightest emotions on their faces also does not help — if in visual novels the same hero is usually depicted in several poses then there are limited to one.

But Dragon’s Crown Pro looks great especially on a modern TV with high resolution. The style of VanillaWare Studio is recognized immediately-if you have seen Odin Sphere and Muramasa, you will feel at home. It is full of references to various artistic directions: the Prime Minister reminds people from paintings of the Renaissance, and the spirit of the girl sharpened in the tower of the magician as if descended from the canvas of Francisco Goya. The visual style is not unique but it definitely stands out from what we see in games of this genre usually.

But the main advantages of Dragon’s Crown are associated with the gameplay — fighting is very exciting because the rich combat system allows you to put simple movements in a crushing combination. Tackle with stunning opponent throwing it up beating in the air and the subsequent fall to the ground — this is one example of what can be done to eliminate the enemy. Strikes hurt several enemies so a couple of wizards trying to shower you with magic regret that they were so close to each other.

Each fighter has unique skills. Gnome-the only one who is able to raise enemies and throw on the other side of the screen. The magician turns treasure chests into living pieces of wood to help in the fight but his physical attacks are not as deadly as a warrior. Archer melee is also useless — it only pushes opponents or runs off to fill them with arrows. No useless characters so it makes sense to pass difficult missions motley company (with bots or co-op). As is often the case in Japanese games, joint online sessions are not very convenient — you need to play about five hours and open all the locations to be able to invite friends. But the local co-op is available immediately.

Alone to go to the dark dungeons and abandoned ruins do not have — on the way across the bones of fallen soldiers, which can be taken with you and taken to the temple in the Kingdom. With magic heroes resurrect and go to the tavern, and already there to choose who to take with you on a journey. The longer you play the better come across partners, but no attachment to them do not feel — it’s the usual emotionless bots, which for gold coins can be returned to life even if they die during the battle. The only problem you face with the presence of three companions is the abundance of special effects and flickering on the screen. You lose sight of your fighter very often.

Каждая вылазка завершается сражением с боссом

Don’t fights United

An interesting feature of Dragon’s Crown is due to the fact that the game has something to do even outside the battles. The task of the hero is accompanied by two permanent companion, no space in the squad —cracker Rainey and tiny fairy. Rainey helps to open the chests, which are all sorts of treasures: swords, axes, bows, belts, armor, amulets and more. It is impossible to put on things at once-at first them it is required to identify in the city, or at once to sell if you do not need updating of equipment. Also the cracker helps to collect the scattered gold and you can look for it not only in the destructible boxes but also in the environment driving the cursor with the right stick. The recesses from which fall out a valuable coin, glasses, plates and necklaces a little glitter so skip difficult.

Fairy also allows you to activate engraved on the walls of glyphs. Once in the next room, you see on the surrounding objects only two characters-the third is depicted on one of the lying in the inventory runes. At first, it is the hero only one but over time in the Kingdom you can buy more and without the right combination to create magic will not work. Bonuses granted with the correct activation of glyphs can not be called very useful-you can include a temporary invulnerability or call healing the whole squad ring but the effect does not last too long and the characters are not in every location. It’s a fun mechanic, but it seems elaborate and not in the re-release alas has not been any change.

But the rest of the gameplay elements will not find fault —especially cool implemented pumping character. Rake a mountain of trophies never gets bored. All swords, medallions and other items have a variety of characteristics: some increase the stock of health, others increase the damage in the air, others increase the resistance to attacks of certain enemies. For increasing the levels are given skill points that are spent on improving the characteristics of the two categories: one is the same for all the characters, and the second contains unique bonuses for a particular class. With each “upgrade” you feel that your hero becomes stronger and stronger.

The city, in which the player always returns after a sortie, consists of several buildings, and sooner or later will have to visit. In the temple resurrect allies or bury their bones, as well as making offerings for the sake of bonuses (such as improving the quality drop-down trophies). In the Guild you can get additional missions, the reward for which will be skill points and beautiful images — this is one of those rare occasions when I studied the gallery after the passage. In one store you can buy and sell items in the other — to buy runes. Well, in the tavern is the collection of the squad and switch between their characters-you can always take another character but it will have to pump from the beginning as well as to pass the whole main plot.

Герой игрока отмечен красной стрелкой, но даже так его не всегда удается быстро найти

Complete one after another mission, over and over again fighting with opponents and dressing the character in more and more high — quality things do not get bored-after the passage of the plot for one character just want to start the story again, but another fighter. Dragon’s Crown offers a great cocktail of beat ‘ em up and role-playing elements the latter here almost more than in some RPG.

In the reissue the game looks better than before, and the updated orchestral soundtrack complements what is happening. It is a pity that the trophies in the version for PS4 do not issue anew if the game is already passed on PS3 and PS Vita. But cross-platform multiplayer works fine, and their old save can be transferred to this version. I would like to see some fixes mechanics, but in this form to play Dragon’s Crown — a pleasure.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

In July the attention of many Nintendo Switch owners focused on Octopath Traveler, a role-playing game in the spirit of old-school classic jrpgs. One day her came another Nintendo exclusive, which is a reissue of one of the best releases for the Wii U. Talking about Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a puzzle able to fall in love a player of any age. And all thanks to the excellent design and a large number of different levels.

Видеороликов тут мало, но все очень забавные

Lucky loosers

Almost always, toad was a minor character in Mario games, playing the role of his assistant. In Captain Toad, he finally in the main role: if a moustached plumber rescues Princess Peach, the toad goes in search of Toadette that at the beginning of the passage is kidnapped by a huge crow. The game is divided into three episodes of the same length, and in each of them either toad or Toadetta are in danger forcing the partner to overcome many obstacles on the way to his salvation.

Where only these guys will not bring: in the jungle, and the ruins on the beach, and on a moving train to ride. Each new level is not like the previous one-somewhere everything is peaceful and quiet, somewhere out of nowhere ghosts appear, and somewhere flowers with teeth grow or guns are placed. The surprises, the game presents non-stop: always interested to see what awaits you next time. Treasure Tracker fully justifies this expectation with a variety of unique locations.

The main task is always the same-to get to the big star. Often it is very easy to do, and just want to go through the game as quickly as possible is unlikely to face some difficulties. Harder to clean up the entire location: find the three hidden diamond collect all possible coins (some of which are not visible until you come to them) eliminate all enemies, if you find a way to do it. Fight neither toad nor Toadette can’t, but they know how to throw the enemies items and kill them falling on top of them.

In search of secrets and explore every corner of the map can not cease to be surprised by the great design of the game and the ingenuity of developers. Many puzzles require the player to turn the camera to be able to see the hidden passages, hidden bushes and barely noticeable hiding places with coins. Conditions are constantly changing: the buttons are placed everywhere raising or lowering the platform these same platforms can be moved by pressing the touch screen

After completing a level, a new line appears in its description — a special condition that is not required. But still, over and over again there is a desire to do everything possible in the game, including to complete these tests, which cause genuine interest. You spent ten minutes on the passage of the location with the buttons, all collected and examined, and now you are asked to complete the level with only three clicks. It turns out that it is possible! Or you need to collect 150 coins although you seem to have turned everything upside down and found only 90.

Sometimes it is impossible to complete the test or collect collectibles — the hero falls from the platform or the bridge is destroyed behind him, because of what there is no way back. At such moments, you want to pause and restart the level, but since the release of the Wii U this option has not been added. You have to either go to the main menu, or die, and the second option would not be a problem if in case of death did not spend “life”. Make them not so hard (they are issued for every hundred accumulated coins) but it is not a panacea.

Another drawback is the co — op mode-it will quickly become boring for the second player. While you control Toad and explore the map your friend can turn the camera and throw fruit, aiming at the desired location. This greatly simplifies some of the tests-if alone to kill enemies can only be with the help of plants that you pull with the roots of the earth (they are usually very few) it is enough to throw all the fruit, and the end. That is the puzzles become easier, and there is no co-op really but because even young children will probably yawn after several levels.

Если что-то можно подвинуть пальцем, игра заботливо об этом сообщит

Better and better

It is difficult to find fault with other components of Treasure Tracker. In total, there are about 70 levels, the passage of each of which will take from 10 to 15 minutes taking into account restarts, search for items and other activities. After another victory immediately run the next Chapter-so hard to break away from the passage. By and large, in addition to finding the main star is enough to collect diamonds, as a certain number of the game periodically asks for access to the next chapters. But even without prize achievements and some other bonuses happy to study every secret passage and looking for ways to deal with opponents.

Another entertainment in the game is called “hide and Seek” – this mode is available for all levels and is unlocked after passing them. It does not change anything, but some wall or object shows a pixel toad. You find it, press it with your finger and get a useless medal. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the picture — it can be hidden in a dark corridor or under a stone which you will destroy, having directed there a gun. The mode is pretty stupid but it will be a good reason to go through your favorite chapters, if all the usual secrets you have already found there.

And you don’t have to do it right away. If many other games are very difficult to return after a while, when already forgotten management plot and all sorts of subtleties, the Treasure Tracker all instantly remember when you start a new level. Assists in the variety of tasks — in some episodes, instead of one of Toad have to drive two and stand on different buttons to activate platforms, and in the other you do not move on foot and ornate pipes, trying not to touch monsters which cannot be erased.

Тоад не прыгает и не дерется, — хорошо хоть, кидать тяжелые предметы может

Therefore in a portable format Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is especially convenient — you can take Switch or 3DS and from time to time to solve a great riddle. It is difficult to call the game one of the main releases for Switch: run for it in the store for the console just should not. And the price is high especially when you consider that this is a reissue of the project four years ago. But to get acquainted with this puzzle is definitely worth it — during the passage it will not get bored and will constantly delight original ideas and unusual tests.

Bayonetta и Bayonetta 2-Witch in the pocket

Crazy creators from Platinum Games, like no one else, know what slashers need. With a sly grin, they cast into the cauldron hellish dynamics, worked out to the last detail of the combat system and absurd, but effective situations. At the same time for the plot of the place is not so much: there are bright characters, cartoon villains, too, in place. That’s enough, they didn’t come for it anyway. The first two Bayonetta collected prescription “maximum action and madness, the rest of the trailer,” became, perhaps, almost a standard of the genre.

Специальные атаки получаются смачными и кровавыми

Sexual violence

It seems only yesterday the first Bayonetta appeared in stores. Then you look at the calendar and realize that it’s been eight years! Yes, and reviews of the original version of both parts we have. Well, just to tell you why a lot of people going crazy with the long legs of the heroine, thoroughly. In the series you play the role of charming beauty Bayonetta, as sexy as deadly. Witch has superhuman strength and an extensive Arsenal of techniques, including quite entertaining. Agree, to scatter crowds of enemies with the help of a honed combat system is fun, but when during combinations the heroine is almost completely exposed, it adds motivation to turn complex chains of blows. It looks good.

Just, please, don’t about mean teenage entertainment — elements of light erotica and this behavior perfectly complement the character. Lady cheeky has a way with words, loves a spin on the pole and release the joke or two on the topic of sex. Despite the walk on the verge, the “platinum” turned out to create a seductive, memorable and daring heroine, but not to slip into a Frank vulgarity.

However, the study of only one main character, the Studio has not stopped. The Japanese have always been famous for their transcendent imagination, but it seems that PlatinumGames specifically gaining the most unusual, strange and talented artists. Somehow it is impossible to explain the incredible style of the company’s games in a different way, and the level set in the debut issue of Bayonetta, the guys could not surpass so far.

Well, where else can you see SUCH angels? In games not too often you get the opportunity to knock the supporters of the light side, but not the next the devil incarnate. Although judging by the appearance of enemies, you think, who and whence he came. The faces of babies sticking out from everywhere, grotesque forms, huge axes, some tentacles. And they still morality our a witch reading! These celestial beings instinctively want to give a face, the more they often suggest themselves.

Clean face creatures of varying degrees of ugliness will need to constantly, but it’s a pleasant experience, because the combat system allows you to arrange a real chaos and encourages risk. You can, of course, in advance to Dodge the blows, but if you do it at the last moment, the time will slow down, allowing to cause much more damage or get out of the environment. Although try there are more time — sometimes I think just once, you need to rely solely on reflexes.

Besides, Bayonetta is literally begging to kill opponents effectively. There are a lot of ways to Express yourself by alternating different combinations. And if at the beginning of the game sometimes rushing in a panic, pressing all the buttons in a row, then closer to the final act is much more consciously, and to please yourself with a visual extravaganza, and a dozen or two villains kick back. Of course, the game is also not far behind, raising the difficulty higher and higher, but an additional challenge only kindles excitement.

Небесное создание. Ага, конечно же!

For the second time in the same river

PlatinumGames so highly lifted a lath of quality of design, gameplay and the setting of crazy situations (riding on the motorcycle taking off in a space rocket!) that the second part had to be at least jump to it. Turn out. But there’s a feeling that Bayonetta 2 lacks the integrity and grim style of the first release.

By and large, the sequel does exactly the same: offers a cool combat system, entertains screensavers and simultaneously tries to be better in everything than its predecessor. However, even absurdity has its limits. When too much happens on the screen in a very short period of time, situations are no longer surprising. At least because has not had time to depart from the previous episode. The game throws on his head one idea after another, not knowing the measures and not giving a breath.

As a result of such pressure you simply get tired. Although the Directors of the screensavers still have to pay tribute-to show the action crazier and cooler “platinum” so far no one has learned. One introductory level with the battle on the wings of a fighter is worth.

Нечего было злить ведьму

And yet about Switch

In fast games, the response speed is very important, so after the announcement of the dilogy on Nintendo Switch, a natural question arose about maintaining a stable 60 frames / s.fortunately, PlatinumGames managed to transfer projects to a hybrid console without sacrificing high performance — but without adding to the resolution (all the same 720p). In stationary mode, it catches the eye (especially noticeable artifacts in the screensavers), but in General the first part is performed much better than on the PS3 and Wii U. However, the PC version is out of competition, so if you have a choice between different platforms, then Bayonetta is better to pass on the computer.

The sequel did not get out of the Wii U, so few could get acquainted with it. Although I hope that due to the popularity of Switch Bayonetta will have more fans, especially given the good quality of the port. Continued in most situations is doing well, but too “heavy “scenes still sags. Although not as much as the previous Nintendo console.

It should be said that in a portable way to get acquainted with the dilogy will be much nicer. A small screen smooths out the disadvantages of low resolution, which, unfortunately, can not be seen in the screenshots, while the frame rate remains the same as when playing on the TV. Plus the already familiar magic Switch: still great to scatter angels and demons, comfortably lounging on the couch.

Пока на переднем плане сражаются герои, на заднем бьются призванные существа

As a result, the owners of the portable-stationary system received not the best, but a decent version of the first Bayonetta and much more neat than the Wii U, the second version. If you love madness-filled slashers with an interesting combat system and you have a Switch, then the dilogy is definitely worth a try. Ports are well optimized, and the games themselves can be called one of the best in the genre. Oh, who would now also the Wonderful 101 suffered…

Просто хороший кадр