Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the giddy best of everything Nintendo

Despite the fact that it is one of the largest franchises of Nintendo for the last two decades, I have some kind of conflict with Super Smash Bros. After the 2001 Fatal Memory Card Wipe destroyed more than 200 hours of playing time on Super Smash Bros. Game Me, is a senseless tragedy in which every character and trophy that could be unlocked could not bring himself to play one more record for so long. Good news: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the switch can just make me nice and nice and take everyone else out with the full enjoyment of the best that is in Smash. The newest release in the series of crossovers, dominated by the presentation of the N3 for the E3 2018, corresponds to its name, in every game character that has ever appeared in the game Smash, plus several new ones – Inklings from Splatoon and Ridley, an evil cosmic pirate from the Metroid series . Being the newest additions to the series, and with my own skills in the game, atrophied because of many years of disgust, they seemed to be ideal to try out first during sessions on E3. Nothing is comparable to this game. Ridley proves that he is an absolute beast, perhaps the biggest character in the game and is able to limit the flight if you repeatedly press the jump buttons (X or Y). In the game, where you win, choosing enemies, flying from the screen or from the platform. You can switch between Inkling Boy or Inkling Girl, and each of them has four color options. Although they are of average size and strength for the Smash fighter, their fighting style and attributes that they bring with them from Splatoon make them feel quite complex characters, better suited for more experienced players. You can throw ink on all arenas, as in their home game, which has an additional bonus of temporary capture of other fighters. Inklings can also move between forms of humanoids and squid, for an additional range and mobility. However, most of their attacks require ink, the tricky use of a standard shield, the transition to squid form and the refilling of your reserves from the ink pools in which you have already splashed.

While Ridley and Inklings are the only brand new characters in which Ultimate introduces “Echo Fighters”. These are warriors who used to be just alternative costumes for other characters – for example, Princess Daisy as a recolored Princess Peach, but now they are different fighters. It is exactly how they differ, yet to be seen, but hard fans, no doubt, will be able to master each character and their differences. Ultimate is also going to new stages, and Moray Towers is another addition from Splatoon, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is represented by the tower of the Great Plateau. Others can be added before the release of the game on December 7, but for the E3 build it was the only add-on. Of these, Moray Towers offers the most unexpected surprises. It has some good verticality to it, with several ramps zigzagging from top to bottom, which are ideal for pouring out in ink stopping the enemy, but there is no destructibility for it, and it remains constant during the match. Conversely, the Tower of the Great Plateau offers a more dynamic arena, starting with a protected dome, which then collapses during the battle, opening the field for greater freedom of movement. This is exactly what I expect from the Smash Bros. stage, keeping the players on their feet, as the conditions of the battle around them. For all newcomers, the system of basic attacks on A + B, each of which is modified when pressed in combination with the direction, and surprisingly powerful screen that can deliver short moments of invulnerability, if it is activated at the right time, is easily selected

Of course, being a multiplayer game on the Nintendo switch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate uses the advantages of Joy-Cons to provide a multi-user mode. The whole control scheme is perfectly combined with one Joy-Con ,. However, despite the massive focus that Nintendo provided to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on this E3 this year, there were no signs of other game modes other than regular battles. I hope we will see more about this soon. Perhaps in Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, in August, fortunately, the battles are as fast and insane as before, with an amazing level of tactics that underlie what might seem a frightening game at first glance. Hardcore players will no doubt want to separate the game in order to master the various settings that were implemented for the new game, but until now it seems that Nintendo has again mastered the secret balance between the complexity and affordability that Super Smash Bros makes. so special


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey makes good on its risky RPG gamble


In the world of video games, it’s not new to mix franchises and long series of games. It’s also unusual for the series to experiment with new genres in spinoffs, thinks Mario + Rabbids, who surprised by combining his two character families in turn-based strategy. Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey tries to plunge us into another world saturated with more vivid elements of an exciting game

The upcoming 11th main stage of Assassin’s Creed – and the 20th overall in the series – was first developed in history as an “epic RPG.” In the series, often there are elements of role-playing games, ranging from leveling up to increasing statistics and ending with search engines.

This RPG is more in the form of The Witcher III than Final Fantasythough. He keeps vast open worlds. Chris Assassin’s Creed became famous, but fills it with numerous quests, the sum of the mini subsystem is distracted from the main game screen. A significant part of this work was laid last year by Assassin’s Creed: Origins, which itself pushed things such as the progression system towards the end of the RPG spectrum, but by engaging in the game in E3 2018, it is clear that Odyssey is gaining momentum in the game world.

In ancient Greece, you play either as Alexios or Cassandra, choosing one of the two main characters at the beginning of the game and following their lives. There is no difference in skills, so it’s purely a player’s taste. Both of them are fully and unequivocally voiced, and the main setting of the story does not change – in any case, you are a child of Sparta and a descendant of Leonidas I, who was expelled and converted into a mercenary. Strangely enough, most people chose Cassandra’s role at the forum. Now much more attention is paid to the storyline and interaction with the characters in the world, which often create other game moments. The main line of the quest included an uprising against a cruel dictator, but part of a wider history set during the Peloponnesian War, between Athens and Sparta. As a mercenary, you can choose an ally with any faction, even switch between them as the game process changes. Now the choice plays a big role. For example, a conversation with the philosopher Socrates – Ubisoft went with more accurate spelling of the names that we produced in English and leads to the fact that you can kill the captured thief. Your decision in any case may change and, like The Witcher III, often there are no clear right or wrong options.

And how the world of Odysseus is incomparably beautiful, even more than its immediate predecessor. Ubisoft recreated the historical splendor of ancient Greece, ignoring the widespread misconception of white marble, as the eye can see in favor of colorful buildings, green hills, complex fabrics, colors of any color and shining oceans abounding in marine life. It is also a phenomenally large world – only two islands were available on the E3, but a wider map shows practically the entire Aegean Sea for exploration. Hopefully, next to the Discovery Tour there will also be a companion release, as this is a world in which you could just walk without a fight to distract you.

This fight, like most of Odyssey’s mechanics, is still very similar to Origins, albeit with several updates. While still a combination of light and heavy attacks, you can now unleash special moves. Using this, they include the ability to tear shields from guarded enemies and the classic “Sparta Kick” to pull out enemies if you are overwhelmed. This also has the effect of dropping, allowing you to immediately knock over several opponents. Cassandra / Alexios also carries a mythical weapon, Staff

Walking dead video game review

It was hard not to guess that after the end of the fourth episode that the final of the game would be so devastating. If the previous series were filled with actions of fierce and fighting, then No Time Left – it’s calm and quiet. ” He is sometimes interrupted by some kind of harsh action when you are offered to cut off your own hand or two people who are already relatives are killed by your stupidity. Having lost the whole family, the sick person walks along the path, paying no attention to anything, just brushing aside the zombies, only for the sake of it, there appeared only one ray of light that is a little girl with a short haircut …

There is almost no music and no sounds, there are no complicated solutions to problems that were sometimes encountered before, only long conversations and a premonition of the end. Significant and important dialogues reveal the characters and explain a lot. And now a person who does not love, is ready to give his life, not even for a man, but for the fact that it was not painful … If we talk about the season as a whole, it could have been done better. The developers could come up with more interesting, really serious tasks: they might not so frankly draw some episodes to the scenario-planned effect: why do we need to talk long and not shoot at the enemy and hide, and then die yourself?

Unfortunately, during the game you will not be able to make a decision. We have influenced only sometimes and only on some local phenomena. And the ending was prepared in advance. Maybe, our decisions, at least somehow, will affect the events of the second season, which the finale hints at, but it’s not a fact either.

In fact, the developers managed in just six months to do the following: they acquainted us with the hero, given the opportunity to love him and then unfortunately destroyed him. It is this finale that seems to be the only true, strong and right. Everything fades before him. I do not want to murmur, grumble, explain how it was possible to do better, say that Lee could well survive, and they, holding hands, would go to meet the pink sunset, and a fresh wind would stroke their hair … No, would not have gone. And you perfectly understand this. Criticize there is no desire. And I want, first, to bow low at the writers’ feet. In the finals, they tied together the genre of Everett’s relationship with his past and little Clementina, and then invented an equally brilliant ending that they urgently needed to replace the authors of the same TV series. The last, at least in the second season, is very far from what created Telltale Games in the video game. And, secondly, I very much want to see in the inevitable continuation of a little girl who never grows long hair and always wears a walkie-talkie on her side – in the hope that one day she will wake up, realize that it was just a nightmare, and again will hear a familiar voice: “Clem, Clem, do you hear me? This is Lee. I found your baseball cap! “

Extinction for all platform’s Reviews

The developers prepared a whole series consisting of seven chapters, during which not only set but also spontaneous tasks are performed for the game. The missions in Extinction are very similar. You will always fight in a virtually enclosed space, destroyed by the giants in a few minutes.

The story line lasts for two scenarios: character dialogs, as well as pleasant animated videos. The process of saving the world, unfortunately does not give a complete picture that captures the spirit. In a word, you can characterize this game with the words: Avil will save the whole world!

But fortunately with this game is not so bad. But it’s too early to rejoice. The essence of almost every battle is to keep or destroy huge monsters, to save townspeople or towers. The population of cities is always milled by crystal-portals, waiting for salvation. Aville can easily activate these stones and move people there from where they will not get monsters. In this case, when Avil reaches the portals is amusing and funny as a heap of monsters runs to attack him. But since he must activate them, he raises his hand up and utters special words. At this time, the population is dying from the attack of monsters on the city. As it becomes uncomfortable with such a plot and sometimes boring.

His blade acts in two types of attacks: the first – sighting, with a jerk and slowing down time, the second – the usual mahi, folding into endless combinations. You can also avoid the opponent. At the beginning of the game everything looks very much cheerful and alive. The hero easily copes with opponents, killing one after another. Here you will not find a large number of small opponents because the game process is aimed to fight against the giants and not with trivialities.

Avoiding battle with small enemies is to discover the skill of acceleration. In the corner of the screen, the percentage of “health” of the city is falling. When the indicator reaches zero, there will be no one to fall. Therefore, we must act quickly. What could be better? The process of chopping out bald monsters’ skulls only looks really simple. When a hero jumps on the head of a monster, he needs to apply a special hangman skill. To charge the sword, you must fill a special scale. Kill small monsters, save townspeople and break the armor of the future headless here is the way of victory. And finally we got to the most interesting. Destroying the equipment of hefty ogres is the most colorful thing that Extinction has. The developer studio tried its best. No kidding. Raiveni are subdivided by type, each with its own coloring and armor. Some wear wooden shields and knee pads, others do not abhor special metals, thorns or even bone armor with magic. One life and endless enemies. The more expensive the opponents will be sold to life – the higher the score. Every day in Extinction, missions will appear that do not fundamentally differ from those that are in the campaign. It’s still fun. What do you think was the last regime? Fight! And what in it it is necessary to do? Correctly! Fight on, forgive me, Lord, the pre-generated levels, which are divided by the numbers of the ciders. That’s the kind of love for a great random. Only one mode is created in advance – a test of rapid salvation. Shining his heels, Amill for a time saves people. Difficult, boring, tired of the campaign.

In general, aside all this madness, let’s take a local presentation. Graphics cause associations with Orcs Must Die. It is laconic with a bias in cartoonishness. By the standards of the platform it looks not rich, but in our age of boundless love for the old school and pixels, many will prefer such a visual series, not retro. Sounds and music can not be scolded or praised at all. They are and do not cause any negative or positive emotions, unlike most other aspects of the game.

Biomutant the game seems as frivolous as possible

Biomutant The game seems as frivolous as possible. A strange raccoon beats the sword of other incomprehensible raccoons and shoots them with a pistol while doing a somersault back. However, everything does not look like that. A large-scale and deep game with a huge world, a dynamic player development system and a kind of endings. From myself I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by the dynamics of the development of the game and this left a lot of impressions. So about the character. This animal can be made high or low, thin or thick, this will add to it the strength and endurance affecting the speed of movement. By the way, our character is not a raccoon.

– In general, this is a huge variety of different animals .. A hero can be anyone, and the player in turn chooses who to play by himself. Weapons, for example, the player will collect himself from different parts as it affects the course of the game. And of course, you will have to change not only physically, but also mentally – you can learn telekinesis or launch lightning from your hands. Finally, there are many types of near-range or ranged attacks that can be combined. There are six different tribes in the game, and each has a leader – with a good relationship with the character, he can teach him different kung fu schools, which immediately distinguishes the style of battle in the game.

The player often will have to choose between good evil. A big role in the plot is played by the balance. Namely: the ending of the game, accessible quests and even dialogues with characters.

 The world in which the character gets is 16 square kilometers. It is not a desert area but a territory filled with heroes. Karma defines here the main role in the relationship between them. If you decide to help a good tribe, the ending will change depending on whether you are good or bad yourself. Game solutions have a role for the end game. The hero can be cured or destroyed – this decision will also greatly affect the ending. In a word, a lot of factors are taken into account here. If we talk about the length of the game, it’s about 10 hours. But if you really want to recognize and explore this beautiful world, you will have to spend a hundred times more time. The game caused a lot of excitement and interest. In any case, the game will not leave you without attention and will become that tempting attraction in the game world.

A Way Out has a lot of flaws and a lot of heart

Finally we waited for the long-awaited release of the game A Way out. And what can we offer this game? This simultaneous passage on the same screen or on the network with your friends for free. The prison, consisting of five heads starts on the familiarity of the characters and not a very difficult task with the transfer of items for opening the ventilation and the distraction of protection,while the partner stealing the sheets or unscrews the nut. The interaction between the characters reaches a certain voltage, and some episodes look really interesting in terms of computer graphics, like the episode where you have to peek out of the camera and watch the crossing guard, while your partner tries to make a hole in the wall. But since this game is presented at best resembles a second-rate movie, which Yusef and shot in Sweden before his game debut.

Small episodes of experience, where you together with another player trying to hide traces of crime. A Way Out is destroying the intrigue of boring dialogue, weak action of the characters and a boring script.
Some of the scenes are so funny that together with the dialogues it seems that the player Comedy drama about bandits. And that story about the relatives of our game characters can not stand on a par with the students-writers who wrote this masterpiece.

But along with this can be considered A Way Out a new successful step in the adventure genre. All sorts of scenarios lead us to encrypted tasks. However, the ending tries to break the game curtain, taking us into emotional decisions, but still predictable, not allowing us to choose an easier solution. In addition, the final shows an important plot point from the background. It seems that the heroes of A Way Out live in some other, or rather in his world, in which there is no logic. At the same time, a Way Out is good for its landscape and some details. The battle scenes in A Way Out are made very competently and do not cause negative emotions, pleasantly decorating the gameplay.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Game

Spider-Man 2018 is one of the most popular games of 2018 in the story of marvel comics about the adventures of Spider-man in our time. Spider-Man is a 2018 game in the genre of action showing from a third party was specifically created for the PlayStation 4. The game tells the story of a Spider-man who has already managed to get used to the role of a superhero. It became known that the project will not be based on the plot of the comics, and show the original story. As usual, the main character is Peter Parker. He is 23 years old. But to call him an adult also does not work. The plot will constantly demonstrate the difference in the life of an ordinary guy and a superhero known as “Spider-man”. He had almost finished College but is engaged in the internship in the lab. The main character wears a superhero costume and has managed to get used to the role of the Savior of his hometown – new York. But as usual, the unexpected happens . On the streets there is a new band, called “Inner Demons”. They Rob many institutions in the city, and threatened the life of one of the main enemies Spider-Man – Kingpin. Now our hero will have to deal with a longtime enemy, in order to cope with The new Mr. Negative, ready to destroy the city at any time. Studio confirmed another hero who can play. She will be the girl of the protagonist Mary Jane. Unlike Peter, she can’t destroy opponents one by one, so the gameplay for it will mostly consist of stealth. Aunt may is the most native person for the main character. In this game, she works at Martin Lee’s shelter, where she helps needy new Yorkers. With her at the shelter operates one of the friends of Peter, miles Morales. His role in the game is unknown. The biggest enemy of Spider-Man – Norman Osborn, aka the Goblin, becomes the mayor of the city. His appearance is definitely not just used in the game. THE release date of the game is announced for the first quarter of 2018. Platform is PlayStation 4 only. But in the future, the developers do not exclude the emergence of the following parts of the series and on other platforms.

The Crew arcade that came out in late 2014

The Crew arcade that came out in late 2014. It differed from other racing arcades with an immense map of the USA and a variety of game both to one and over the network beautiful and picturesque landscapes, rich in “customization” and other pleasant elements. From the minus one can note awkward physics, and the requirements of constant connection to the Internet and the same tasks. Continue to make a negative is not necessary – we think that the memories of many readers are still fresh.

This game became very popular and gave its developer and inventor a good income from the output of the arcade, but let’s not forget that this game is arrogant. So a short review of this game.

In The Crew 2 Ubisoft brought America, crazy in racing sports. In this open world, the world of fast driving, they only think about competitions. So we are presented with several options in which you can participate – it’s: pros, street racing, freestylers and motocross. Everyone has their own settings. You can buy and customize the vehicle.

A conditional map of the terrain over five thousand square kilometers. Recognizable sights, beautiful cities and landscapes. The appearance of megacities is a training ground. Accelerating at a tremendous speed on the idea of ​​designers, you can zaprygivat on the roofs of houses. According to the developers, their work is directed to make the arcade more interesting and accessible.

The main idea in the opinion of developers is to instill a great hope for American motorcycling. So the authors supplemented the transport park with motorcycles, boats and airplanes.

Interesting and fresh gameplay from the company when by pressing a button from the car you are already in the boat. You can enjoy a drift match, among the boats. Aircraft unfortunately we can only observe one type. The vehicle can be assigned to the chosen ones – it is in his chair that a jet jump will be carried out, which is mentioned just above.

 In high-speed swim in the boats there is an important thing, in addition to the presented buoys and “slides” – waves from opponents. Once on the wave, for a while you lose control, but you can not avoid overturning the boat. If our sensations do not lie, then physics is improved – a positive moment, is not it?

A cool option is to scale the map: when you approach the camera while exploring the terrain from a large schematic squeeze from the US atlas, at a certain moment there is a change to a look like Google Earth, that is, real paths, objects and the like are in the palm of your hand. The developer feared that the world was recreated believably and with respect to detail.

Surprisingly, the effect of a vague space shown in the trailer is actually applied in the game. In the “demo” it can be observed – in the production episode when going from car to boat. Probably, this is purely a design discovery that does not carry gameplay meaning. And yet The Crew 2 is causing, although not genuine, but certainly cautious interest. On the progress in the game affects every trick and feint, about multiplayer and internal money system, we hope that the developers will take care with greater care than last time. The name Ivory Tower still inspires confidence – after all, the studio was founded by ex-specialists Eden Games, responsible for Test Drive Unlimited. Apply for participation in the “beta” you are free here. And by the way, about the schedule – for the two currently available trailers, many have already complained about the angularity of the machines, but in a press release Ubisoft promises to plug up the holes in the visual picture with bundles of money – in particular, to make the clouds truly voluminous, to rework the display of water and fog and grow realistic grass in virtual meadows.

Hitman Absolution an ineradicable part is to consider the cold-blooded killer

An ineradicable part is to consider the cold-blooded killer and his indifference to the fate of another person. Before you hit the season Hitman Absolute. Thin murders, artful disguise, his ability to kill secretly and beautifully. Here are all the qualities of this incredible shooter from the company IO Interactive. When 47 is surrounded by a multitude of mercenary killers, you can enjoy an innovation called Slow Motion Keel. Pinch with cnhk select the opponent and shoot exactly to the head success 100 percent.

Hitman Absolution definitely differs from previous games of the Hitman series. We are used to seeing 47 as a cold-blooded, noiseless killer, if he has a contract for you to write a will. You will never escape from him!

 But it is in this part of the game that he leads his “game” and no longer submits to the agency.

The storyline begins with a contract of 47 for a former agent. Her last request before her death will be to save the girl Victoria, which is needed by the agency. The scenario in Hitman: Absolution on “Oscar” certainly does not pretend, but it is quite intriguing to itself, in places even keeps in suspense and regularly supplies us with colorful moral monsters and bright scenes: what is it worth only running through the hippy brothel with hide and seek in the cannabis bushes, diversion in a strip club or deadly fireworks in Chinatown. Even within the limits of those linear levels where Hitman is engaged, by and large, not his own business, he can act like a real Forty-Seven: for example, not just slip by the guards, and arrange a deadly trap for them or divert attention by including a film projector. At the same time, those locations where the authors include true Hitman are made for a long time: as always, IO Interactive, there is a very rich environment, full of all details, funny or witty dialogues, which often contain important information. This is what does not allow Hitman: Absolution to fall below a certain level, making you rack your brains over the verdict: like, after all, the game is good, in places it’s just gorgeous, but something is wrong with it. More linear levels, smaller card sizes, obvious and repetitive the methods of murder, to which the game often itself unequivocally pushes, the system of shelters – reading about it, you might think that the game became easier and “casual.” And that would be quite logical, considering everything that we mentioned above about modern trends, a new audience. So in fact, no. On the contrary, in places Hitman: Absolution is played much harder than previous games of the series. And this is just about the main problem, the evidence that the developers have lost their ground, without really deciding on who the game is actually designed for.

Forty-Seventh now can also look through the walls, highlighting important items, tracing the guards themselves and even the routes of their movement. For this, the resource “instinct” is responsible, which is accumulated as we perform tasks, quietly cut down enemies and hide them.

It seems to be convenient and good. But on the other hand, the authors clearly overdid the system of camouflage. It has become more realistic: if you get dressed in an electrician’s suit, the cops or bandits will not suspect anything, but other electricians will quickly understand that it’s not Petrovich, but some bald, suspicious man in his overalls. But, firstly, why such a “realizm” in the game, where such convenient for storing corpses boxes, cabinets and chest of drawers are scattered at every step and even stand in the toilet of a fashionable hotel, and the enemies searching for you will never guess to look behind the curtain?

Let’s sum up some result. In general, the game turned out well. Good graphics, interesting plot, colorful characters and delicious gameplay – all these are components of the game Hitman: Absolution, but there are not any disadvantages here, although they are insignificant. The result is one: play all the fans of the series and try to enjoy the players previously unacquainted with this bald guy with a barcode on the back of his head.

The Last of Us 2 using the new technology of facial animation

Using the new technology of facial animation by the creators of the game in The Last of Us 2 significantly influenced the fact that earlier because of the imperfection of the cameras they often had to redo the facial animation of the heroes of the original part. In the second part of this problem will not be, and the facial expressions of the characters completely change and become much steeper level. Naughty Dog also uses the latest technology of facial animation for the game, the newest technology that uses and SONY.

The game developers confirmed that they use the “upgraded engine” to work on the sequel. Most likely, this is a home engine from Naughty Dog, but no details about it are unknown – it can be both an improved version of the old engine of the studio, and a completely new technology. In any case, with engines Naughty Dog never failed – the original The Last of Us squeezed from the PlayStation 3 to the last drop, giving a stunning picture.

In August 2017 one of the users of Reddit was able to calculate the city in which to unfold the events of the sequel. For this, he carefully studied the preview trailer and the whole essence of the game in search of at least some tips and recognizable landscapes, and he found them.

In the trailer, he spotted familiar streets and ATMs, whose appearance is familiar to all residents of the American city of Seattle. The theory that the plot of The Last of Us: Part 2 will unfold in Seattle has also been confirmed by official concept artifacts: one of them clearly reveals a rather unusual building with, and on the other a public parking lot with a recognizable sign – and both of these buildings he managed to find in Seattle.

In the course of the redditor launched even less convincing argument, which is that the vegetation in the district of Seattle is very similar to the one that we were shown in the debut trailer. In addition, video game developers and filmmakers really like to use Seattle for their films and games. Yes, and Joel and Ellie in the original The Last of Us traveled near the state of Washington, in which Seattle is located.

From the development of the game, Bruce Strawley withdrew, taking a long vacation a year and saying that he would not participate in the creation of the second part of The Last of Us. And some time later it became known that a well-known actress and screenwriter Halle Vegrin Gross was invited to develop the script. Previously, she worked on the “World of the Wild West”.