Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics

The authors step-by-step tactics Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics from the British Studio Auroch Digital promised to bring some “innovative gameplay features” in the usual genre mechanics. And innovations do you expect from the game in the “nastolki” that mixes Nazis and Cthulhu mythology. But enough if this Lovecraftian of the highlights that we got really serious and cool turn-based tactics?

Boring. Only happens in games


In Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics we really fight with the Nazis, who use magic and periodically run literally with the face of an octopus instead of the head (well, or call it a mini-Cthulhu-face). And all because in this extremely alternative version of the Second world war, representatives of the Third Reich (namely the order of the Black Sun) received a significant advantage, somehow sniffing with monsters and older Gods from the mythology of Howard Lovecraft.


They are opposed by four resistance fighters from the detachment “Charlie”. Some of them are also available magic-for example, Colonel Akhi Singh (Akhee Singh) mastered witchcraft after an abandoned temple found a statue of the gods. A member of the French Resistance, Ariane Dubois, the whole game runs with some kind of small winged demon on the shoulder and periodically shoots a fat Shoggoths coming at you from all four sides in bold. In General, a cheerful company.


What can not be said about the plot and its presentation. More precisely, the supply is in principle no: no commercials on the engine, nor drawn backdrops — just short text instructions. And the latter are reduced to the fact that we then need to defeat a squad of Nazis or destroy some elite officer of the order, then grab their resources or artifact, then find the lair of the fascist occultists, then clean up and clean it and so on.


In principle, from step-by-step tactics nobody expected the Hollywood scenario, but on a game where there are myths of Cthulhu, it would be possible to think up something more interesting. More or less jog the whole routine is that mission with the mythical monsters — for example, the one where we are whether in dreams, or in visions, either when awake fight with the same Chaghatai.

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics обзор игры

And the only good XCOM in XCOM


The battles themselves also often look routine and monotonous — especially at first. All locations are built exclusively on the corridor principle, there are only small and the same corridor branches that allow you to bypass enemies or find and read something by doing a side job. But this, of course, is not the biggest problem.


All fights take place on approximately the same scenario. Using action points (AP), occupied shelter, the burning of primary or secondary weapon, use special abilities or turn on the intercept course (Overwatch) and waiting on the next move down behind the tree the enemy will run right under our sight of all. However, sighting is not always obtained.


Sound familiar? Yes, the basic mechanics is taken from XCOM with some of its advantages and even with sores. But the main trouble is that in Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics doesn’t have the same tactical expanse, saturation, and tension as the latest releases of XCOM. No, for example, destructibility, the ability to use the height, climb on the roof, few weapons and enemies, the levels themselves are small and linear.


Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics обзор игры

Cthulhu won’t help them.


There are, of course, good things. Fighters here can also be pumped-each in addition to the General for all parameters have unique skills and even branches of development, allowing to specialize in some weapons (and, for example, firing a shotgun directly on the area) or use magic. Before each mission, we choose soldiers weapons and additional items such as first aid kits, grenades or a syringe with adrenaline. “Trunks” even allow to equip with additional modules like sights, butts and improved shops.

But still in most missions everything is somehow too simple — the normal level of complexity here is felt as very easy, which by definition is wrong. Enemies constantly smear and behave like idiots, for some reason running back and forth between shelters and substituting thus under our Overwatch.


Eases the situation and the ability to use a system similar to what we saw in The Banner Saga — killing enemies and dealing them critical damage, fighters in Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics, accumulate the particular energy, which can be spent on additional steps to continue to run, use skill, or without the cost of AP to shoot a gun. And it is a free pistol that becomes the most formidable weapon, which no Cthulhu is not afraid of…


Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics обзор игры

System “Stress»


In this situation, especially at work, and the psychological impact on our soldiers. When your charges in front of wounded or killed comrades, almost all begin to experience stress. When the fighter gets badly injured, he might panic and start shooting all in a row or just in the air. Enemies are also trying to adversely affect the brains of our wards — put on them “death marks”, “cast” harmful auras that reduce the number of AP, and so on.

But, I repeat, the game was quite monotonous in mechanics, the rules of survival here are forgotten how to time, so all these panic attacks and moral humiliation happen rarely, and if they happen, then only bite the group, but do not tear it straight to shreds. Among the enemies there are melee fighters, as well as opponents with a unique pulse weapon that just does not hurt, but badly affects the brains of our heroes. So, at a normal level of complexity for eight story missions, I have never received damage from either of those or from others-they stupidly rod ahead and quickly shot from all the guns before the establishment, so to speak, close contact. Well, or miss…


All the harmful effects last for a course or two, and the fallen colleagues of any comrade can pick up and return to duty. If you do not do this in a few moves, the fighter is captured. And before you start the next story mission, you first have to release it. It would seem, here it-an intrigue, complexity, a challenge… But at the same time to you in the help allocate very strong temporary fighter.


Of course, at the level of Hard, there are more tense situations, but both there and on the “normal” really will have to work hard only in later and final missions. And I would like to see the game threw you a glove tactical challenge from the beginning.

Картинки по запросу Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics-not the worst turn-based tactics. She’s pretty, quite competent in her mechanics. And in another situation, I would be happy to put it “Laudable”. But today, against the background, for example, Frozen Synapse 2, everything looks like a simple, routine, without the light and horror that you expect to see in the game, where you are against the Nazi sectarians with the support of monsters from the myths of Cthulhu.

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

As you know, in all Soulslike – games the main thing – it’s hot and very difficult battle with the “bosses”. It is these fat five-story “monsters” – the essence of what is happening, it is to them that we are preparing all the way, and it is the battle with them that determines how strong your nerves and a high level of skill. “But before that why you need something to fight with the usual enemies, explore the world, read any notes, to find gear, to swing and to sit around the campfire. And let’s skip all unnecessary and immediately move on to the main?”- so, apparently, reasoned in the Studio Dark Star and came up with Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, Soulslike-a game in which there is only a battle with the ” bosses»

Little Adam and big sin


The protagonist Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption — emphasized small, something like even a toy warrior with a huge sword. But it’s the only weak hints on frivolous anime, and it’s all serious and dark and Gothic. And the plot (more precisely, the plot as such is not) is built on direct biblical associations.


The main character, of course, is called Adam, and he must atone for some sins-his and his country, which dies and languishes in blasphemy. And for this you need to fight seven “bosses”, each of which represents one of the seven deadly sins. But in the final, naturally, will have to fight with yourself… However, you’ll know if you can pull it off. I will only say that this fight will be very symbolic and correct from the point of view of any narrative-it logically puts an end to this long biblical metaphor and gives somewhere even a metaphysical meaning to what is happening

Картинки по запросу Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

This scheme is simple


Description Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption that can be found online and even in store the shell, apparently, was done on the basis of earlier views of developers about what will be their game — or, on the contrary, it is a retelling of the plans for the future. Unlockable equipment? Different modes? Different endings?


I don’t know, my store-bought version of it was pretty much none of it. Everything is quite simple and static throughout the passage. There is one mode — in fact, the battle with the “bosses”. Adam is on top of some dark, lost among the clouds of the mountain, where the stones with runes. Each of them leads to a rendezvous with one of the seven “bosses”. After here we come back to activate another stone and fight with another “boss”. And leave here in the menu to start, for example, a new game, you can not — only on the desktop. What are the new modes?

With any of the “bosses”, and in what order to fight, we pick ourselves up. But the equipment can not be chosen: Adam is always available the same Arsenal-a heavy two-handed sword, a light sword with a shield, incendiary bombs, javelins, “healers”, gain, giving the weapon fire damage. And consumables are automatically restored after each battle.


Картинки по запросу Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

Downgrade play


The chief feature of the Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption — is sacrifice. Activate the stone a little-you still need to sacrifice their characteristics to get a pass to fight with the “boss”. Before the fight, we make a sacrifice, because of what Adam, for example, becomes less stock of health and endurance. Or take away his armor, releasing with bare torso to fight against a huge monster. Or they say that a hero will die if drained, that is completely the end of his endurance.


After the defeat of the weaker Adam not becoming — you just give a new try. But after the long-awaited victory increases the overall health of Adam. After that, you can, of course, return the donation, restoring the characteristics and items, but in this case, the “boss” will be reborn. And to complete the game and see the ending, it is necessary that all seven deadly sins were defeated. That is, in the final battle, Adam in any case will perform with a bare torso — and even with a bunch of fines. It turns out an interesting and unique situation in its own way — with each battle fines from sacrifices accumulate, but the overall level of health increases.

Похожее изображение

Sin is not to kill such a reptile!


All this makes the already tricky battle with the “bosses” even more interesting. Each of them in Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, as usual, has its pros and cons, tactics and history. For example, Envy represents the Countess, jealous of his more fortunate rival, Pride — once the strongest warrior, whose pride was hurt after the humiliating defeat of a stranger. And Laziness represents the king who because of the unwillingness to work absolutely started own state-even he reluctantly fights, hiding behind backs of numerous security guards.


All battles, of course, complex, interesting and unique in their own way-they require an individual approach to each enemy and necessarily take several stages with the call of creatures. Someone huge and high inflicts crushing blows with a sword or hands in close combat, and then destroys part of the surface, immersing it in lava, someone prefers to shoot you from a distance and pour some poisonous muck (or flying eyes), someone pours the floor with water and then conducts waves of invigorating electricity through it.


The recipe for success in these grueling fights known to all fans of the genre: to calculate timings, to learn and remember the animations of the attacks in time to Dodge, to put the unit to alternate a light and heavy attack all the time to monitor the level of endurance. Win the first time is almost impossible — you have not once or twice to die and try again and again, studying the enemy, calculating tactics, figuring out where and at what point to hide from his poisonous storm, and remembering the main principle of all Soulslike-games — every defeat brings you closer to victory!



It’s a sort of concentrated Dark Souls in a nutshell, where between the player, his constant death as the surest means of progress and maturation and the “bosses” there is nothing superfluous. Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption from this point of view can be seen as a combat simulator, a simulator that is ideal for learning the game in all the “soul-likes” (although hardened veterans of the genre there will not be easy).

Картинки по запросу Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption


Ideal-because there are no impurities branched pumping and selection of equipment. Arsenal is always the same, and the characteristics are even reduced. Everything concentrates on pure fights, forcing to rely only on skill, reaction, observation, patience and endurance. Therefore, defeating the last of the “bosses”, you will feel as if just passed several” soul-likes ” together. And after that you will be ready for any test in any game of this genre.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers

Sometimes, you go through the game, spend a few hours on it and can not understand why it exists. Games based on movies and cartoons produced less and less, but if they appear, it is most often associated with the rental of the same name paintings in theaters. But what the creators of Nickelodeon Kart Racers wanted to achieve is unclear.

What year is it?


And it’s not so much as this racing arcade, which I will talk about later, but in its content. A total of 12 characters are offered here, taken from the animated series Nickelodeon: “Spongebob Squarepants”, “teenage mutant ninja Turtles”, ” Hey, Arnold! and those babies!”. If the first two are more or less at the hearing of a modern child, then the last two certainly know the unit — the last of their series came out as much in 2004. We remember them, and the target audience of this creation is unlikely.


I naively assumed that Nickelodeon Kart Racers would be a ticket to childhood, an opportunity to nostalgie at times when I was ready to get up early to watch these cartoons (except “Oh, these kids!”— very kind of his style). But the result was quite different — this is the most ordinary race that scares low quality performance already in the start menu and does not bring any emotions. No joy, no anger, nothing.


This is largely due to the fact that there is virtually no difference between the characters. They have their own vehicles, some gain cubes on the track are available only to certain heroes, but the rest of the game would not have lost anything if together Sponges Bob and Arnold there were ordinary people, robots or animals. That you control Donatello, says only sitting in the car model-replace it with any other, and the result will be the same.


So you can describe the whole game in General, especially the track. The environment is taken from the same animated series: a school where Arnold studies, a toy store and a lot of monotonous sewers. But everything looks as boring as possible, there is no atmosphere, and the graphics are so bad that sometimes it is very difficult to understand which way to go after the next turn. It seems to be a mini-map is, and the signs on the walls, but still sometimes have problems — all mixed in one pile.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers обзор игры

Gray and miserable


Gameplay Nickelodeon Kart Racers is no different from other imitators Mario Kart. In the main menu, there are only three modes: the championship of the four races, a quick race and a race against the clock, where you try to beat your own records. In the Championships, 10 characters earn points several times in a row, depending on the occupied place, after which the owner of the highest number of points is declared the winner.


On the slopes lay the cubes with images on them are question marks — if through one of them to drive, will be available for a bonus boost. You either throw the object, or a jar of soap bubbles put in the middle of the road, or for a few seconds set on the back of the machine shield, absorbing other people’s attacks. The set is so meager and banal, as if none of the developers did not even try to come up with something original-they just took everything that was already invented before them. And if someone gets damage from your projectile or fall into the trap, you will not know about it — there are no special effects.


The only good idea associated with slime — if you drive on this green substance, the left side of the screen will begin to fill the acceleration scale. Some tracks are almost completely covered with slime, and when it hits the ground vehicle is funny transformed into a boat with a motor. But all this, of course, is not enough to not get bored after a few races — although there is a race to the knockout, and a kind of slalom with the need to pass to the right or left of the buoys, everything is played exactly the same.

Even on the tracks scattered coins needed to buy improvements, including the upgrade of wheels and engine. With their help, the speed increases, it becomes easier to control the car, and with good tires you will not enter so much when driving on mucus. That’s just need to all not — high difficulty level I was able to win the championship with an ordinary jalopy, it could not modify. Even there, opponents bump into walls and fall into traps, to say nothing of easy tournaments, where opponents are even more stupid and helpless.


No more content in the game there, even the introductory video the authors did not bother to add. Last year’s Cars 3 is also not enough stars from the sky and gave not the emotions that you get after a couple of races in Mario Kart, but there at least tried to offer a lot of interesting entertainment. Immediately outside the dull Championships have nothing to do, but the game is still asked for $ 40, although even with a free hand, it would not be of any value.


Here, everyone tried to make the most of the budget. It’s in the press releases you promise 24 tracks — in fact half of them are nothing different from each other. The characters do not speak, instead of voiced replicas need to read the text appearing at the bottom of the screen “clouds”. The animations are repeated after the first round, the music gets boring, there is no online multiplayer. There is a split screen mode, though thank you. That’s just with the graphics or get confused in the twists and turns you’ll more often than when playing alone.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers обзор игры

It is unlikely that we will ever know why Nickelodeon Kart Racers was created. Perhaps the President of Nickelodeon lost the argument with colleagues? Or friends took him to the “weak”? Modern children are not interested in these characters, adults will be ashamed to spend time here. What happened-a real garbage: empty, primitive and unworthy of attention.

Wandersong – Unbelievable Travelling

As soon as we did not save the world in video games: and powerful corporations destroyed from within, and armed with a sword to kill terrible monsters. But the main character Wandersong solves all the problems with the help of the song. This 10-hour adventure, created almost single-handedly a canadian named Greg Lobanov (Greg Lobanov), liked and remembered due to his originality. It touches on unusual topics, using non-standard mechanics and everything is so cool with each other that after passing just want to recommend the game to everyone.

Rise and Shine


In the role of an eccentric bard, the player tries to prevent the end of the world. To do this, he needs to meet with several, shall we say, deities and learn a special song. Otherwise, all the inhabitants of the planet will die and a new life will be born, which none of the living do not want. What kind of song is able to prevent a catastrophe, almost no one believes, but the bard (whose name you come up with yourself, choosing from several letters) insists on his own — since he can sing, it is necessary to use this ability, even if the chance of rescue is negligible.


Singing is carried out by the movement of the right stick — if you touch it, a wheel with different colors will appear on the screen, indicating intonation. At first Wandersong seems a simple platformer, in which the main character chases ghosts from a small settlement — it is on them that the player “trains” in the first Chapter. To defeat the Ghost, you need to repeat after him a melody consisting of three notes. That is, three times to move the stick in different directions, singing a song – this mechanics is used here all the time.


But after that it turns out that the game is much larger and is divided into several major episodes, and the story of saving the world is constantly pleasing unexpected twists and funny situations. At the same time, the main idea remains unchanged until the final — though ridiculously dancing bard, whose face is always a smile, and does not look like a real Hero, with the help of other people he will be able to succeed — they all just need to unite for a common goal.


When visiting a new location, the bard can not immediately learn a fragment of the song — he needs to communicate with others, listen to them and help, and in return they will definitely thank him. And this explains a lot of touching episodes: you will meet notorious accordionist, never speaking on stage with their mother on the street in a town bard will meet a crying, useless guy, even a dog to cuddle is not possible.

Sooner or later, all these people will need to access a fragment of the song. At some point you will gather a team of the most unhappy with life and go with them to the factory polluting the air to put an end to it. In another episode you will help the band to compose a composition. And you really will write it — for a few seconds to move the stick in different directions, creating a melody, which then will be able to change and listen to a live performance.

Wandersong обзор игры

Unforgettable adventure


And these are not the only moments when singing will be useful to the bard. Often he will have to jump on the platforms and solve easy puzzles, and surprises Wandersong presents so much that never ceases to amaze for a minute. Even spoiler and spoil the impression do not want to call only the most banal examples, like growing in different directions stems and the ability to change the direction of the wind with the help of music. At the same time, the hero does not acquire any new skills — everything happens with the help of the same wheel.


But beyond the moments with puzzles developers have tried to make sure that each new episode of the life of the bard was different from the previous one. Therefore, in one of the chapters you travel on the high seas on a ship, singing pirate songs with his new team, and in the other you find yourself in the town of witches, where in one corner there is a shop with brooms, and in the other there is a library with mountains of books about magic. There are even new mechanics, but it is better to see them yourself — some of them do not expect.


Wandersong обзор игры

In many ways, Wandersong turned out so wonderful due to how much attention was paid to each character. They are all completely different and sometimes hilariously funny. The main star, of course, was the bard — silly, naive, surprised at every little thing, but so funny, kind and always optimistic. The company he is Miriam — considered and very grouchy witch, who never irritates his grumbling, but, on the contrary, evokes sympathy as the bard and the player. For the secondary characters, of which there are more than a hundred, written tons of dialogues – they can be ignored, but among these people are often interesting personalities. Alas, without a minimum knowledge of English, many jokes are unlikely to be understood.

The music also failed, and it is possible to say not only about melodies, but about the texts. Sometimes the bard sings without words, and in such cases it is necessary to move the stick in the right direction in time — the game gives a few tips, so it is difficult to make a mistake. And in some cases, when the hero must pass information to another character or he just sits around the fire with other people, you just choose the intonation, but without time limits. Every word bard sings in a different key, and the music is always adjusted to the lines, so the dissonance never occurs.


You can reproach Wandersong only in the absence of any complexity. Always correctly tilt the stick is not required-even for a couple of errors will not be punished. In an extreme case, the player will have to start singing again, but it will take just a few seconds. The same with puzzles and jumps from platform to platform — save points are placed at every step, and even if the bard falls into the abyss, he immediately revives right next to it. In other words, to Celesteigre in terms of hardcore infinitely far, it is not about that.


Some may find fault with the visual style: when you look at the screenshots, the game resembles a highly simplified two — dimensional version of Tearaway-here, too, everything seems to be cut out of colored cardboard. But when you see this funny world on your screen, you realize that neither pixel art nor modern 3D would come here. On the face of bard and his grimace to look without laughter and affection is impossible, as well as many other characters. In addition, for each of the hundreds of characters were drawn unique animations that can be seen singing next to them some song. It is a pity that the Switch models are sometimes surrounded by” ladders ” and other artifacts, especially if they are on a dark background — there are no such problems on the computer.

Картинки по запросу Wandersong

This Autumn  many players are passionate about blockbusters that have been waiting for years, and there is no time or money left for small indie games. But spending a couple of evenings on wandersong is Definitely worth it — it’s a unique and calming adventure that most probably would never have heard of and would not have known without a clue. A beautiful, kind and devilishly sweet story about friendship, mutual assistance, striving for the impossible and what the word “hero”means.

Niffelheim – New Reveal

All of you know perfectly well that there are games that stick to you like a fly to a sticky tape — although the benefits of them no more than from the same fly. They are quite monotonous, routine, you know perfectly well that you are wasting time on them, but again and again you spend it, because it is very difficult to break away. That’s about what can be said about Niffelheim.

Dead Viking wants to Asgard


This game, created by the Russian Studio Ellada Games, was in early access for several years. And it is clear why she immediately attracted increased attention. The authors exploit two popular themes at once-Vikings and survival. Yes, and in the format of two-dimensional RPG. In Niffelheim we play for one of the glorious Northern warriors (Viking, Berserker, shaman plus fight-Baba Valkyrie), who after his death on the battlefield went to Valhalla, but because of the insidiousness of demons stuck in the world of darkness, that is, in the title Niflheim. This is where HELHEIM is, the abode of the dead, ruled by the ugly woman Hel.


No matter how dead and dark these lands may be, there are trees, stones, mushrooms, berries and herbs grow, rabbits, wild boars and sheep run around. Yes, here we will have to cut trees, collect stones and other resources, hunt game, build various useful buildings and survive in every possible way. And all in order to gradually collect fragments of the portal leading to Asgard, and from there — to Valhalla.

Картинки по запросу Niffelheim

The dragon helps those who help themselves


We are building a forge, a kitchen, a sawmill, an alchemical laboratory, a greenhouse, a sheepfold, a chicken coop. There you can produce more advanced building materials, boards, different ingots, resin, equipment, doors, potions, food and so on and so forth. And all these buildings need to be improved.


But the main thing is to strengthen your shelter, rebuilding it to the state of the citadel with shooting towers. After all, with the onset of night he is very fond of crowds to attack the local skeletons. And if after the usual death in battle, your hero will be reborn, losing some health, money and received some other fines, in the case of destruction and looting of the castle, the consequences will be much sadder.

Skeletons, spiders, zombie wolves and other muck are also found in the dungeons. There’s also inhabited by “bosses” with whom we primarily collect the fragments of the portal to Asgard. In some catacombs it is necessary to go down through in advance prepared doors all below and below towards to any large-caliber Troll with a club, in others we cut through passes a pick, in passing collecting a building stone, clay and other useful materials.


In the dungeons, among other things, we find chests with useful belongings and resources. In addition, you can buy things in the Temple city. There in the temple there is an option to call for the help of a real dragon, but it needs a lot of money, two trapped sheep and another rare thing. So basically have to rely on their own strength.


Картинки по запросу Niffelheim

Monotonous flash all with the same pain my days


All four heroes of Niffelheim differ in level of health, protection, the put damage, bonuses of resistance to these or those influences and metabolism. The latter is responsible for how often the character will experience hunger. In fact, all of them, even dead, constantly want to eat — satiety is spent on every sneeze, on every active action and in combat, and in hunting, and in construction work.

And if health can be restored by sitting on the throne in specially designated areas, the feeling of hunger will remove only cooked or purchased dish. So here constantly account for kill rabbits and for other game, to collect such as cabbage, beans, mushrooms and berries. And keep to craft gear — weapons and armor will very quickly come into disrepair.


All this quickly turns into a routine. Especially since the battles are implemented primitive (you just need to click one button and sometimes use the shield), the tasks that are distributed by local lords and spirits, even more primitive (to collect 10 mushrooms, bring 5 chew spiders and so on), and each of the four worlds of Niflheim, where we decide to go at the start of the new game, is not much different from the others.


And pumping of the hero goes automatically. Waving a pickaxe in the mine-increases the level of mining skills, actively chop enemies-become stronger as a warrior, bake pies and dishes in the kitchen — increase the skills of the cook.


The only thing that can really cheer up in this situation — is if you add as opponents of the three bots that will act for other characters and periodically attack you. Even better, if they are live players. Yes, in Niffelheim it is possible to play on a Network, having created the server or having joined someone else’s session. Allowed to survive in the cooperative — and this is, of course, more interesting than in splendid isolation. Another question is that there is also a routine sooner or later felt. And errors purely technical properties in multiplayer more, although the project seems to be out of early access.

Картинки по запросу Niffelheim

Nevertheless, as I said in the beginning, I want to play in Niffelheim, despite its monotony. Especially since everything is beautifully drawn, there is a gloomy Northern atmosphere, which is emphasized by the corresponding landscapes and well-chosen music. Just need to play intermittently-in this case, the severity of the routine is not so pressing and the process of feeding the dead Viking does not have time to get bored. Well, in the company of friends you just tighten in the dark world of Niflheim for at least a couple of days.

Call of Cthulhu

The new version of Call of Cthulhu is not only based on the world of mythology and invented by Howard, but is also an adaptation of the official desktop RPG from Chaosium. The game even at first was called Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game, but apparently the creators felt that for convenience it is better to cut the name. Although the project on the way to release, it seems, lost much more than the subtitle: he managed to change the developer, and, repeatedly, the release date. The last postponement pushed the release almost a year — and from what we have, it seems as if everything was altered in a hurry.


Defenseless detective

Despite the name, directly to the literary “Call of Cthulhu” the new project has an indirect relation, and the elements coinciding with the book seem rather pleasant references. Boston, 1924. Just died down a terrible war, and Edward pierce is trying to hide at the bottom of a bottle of Scotch from all the horrors seen. He makes a living working as a private detective, but things have been scarce lately. Interesting and does not fall.

But to the hangover Edward looks known tycoon with a request to investigate the death of his daughter-Sarah Hawkins. The man is sure that business is much more serious, than the fire which has arisen from-for tragic accident as the police assures. All because of a mysterious painting and a note Sarah sent to her father just before she died. The main character is intrigued, and this is enough to go to the island of Darkwater. The place, frankly, depressing: dirty streets stagger drunken sailors, over the roofs of the low hanging murky clouds, and, wherever you look, completely gloomy landscapes.

Call of Cthulhu begins as a classic Noir detective. Edward communicates with unfriendly residents, trying to get an idea of the local people and the victim of the fire. In a modest fishing village, the illusion of a living place is maintained.

Картинки по запросу Call of Cthulhu


Immediately reveals a role based game. One of the first goals of the detective-to get to an abandoned warehouse. However, this is not easy, because it is in the territory controlled by the local bootlegger gang, which actually runs the city. But it is necessary to carefully examine the surroundings, there are at least five options to slip unnoticed in a guarded building. Each approach tests the level of certain skills, so your way inside depends on the initial distribution of characteristics.

Such a variable approach to problems is a pleasant surprise. It seems that many little things really matter. Evidence, which you accidentally noticed, an hour later can open a new option in the dialogue and another step closer to the disclosure of the mystery. After all, much of the island of Darkwater is not what it seems. It is a pity that the Call of Cthulhu — not the game, which so wants to seem in the first hours.

The episode with the warehouse is the only one where the RPG-component is revealed in all its glory — in the following you can count at best a couple of possible solutions. By the second half of the Call of Cthulhu finally turns into a classic walking simulator with mediocre hide and seek, and the only thing that remains of the RPG — role-playing. The character of Edward you form your actions: from your answers and actions depends, whether there will be a pier considered a detective or turn into a nervous drunk.

Картинки по запросу Call of Cthulhu

It is almost impossible to maintain sanity in the face of otherworldly horror — on this leitmotif of most of Lovecraft’s works built gameplay mechanics Call of Cthulhu. Reason is a valuable resource that is spent every time you witness spooky scenes or learn more about the Ancients. It is no longer possible to replenish stocks. Anyway, in the story you will not just face the horrors of another world. But a grain of common sense can still be preserved,including the final of the whole story.

It is strange that the idea of madness is well played in the gameplay, but directly in the story unthinkable horror place was not found. Call of Cthulhu sample 2018 really wants to be a mass product, and so much committed to this that now and then rolls into the banality. She sorely lacks the oppressive atmosphere-the creation of the Studio Cyanide does not get put on a par with either Amnesia or even Layers of Fear. But give a look in R’lyeh (probably) and a quick look at the silhouette of Cthulhu (so blurred that I honestly also doubt that showed it).

Unfortunately, Call of Cthulhu does not manage to become an integral work both in terms of mechanics and in terms of narration. After a promising introduction, the game gradually disintegrates. Thanks to the dynamic plot, you are likely to get to the final, but it is worth considering for a moment how many holes are found in the script. Why, it is asked, was to hide from bandits if the hero all this time had a gun?

Картинки по запросу Call of Cthulhu

There is a feeling that Call of Cthulhu had to be much more and more detailed than it turned out in the end. But at some point the game just did not work in the originally conceived form, and the last year it was collected again, throwing out whole pieces. In the second half it is especially noticeable: locations turn into short corridors, and the whole Chapter can turn into one dialogue and a couple of rollers. It’s a shame, because the potential of the game was huge.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is very different from other action games in the open world. And it’s not about the prohibitively high quality graphics and video, beautiful landscapes, traditionally excellent scenarios and memorable characters. The thing in the gameplay, the pacing, how the game unfolds with each passing hour and as proposed to explore virtually every corner of your world. She does it sometimes in very unusual ways-no other Studio could not afford to take such a risk and create something like that.



Is not the same as all

Red Dead Redemption 2 (which is actually the first prequel) does not fill up entertainment and does not fall asleep world map millions of icons, even at the end of the passage. And all because it-not another fighter in the open sandbox, and a kind of cowboy simulator in the Wild West. Cowboy, who should wash from time to time, otherwise passers-by can spoil the mood with their sarcastic comments, and the animals smell the ambergris for a kilometer. Cowboy, which is desirable to monitor health and endurance, although the food in his inventory is by and large useless, because all the characteristics are restored after sleep. Cowboy who needs not just to get on a new horse if the old one is tired, but to move the saddle and then build trust with the horse.


In almost everything Red Dead Redemption 2 tries to be realistic to the player felt like a real inhabitant of the Wild West — Arthur Morgan, a member of the gang damn charismatic Dutch van der Linde. Used to perform crazy stunts in GTA V? Here such frills can bring the horse to the grave, and will help her to stand on her feet only a special drug. Want to climb on any house or cling to a stone, as in any Assassin’s Creed? We’ll have to look for workarounds: Arthur is not as clever as the guys with hidden blades. Even the usual rapid movement is not here — you can only go from the gang camp to the city and travel by train and stagecoach between stations. If the mission or a long walk will throw you hell-those where, get ready for a long return. In the yard in 1899, people have not yet learned the crazy rhythm of modern times.

But sometimes this realistic slowness goes sideways. The main character seems to carry heavy weights in his pockets, because of which he hardly bypasses obstacles and turns around for a long time. Yes, he for some reason selects cartridges automatically, and here a trifle from pockets of dead men gets hands, spending for it from three to seven seconds. If other games simplify the process of collecting trash, then Rockstar goes the other way and offers to collect items one by one, opening numerous cabinets, boxes and drawers. Such a system is more appropriate in linear adventures like The Last of Us, and here by the middle of the story campaign it does not want to waste time — it is easier to buy canned food in the store than time after time trying to put clumsy Arthur in front of the table so that in the corner there was a corresponding button.

But still there is a feeling that without these inconveniences Red Dead Redemption 2 would be completely different and lost a considerable share of its charm. Arthur is leisurely and imposing, like a bear, it is part of his character. At the same time, inconvenient management often creates unpleasant situations, especially in tandem with the archaic system of shelters. The hero does not know how to move normally from one wall to another, and even the tree sometimes bypasses with difficulty, pressing his back to him. Instead of “sticking” to the stone, he begins to climb on it — probably because of a small delay between pressing the button and the action of the character. To the final to all this already get used, but at first have to fight not only with opponents, but also with management.


The main thing is that in the end it’s all worth it! After a long introduction, where you watch videos on the engine for a long time or hold the “X” button and jump after someone on a horse, the red Dead Redemption 2 locomotive is gaining full speed in terms of content and history. The player meets with a gang of Dutch-so different from each other, but United people, forced to wander through America, on the run and with hopes for a better life. But in the Wild West, the plan is not all and not always, so Arthur and his comrades fall into a variety of scrapes: chase, shooting, robbing trains and banks, threats and beating innocent people. These people-bandits, and behave accordingly (even if some of them and then tormented by the pangs of conscience).

Nowhere to hurry

However, between these episodes takes a very long time because of the slowness of the gameplay. This is not Saints Row, not modern Assassin’s Creed, and not even GTA V — if in other games from a variety of entertainment is literally not to hide, the Red Dead Redemption 2 diligently immerses in the atmosphere and does everything that you do not inadvertently missed anything. It is noticeable when you first enter the camp of the gang, even while you hold down the acceleration button Arthur is moving slower than in the field. All in order for you to meet on the way of your colleagues, heard “Good morning” or “Good evening” depending on the time of day, witnessed a scandal or a drunken heart — to-heart conversation around the campfire, received an offer to go hunting or fishing with one of the friends, could all greet-in General, to leave this place did not want.

Therefore, with the rapid sequential passage of one story mission after another, it seems that you play somehow wrong. Open worlds of recent years work on a very different principle, their creators are trying to make the gameplay as rich and fast as possible. The pumping will be added, then new techniques will be awarded, then dozens of side tasks will be thrown out on the map. It’s different. Tasks are always few, icons on the map-too. The path from one point to another is often long-the horse is not a sports car. Brightens the road the ability to include “autopilot”: Arthur takes the reins, the camera snatches beautiful angles, and the background shimmers great music in the spirit of old westerns.


And there is something to see: swamps, where you wander knee — deep in mud, snow-capped peaks piercing the sky mountains, Heath-stunning scenery instantly “sucked” into the screen. Through the crowns of the trees, the rays of the sun break through, the cart running along the path raises dust, storm passes strike with a riot of elements — everything from the smallest detail to the most ambitious scene even after dozens of hours produces a consistently powerful impression. Deer, alligators and bears butt each other, cause genuine fear, wild horses graze in the prairies, and for the whole holiday of life from the height of the flock of birds (which can be shot, if you have enough marks). Hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2-the whole art with separate animations for each of one and a half hundred species of animals, with folding their skins on the croup of a horse and a further trip to the merchant, ready to purchase prey. The beast must learn to hunt (or to lure), skinned, and then to learn that using a certain weapon will be able to get perfect skin, and something with it to make.

During trips there are casual passers-by with the problems-that the horse was lost, the cart turned over. Someone asks for alms and is ready to talk heart to heart, and someone-just the charlatan loudly shouting on the street and selling useless goods at high prices. Atmospheric, but next time in the same places you will meet them again and hear the same cues that slightly destroys the atmosphere of the living world. Maybe, in fact, he is not so alive and comes to life only around you? What does it matter, because even these mini-stories are interesting, to say nothing of the full side quests in which Arthur will meet and funny madmen and grieving sorrows.

Against the background of all this a little strange look story missions with a completely linear structure. If you move a little away from the paved Rockstar corridor, the mission will be failed. If because of stupid management to move out not there and then to try to develop the carriage, characters will begin to drip on brains and to be indignant. If you stay for a few seconds, searching the corpses, the game will first punish annoying remarks comrades, and then one of them did catch a bullet-without you they can not cope with opponents. However, all this stuff-staging, voice, facial animation, and more are made at a level that is not dreamed of the absolute majority of other developers. Even if a half-dozen missions end in exactly the same way — a long shootout and run away behind the curtain enemies-the game is forgiven, because in front of waiting for so many interesting things.


Туман на болотах Сен-Дени такой густой, что хоть ножом режь

In the first Chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2 admires the visual component and intriguing tie, but for a few hours to deal with the management. To the second problem does not disappear, but about the open world and its device you begin to learn more. And only in the third Chapter Western captures so much that turn off the console and do other things do not want to. This desire does not disappear until the credits, but personally it took me about two days to get involved and start having fun, turning a blind eye to bugs, management, the idiotic reaction of people and the police to your actions. Someone attacked with fists, and you fought back? Only you will be wanted, not the offender. And if the yard dog ran out under the hooves of your horse, then run without looking back or pay a fine

Red Dead Redemption 2-one of those games that can not be rated and limited only to it. Someone may fall asleep in the first Chapter and have a hard time getting to the next, then turn off the game because of the slow pace and never come back to it. Someone will be amazed by the difference between RDR 2 and other representatives of the genre. Someone will spend a few days in the open world, then postponed the story missions and just doing hunting, fishing and virtual tourism. It can be given any rating from 6 to 10, and for each position there is an adequate explanation: either the “heaviness” of the character will tire, or the duration of trips, or other problems will be found. But how is the game shocking, if you allow yourself to get involved and stop finding fault with the little things!


Feints and swings


Let’s start with the most important thing — football. Here, those who have seen the last three series of “FIFA”, it is not surprising, because the basics were about the same as laid in the fall of 2015 and then were moved to Frostbite, where they still work. We are waiting for a rather viscous in the middle of the field, but at the same time attacking football, where it is necessary to be able to defend well, so as not to miss three or four goals. This is a very nice balance, the game does not roll into a pure “arcade”, but does not become a simulator to the bone.


Still feints, false swings and similar tricks solve too much, so the dribblers in the attacking group are very necessary. Now the logic of the first touch is noticeably reworked, the right stick can be made various throws and treatments (even breast!), from this very much depends on the rebound of the ball. Simultaneously, the increased role of cutting passes, but the banal casts forward can be worse. Play head became a little nicer to score easier, even if you don’t have Peter Crouch on the edge, more important than was the choice of a position and fighting for it.


But kicks completely redesigned, but optional. If you press the “circle” (in the standard layout) for the second time, a special scale with a mark moving from the red to the green zone will appear. If your reaction is good enough, then pressing again in time will allow you to hit the corner so that the goalkeeper will not be able to pull out. The system requires training, it is not easy to master, so if you want you can not use it. But it is with the Timed Finishing system that you can score stunning “banks” from a distance, otherwise it will be difficult to hammer from 35 meters.

But in General, what way to beat or choose football in FIFA 19 leaves a pleasant, albeit not quite fresh, impression. Even a fan of PES with experience will feel quite normal, at least unexpected passes-cuts and rebounds, leading to goals, happen here quite often.


Картинки по запросу FIFA 19

For those who are used to PES


Another thing which will be accustomed to fuchsia Konami — more options for tactics. And this is a very cool feature, albeit completely copied from PES. Everything is adjusted – the breadth of the defense, the behavior when the ball is lost, the degree of pressure on the other half and even the number of players on the corners. Moreover, for each of the four types of attacking strategy, you can choose your tactics. Scored Barcelona two in the first half hour and want to ” dry ” the match? Please put for sirsasana strategy some 4-2-3-1 and cut in pressure. And if it is necessary to crush the opponent in the end — just before the match set for swiatkowska strategy 4-2-4 and the connected standards and a couple of defenders.


Not that it was all necessary to win over the computer, but in matches with a person will be very useful. Especially as options for competition with live opponents became more. The most important of the innovations is again familiar to fans of PES is the European cups. Champions League, Europa League, UEFA super Cup got their full incarnations, the main tournament even has a separate mode for maximum authenticity. Since Electronic Arts has no difficulties with licenses, the group stage of LH in FIFA 19 is exactly the same as in life. All three of our party — Lokomotiv, CSKA and “Spartak” — on the spot, their compositions replicate the real, although the rating of some players causing issues.

But with the appearance, especially the stars, no problems. Top football masters look and move exactly as they should, here is my personal favorite-the fastest player in the world Gareth bale with his corporate style of movement. Licensed stadiums became even more – added as many as 16 arenas from ” La Liga “arena” Borussia Dortmund “Cardiff” Millennium ” and a bunch of buildings. But with the Championships there is a significant problem for us — the Russian Premier League has become the exclusive of competitors, and the cards of Russian players will now be much less, especially since Zenit for the Europa League could not be licensed. As for me, this is a significant loss, but fully licensed “La Liga” or the English Premier League greatly brighten it.


Картинки по запросу FIFA 19

No news – also news


It is in these two tournaments will perform in the “History”. Does that mean Alex hunter will start changing clubs, just like Zlatan? Not at all. Just in the story mode of FIFA 19 we have three full-fledged heroes. And that’s the best thing that ever happened to the adventures of a dark-skinned superstar. It is logical that the partners of the top forward were his friend Danny Williams and sister Kim. They can be was manage and in the past year, but there this was optionally and quite a bit, and here — necessarily and time lavished on roughly on a par with Alex. The plot itself has not got rid of the tension and a few ridiculous attempts to show the underside of the life of football players-pros, but due to the shuffle of the heroes came out the most cheerful and adequately completed the trilogy.

In FIFA Ultimate Team mode, the most popular and in advertising does not need, these changes too little. There were cards of heroes of the Champions League, added the Division Rivals mode, where you “match” with opponents of about the same level and even the neighboring region. Simplified “League of the day off”, reducing the number of matches in it to 30. All this made the way to the top divisions a little easier, but the need to either “grind” or pay to the end did not save. However, to become an eSports player, you have to invest a lot of time.


Not enough changes in the”Career”. Here in General it seems that a fundamental improvement decided to score — apart from cosmetic changes, to make it easier to track the necessary players, in a mode for Manager difference from last season is not detected. Well, Yes, there are additional details “for immersion”, such as changing the interface in the days of the same Champions League, but fans have long wanted more variation — to start with the lower League clubs and make their way up, for example. Even a couple of commentators seemed tired and decided not to change anything special (except for phrases about you know what tournament) — although Cherdantsev and Genich voiced for the fourth series of the simulator, their replicas still sound out of context. Although anthem will understand what the tournament they read well even believe it’s the stream.


Картинки по запросу FIFA 19

FIFA confidently remains the leader among the futsim. Gameplay, presentation, variability, opportunities for joint entertainment with people, license base-all EA Sports at least at a very good level. But in the season 2018-19, this leadership is reminiscent of what happened to “Spartacus” at the turn of the century: there is almost no development, and in some moments begin borrowing and even narcissism. As you remember, the 2000s dramatically changed the balance of power in Russian football — fresh leaders were Lokomotiv, CSKA and Zenit. And if the main simulator “nogomyach” does not begin to make tangible steps forward, it can wait for a similar fate.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

In all Royal battles, the basic rules are the same: the last surviving participant of the match (or a group of comrades, if it is a question of deuces or squads) is declared the winner. It does not matter, you took the second place, the thirtieth or hundredth, — all this defeat. In this regard, the “Eclipse” in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is no different from similar modes in other games. Therefore, not every player will be able to win on a regular basis, and someone will get to the first line for the first time only after weeks or months. But there are a few rules and tips that will help you win sooner or later, and I will try to tell you about them in detail.

Where to land?

The map in “Eclipse” is not as big as in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, but still at first glance at her eyes run up. 14 locations with their own names and a lot of houses, sheds and other smaller objects outside. One trick is connected with landing: jumping out of the plane, you need to immediately tilt the camera and fly perpendicular to the ground until your speed is 69 or 70 m/s, and then return the camera to its previous position. After that, you can fly literally to any point on the map — the speed will decrease very slowly.


In this regard, in Black Ops 4 there are no popular zones in the manner of “Abandoned towers” in Fortnite. Sometimes a lot of players can be found on the “shooting Range”, but often you will land there alone. “Island Nuketown” is also not always bypassed, but there are matches in which there is found some loner. If you just want to explore the possibilities in a quiet environment, gadgets, weapons and body kits, you can go to the territory to the South of the “Windmills” — there are not so many trophies, but in most cases the place is very quiet.

To learn how to react quickly to danger, I recommend starting landing in named locations as soon as possible, memorizing the buildings with the most junk inside (and their layout) and trying to find weapons as soon as possible. Of course, nothing prevents each time to fall away from everyone and hide, but at some point this tactic will not work and have to fight. And without understanding how to behave in such situations, it will not be possible to achieve success. It is better to start with some “Rivertown” or “Cargo port”, kill a couple of competitors, warm up and then be careful.


Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

In search of prey

Before landing, it is advisable to look around and find out if there is someone near you, or you are all alone. In any case, the first thing you need to find three things: normal weapons, armor and a couple of first-aid kits. With something problems are sure to arise-there may be situations when two neighboring buildings have no weapons, but the enemy for half a minute and found the armor, and the machine. Omnipotent random, what to do, treat this philosophically.


What can be called a “normal” weapon? It’s all subjective, but loved by most minions in the game. Among the automatic rifles the best is the “Maddox,” she has little recoil, a large clip and good damage. Due to its good accuracy and ICR-7, but at long range it will be as worthless as “Swordfish” and ABR 233, which are difficult to praise, even in melee. For any shootings suitable VAPR-XKG, and the most apt players can carry a “Rampart-17” (just do not miss, slow rate of fire for it will punish). A little easier to cope with the KN-57, which is also rarely fails.

By the middle of the match is highly recommended to find a good machine, without it will be more difficult to play. Submachine guns and conventional machine guns are good at short and medium distances, and shotguns and do fit only close, but it is likely that most of the enemies you after ten minutes will not face nose to nose. These weapons can be taken in the second slot, the main thing — do not carry a rocket launcher when playing alone. They are appropriate only in the units, after all, there are people are much more likely to use helicopters and trucks.

In the Eclipse, it’s hard to find a better machine gun than the Titan, and a more reliable submachine gun than the GKS with its high rate of fire, minimum recoil, and enough damage. There are only two shotguns in the game, and they’re both so-so, but the SG12 is still better than the MOG 12. Guns should not be considered at all — they are not very good even in the first minute of the match, to say nothing about the rest of the time. Remain sniper rifles, and among them favorites found during the beta test – “Cat” and “paladin” will be your best friends in the middle and end of the match, if you learn how to use them.


Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Subtleties and details

Good weapons can be made even better with the help of body kits. Pick up and equip everything you see, paying special attention to the increased clips. Perhaps you hurt your opponent badly, and then he will hide and begin to be treated. It will take a couple of precious seconds to recharge, which the owner of the increased store can use for the decisive assault. Or, on the contrary, the stock of your health will drop to a critical point, and you will need a split second and first aid kit to use and recharge. With increased clips reasons for concern will be less – “Maddox”, for example, with an external store in the cage will be as much as 60 rounds instead of 40.

But the sights should be studied independently, choosing the most suitable and convenient for yourself. But do not put 2X and 4X on both weapons at once — it will be uncomfortable to shoot near. It is better to have guns in your inventory for all occasions, and do not forget to switch between them during the study area. In the open field, it is desirable to take a weapon with a sniper scope (or his likeness), and go into the house with this to anything.

An interesting feature of the “Eclipse” is that it has not only live players, but also zombies. They can appear in five places (look for the vertical rays directed to the sky), but at the same time get out of the “graves” only in two. Often they leave behind valuable trophies like first-aid kits or even unique weapons. Only with them, for example, will be able to “knock out” a ray gun, one shot destroying the enemy. But it’s extremely rare. But after killing all the zombies in the area (they are usually less than a dozen) will open a chest with prizes, and there are often valuable things. Among them-the armor of the third level, the only one protecting from getting into the head, so it is clearly worth fighting for it. You can immediately land next to the chest, if you like to take risks, and you can fall nearby, collect weapons and other equipment and be ready to meet both zombies and other players.

Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Almost all useful

Only one weapon is not limited to — “Eclipse” is full of other items, whose value initially is difficult to determine. Among them-all sorts of grenades and other disposable items for an additional slot. Molotov cocktails are not bad, but to escape from them is too easy, the same applies to conventional grenades. But cluster and blinding should be taken necessarily – if you throw a gift for a stone, where the enemy sits, it will make him completely defenseless for a few seconds.

Smoke screen can also be useful when you need to quickly retire, but at first it is better to confine more useful items. Hatchet can instantly kill your opponent, portable fence and barbed wire will protect the house where you hid, but in most cases to carry it all with you is not necessary. Situationally useful can be called a touch dart: it is especially useful in the final, when you can find out in a second, where exactly is the last opponent and how he moves.

Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Perks save lives (and take too)

Now about perks-green boxes that come across on every corner. Time to sit and read their descriptions, usually not, so it is better to remember the names of the most useful bonuses.

* “Dead quiet” – reduces the volume of your steps, allowing you to quietly get close to the enemy. Especially useful in the middle and end of the match.

* “Weasel” – when moving on his haunches and crawling speed will be almost the same as in normal running, and the volume of steps will decrease. A good thing for a discreet reduction of the distance or a sudden change of position.

* “Awareness” – the enemy’s steps become louder. If you are worried that there may be people around, the perk will be irreplaceable, but it is active only for two minutes.

* “Strong skin” – a great perk for the final laps, when it is likely that in your direction will throw a deafening or cluster grenade. This perk increases resistance to such explosions.

* “Paranoia” – makes a terrible sound when the enemy is aiming at you. Handy if you ride a transport or know near a sniper.

These five perks are the most useful in the middle and at the end of the game. There are many other suitcases, but it is better not to hammer their place in the inventory. “Iron lungs” will be useful only to snipers and increase the duration of breath holding when aiming, “Engineer” will quickly find equipment and show enemy equipment (including touch Darts), but it is not so often. Without the “Collector”, showing the location of all the nearby caches and trophies, too, can do.


Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Rule of conduct

If we talk about the” rules of conduct “during the match, the” Eclipse ” work the same laws as in other shooters and Royal battles. Always try to take a high position, whether it is a hill, rock or roof of the building. Black Ops 4-not Fortnite, here to build a ladder in five seconds is impossible, so the enemy will have to look for workarounds. Also, do not run on open fields, always move from shelter to shelter — it can give a few precious moments when you open fire. In the middle and at the end of the match it is difficult to deny yourself to open the falling from the sky supply box and get an item to unlock a new character — in most cases it is not worth it, because the load certainly moved a couple of players. The same can be said about the desire to collect trophies with the just-slain enemy — do not relax, your shootout with him, probably was heard by others, and now they will come to see what’s making that noise. Run to the sounds of shots, by the way, is also not necessary if you are not confident in their abilities. When you have a high position, and the opponent is clearly badly injured, you can try to hit him a couple of times, but usually to climb on the rampage is not recommended.

If the shooting still began, try to aim at the head. Armor of the 1st and 2nd level, which is the majority of members not to close this important part of the body. So you are not only likely to kill your opponent, but also “do not spoil the skin”, which then will be able to wear themselves. Vehicles are a great way to get to the right point, but they are too noisy and can attract the attention of brave (and well-aimed) shooters. It is better to stop near your destination and then walk. Just don’t jump out at full speed.


Картинки по запросу Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Here, in principle, and all the basic tips. In the end, you will become the main teacher yourself, if you practice as often as possible and try your hand at different situations. You can sit in the toilet the whole game, and you can constantly attract attention and finish the match with 15 murders. Although in the latter case, you definitely do not need this material…

Whatever it was, to win the “Eclipse” is not so difficult — practice, master the map and do not get hung up on one tactic, and then the cherished first line you submit. Good luck

Soulcalibur VI – Realistic. Nice. Respectful.

Perhaps, the sixth Soulcalibur could not appear at all if creators did not ask for resources for development from the management. On the other hand, Bandai Namco can also be understood — it has enough successful projects, why try to revive the series that has lost popularity, which is unlikely to pay off? Sounds like it will work — sale at the start (at least in retail) was worse than that of the fifth episode, and the situation is unlikely to improve. But since to say goodbye, it is technical and fun — and what turned Soulcalibur VI.

Can see you’re upset!

In this generation, many of the series, a decade of loyalty to the consoles, first appeared on the PC, and Soulcalibur continues a pleasant tradition. Anyone knows here the battles are fought not with his bare hands, and with the help of various weapons. It is, of course, varies in length, strength and speed, that allows to diversify the styles of the fighters. Someone deftly wielding blades at close range, someone good at medium and so on, and the like. Each of the characters will need to choose the appropriate tactics, otherwise it will be very difficult to win.

Another feature of the combat mechanics is the lack of long-lasting combinations. You can not, as in the same Tekken 7, send the poor man into the air and, popinyvaya it, with impunity cut half, or even more from the strip of life. However, throw an opponent in Soulcalibur is still possible, but the subsequent huge damage will not work. But throwing techniques can be used to push the opponent off a cliff-an instant defeat for the flight from the ring has not been canceled. Any careless movement at the edge can turn into disastrous consequences. In one of rating fights at me it turned out very ridiculously — was going to jump over the enemy, a little didn’t calculate and departed to an abyss with full health. Well, but someone on the other side of the Earth cheered

Незамысловатый сюжет подается через такие картинки. Ску-у-у-чно

A separate button for the block can also confuse those who are used to either just stand still or clamp “back”. I, as accustomed to this scheme, managed to rebuild immediately, but after a couple of hours of inconvenience did not arise. By the way, to act on defense, no one forbids, just need to always keep in mind that the character can reflect only a certain amount of damage. After a critical value of protection breaks and the hero is revealed. This adds excitement to the battles-did you see that the health bar started blinking yellow? Strengthen the onslaught, will soon be able to smoke this lover to clog in the corner!

Block can also parry attack, if you press the button at the last moment, but, for personal feelings, this works well only against AI and in local battles. In network battles from the input delay can not escape, so get into the right period is much more difficult, even if you constantly train. Most often it is possible to beat off blow purely incidentally.

But it’s nice to see that Soulcalibur in the sixth part has not changed itself, remaining, perhaps, the only three-dimensional fighting game where you need to constantly move to the sides for a tactical advantage. Not a step or two to avoid, and just circling around the opponent. Because of this, in battles against real people not so much trade blows, many try to take the most competent position, forcing the enemy to open their movement. It turns hard and is very fun.

Картинки по запросу Soulcalibur VI

What can not be said about the innovation, called Reversal Edge. The mechanics when hitting an enemy launches some semblance of the game “rock, scissors, paper”. The action slows down, and opponents need to press one of the buttons to attack, which will depend on the outcome of the cinematic duel. We guessed right – we got an advantage. No-say goodbye to some health. In fact, you can still not beat at all, and go to the side and even use the block, but to give the course of the battle in the hands of pure luck is not too desirable. This is probably why users rarely use Reversal Edge on the Web, preferring more practical and predictable strokes.

Of course, all this is just the basics of the combat system. Beginners game well explains everything, and you can only get lost in the many nuances. Although it is not necessary to remember everything at once, it will come with time. The main thing-to understand the basic points, they will suffice with the head. In General, Soulcalibur VI actively encourages to experiment with different fighters, try certain tactics and just have a good time due to the confident, stable online, and in the case of the PC version also surprises with a decent quality of the port.

For those who prefer single content, the team has prepared as much as two campaigns: one of them is held for the character created in the editor, and the second tells about the plot of the series in the framework of small stories for each fighter, including guest Geralt. Be present-they are present, but both campaigns have turned out boring and added, it seems purely for show.

Картинки по запросу Soulcalibur VI

In the first case it is necessary to Wade through a mournful text quest with the fastened monotonous battles, tasks and infinite dialogues. The second mode, fortunately, is shorter, but here is a simple alternate to fights-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Olgii rollers with static images. History, as in the vast majority of games of the genre, terribly banal, and therefore follow it is not too interesting. And to play fighting games for plot? Yeah, thanks, that’s why I came here.

There is a suspicion that the campaign for the created hero exists only to lure players into a wonderful character editor. In the series, he appeared not for the first time, but on the previous generation of consoles was neither streaming nor the ability to take screenshots. But now in Soulcalibur VI create and share SUCH that it will be difficult to fall asleep at night. Muscular Pikachu, people-pistachios, huge cubes and other evil appears in the vast Network every day, but the essence here is not even possible to create your own freak. The editor itself is very pleasant and convenient, and at the same time allows you to change to your taste even the standard characters. Detach from it is very difficult, it may well captivate even those who were not particularly interested in individualization. For the selection of a suitable outfit, you can spend more than one hour!

Картинки по запросу Soulcalibur VI

With the release of Soulcalibur VI filled the gap between the casual fist fight with no special meaning like Mortal Kombat and projects in the manner of Tekken 7 and Dragon ball FighterZ where the user beyond the primary level requires the rote learning of techniques and timings with a long testing all of this in training mode. Here, perhaps, many will disagree with me, but the Soulcalibur series on an Arsenal of receptions and opportunities always was a little behind the companions — in the sixth part nothing changed. It’s still a cool fighting game for those who do not want to worry too much. It is relatively easy to learn how to play well, but there are a lot of little things that do not allow him to roll down to the level of banal “push buttons”. A little disappointing story campaign, but it’s still not the most important thing in the genre.