Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

Arcade, Versus, & Training modes make up the game’s primary [Fight For The Future] options, allowing gamers to compete against the pc, a friend, or brush up on their fighting [Fight For The Future] skills, respectively. After selecting a character, one of three Super Arts a poverful special move must be chosen. Super Art moves … Continue reading “Street Fighter III 3rd Strike”

King of Fighters – Maximum Impact

Platform Ps2 – Playable on PC Genre Fighting Styles 3D Fighting Developer SNK Playmore Corporation Publisher SNK NeoGeo Release Date October 12, 2004 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad www.allpcgame.netRating: 3,7/5 Ps2 to PC Emulator This game looks better_then the other king of fighters, at least_the graphics changed_from 2D to 3D cool! Recommended System Requirements intel Core2Duo … Continue reading “King of Fighters – Maximum Impact”