1942 Arcade Game(1984) Review

Designed by Yoshiki Okamoto, who would go on to architect the Street Fighter and Final Fight franchises, 1942 is a fondly remembered vertically scrolling shooter in which players control a WWII-era plane through 32 levels of enemy-filled sea and landscapes. The first game in the “194x” series, 1942 features a special roll button that allows players to avoid dangerous situations by temporarily looping out of the 2D playfield. This, in addition to perfectly balanced gameplay, colorfully detailed graphics, and some nifty power-ups make the game a true classic.

Xevious – Apple II and Arcade Overview (1984)

Engage enemies in the sky and on the ground in Namco’s vertical-scrolling shooter, Xevious. Your goal is to pilot a fighter ship named Solvalou to save Earth from an alien threat in control of 16 repeating areas. The eight-way joystick is used to guide your vessel and alter its speed, while individual “blaster” and “zapper” buttons are used to fire your ship’s lasers and drop bombs, respectively. The action takes place from an overhead view of the planet as you travel across forests, streams, and more. Ground units such as tanks and buildings can be taken out by first positioning a crosshair target over the object and then pressing the zapper button. Avoid being hit by one of 14 sky-based and 12 land-based enemy types to survive.

Also Available On
Platform Publisher Developer Year
Arcade Atari, Inc. Namco Ltd. 1982
Atari 7800 Atari Corporation Atari Corporation 1987
Commodore 64/128 1987
Game Boy Advance Nintendo of America, Inc. Namco Ltd. 2004
Mobile Namco Ltd. 2005
Nintendo 3DS Nintendo of America, Inc. Namco Ltd. 2011
Nintendo Entertainment System Bandai America, Inc. Namco Ltd. 1988
Wii Namco Bandai Games America, Inc. Namco Ltd. 2007
Wii U Namco Bandai Games America, Inc. Namco Ltd. 2013
Xbox 360 Namco Bandai Games America, Inc. Bandai Namco Games, Inc. 2007

Marble Madness (Arcade 1984) Review

Marble Madness is a highly original game in which players use a trackball to maneuver a marble through a series of sloping, maze-like courses, trying to reach the end of each course within a given time limit. While steering the marble along narrow pathways, twisting turns and steep ramps, players must be careful of hazardous drops, acid pools, dangerous enemies (such as Marble Munchers) and other obstacles. Exceptional performances “charm” players with extra time. Control can be frustrating at times (especially for beginners), but crisp graphics, stereo sound, “silly” levels (in which most of the rules are reversed), a competitive two-player mode, and maddeningly challenging gameplay make Marble Madness a bona fide classic.

Track & Field (1984) Game Controls

Game Select choose a one- or two-player game, choose difficulty level
Joystick Button or Game Reset begin playing
Joystick Left/Right + Joystick Button enter your initials
Joystick Left/Right run
Joystick Button set angle, jump
Run Buttons press alternately to run
Action Button set angle, jump