1988 games

Ghostbusters NES Review (1988)

Ghostbusters for the NES follows the same basic gameplay pattern as the other versions, with a few notable differences that make it the worst of the bunch. You don’t get to choose your car, you have to worry about fuel, and like the SMS version, once you reach Zuul, you

Blaster Master (classic game)

review: This game is great. a true classic. Innovative, creative, challenging, definitely in my The Best “SIDE SCROLLING GAMES” list.  score: 90/100 Gameplay: Gameplay in Blaster Master depends on [2dshooter] the situation and location of the player. The game has 2 modes of [2dshooter] gameplay. The first mode is where

Bubble Bobble Review (1988)

Bubble Bobble is a game you play once, and *need* to play again, and again, and again. It doesn’t matter if you’ve finished it before – heck! The adventures of Bub and Bob, the dinosaurs, are among the best challenges ever offered to the gaming world. What intrigues me is

Super Monaco GP Review

The sequel to the overhead view Monaco GP, Super Monaco GP is a behind-the-wheel perspective Formula One racer that pits players against drivers in the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. As with Pole Position, players must race a preliminary qualifying round to determine starting position prior to entering a full-fledged race.

Romantic Encounters at the Dome Overview

The 1980s are the only decade that could have spawned Romantic Encounters at the Dome, a text game of sexual role-playing created by Southern California psychologists. Playing as a man or woman, explore your fantasies at The Dome, an exclusive club that’s like something you dimly remember from a Huey


Aleste (アレスタ?) is a 1988 shoot ’em up video game developed by Compile for the Master System. It is a direct successor to Compile’s earlier Zanac, featuring many of the themes and gameplay mechanics of that work.

688 Attack Sub – Summary

688 Attack Sub is a submarine simulator game designed by John W. Ratcliff & Paul Grace, published in 1988 for DOS systems and 1990 for Amiga computers by Electronic Arts. A Sega Mega Drive version was also published.