Old Games: Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake

Owing that Kojima was sidelined for the development of Snake’s Revenge, the first follow-up to Metal Gear, plus the fact that Konami made numerous tweaks to the gameplay in a bid to make the game appeal more to Western gamers, Snake’s Revenge is vehemently lambasted by fans of series. However, Snake’s Revenge is not without […]

Super Mario World

Snes, Playable on Pc Genre Platform Styles 2D Platformer Developer Nintendo Publisher Nintendo Release Date January 1, 1990 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad Rating: 4,5/5 Super Mario World is a fantastic 2D platformer starring the world famous Mario. It is thought by many to be his greatest adventure game. In the game, you control Mario as you […]

Super Mario Bros. 3

Pc Genre Action Styles Side-Scrolling Platform Developer Nintendo Co. Ltd. Publisher Nintendo of America, Inc.Release Date February 1990 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad Rating: 5/5 The game’s huge vvorld c0nsists 0f eight distinctly themed_lands, ranging fr0m Grass Land t0 Ice Land t0 Pipe Land. The map screen allovvs players t0 c0mplete certain levels 0ut 0f 0rder 0r […]

Sid Meier’s Railroad Tycoon PC Synopsis

Railroad Tycoon allows budding tycoons to build and run their own railroad company. Play against three computer opponents in either the northeastern United States in 1830, the western United States in 1866, 1828 England, or in 1900 Europe. A choice of four levels of difficulty and three reality levels allow users to make the game […]

Altered Destiny PC Review

Altered Destiny offers solid puzzle gaming for adventure fans and a number of problems that keep it from being on par with the classics of the genre. As evidenced by the introduction sequence, Altered Destiny strives for a wacky humorous effect that, after the opening, seems to be only sporadically humorous, as if the developers […]