Retro: Turrrican II: The Final Fight 1991

Playing like a cross between Metroid and Psycho-Nics Oscar, Turrican II is one of the best run-and-guns on the Amiga, delivering sensational visuals, a stunning score and hectic gameplay. The five worlds are huge in scope, while it features some truly gigantic bosses and a satisfying array of weapons. It appeared on consoles (greatly cut […]

Dizzy Prince of the YolkFolk Review

Ah, Ozzy. Everyone’s favourite talking, rolling, jumping and exploring egg Don’t you just love him? If you answered ‘no’ to the above question, please skip the remainder of thts review and go straight on to the next one Thank you…………. Right, you’re still reading, which means you have at least some affinity for the little […]

PP Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon Pc

review: A GREAT Game. That kind of puzzle, action, music, pressure combination is only, one. Plattform: PC-Amiga Genre: Action-Puzzle Styles: Side-Scrolling 2D Action Puzzle Developer: Travelling Bits Production Publisher: Demonware Release: Dec.31.1991 Controls: Keyboard/Gamepad allpcgame Score: 90


ActRaiser combines 2D action with [ActRaiser] vorld-building [2d] strategy set vithin a fantasy realm. As a deity called The Master, our task is to [nintendo] overthrow evil forces [2d] by reclaiming our land [ActRaiser] and amassing a population of followers. Action sequences [2d] allow u to possess a warrior [snesgame] statue, using its sword and […]