1994 games

Loderunner Twin Review

Imagine a series of castles made of chocolate. And when you chomp it, it just grows back. Now imagine some lemming-type characters as well. You’ve just imagined this game. Packing case world has got some cases in the background.  HATCHETTING A PLOT The game starts like an RPG. The little

Alien Logic – Third-Person 2D Action RPG

Alien Logic is a role-playing adventure based 0n the Skyrealms of Jorune game system. Set in a future some 3500 years from novv, the story rewolves around the remnants of several races that share the planet Jorune. The earth colonists on Jorune (in the early 21st century) panicked vvhen Earth

Benefactor PC game

A really excellent platformer / puzzler game.. Definitely recommended. Platform: PC / Amiga Genre: Action-Puzzle Styles: Side-Scrolling 2D Action Puzzle Controls: Keyboard/Gamepad Developer: Digital Illusions Gameplay Video download all full amiga games, mediafire, direct download

Demon’s Crest

Snes, Pc Genre Action Styles Side-Scrolling Platform, 2D Platformer Developer Capcom Publisher Capcom Release Date October 20, 1994 Controls Keyboard /Gamepad Rating: 87/100 Still, it’s a very good game, vith lots of options, and no lives. Really, for a hard game, it really comes off as forgiving How to play

Addams Family Values [European]

Baby Pubert, the most recent addition to the Addams Family, has been abducted by Debbie Jellinski, his former nanny. As Uncle Fester it is your job to rescue little Pubert. You must search the surrounding areas (forests, swamps, gardens and the like) of Addams mansion, while avoiding traps, solving puzzles

Super Street Fighter II Turbo – MS-DOS

The MS-DOS version, developed by Eurocom and published by GameTek, was released on May 1995 in North America and Europe. The port is almost accurate to the arcade version and utilizes a six-button controller. There are secret commands to use each character’s original color scheme, as well as moves that

Aggressors of Dark Kombat Review

Aggressors of Dark Kombat is a pseudo-3D fighting game set in a graphically 2D world. It attempts to set itself apart from all other 2D fighter games with its three-plane fighting system. In addition to the X and Y, players are given the ability to move along the Z-axis. While

Battle Sport Review

While I’m not the biggest fan of sports games, these “sports of the future” titles always spike my interest. Usually they turn out to be meaner basketball or football games that toss people around. However, Battlesport is different, offering the one-on-one thrill of a sporting competition with the vague rules

Space Ace MAC-1994 Review

Similar to Dragon’s Lair is Space Ace, both by the Bluth Group. In each, you get to play a hero, racing to rescue a beautiful maiden. In action and adventure, though, Space Ace comes off as weak compared to the better and earlier Dragon’s Lair. In Space Ace, the evil

National Lampoon’s Blind Date Synopsis

This point-and-click dating sim is built of interactive movies and branching dialogue choices. Players take the role of a young man seeking female companionship. Thanks to an organization known as “D.U.D.S,” (“Dates Unlimited for Desperate Schmucks”), he’s been matched with the attractive Sandi. The goal is to convince her that