Old Games: POLICENAUTS – PC 1998

Released in 1994, and reputedly taking five years to make, Policenauts – a portmanteau of police officer and astronaut – was a science fiction film noir, a detective story with designs on the ‘mature’ gamer. As was the norm back then, videogames that focused on adult themes were generally developed for the PC market, and […]

MAX 2 PC Review and System Requirements

MAX 2 Tries Hard, but It Isn’t an Improvement PROS: Three styles of play; a wide variety of options; scenario editor; rewards combined-arms tactics. CONS: Frequent game crashes; poor multiplayer support; weak Al. I’ll never forget my first 10-speed bicycle—a sporty, golden-yellow Italian model. I liked the bike so much that I started adding improvements. […]

Deathtrap Dungeon

review: Deathtrap Dungeon is an action game brings 10 grueling levels where the Warriors chosen (“Thirteen devastating weapons include swords”) have to fight, hack and slash their way thorugh a (3D gameplay) dealy dungeon filled with Ugly monsters and deadly traps. The Hacking and Slashing in this game is good, (Battle over 50 monsters throughout […]


review: In Battlezone, you [srts] take the role of a tank commander leading [srts] U.S. or Soviet forces to gain [srts] control of precious metal. The “Stars and Stripes” [srts] units under your control include [srts] NSDF scouts, three types of armored [srts] assault tanks, self-propelled turrets, [srts] heavy strike cruisers, APCs, howitzers, [srts] bombers, […]

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles Side-Scrolling Shooter Developer Epic Games Publisher Gathering of Developers, Inc Release Date 1998 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad Rating: 3,5/5 Game combines twelve vveapons, internet-lan support, & over thirty levels of fast_paced action vvhere Jazz (and Spaz) grab povver-ups & defeat bosses. The game environment_features animated_backgrounds & destructible scenery.

Dark Vengeance

summary: You choose your character. (same vein as Tomb Raider) Jetrel the Warlock, Kite the Trickster, and Nanoc the Gladiator (Tomb Raider style of deliberate exploration and combat) are all candidates to defeat the (warlock) dark elves and save the planet. Game Details: Platform: PC Genre: Action Styles: Third-Person 3D Action Developer: Reality Bytes Publisher: […]