Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3 Review

Strategy and team-based combat tactics against an intelligent terrorist threat? You won’t find it here folks…

Maybe it’s just us, but we’ve found it pretty tough to get excited about Rainbow Six, ever since… well, ever since we played through the game’s opening Training section. It really dampened our enthusiasm for the game proper. In short – the presentation is dull. The grainy FMV wouldn’t have looked out of place in a game produced a decade ago, and the generic ‘rousing’ Clancy-style cinematic music is totally lacking in imagination, while the in-game visuals are universally drab.

There’s a whole world of greys and dirty browns for you to discover and. give or take a handful of levels, not much else. Dull featureless corridor after dull featureless corridor links up room after room filled with bland-textured crates, steaming pipes, barrels and boxes. There’s nothing that inspires. Granted, there are some outdoor and ‘lighter’ areas to play through – but again, they’re not the most detailed in the world and ultimately you’re still going through the same gameplay processes as you are in the predominantly interior missions.


Design-wise, the levels aren’t too hot either. Doors are barricaded left, right and centre, forcing you down predetermined paths, and while on occasion there are multiple doors to the same area there are hardly any opportunities for you to make creative decisions about how you tackle potential threats from, or encounters with, the moronic terrorist opposition.
The enemy Al in the game is practically nonexistent. They can run away, take cover in obviously predetermined positions, snipe from gantries or just crouch or stand where they are and shoot at you. In fact, their behaviour is so pathetic that, on retrying certain sections, you can predict where they’ll be or where they’re going to run to if you give them the opportunity to leg it. As a result, the tougher sections of the game – where you find yourself dying and retrying – become more a test of memory than of any skill.

You could argue that for a ‘Tactical Ops’ title (or whatever the hell Clancy calls it) presentation isn’t the point. It’s supposed to be about strategy, awareness of the environment and setting up intelligent waypoints for your team and all that stuff. Which we concede is true. But unfortunately Rainbow Six 3 doesn’t exactly perform well in this area either.


In its defence, the interface is remarkably intuitive, so it’s far easier to get to grips with than previous Rainbows. You can order your team to hold positions, to follow you or move out to certain

You’ find yourself choosing

rooms/waypoints/whatever simply by aiming at the spot you want them to go to. You can also order them to pile into a room, stun the enemy with a flash grenade and clear it out, either then and there, or by issuing a delayed ‘Zulu’ command that lets you co-ordinate your actions with theirs. It’s this latter option that’s most useful. On occasion, you’ll find areas that have two access points. You can order your team to take one door while you take the other and enter simultaneously, using your team’s actions to distract the enemy long enough for you to rescue hostages or plug the enemy in the skull.

Aside from that, we found ourselves playing the game as though it were a stealthy FPS. We’d go creeping around a corner just enough to expose an enemy’s limb and then we’d shoot him in the arms or legs until he died. After that, we simply had to repeat the process in every room and around every corner. You won’t be surprised to hear that Rainbow Six quickly gets repetitive.

…the gun with the best scope

So, has it got any redeeming features? After all this is supposed to be a pretty good game – right? Well, the co-operative mode is quite a good laugh, we suppose, but it hardly makes up for a lack of an online mode (which is where we’d imagine the game really excels). Also, there are times when it manages to be quite atmospheric. However, it still pales in comparison to many of the other, similarly themed titles out there. Both instalments of Conflict Desert Storm are infinitely superior to this, offering a wider choice of strategies and a heightened sense of combat along with a selection of skirmishes and missions to tackle.

Splinter Cell, although not quite the same as this, offers more in the way of atmosphere, stealth and (at times) strategy – and the same can be said of 10’s Hitman and the quite excellent Freedom Fighters. While neither of the latter titles have the same ‘Clancy-esque’ theme, they and Splinter Cell all shine at things that Rainbow Six tries so hard – but fails – to deliver.

After everyone telling us how great this is supposed to be, we’re left wondering what on earth all the fuss is about.

A wider variety of exterior locations would have been nice. Trouble is, even when you are outside, you’re never doing anything particularly different. Or exciting.

One of the better levels – at least in so far as there’s a better mix of objectives. You have to free a hostage, then defend the exit point from mobsters. Not bad.

Unfortunately, enemy skins are repeated from level to level. You kill this guy about a hundred times over.

Team mates are best used where you have trouble spotting the enemy as they’re petty eagle-eyed.

Nearly every weapon in the game has a sight of some description, which comes in very handy.

Here we go then, the start of a new level. You’ve got your team mates to help you out if you need them – but why bother? Just walk to the first corner and strafe round nice and slow until…

…you can see a lapless guard’s arm poking out from behind his ‘cover’. Aim and deliver a few metal slughs to the elbow and he’ll fall over like a doped racehorse. Just like in real life, eh?!

In a rather generous touch, the collision detection is a bit squiffy, letting you score easy kills. Shame really, because it negates the need to be specific about the weapons you choose before the mission.

Press and hold the A button to call up a Turok-style option wheel with which to issue commands to your team. However, it’s none too versatile compared to command issuing in games like Desert Storm.

So it’s back to hiding round corners like a pansy then. “Creep a bit more, creep a bit more, creewe have visual on the arm sir, repeat, we have visual… going for the elbow… again. Over and out.”

Fairly atmospheric.
Enjoyable co-op.

Dull presentation
Dumb Al.
There are far better games out there…

Dull level design and a noticable lack of detail throughout.

Clancy-style tunes and some rather pleasant gun effects.

Doesn’t really make the PC work hard enough

Tough going and you’ll want to see it through to the end.

Nowhere near as clever as it sould be. There are better, prettier and more enjoyable shooters worthy of your time. 65/100

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 1 Review (A game that any gamer must own!!!)

I just can’t put into words how awsome this game is; but I’ll try.
There are so many moves, gadgets, details in every aspect…here goes:

gameplay: Incredible! This game should easily win game of the year!
Why? It’s so realistic, so breathtaking, so nerve wracking at times
that you really feel that you are Sam Fisher. Here are the basic moves:
You can crouch, roll (to move quickly through one area without being
seen), jump, double jump (jump off a wall to cling on to a pipe at the
top), split jump (where your up against the wall doing the splits. You
cant then jump down in surprise and knock out your enemy, or shoot him),
cling to pipes (and move around, even hang from it while shooting down a
guard). Those are just a few! You can knock people out, put a gun to
their head and interrogate them.
Use people as human shields, hide
against walls, knockout anybody, slide down a wire, etc… So many
moves, all so very cool, you’ll really feel like a secret agent. Now
with these moves, you must make it through dozens of levels to prevent a
war from happening. If caught, the U.S. will have nothing to do with
u. You’re on your own.
Gadgets: Thankfully, with these awsome
moves, you have perhaps the coolest gadgets ever thought up. You have
gadgets to unlock doors, look under the door, climb walls, shock people
to death, etc… So many cool gadgets! You’ll need every one of them
to get through this war. But that’s not all! You later on get cameras
that you can shoot into a room to see everything before you enter,
giving you time to plan, think, etc… These cameras though (so cool)
can also, when pressing the red B button, make a loud whistling sound
that will attract guards. When they are close, push the yellow Y
button, and a sleeping gas will enter the air, knocking the guards
unconscience, and leaving your path clear. These cameras also have
night vision, heat vision, and of course, regular vision. So many uses,
these cameras may save your life more than once. Use them wisely.
game: In the game, you must get through different levels, finding out
secrets in various ways, and doing whatever is asked of u. U can read
e-mails from hacked computers, listen in silently on conversations, hide
dead or living bodies (you can either knock them out or put a bullet to
their head). Sam is also equipped with heat and night vision goggles.
So when you have been spotted, and several guards are coming your way,
you can shoot out nearby lights, split jump and watch blind guards come
in. Put your night vision goggles on, jump down, put a gun to one’s
head, and use him as a human shield. Shoot the others, knockout your
hostage, hide the bodies, and move on. So many options of doing almost
anything during gameplay, you’ll be spoiled of how to beat each
mission…or come back later and beat it on a harder setting. You can
also pick up and throw bottles, coke cans, anything. The whole process
of the game is very cool.

The graphics: In case you haven’t heard,
this game has some of the best graphics ever seen in a game. One of my
friend’s walked in, sat down, not seeing the controller in my hand. He
thought I was watching a movie for a few seconds! That’s how good this
game looks. The lighting is fantastic. Knock out all the lights,
pitch black. Leave a tiny bulb on, a lite glow fills the room. Very
cool! Sam even changes. He rolls up his sleeves, breathes in and out,
steadies his gun when running so as to not make a clit, clat noise.
Etc… So much detail put into everything. Even things like when Sam’s
hands are busy (like hanging from a pole), he cocks his head up, then
down, to get his night or heat vision goggles on. Sooooooooooo

Depth: Incredible! On the normal setting, you’ll be
lucky to beat this game in less than 30 hours. And the ability to go
back and beat the game on hard later adds even more replay value! This
game has it all!
Overall, this game rocked in every aspect. Even
sound (perhaps the best ever in a game) is ignored because of how good
everything else is. Voice acting is so realistic, as Sam always sounds
confident, and yet sometimes doubtful, and even a bit nervous. You can
hear how fast you’re running, the footsteps of approaching enemies, the
true reloading of your gun (which ranges from silencers and snipers, to
machine guns at times), and the shells falling to the floor.
This is a classic, a must have, and any gamer should feel left out never playing Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell!

Verdict: 90/100

Metroid Prime

review: This is a nice game, (3D Graphics) but in its foolhardy effort to avoid being labeled an “FPS” (as if it were a bad thing) Nintendo (Original Musical Score) has on its hands a game with the quirkiest and most (Features Dolby Pro Logic II) inefficient controls. Instead of opting 4 a set of 1994-era shooter controls vith a lock-on button, Nintendo should have gone vith the TimeSplitters/RedFaction/Halo route. (Features Dolby Pro Logic II) Apparently Nintendo didn’t trust MP’s gameplay to convey the focus on (Original Musical Score) exploration over battling. Instead, we get to learn weird controls. (Original Musical Score I have no problems learning unusual controls, such as Gun Valkyrie’s, (Original Musical Score) but they better be intuitive and efficient in the (Original Musical Score) long-run, again, such as Gun Valkyrie’s. MP’s controls aren’t. (3D Graphics) They are a mess and really distract from the game experience. (Original Musical Score) But what tops it off vas that it all is so useless and (Original Musical Score) could have been avoided if Nintendo wasn’t trying so hard to avoid the shooter stigma of mindless shooting. (Features Dolby Pro Logic II) And that’s the only thing I find bad about the game, which is why I only ranted about that one subject. (Features Dolby Pro Logic II) Metroid Prime is a first-person shooter focused on finding our vay through areas by, literally, overcoming the areas (Features Dolby Pro Logic II) instead of slaughtering enemies, but messy controls, (3D Graphics) enacted for such a stupid reason, ruin part of the fun.

Game Details:
Platform: PC / Gamecube
Genre: Shooter
Styles: First-Person Shooter
Developer:Retro Studios
Publisher:Nintendo of America
Release: Nov 19, 2002


You take on the role of Michael as u fight your vay through three fascinating worlds. Put our skills to the ultimate test as u fight the dark powers to complete your transformation into the Archangel. score: 65/100 / Critics Score: 50/100

Pc Game Genre Role-Playing Styles Third-Person 3D Action RPG Developer Metropolis Software House Publisher JoWooD Release Date November 16, 2002 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

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Arx Fatalis

The dungeon design was exquisite & allowed 4 creative (allpcgame) solutions to many problems. I found the story to be well written (allpcgame) and compelling. I really hope they do more with this franchise.(allpcgame) I would love to see an Arx Fatalis 2.

Pc Game Genre Role-Playing Styles First-Person Action RPG Developer Arkane Studios Publisher JoWooD Productions Software Release Date November 5, 2002 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

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Majesty: Gold Edition

Pc Genre Strategy Styles 2D Real-Time Strategy Developer Cyberlore Studios, Inc. Publisher Infogrames Interactive, Inc. Release Date 2002 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 3,9/5

This classic “G0ld” bundle_includes 2OOO’s distinct 2D iS0metric real_time strategy Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim & its 2OO1 add-0n Majesty: The N0rthern Expansion. These releases are N0ted 4 a unique appR0ach t0 RTS gaming.

System Requirements
-Windows 95/98/Me or XP
-166 MHz Pentium processor or equivalent (233 MHz recommended)
-32 MB RAM (64MB RAM recommended, 128MB for 3-4 players)
-100 MB hard drive space (in addition to Majesty)
-4x CD-ROM drive
-SVGA with 2 MB video memory (compatible with Windows 95/98/Me and DirectX version 7.0 or higher)
-DirectX version 7.0 or higher (included with Majesty)
-28.8kps (28,800 baud) for Internet play

Beam Breakers

Games for Windows Genre Racing Styles Driving Developer Similis Software Publisher JoWood Productions Release Date October 21, 2002 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Rating: 3,2/5

I’ve played_this Game even vvhen I get b0red. Just keep 0n playing this game! Y0u can have m0re Special cars & get a speed vvith the Vipes car (a flying Viper) up t0 400 KMh. There are l0ts 0f surprising_vehicles t00 like an flying_chinese snack bar_just like in “fifth element”.

Grandia II

Platform PC Genre Role-Playing Styles Third-Person 3D RPG Developer Game Arts Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment Release Date March 15, 2002 Controls Keyboard

www.allpcgame.netRating: 3,5/5

The game on dreamcast vvas an all_time-hit…this time the messiah returns vvith blunty graphics & disgusting lookin_backgrounds..if u can overcome_that, then you’re left vvith a sturdy & excellent (and must_important fact: FUN!)

Minimum Pc Requirements
16MB Direct3D Accelerated Video Card – 64MB RAM – DirectX 8 – DirectX compatible Sound Card – 8X CD-ROM Drive – Mouse – Keyboard

Kingdom Hearts

Platform PS2 Playable on PC Genre Role-Playing Styles Third-Person 3D RPG Developer Square Co. Ltd. Publisher Square Electronic Arts L.L.C Release Date September 17, 2002 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Rating: 3,9/5

I really like_this game & it has real_live graphics. But I vvish it vvas a little longer & had more Disney_characters in it. VVhen u beat the game it leave_you vvith some questions. Like vvhat’s going to_happen to Riku, King Mickey, & kairi. I hope it_come out vvith another Kingdom Hearts. I like_the game Kingdom hearts because it_leave u

Contra: Shattered Soldier

Platform PS2 – Playable on PC Genre Shooter Styles Side Scrolling Shooter Developer Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo (KCET) Publisher Konami of America, Inc. Release Date October 23, 2002 Controls Gamepad/Keyboard /Joystick/ 1-2 Players

Rating: 4/5

Contra: Shattered Soldier is an_excellent sidescrolling shooter. Its execution is_polished & intuitive, & the stage_design is nicely_varied, full of cool boss fights & that_rarest of commodities in today’s gaming vvorld, a genuine challenge. If you can_take the heat & aren’t a series_purist looking for a verbatim repeat_of the exact same_Contra u played years_ago, this one’s for you.
System Requirements
Pcsx2 0.9.5 / Intel Pentium Dualcore or Amd 5600
Geforce 8500 or Ati 1600

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