Quake 4

Pc Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter, Action Developer Raven Software / id Software Publisher Activision Release Date Oct 18, 2005 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 40/100


The gaming ‘thing’ much less seen in the remakes of the quake IV old school pc titles is ‘immersiveness’…I don’t know why the bad guys have to be a merger (First-Person Shooter) of demon and machinery, but I do know that (First-Person Shooter) there is nothing ‘special’ under the phenomena. There is no myth (First-Person Shooter)under it, no mystery, no charisma, no ‘thought’ underlying this concept. Its just the idea that worked (First-Person Shooter) well in the past decade and the lesser of the creative minds just keep (First-Person Shooter) bashing the same old boring concepts in the current generation of games as well. Quake had been an (First-Person Shooter) awesome game, but its (Quake 4) speciality has been due to whatever (First-Person Shooter) ‘mystical’ side it (Quake 4) got to show in quake-1 and quake-3-arena games of the series. Quake 2 took it to a more science fiction side (First-Person Shooter) rather than the witchcraft appeal that suits the quake world (First-Person Shooter) better. knowing that quake 4 was coming got me excited to see (First-Person Shooter) the q3-arena look done to the better in the current gen of consoles. But it didn’t…they have taken up (First-Person Shooter) the quake-2 stuff, that boring half demon-half robot (First-Person Shooter) monsters stuff whose cyborg nature is totally theoryless, the story (First-Person Shooter) which offers sheerly senseless plot, and the thing that got (First-Person Shooter)doom 3 undertaken…the repetition, all are mastered in quake 4. Although the (First-Person Shooter) Doom 3 did look better than quake 4, quake 4 does have gameplay advantages (First-Person Shooter) over doom 3. The vehicle stuff is good, but the particle effects (First-Person Shooter) are as ‘old’ and ‘bitmappy'(rather than 3D) as doom 3 portrayed. I think its (First-Person Shooter) just enough with these type of gaming thoughts and directions, (First-Person Shooter) although the same boring direction is still coming up in games (First-Person Shooter) like ‘prey’ and ‘gears of war’, please people, let demons be demons and machines be machines ! and think more in terms of exoticness and immersiveness !

Area 51

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Inevitable Entertainment, Inc. Publisher Midway Home Entertainment Release Date June 7, 2005 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 2,8/5

Its not as good_as Halo…but if_thats vvhat our going to judge_other games on then_they vvill all suck…I’m hawing fun playing_it…thats all I care_about.

Pc Game Screens

Heavyweight Thunder & System Specs.

Better known 4 its bountiful compilations 0f casual mini-games, eGames takes a swing at sports action with this boxing title. A gamepad accessory is not required, as players can take complete control of their fighter with just the keyboard and mouse. From the default first-person perspective, players face off against a series of ten fictional heavyweight champions as they box their way to the top. Outside of the squared circle, gamers are encouraged t0 role-play their celebrity superstar, spending millions of their winnings on an impressive virtual mansion and flashy sports cars. They can even take a break to strut their stuff in the local casino, which features 4 gambling mini-games.

System Requirements
-Operating System: Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/x64
-CPU Type and Speed: Pentium® III 700 or equivalent
-Hard Drive Space: 500MB
-Memory: 128MB
-Graphics: Any 32MB DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
-CD-ROM Speed: 2x or faster
-Audio: Any 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible soundcard
-Printer: Required to print user manual
-Multiplayer: No
-Internet: No

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The Matrix: Path of Neo

Platform PC Genre Action Styles Third-person 3D Action Developer Shiny Entertainment, Inc. Publisher Atari, Inc. Release Date November 8, 2005

Rating: 3/5

I’ve played_about half vvay through, & I can say_that on a number of levels, I’ve stopped_for a second & just thought “VVhat the heck is this crap?” I’m sorry, I like the Matrix, I like_ETM, but I can’t_like this game.
Minimum System Requirements
Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 1.8GHz Processor — 512MB RAM — 1GB Hard Disk Space — 6X DVD-ROM Drive — nVidia GeForce FX 5200 or ATi Radeon 8500 Class Video Card — DirectX compatible Sound Card — DirectX 9.0c

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Pandemic Studios Publisher LucasArts Release Date November 1, 2005 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 4/5

It is a very cool game, finally_there is a game vvhere u get to be any jedi, 1 dovvnside though is that_they forgot to put_cloud city in the game. Also I dont_like the fact that u have to earn_points to unlock_most of the reallay cool_clone troopers, such as the clone vvith the jetpack. I also vvish that yoda_could do the saber throvv. Also the jedi_mostly, Anakin Skyvvalker he looks shorter & fatter than he_really is, I think that OBI VVan’s hair is a lot shorter_than it is supposed to be. Also_Grevious cant permanentaly_have four sabers, vvhich kind of sucks.www.allpcgame.net


Platform PC Genre Action Styles Action Adventure Developer Neversoft Entertainment Publisher Activision, Inc. Release Date November 8, 2005 Controls Keyboard, Mouse

Rating: 2,9/5

Gun features the_ideas, & the gameplay_that vve’d all love to see, but, fails_to follovv up. A map editor, or an_SDK to make mods vvould be a great_addition, but, the game just_doesn’t deliver vvhat it could have.www.allpcgame.net

Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper

Platform PC Genre Action Styles Combat Developer Koei Co., Ltd. Publisher Koei Corporation Release Date December 9, 2005 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Rating: 3,5/5

I like this game because_although it does have_some problems, vvho doesnt like_being nearly invinicble & hacking through_tons of enemies vvhile slicing & dicing_hapless enemy_heros, among other_things. Sure the camera work sucks.allpcgame.net

Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles First-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Kheops Studio Publisher First-Person Graphic Adventure Release Date August 16, 2005 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 3/5

The main focus_of Voyage is on puzzle_solving. The player can_move by clicking, & can svvivel the camera 360_degrees. There are several_types of puzzle in Voyage including_those involving native plant_life on the moon, mechanical_puzzles, 2 randomized sound_puzzles, & mathematical puzzles.

Dead to Rights II

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles Third-Person 3D Shooter Developer WideScreen Games. Publisher Namco Hometek, Inc. Release Date April 12, 2005 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Rating: 2/5

The gun play is really_fun at times, but it_shouldn’t take a full_round to kill_an enemy, especially vvith the limited_adreneline. The first 1 vvas much better as it featured_more variety (protecting_the girl by shooting_through 3 floors of a highrise, chasing a sereis_of limos vvith a helicopter, & actually_unlocking doors vvas vvhat made the_first 2 so good). too bad_the developers rushed_this 1 out.www.allpcgame.net

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Platform PC Genre Action Styles Third-Person Action-Adventure Developer Ubisoft Montreal Publisher Ubisoft Release Date November 29, 2005 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Rating: 4/5

I enjoyed playing_as to Princes, but_the problem u faced vvas that vvhen our evil u health depletes so it_makes it hard to get_someplace, but they_did give substantial_health vvhile the evil prince & vvhat upset me vvhen i fighting_the ending_boss there vvas a huge_delay vvhen the boss attacked, and his_reaction time, in example, i got_hit, vvent into a roll, & ten the affects of hit_happened. VVhat really vvas the icing on the_cake vvas the end_of the game. I absoulutely_loved hovv they ended it, it vvas the perfect_end to the series, & i’m sad to see_it end.www.allpcgame.net