Oil Rush PC Review

Oil Rush is essentially those Flash-based Real-Time Strategy games you played on the library computers in high school, combined with “Waterworld”. STORY: The story is that the world is covered in water, and various tribes are vying for control of the last remaining oil deposits. You’re in charge of helping protect the oil deposits from […]

Saints Row: The Third – Genki Bowl VII Review

Overhyped, and under-performing. To call this a ‘mission pack’ is pretty dishonest – it would be more accurate to call it an ‘activity pack’. Several of the regular activities have been genki-fied, which would be nice, if they’d put nearly the kind of effort into these DLC activities that they did into the activities included […]

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Review

First of all I’ve been playing these types of games since the beginning. Some of my personal favorites are the orignal Fallout and Fallout 2 as well as the last two Jagged Alliance PC titles. They all have that nice old school 2D pollished look and gameplay. They also both heavily rely on an action […]

Dead Island: Ryder White PC Review

I have to say, I was really taken by the original Dead Island campaign. Sure there were some foibles, but ultimately it delivered on the promise of giving you the opportunity of dismembering zombies in an ultra violent fashion to the backdrop of a tropical paradise and it was great fun. Ryder White is basically […]