Bacon Escape Review

Platform:Android/IOS – Rating: 80/100 Review: We’re hog-wild for this game! You play as a pig trying to escape from a sausage factory in a minecart. Tapping the screen hits switches on the track letting you dodge spikes, bounce into the sky and loads more! Android / IOS Gameplay

Mobile: Mr. Square – android & ios Review

Rating: 90/100 This is a great puzzle game if you’re looking for something to put your noggin to the test! It’s fun and challenging, which makes a perfect time wasting app. The graphics are cool and the aim is simple – guide your square around the maze so that every

Mobile Gaming Continues to Grow

Believe it or not but mobile was slower to take off in the gambling sector than many had predicted as many of the early gaming aps delivering very little in the way of unique usability or brand identity.  Choice was poor and let’s face it the experience of playing on

Treasure Bounce – Android Apps Review

Rating: 80/100 This app is so much fun! The objective is simple aim your canon to hit the gold pegs. It quickly  becomes challenging and the graphics are really cool, with loads of power ups and tricky levels it’s a great challenge!