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All-in-One Solitaire – Review

Since Windows 8.1 no longer offers the free, simple games, I wanted something that did not demand a sign in or membership just to play a quick game of solitaire. This is it! All-in-One offers 14 different solitaire games (most I have never heard of before). Each one has a

Hoyle Card Games 2012 – Review

I don’t know if anyone else has had the same problems of getting the games to work in Windows 7 but I certainly have. This one and the Puzzles & board games act like earlier versions I had that wouldn’t work in Windows 7. And they are deceptive about what

SpiderMania Solitaire – Review

Slow . . .not what I expected . . .crashed the very first time . . .I just lost mine that use to come pre-load because of purchasing a new laptop . . .it’s nice that amazon lets you try a free trial . . .but a half hour wasn’t

Super GameHouse Solitaire – Review

I just got a Windows 7 computer, and really missed the old Microsoft solitaire and other card games that came with XP, 98, etc. I thought I would try this, but as soon as it was loaded, I could see (or couldn’t see as the case may be) that I

Guardians of Graxia

Guardians of Graxia is a traditional board game featuring a highly replayable with over 240 Unit and Spell Cards. Title: Guardians of Graxia Genre: Strategy Developer: Petroglyph Publisher: Petroglyph Release Date: 2010 Languages: English Screenshots

Poker Night at the Inventory

Poker Night at the Inventory is pretty straight forward. It’s a Poker game featuring some of our favourite online stars: Strong Bad, Tycho, Max (equippable by all classes) and Heavy Weapons Guy (equippable by the Heavy, obviously). Game Details: Platform: PC, Windows Genre: Traditional Styles: Card Game Developer: Telltale Games

Scrabble (Board Game) (PC)

The world’s famous word game receives a multimedia facelift in this adaptation from Hasbro Interactive. The game can be played over a LAN or the Internet with up to four players. Traditional Board Game Developer: Hasbro Interactive

Super GameHouse Solitaire Volume 2 – Review

I really like the card games……BUT, my only complaint is that the screen is way too small and when I adjust my computer stats…it creates an oversize monster that is way too difficult to maneuver……so, if there was a happy medium to the screen size….I definitely would like to hear