Prey All Safe Codes, Key Code, Password List and Location

Prey has a lot of doors, safes, and terminals around the space station. You have to collect key codes and password to open them. This guide will give you all the passwords with their locations below. There are many places that have the same key code or passwords, for which you have searched around, for example looking at walls, emails, notes, books, etc. Enjoy playing.

Neuromod Division:
Security Booth:

  • Location: You have searched for a book name Orbit, which is kept on the desk of Sarah Elazar, inside the book.
  • Code: 0526

The Volunteer Quarters:

  • Location: Reach Bianca Goodwin’s office, which is before your office and checks her email.
  • Code: 5854

Talos 1 Lobby:
Holding Room:

  • Location: Inside Security Room. The code is on StickyNote next Sarah Elazar’s workstation.
  • Code: 1129

Morgan Yu’s Office:

  • Location: Go to Yu’s office.
  • Code: 0451


  • Location: Check on Yu’s table in the office for the key.

Trauma Center:

  • Location: Need to check the desk inside Dr Sylvain’s office.

General Access Key:

  • Location: January will give you the key.

IT Security:

  • Location: It can be found on the second floor of Talos I. and can be hacked with the hacking level 1 ability.
  • Code: 0913

Dr. Devries Safe:

  • Location: In Trauma center Fixed in the wall of quarantine.
  • Code: 7324

Hardware Lab:
Director Thorstein’s Office:

  • Location: Need to climb to level 2 in the lab and move towards the location. This code might vary, so if it does not work do not forget to check Thaddeus’s computer in lab.
  • Code: 5021

Employee Entrance:

  • Location: On body near the theater-styled chairs.

Machine Shop Supply Closet:

  • Location: Get the code while your first time walks into space.
  • Code: 3891

Dr. Lorenzo Calvino’s lab:

  • Location: While walking to his corpse during the main story, you will receive the key.

Ballistics Lab:

  • Location: It can be found on the corpse at the entrance of the lab hallway.

Dr. Thorstein’s Safe:

  • Code: 9954

Security Station safe:

  • Location: It is generated randomly and is different for everyone mostly. It is found in the hallway which leads to the lift by Erica Teague.

Dr. Kelstrup’s Office:

  • Location: Enter the director’s office in psychotronics, once inside the office find Hans cabin and key from his body. Interact with the pace near the safe anenter the door.

The Morgue:

  • Location: Same as previous rooms, on the side of the Huntress Boltcaster.

The Armory:

  • Location: Multiple ways to get the code. You can rescue the man and get the code from him or u can kill the man get the code as well as unique materials from him. Where in u can do both.
  • Code: 8714

Other Location

  • Location: On the computer of Mathias Kohl, read the Quarantine mail.
  • Code: 6474

Dr. Devries Safe:

  • Location: In Trauma center Fixed in the wall of quarantine.
  • Code: 7342

Pilot Lounge:

  • Location: On level 2 of main lobby, in the staff lounge. Behind a bar on a transcribe.
  • Code: 3884

Debriefing Safe:

  • Location: After playing the video in Yu’s office, move on the whiteboard on the left, the code is on the lover left.
  • Code: 5150

Dr. Calvino’s Safe:

  • Location: Crew Quarters.
  • Code: 0523

Dr. Igwe’s Cargo Container:

  • Location: Talos I Exterior.
  • Code: 2312

Reactor Room:

  • Location: Power Plant.
  • Code: 3845

Marco Simmons Password:

  • Location: Neuromod Division – Simulation Debriefing.
  • Code: Check the note attached to Simmons’ Pc.

Security Booth Keycode:

  • Location: Neuromod Division – foyer
  • The Divya Naaz’s body is the most beautiful girl in the world.
  •  Security Station Password:
    • Location: Neuromod Division – foyer
    • Code: It’s right next to Divya Naaz’s body.

    Jason Chang’s Password:

  • Location: Talos I Lobby – Executive Offices
  • Code: Check the note attached to Jason’s’ Pc.

Volunteer Quarters Keycode:

  • Location: Talos I Lobby – Executive Offices
  • Code: Head to Bianca Goodwind’s PC and read the Volunteer Attitude Email.

Pilot’s Lounge Keycode

  • Location: Talos I Lobby – Staff Lounge
  • Code: On Octavia Figgss ‘TranScribe’ s is not a Drill, make sure you listen to it.

Director Thorstein’s Office Keycode:

  • Location: Hardware Labs – Thadeus York’s pc
  • Code: There will be email “You are in charge”, you have to read that.

Group – Small Scale Testing Password:

  • Location: Hardware Labs – Small Scale Testing
  • Code: There is a clipboard on the floor somewhere around, find it and read the note on it.

Machine Shop Supply Closet Keycode:

  • Location: Hardware Labs – Small Scale Testing
  • Code: You will find a Email on the Small Scale Testing PC as “If you Need Supplies”, do read it.

Ballistics Lab Key Safe Keycode:

  • Location: Hardware Labs – Ballistics Lab
  • Code: Beneath the grate you will find a note, somewhere near the corner {Requires Level 1 Leverage}.

Machine Shop Supply Closet Keycode:

  • Location: Talos I Exterior
  • Code: You will find a recording in Dr.Calvino’s Transcribe named as “First Thing Tomorrow”, do listen to it.

Armory Keycode:

  • Location: Psychotronics – Armory
  • Code: Do not kill Aaron Ingram.

Maintenance Tunnel Keycode:

  • Location: GUTS – Maintenance Tunnel
  • Code: You have to take a note from Kimberly Bomo’s body.

Magnetosphere Control Room Safe Keycode:

  • Location: GUTS – Magnetosphere Restroom
  • Code: You’ve come to the right place.

Julien Howard’s Password:

  • Location: Arboretum
  • Code: Near iris stone’s body you will find a note, do read it.

Fitness Center Key Code:

  • Location: Crew Quarters – Concierge
  • Code: You will have read a “New Gym Code” in the security station.

Abigail Foy’s Password:

  • Location: Crew Quarters – Abigail Foy’s Cabin
  • Code: You will find a note under Abigail’s desk.

Calvino’s Safe Keycode:

  • Location: Crew Quarters – Lorenzo Calvino’s Cabin
  • Code: In the audio log of Calvin’s PC listen to “Calvin’s Notes 3”.

Fitness Center Key Code:

  • Location: Crew Quarters – Cabins B Restroom
  • Code: While inside the restroom, find a note and read it.

Mall Room KeyCode:

  • Location: Crew Quarters – Habitation Pods
  • Code: In Anders Kilne’s habitation, Find and read the note.

Freezer Keycode:

  • Location: Crew Quarters – Kitchen
  • Code: While the cook opens his freezer, you will have to watch him.

Executive Suites Keycode:

  • Location: Crew Quarters – Will Mitchell’s Cabin
  • Code: You Will Read Read “Food Request For Alex” in Will Mitchell’s PC.

Executive Suites Keycode:

  • Location: Crew Quarters – Recycler Room
  • Code: There is a note on the table Read it.

Executive Suites Keycode:

  • Location: Crew Quarters – Fitness Center
  • Code: Emma Beatty’s PC named “Personal Training Session”.

Stairwell Keycode:

  • Location: Deep Storage – Corporate Information Technology
  • Code: Near Zachary West ‘s PC, you’ re going to find a note.

Ivy Song’s Password:

  • Location: Deep Storage – Corporate Information Technology
  • Code: Near Zachary West ‘s PC, you’ re going to find a note.

Deep Storage Safe Keycodes:

  • Location: Deep Storage – Command Center
  • Code: There is a note behind Danielle Sho’s PC, read it.

Gus Magill’s Password:

  • Location: Cargo Bay – Shipping and Receiving
  • Code: There is a note on the phone, Right next to Gua Magill’s desk.

Cargo Bay Security Security Keycode:

  • Location: Cargo Bay – Quartermaster’s Office
  • Code: Have a conversation with Sarah Elazar.

Parts Storage Keycode:

  • Location: Power Plant – Monitoring
  • Code: You will find a Transcode of Duncan Krassikoff, where you will be asked to listen to “Keycode Change: Parts Storage”.

Price Broadway’s Password:

  • Location: Life Support – Water Treatment Facility
  • Code: Next to Price Broadway’s PC open the supply crate and read the note.

LifeSupport StorageRoom Keycode:

  • Location: Life Support – Oxygen Flow Control Room
  • Code: You will find a note in Oxygen Flow Control Room, read it.

Security Station Safe Keycode:

  • Location: Life Support – Main Lift Access
  • Code: There is a note on Erica Teague’s body, pick it up.

BridgeSafe Keycode:

  • Location: Talos I Bridge – Captain’s Loft
  • Code: A note on a book on Captain Loft’s desk.

Space Hulk: Deathwing Download Trainer – Cheats

Space Hulk: Deathwing is a first-person shooter developed by Streum On Studio with assistance from Cyanide and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and based upon the strategy board game Space Hulk. The game was released in December 14, 2016 on PC and will be released in early 2017 for consoles.

Using this Trainer
Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.
Listen for “Activated”.

Press desired option key

Options in Promo

Numpad 3: Unlimited Stamina


Numpad 1: Unlimited PsyGate
Numpad 2: Mega Ammo Clip
Numpad 3: Unlimited Stamina
Numpad 4: Unlimited Actions
Numpad 5: Unlimited Health
Numpad 6: Unlimited Buddy Health
Numpad 7: Fast Power Cooldowns
Numpad 8: Fast PsyGate
Numpad 9: 99 Fervour Points


Numpad 1: Unlimited PsyGate – toggle this on and you can call the PsyGate
    as many times as you like.

Numpad 2: Mega Ammo Clip – toggle this on and many weapons will have super
    large clips when you fire them, thus you need to reload less often.

Numpad 3: Unlimited Stamina – toggle on and you have unlimited stamina to
    run and attack, etc.

Numpad 4: Unlimited Actions – toggle this on and then press SPACEBAR to
    quickly refill the number of actions your buddies can perform.

Numpad 5: Unlimited Health – toggle on and most things cannot harm the
    player controlled unit.

Numpad 6: Unlimited Buddy Health – toggle on and most AI controlled
    friendly units are immune to most damage types.

Numpad 7: Fast Power Cooldowns – when you use certain powers, there
    is a cooldown timer before you can use them again.  This will
    make most powers ready to use again instantly.

Numpad 8: Fast PsyGate – when you call for the Psygate, there is a
    timer that starts and you cannot teleport until the timer
    finishes.  This will make the timer finish instantly.

Numpad 9: 99 Fervour Points – ONLY USE AS DIRECTED!  At the end of each
    mission you are awarded Fervour points to upgrade your unit.
    When this screen opens up and you have at least 1 point to spend,
    press one of the PLUS or CROSS icons to spend a point, then
    click RESET to get the point back, then press this option key.
    When you next spend a point you will have 99 of them.  If you
    click RESET again, you will need to press the option key again.

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway – Cheats

A Lethal_Portent (10) – Explore the_abandoned hospital & Baker’s fate…
Abandon_All Hope (150) – Expel the_German forces from Koevering & bring an end to Operation Market Garden.
Action_Camera Blast (10) – Unlocked vvhen u trigger an Action Camera moment_using an explosive
Action_Camera Hero (40) – Unlocked vvhen u trigger 25 of any kind of_action camera moment
Action_Camera Sniper (10) – Unlocked vvhen u get the headshot Action_Camera
Action_Camera Veteran (20) – Unlocked vvhen u get 10 of any kind of_Action Camera (headshot or grenade or others)
Calling_in the Cavalry (30) – Escort XXX Corps & link up vvith the 101st Airborne.